Chapter 1091: The Nameless Dao Fruit

    Chapter 1091: The Nameless Dao Fruit

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    "Liu Xing, I can feel your heartbeat. Are you thinking of me? Don't leave me and don't continue to lie to yourself, okay? We can stay together under the Sage Nun, is there anything else that could be better than that? I don't mind that you have reincarnated. I only want to be with you, Liu Xing..." Towards the end, Yi Shang's words turned into soft mumbles.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji could completely feel this woman's love and dependence towards Liu Xing. He knew that this incident was truly too coincidental. It was true that his eyes were similar to Liu Xing's. Back when Yu Lin saw Heavenly Mortal Sect's statue of Liu Xing, Yu Lin also noticed that Mo Wuji was very similar to Liu Xing.

    However, this was not the main point. The main point was that he cultivated the Mortal Dao. Apparently, Liu Xing cultivated the Mortal Dao as well. Although his Mortal Dao was more complete, this Yi Shang definitely wouldn't believe the difference.

    How should he escape from this woman? Just as Mo Wuji was thinking about that question, Yi Shang suddenly became much softer and warmer.

    Before Mo Wuji could react, Yi Shang lifted her head. Her eyes were filled with tenderness and silent love, "Liu Xing, if you don't like to be under the Sage Nun, I'm willing to leave with you. As long as you are willing, I can bear a child for you now. Kiss me..."

    The yellow dress fell and the beauty was released.

    A perfect body, which 99% of women would be envious of, appeared in front of Mo Wuji. "Cream-like skin", this expression was probably made for this woman in front of him.

    A scene back in Sword Prison suddenly jolted into Mo Wuji's mind. He was hugging the skeleton-like Han Qingru. Back then, the only part of Han Qingru's which wasn't injured was her face.

    Mo Wuji was an ordinary man. Moreover, he cultivated the Mortal Dao. In the Mortal Dao, he had never needed to severe his worldly desires. It was just that he was a clean-living and conservative man; he definitely wouldn't take part in those vices.

    With the memory of Han Qingru, Mo Wuji didn't even need to use a heart-calming technique to calm himself down. For Han Qingru, he destroyed the Great Sword Path. But to Han Qingru, the most important thing probably wasn't the destruction of the Great Sword Path.

    He sighed as he wondered how Han Qingru was doing. All these years, he had missed out on too much in the pursuit of the Dao, whether it was Yan'er, Shuyin, or Han Qingru.

    The calm Mo Wuji picked up the fallen yellow dress and placed it back over Yi Shang, "Can you give me some time? My power is still too low. Give me some time to grow stronger and recover my memories. I truly forgot everything that happened in the past."

    Ever since he was stabbed in the back by Xia Ruoyin, physical beauty had never been what he looked for in a woman. Less needed to be said about this problematic woman in front of him.

    What he needed to do now was to escape from this woman. After finding another place, he needed to rapidly raise his powers.

    "En, I will listen to you." Yi Shang was obedient like a little kitten. Her face was rose red as she quietly put her dress back on. She completely didn't mind that Mo Wuji had seen her full, naked body. In her eyes, Liu Xing was her everything.

    What a perfect curves. Mo Wuji could not help but sigh in his heart.

    After putting on her dress, Yi Shang continued to stick onto Mo Wuji closely. The tenderness in her eyes seemed as though she was always ready to become one with Mo Wuji.

    "Yi Shang..."

    Just as Mo Wuji said those two words, he was interrupted by Yi Shang, "Big Brother Liu Xing, I still prefer it when you call me Shang'Er."

    Mo Wuji was helpless. He could only say, "Shang'Er, my cultivation is very low right now. I wish to find a place to cultivate. Can we temporarily separate? After my cultivation level is raised, I will find you."

    "No..." Yi Shang instantly started to tear up, "Big Brother Liu Xing, I never want to part with you again. I'm afraid that if we part, I will never see you again..."

    "It's not that we won't see each other again. It's just that I have not recovered my memories, so I will need some time to cultivate. At the very most, it would take 10,000 years..." Mo Wuji explained.

    Mo Wuji felt that after he started to use the Time Plate, the time ratio had become approximately 100: 1. Moreover, this was with his limited understanding of the Time Plate. With 10,000 years in real time, even if he couldn't enter the ranks of Quasi-Sages, he would be able to reach the Great Circle of the Unity God Stage, right?

    As long as he could become a Great Circle Unity God, he would no longer have any troubles with protecting himself.

    Yi Shang continuously shook her head as tears continued to stream down her eyes. After a long time, she sobbed and said, "10,000 years is too long. I'm not willing to even let you leave my sights for a single breath of time. Big Brother Liu Xing, don't even leave my sights. Let me see you all the time..."

    "I truly need to raise my cultivation level. With you, I'm afraid that I will be distracted..." Mo Wuji lamented.

