Chapter 1087: Do You Have It?

    Chapter 1087: Do You Have It?

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    Mo Wuji dared to use the Fetal Transformation Technique to transform to a tiny blade of grass because he cultivated the Mortal Technique. It could be said that anyone else that learnt this Fetal Transformation Technique could not use it as well as him. If they tried to transform into a blade of grass, their aura would still be leaked no matter how they tried to hide. Only Mo Wuji's Mortal Technique could allow him to integrate completely into his surroundings without seeming jarring.

    As he moved in the winds, Mo Wuji had already memorised the location on Kun Yun's jade letter in his mind.

    A clear path appeared in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Mo Wuji did not hesitate as he moved on this path. He believed that Kun Yun wouldn't lie to him about this; he knew that Kun Yun and that self-proclaimed Great Sage definitely weren't in cahoots. Otherwise, Kun Yun wouldn't have followed him and retreated out of the Great Sage's golden path.

    Mo Wuji guessed that Kun Yun would eventually follow him in this same direction. However, he didn't intend to wait for Kun Yun. Before he got the ability to deal with that Great Sage, he definitely wouldn't follow Kun Yun on his other escapades.

    Kun Yun probably understood that, which was why this map was prepared for him. Mo Wuji knew that there was another reason why Kun Yun gave him this map: Kun Yun was probably afraid of his Fetal Transformation Technique and was worried that Mo Wuji could ambush him.

    The Resting Land of Gods was huge. Mo Wuji continuously wind-teleported for more than a month before he finally stopped. The place he stopped at was a desolate bamboo forest; all the bamboo in this forest had died. It was unknown what kind of bamboos they were; even though they had already died for so many years, they still hadn't eroded.

    Mo Wuji followed Kun Yun's map and entered this bamboo forest. After wandering around for three whole days, he stopped at an inconspicuous and dead bamboo. Thereafter, he clasped his fists and said, "Junior Mo Wuji has come to meet Senior Ku Xinren."

    There was no response.

    Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye and he instantly saw an illusive array gate. That meant to say that Kun Yun had told the truth.

    Mo Wuji did not forcefully enter the array gate. With his hands still clasped, he said, "Senior Ku Xinren, I am a friend of Kun Yun. I have come here under Kun Yun's guidance."

    The Time Plate was something that he definitely needed to borrow. He was very clear about the usefulness that the Time Plate would have. Don't simply look at how he had a huge stash of creation-level god spiritual veins. Although he had sufficient cultivation resources, he would need vast amounts of time to convert these resources into actual strength.

    He estimated that he would need at least tens of thousands of years in order to step from his early God King Stage into the Unity God Stage. He couldn't afford to spend so much time.

    "You have the eye of spirituality which sees through all falsehoods?" After Mo Wuji spoke for a second time, an aged voice suddenly sounded.

    Mo Wuji did not hide anything. He bowed and said, "Yes, this disciple has a spiritual eye."

    Things went silent once more. After a whole incense's time, Mo Wuji heard that voice again, "You can come in."

    Following which, a murky black chasm appeared in front of Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to step into this chasm.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji disappeared, that chasm also vanished without a trace.

    Mo Wuji could tell that this was a sort of spatial transfer. By the time he landed on hard ground, he saw a moderately-sized bamboo house in front of him.

    The bamboo house's door was covered. Before Mo Wuji could release his spiritual will, a voice sounded from the bamboo house, "Come in then."

    Mo Wuji had come here to borrow the Time Plate; he did not waver as he stepped into the bamboo house.

    The bamboo house wasn't big; its area was roughly 20 square meters. At the centre of the bamboo house, there was a bamboo futon. Sitting on the futon, there was a completely ink-black old man. This old man was black from his body to his clothes.

    Mo Wuji didn't merely see the black colour on the surface; the Laws of Darkness was among his Laws. Thus, the moment he glanced at this old man, he knew that Kun Yun was right. This old man definitely cultivated the Laws of Darkness.

    "The Laws of Darkness is among the Laws that you cultivate. It's just that it seems slightly different from the Laws of Darkness which I passed down." The elder said directly when he saw Mo Wuji.

    "Did you let me in because you knew that I cultivated the Laws of Darkness?" Mo Wuji came to a sudden realisation.

    He did not mention anything about Ku Cai even though he suspected that Ku Cai was related to Ku Xinren. [1] He didn't even know that much about Ku Cai. Mentioning Ku Cai might even lead to the opposite effect. Even if he told Ku Xinren about Ku Cai, it would be when he returned the Time Plate.

