Chapter 1089: Paramita Flower Shatters, Experts Arrive

    Chapter 1089: Paramita Flower Shatters, Experts Arrive

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    Mo Wuji looked at Ku Xinren calmly; he did not try to force a trade. He was sure that the other party would definitely agree to the trade. He did not believe that an expert like Ku Xinren would willingly sit here and rot.

    Ku Xinren finally firmed his conviction. He brought the Time Plate forward, and at the same time, he grabbed the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo from Mo Wuji's hands.

    Mo Wuji also grabbed the Time Plate. Following which, he immediately threw the Time Plate in his Mortal World. How could he not sense Ku Xinren's killing intent? However, since he dared to come here, he did not have any reason to fear Ku Xinren.

    If Ku Xinren dared to attack him, then don't blame him for not showing any face.

    Dao Monarch Darkness Ku Xinren was a Dao Monarch after all. After handing Mo Wuji the Time Plate, he uttered a long sigh. Over these countless years, the Time Plate had given him honour, but it had also given him hardship. If not for the Time Plate, would he have fallen to such a state?

    "We're both very satisfied with this trade. Since that's the case, I will take my leave." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and turned to walk out of the bamboo house.

    Ku Xinren nodded and said, "Your cultivation should only be in the early God King Stage, right? An early stage God King like you actually dares to bring such treasures here and try to strike a deal with me, Ku Xinren. That takes some guts. Aren't you afraid that I would try to snatch your treasures?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "You should be thanking your stars that you didn't try to make a move. Otherwise, this world would no longer have a Dao Monarch Darkness..."

    As he finished saying that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he directly disappeared without a trace. At the same time, the space around Dao Monarch Darkness suddenly hardened.

    Ku Xinren's expression changed. Just as he wanted to stand, he realised that he had been completely sealed by void array runes.

    As he was about to tear the array runes apart, Mo Wuji's voice came, "Senior Ku Xinren, on behalf of an old friend, I would not do anything further. You better not have any intentions of trying to steal my Time Plate. My temper isn't that great."

    Ku Xinren stared in shock in the direction that Mo Wuji disappeared in; cold sweat began to trickle down his back. He had always been monitoring Mo Wuji's spiritual will. How could he not have noticed that Mo Wuji had installed a void trap array around him?

    It was true that he could tear through this array in an instant. But to experts, many things could happen in an instant.

    Young people nowadays were so strong? As Ku Xinren thought of this, the elation he got from obtaining the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and the Breath of Hongmeng instantly disappeared. The confidence that he could retake the Time Plate after he recovered his strength had also wavered.

    Mo Wuji's guess was right. Ku Xinren did intend to hunt him down and retake the Time Plate after he fully recovered his powers.

    After all, what kind of thing was Mo Wuji? Mo Wuji actually dared to trade with him, the Dao Monarch Darkness?


    Mo Wuji was sure that Ku Xinren wasn't willing to let him have the Time Plate. By now, Mo Wuji knew very well that none of these old fellas were saints. Thus, before he left, he prepared a message for Ku Xinren. He wanted Ku Xinren to have some apprehensions towards him, so that Ku Xinren would not dare to hunt him down, at least till Ku Xinren fully recovers his powers. And by the time Ku Xinren actually recovers his powers, Mo Wuji believed that he no longer needed to fear Ku Xinren.

    After obtaining the Time Plate, Mo Wuji no longer intended to stay in the Resting Land of Gods. He directly charged towards the direction of the array gate.

    The Resting Land of Gods was very huge. But even an expert like Ku Xinren was forced to live in a corner by that Great Sage Min Yuan. Thus, Mo Wuji did not dare to openly cultivate here. No matter how far Min Yuan's strength had declined, that fella dared to go against the Sages and tried to fight for a Sage's God Throne. This meant he definitely wasn't a saint, nor was he a simple person.

    One month later, Mo Wuji arrived back at the array gate to the Resting Land of Gods.

    There were far more people guarding the gate. However, Mo Wuji didn't have any fear.

    Back when he entered with Kun Yun, he didn't display his full powers.

    At a distance from the gate, Mo Wuji transformed into a withered log. At the same time, his spirit storage channel's spiritual will started to form defensive array runes.

    One day later, Mo Wuji directly dashed forward. His Kun Wu Sword conjured a dazzling sword light which shot towards the array gate.

    At almost the same instant, ten experts swarmed towards Mo Wuji. At the same time, the space that Mo Wuji would be passing through was sealed.

    As long as they could entangle Mo Wuji and prevent him from leaving the Resting Land of Gods, then Mo Wuji would no longer have anywhere else to go. However, while they were smart, Mo Wuji wasn't stupid.

    Mo Wuji's defensive array instantly defended against the ten experts that were charging towards him. At this moment, Kun Wu Sword's sword light landed on the array gate and tore open a crack.

    Just as Mo Wuji's defensive array broke down, he passed through that crack and disappeared without a trace.

    Looking at the direction that Mo Wuji disappeared in, a violet-robed man was filled with rage in his eyes. He had stayed in the Resting Land of Gods for so many years. Mo Wuji was the first person to enter and leave so calmly.