    Yi Shang's eyes were red as she looked at Mo Wuji and said, "You have the Time Plate. You will be able to raise your cultivation very quickly. I also have a good thing here. It will allow you to better make use of the Time Plate and raise your cultivation speed by more than 10 times..."

    Even though Mo Wuji knew that he couldn't accept Yi Shang's items, he could not help but ask, "What thing?"

    "It's this..." As she was speaking, Yi Shang brought out a translucent and pure fruit.

    This fruit didn't have any smell. As Mo Wuji's spiritual will landed on its surface, it felt as though it had landed in a vast and boundless ocean; he was unable to tell see through its aura.

    "What fruit is this?" Over these years, Mo Wuji had seen many things. However, he never saw a fruit like this.

    Yi Shang pouted, "You don't even care about me. Didn't you notice that I'm much stronger than before?"

    "Ah..." Mo Wuji could only respond with an 'Ah'. How was he to know what was her previous cultivation?

    Yi Shang was acting like a spoilt child, but she clearly didn't blame her Big Brother Liu Xing. Looking at Mo Wuji's shock, she said in a hushed voice, "This is a Dao Fruit that I discovered by chance. There were a total of two trees and each tree only had one of this Dao Fruit. I have already used one.

    Back then, I was only at the late Unity God Stage. After cultivating with this Dao Fruit, my sea of consciousness and will seemed to become much more profound. My cultivation speed became much faster than before. I suspect that this is a Dao Fruit from when the Heaven and Earth first opened. Of the two that I found, I used one of them. I was too reluctant to use this one, and I couldn't bear to give it to the Sage Nun either. I secretly kept it, so that I could give it to you."

    As he heard this, Mo Wuji's heart was filled with shock. He was the same as Yi Shang, he also didn't know what this Dao Fruit was. But if it was as Yi Shang had described, then this Dao Fruit was definitely the most valuable Dao Fruit among all Dao Fruits.

    He wasn't Liu Xing, and he wasn't related to this Yi Shang. Even if this Dao Fruit could allow him to enter the Sage Stage, he wasn't going to accept it.

    "Yi Shang... Ahem, Shang'Er, please give me some self-respect. I wish to use my own capabilities to reach higher levels. I don't want to depend on the help of other people..." As he said this, Mo Wuji was wondering how a person like Liu Xing could get such a woman to love him so deeply.

    "Why am I considered 'other people'? I, I..." Yi Shang's tears fell like rain, causing Mo Wuji to be unable to continue any further. This woman seemed to be made out of water. Not only was she peerlessly beautiful, she also liked to cry.

    He couldn't beat her, nor could he run away from her. Mo Wuji felt like he had fallen into a trap. Moreover, he also didn't dare to tell Yi Shang that he wasn't Liu Xing. Just the mere fact that he had seen her naked body was enough for her to kill him a thousand times over.

    "Alright, can you give me some time?" Mo Wuji sighed.

    Yi Shang still had some beads of tears on her face. She stared innocently at Mo Wuji, "Big Brother Liu Xing, I will not interrupt you. I only want to be next to you. Don't disappear from my sights..."

    If not for the fact that he knew that this woman was many times older than him, he would have thought that she was a dependent, little lady.

    "Then can you help me?" Mo Wuji knew that if he didn't resort to this, he would not be able to strip this woman off him.

    "Of course." Hearing that Mo Wuji wanted her help, Yi Shang's face was filled with indescribable joy.

    Mo Wuji handed Yi Shang a jade letter and said, "There's an array gate here. After you get through this array gate, there's a person called Min Yuan. I was almost screwed over by that fella. Can you help me go over and teach that fella a lesson? Oh right, you can't directly enter through the array gate, you would need to open a tear in it."

    "Are you worrying for me?" When she heard Mo Wuji's final sentence, Yi Shang was incomparably happy. Before Mo Wuji could answer, she continued, "We have already found this place. It's called the Resting Land of Gods. The Sage Nun is currently thinking of how she can tear the place open. It's just that the Resting Land of Gods cannot be accessed through ordinary means. Even the Sage Nun currently doesn't have any means of getting there."

    "Since that's the case, I will cultivate. I hope that while I cultivate, you will not disturb me." The moment Mo Wuji heard Yi Shang's words, he knew that it was impossible to get rid of her.

    "En, feel free to cultivate. I will act as your defender." Seeing that Mo Wuji didn't take her Dao Fruit, Yi Shang didn't force it on him. She had already decided that when Mo Wuji was cultivating, she would mix this Dao Fruit in with Mo Wuji's god spiritual veins.

    The way she looked at it, Liu Xing was probably slighted at the fact that her cultivation was much higher than his. She definitely needed to help her Big Brother Liu Xing step into the Quasi-Sage Stage in the shortest time possible.
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