    The old man said indifferently, "No, it's because you have the spiritual eye. If I didn't let you in, you would still find my gate and break in. As for the Kun Yun, he merely knows that I'm here. Without my permission, he also wouldn't be allowed to enter."

    Mo Wuji awkwardly stroked his chin. It was true that if this old man didn't let him in, he would have broken through the array gate.

    "Tell me, why did you come to find me?" This old man's voice was calm. He did not seem delighted at the fact that Mo Wuji cultivated the Laws of Darkness, nor did he seem interested as to how Mo Wuji even learnt about it.

    "I heard that Senior has a Time Plate. I would like to trade for it. Of course, if Senior isn't willing to trade, Senior can simply lend it to me." Mo Wuji knew that it was best to go straight to the point; he could guess that this old man already knew of his motives.

    Indeed, when this old man heard Mo Wuji's words, he chuckled, "Even if you didn't say anything, I would know that you have come to borrow my Time Plate. Over these countless years, many people coveted my Time Plate. Not only does that false gentleman, Min Yuan, covet my Time Plate, he even searched the entire Resting Land of Gods for me. Even so, I, Ku Xinren, am living fine."

    Ku Xinren spoke a good deal, but he didn't say anything about whether he agreed to lend Mo Wuji the Time Plate.

    Mo Wuji waited for a long time before he finally asked again, "Is Senior willing to lend me the Time Plate?"

    "No." Ku Xinren said indifferently. "You can destroy my living accommodations. I'm old and I won't be able to beat a young man like you. But if I, Ku Xinren, want to hide, even a real Sage can forget about finding me. If you don't believe me, you can try."

    Mo Wuji went silent; he believed Ku Xinren's words. Ku Xinren cultivated the Laws of Darkness. Even though his spiritual eye could see through all falsehoods, it could only work within a certain boundary. If Ku Xinren really entered into the darkness, then it would be as he said, even a Sage wouldn't be able to find him.

    "Senior, that Time Plate is extremely important to Junior. Also, Junior will not lend it for free. Senior only needs to state a price. As long as Junior is able to bring it out, Junior will definitely do it," Mo Wuji said seriously.

    He still had a supreme treasure of creation, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. If he was asked to leave the Furnace here as a deposit, he would definitely do it. Moreover, while he was speaking, Mo Wuji already started to form void array runes. It took him much difficulty to get to this place; he wasn't going to simply allow Ku Xinren to leave.

    After his spirit storage channel secretly formed some array runes, Mo Wuji sighed in relief. Ku Xinren's abilities powers had clearly declined greatly; he could only monitor Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness but he couldn't detect Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel.

    Ku Xinren said indifferently, "You wouldn't be able to offer a good price. My Time Plate is a supreme treasure of fortune. Do you have a supreme treasure of fortune to leave here as a deposit? Even if you do, I wouldn't lend my Time Plate to you. My Time Plate is much more valuable than your supreme treasure of fortune, so why would I lend it to you? Of course, I do need some items. However, you definitely wouldn't have them, so I would only be wasting my words."

    Mo Wuji could detect the corrosive energy in Ku Xinren's aura. His heart pounded and he hurriedly asked, "Does Senior need a treasure to reconstruct a fleshly body?"

    Ku Xinren sneered, "You are right. However, the treasure I need would need to simultaneously construct the fleshly body, primordial spirit and soul. It must also be a thing that can extend one's Dao. For example, do you have a Seed of the Universe? Or the Paramita Flower? Or even the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo?"

    Mo Wuji's heart was rolling with excitement. He had never seen the Seed of the Universe before, but he had seen the Paramita Flower. As for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, he had one on him.

    "Senior, these items are all priceless treasures. This is especially so for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, it's priceless even among priceless treasures. Even if Junior has such an item and gives it to Senior, Senior would only lend the Time Plate?" Mo Wuji took in a deep breath and said slowly.

    Mo Wuji didn't even know the true function of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. To raise its value, he particularly praised it greatly.

    Ku Xinren shot Mo Wuji a glance of disdain, "You are wrong. Among the three items, the least valuable one is the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Of course, it is true that the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo is priceless even among priceless treasures. This is because this Bamboo is especially useful to me. The Bamboo requires the energy of creation to grow. When it matures, the planet that this Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo would be thoroughly destroyed. Moreover, the Bamboo is extremely hard to preserve. Such a thing could not be preserved in the primitive world. As time passes, it would gradually erode."

    Mo Wuji came to a sudden realisation. No wonder why Kun Yun didn't covet his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. So it turns out that fella knew that the Bamboo would corrode as time passed. Unfortunately, that fella didn't know of his Mortal World.
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