    If he could do such a thing, why would he still be an envoy for that fake Sage?


    The moment he left the Resting Land of Gods, Mo Wuji felt that aura of defeat again.

    This time, Mo Wuji didn't care too much about it. He continued to run and he finally stopped after a few days. Thereafter, he entered the ground.

    After spending a few days to install concealment arrays and trap arrays, Mo Wuji entered his Mortal World.

    The first thing he did was to take out the Time Plate.

    According to Mo Wuji's previous plan, he wanted to refine the Time Plate and make it his. However, after one day, Mo Wuji completely gave up on that idea.

    The Time Plate was definitely something which he couldn't refine at this moment. With his current abilities, he could only use the Time Plate.

    However, Mo Wuji still didn't immediately use the Time Plate. His spirit storage channel's spiritual will continuously swept across the surface of the Time Plate. He believed that if he couldn't refine the Time Plate, then Ku Xinren wouldn't have been able to do so too. Even so, he didn't trust Ku Xinren. That old fella definitely wouldn't allow himself to be taken advantage of.

    Spending three months on such detailed examinations, Mo Wuji found a total of 12 spiritual will imprints on the Time Plate. He wasn't sure whether there were any spiritual will imprints left, but with his current abilities, these were all that he could find. If there were really some spiritual will imprints left on the Time Plate, then his lack of abilities was to blame. After his cultivation gets higher, he would continue searching.

    After extracting those imprints and sealing them, Mo Wuji started to plant god spiritual veins in the area and prepared to enter cultivation.

    In this first cultivation session, Mo Wuji already used 81 peak-grade god spiritual veins. He hoped that he could charge to the Great Circle of the God King Stage at a single go. In fact, it would be best if he could go past the God King Stage and welcome the tribulation for the Unity God Stage.

    The Paramita Flower that Kun Yun mentioned gave him a feeling of discomfort. Before he becomes a Unity God, he wouldn't be able to rest easy.

    Stepping into the Time Plate, the pressure and aura of defeat disappeared without a trace. Moreover, Mo Wuji could clearly feel the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Moreover, he did not feel any misalignments with the outside world. It was as Kun Yun had said, the Time Plate was a supreme treasure for cultivation.

    The only thing that left Mo Wuji slightly disappointed was that the time ratio wasn't very high. He wasn't clear whether it was because he didn't know how to use the Time Plate, or whether it was due to some other reason, but the time ratio was only 10:1.

    That meant that 10 years in the Time Plate was equivalent to 1 year in the outside world.

    His Immortal Mortal Technique went into circulation. Soon, a major circulation path was formed. God spiritual energy began to seep out from the god spiritual veins, condensing and enveloping around Mo Wuji. Soon, a whirlpool of energy formed.

    Because Mo Wuji used the Time Plate, he didn't need to worry about any external spiritual wills detecting his actions. If a person's spiritual will could seep through time, then that person was definitely stronger than a Sage.


    The space above Nirvana Learning Academy.

    "Boom!" Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu finally destroyed one of the petals of the Paramita Flower. With one of its petals destroyed, the Paramita Flower stopped expanding. Not only that, the Paramita Flower even began to shrink.

    Because of this, the Laws instantly became hazy once more and the elemental energy in the area also plunged sharply. Some cultivators could no longer sense the Laws and they had to stop cultivating.

    Yan'Er was one of the first to open her eyes. She immediately knew what was going on. In that short period of time, her cultivation had already entered God Monarch Stage Level 7. She was especially clear that she could not take part in a battle over a treasure like the Paramita Flower. Thus, the moment she was no longer able to cultivate, she immediately controlled her flying ship and left. According to her experience, this place would become a blood-filled battleground. There were many people that thought like Yan'Er. Soon, the cultivators split into two groups: one group fled while the other group charged towards the Paramita Flower.

    Cang Zhengxing shouted agitatedly, "Everyone, buck up. Soon, we will be able to seal this Paramita Flower."

    "Courting death!" A loud shout came over. Following which, a jade-white hand imprint came descending down from mid-air. Even the two late-stage Unity God experts, Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu, could feel the space around them being fettered.

    "Not good, they are descending." Cang Zhengxing didn't even care about his own safety as he whipped out his magic treasure and struck the Paramita Flower.

    "Old fella, hurry and leave with me." Xing Mu didn't do the same. He grabbed Cang Zhengxing, who had been ready to self-explode, and spit out a drop of vital blood. Immediately, the two transformed into a beam of light and disappeared without a trace.

    "Boom!" At almost the same instant that Xing Mu dragged Cang Zhengxing away, Cang Zhengxing's magic treasure exploded. That arch-like rainbow above the Paramita Flower also exploded, vanishing without a trace.

    A red lotus came descending from mid-air. On top of this lotus, was a gorgeous green-robed woman whose face was lined with cold frost. Besides this green-robed woman, there were ten other equally beautiful ladies.

    The green-robed woman who was standing on the lotus flower harrumphed coldly. Her hand suddenly opened and those countless cultivators that were near the flower were turned into fogs of blood.

    When they saw this, those fleeing cultivators began to flee with greater frenzy.
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