Chapter 1090: Dont Leave Me Again

    Chapter 1090: Don't Leave Me Again

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    In the blink of an eye, the dense crowd around the Paramita Flower had been reduced to only ten women. They had either fled or had been exploded into mists of blood.

    The green-robed woman didn't chase after the Unity Gods that fled. In her eyes, even Unity Gods were ants.

    Her gaze turned to the shattered Paramita Flower. The fire-red Paramita Flower had now shrunk to a radius of only 3 meters.

    "Ai, what a pity. That was a good Paramita Flower but it was actually destroyed by these brainless idiots." After some time, that gorgeous green-robed woman sighed.

    "Sage Nun, this is definitely a good thing. Now that the Paramita Flower has been destroyed, those other greedy fellas wouldn't be able to use it to get to this perfect God World. Sage Nun only needs to store this Paramita Flower and everything here will be within Sage Nun's control." A lady in a light-yellow flowery dress said.

    This lady's skin was white like snow; her pair of beautiful eyes seemed capable of speaking; her long hair cascaded to the back of her shoulders, and her looks were no inferior to the green-robed Sage Nun.

    The green-robed lady laughed faintly, "Yi Shang, you are right. At least no one would be able to fight with me for this Paramita Flower. If I hadn't used this Paramita Flower to get here, this place would definitely have become the exclusive property of Luo Xu, that old thing. After I store this Paramita Flower, we would no longer need to rush. After which, we will need to go to a certain place."

    "Is Sage Nun talking about the God Burial Cave? The moment we arrived at this world, I felt the aura of the God Burial Cave." The beauty called Yi Shang asked obediently.

    The green-robed beauty nodded, "That's right, the God Burial Cave. There are at least three supreme treasures of fortune in the God Burial Cave. Not only that, there are definitely other treasures. I didn't think that the Cave would appear in this world. If those other fellas knew that the Cave was here, they would probably be banging their heads against the wall in regret."

    After the green-robed lady finished saying that, she turned to the ten stunning beauties behind her and said, "You are all my disciples. If you obtain any treasures within the God Burial Cave, it will belong to you; it will be your own individual fortunes."

    "Many thanks, Sage Nun." The ten beauties thanked harmoniously.

    The green-robed Sage Nun smiled and continued, "The God Burial Cave, itself, is an amazing treasure. Although it's not a supreme treasure of fortune, it is definitely not inferior. It was because of that Min Yuan, that it disappeared within the universe. If you encounter Min Yuan within God Burial Cave, you would need to be careful. That person is not simple."

    "He is merely a fake Sage." Yi Shang was clearly viewed highly by the green-robed Sage Nun. She was very straightforward in her words.


    Within the Time Plate, Mo Wuji didn't even know what was going on in the outside world. He didn't know that Cang Zhengxing and Xing Mu had joined hands to try and destroy the Paramita Flower, nor did he know that they had failed to prevent the Throned Gods from entering God World.

    At this moment, he was thoroughly deep in his cultivation.

    Mo Wuji didn't even notice as the Laws of Time within the Time Plate started to spin faster. If he stopped, he would definitely know that the speed of the Time Plate wasn't only related to his cultivation level, but also the rate at which the god spiritual veins were refined.

    God King Level 4, God King Level 5...

    Time passed gradually. Just as Mo Wuji stepped into God King Level 6, he felt the space around him turning sluggish. Mo Wuji subconsciously stopped. His spiritual will swept outwards questioningly.

    The flow of time within the Time Plate seemed to have changed. Could this thing's time ratio be related to his cultivation level? Mo Wuji furrowed his brows. Before he entered his secluded cultivation, he had closed off all his senses. If not for the space turning sluggish, he would have still have been within his cultivation.

    According to his estimates, he spent at least 10,000 years in the Time Plate...

    No, this should not be what he should be thinking about now. He should be thinking about why there was there a sluggish effect? Could an expert's spiritual will have penetrated into his arrays? Otherwise, why would he have jolted out of his deep cultivation?

    An external spiritual will could have penetrated in? As Mo Wuji thought of this, he no longer dared to continue cultivating. He immediately sprang out of his Time Plate.

    From what he thought previously, there shouldn't be anyone in God Burial Cave whose spiritual will would be strong enough to penetrate through his arrays and make contact with his Time Plate.

    Now that something had made contact with his Time Plate, this meant that this person was much stronger than him.

    No matter what, this was no longer a place he could cultivate.

    After charging out of the Time Plate, Mo Wuji didn't even have time to store his Time Plate when a faint yellow silhouette appeared in his spiritual will.

    This person seemed to pass right through space, causing Mo Wuji's heart to turn cold. With such speed, his God King Level 6's Wind Teleportation might not even be enough to run away.

    Forcefully calming himself down, Mo Wuji stored the Time Plate in his Mortal World. At the same time, he kept his 81 god spiritual veins in his storage ring.

    After close to 10,000 years of cultivation, the 81 god spiritual veins had shrunk in half.

    What left Mo Wuji relieved was that the oncoming cultivator did not seem to have any intentions of attacking him.

    Just as Mo Wuji was prepared to remove his array flag, that yellow robed cultivator suddenly appeared within his array.

    What a powerful cultivation. Mo Wuji's heart jumped.

    What left Mo Wuji shocked was that the person who disturbed his cultivation and entered his defensive array was actually a woman. In fact, it was more accurate to call her a beauty. At least, in terms of looks and figure, Mo Wuji believed that few women in this world could compare to her./

    Besides having facial features which seemed to have been painted, this woman had an otherworldly aura.

    Even with his current God King Level 6 cultivation, Mo Wuji couldn't see through this woman's cultivation. Moreover, this woman didn't even have to attack to pass through his defensive array. This caused Mo Wuji's heart to pound heavily.

    Mo Wuji did not try to immediately escape. He clasped his fists towards this woman and said, "Dao Friend, may I ask why you have suddenly interrupted on my cultivation and intruded into my space?"

    As he was speaking, Mo Wuji was thinking about how he could escape.

    The yellow-dressed woman didn't speak. She only stared at Mo Wuji with a look of astonishment. Her eyes were slightly red. She subconsciously took one step forward.

    The faint aroma of a female wafted over. Mo Wuji hurriedly took a step backward as he stared warily at this gorgeous beauty.

    "Liu Xing, could you have forgotten about me? I am Yi Shang, your Yi Shang..." The yellow-dressed woman seemed to be sobbing, "Why have you fallen to such a degree? Why didn't you tell me when you left previously? Why didn't you listen to my words and tried to go against a Sage? Why? Could it be that I don't even occupy a tiny spot in your heart? What about your promise? You promised me... Why, why..."

    The yellow-dressed woman who called herself Yi Shang had already took a few steps forward. As she spoke, rows of tears had already streamed down from her eyes.

    Liu Xing? Mo Wuji immediately came to an understanding. So this woman had mistaken him as Liu Xing.

    "Dao Friend Yi Shang, please wait..." Mo Wuji was slightly worried. If this woman took another step forward, she might grab him into her embrace.

    Yi Shang really stopped. However, she looked at Mo Wuji with a gaze as though she wanted to be one with Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath. He tried to calm down as he said, "Dao Friend Yi Shang, I'm really not Liu Xing. You must have recognised the wrong person..."

    "No..." Yi Shang's voice was lined with grief, "There's no need to lie to me. You are Liu Xing. No matter how many times you have reincarnated, your eyes remain the same. Even your Dao remains the same. Perhaps, you are the only fool in the entire world that would cultivate the Mortal Dao. There's no second person who is as foolish as you. Liu Xing, don't leave me again. Promise me."

    Mo Wuji felt slightly dizzy. He had some hatred with Liu Xing. Back then, he spent 10,000 years to extract the trace of Liu Xing's will from his Wheel of Life and Death. It was exactly because of this that he didn't dare to say that he had met Liu Xing. He suspected that if he said that, this Yi Shang would kill him and even use a soul-searching method to see his memories.

    Mo Wuji could only continue speaking with a warm voice, "Dao Friend Yi Shang, I'm really not Liu Xing. I cultivate the Mortal Dao but..."

    "Please, don't leave me again, don't lie to me again..." Before Mo Wuji could finish speaking, this yellow-dressed woman took a step forward and pulled Mo Wuji into her embrace.

    Mo Wuji completely couldn't feel her softness, nor smell her fragrance. His heart was ice-cold. Just now, when this Yi Shang lady hugged him, he didn't have a chance to resist or escape. At this moment, the space around him didn't belong to him.

    That meant to say that he had no chance of retaliation against this woman. What exactly was her cultivation?

    Quasi-Sage. This woman was definitely a Quasi-Sage. Mo Wuji's heart was beating furiously. He didn't even dare to struggle.
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