Chapter 1092: Meeting A True Sage

    Chapter 1092: Meeting A True Sage

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    From Yi Shang's words, Mo Wuji could tell that the Sage Nun was very strong.

    "Yi Shang, have you been here for long?" Since he couldn't get rid of Yi Shang, Mo Wuji wanted to ask how Yi Shang and co. managed to come to the God World. He wanted to know whether it was due to the Paramita Flower as Kun Yun had said.

    "It has only been a few decades. The Sage Nun wishes to enter the Resting Land of Gods. It's just that the Resting Land of Gods is protected by the Laws of Heaven and Earth. Even the Sage Nun cannot force her way into it." Yi Shang could tell that Mo Wuji no longer had any intentions of getting away from her. Her mood became much better and her voice carried a sort of lightness and excitement.

    "How did you get here?" This was the true thing that Mo Wuji wanted to know.

    "The Paramita Flower. Before that Paramita Flower was destroyed, the Sage Nun managed to use its Laws to come to the God World..." As she got here, Yi Shang seemed to recall something. She soon added, "Actually, the Paramita Flower comes as a pair. The Sage Nun has taken away the red Paramita Flower. There's actually a white one here..."

    "Then have you found it?" Mo Wuji was slightly agitated. He was very clear about the value of the Paramita Flower. Moreover, Qu You had the Primal God Lattice. If Qu You made it to God Burial Cave, she would definitely sense the Paramita Flower.

    Yi Shang nodded, but she then shook her head. Before Mo Wuji needed to ask anything, she explained, "As long as you obtain one Paramita Flower, you would be able to find the other one. However, when the Sage Nun arrived at where the other Paramita Flower was supposed to be, she found that it had already been taken away by two women."

    "How do you know that two women had taken the Paramita Flower away?" Mo Wuji asked in shock.

    Yi Shang chuckled slightly. She brought out a crystal ball, activated it and said, "This is the image drawn by the Sage Nun. There are no other human trails in the God Burial Cave. Thus, even those two have left for a long time, the Sage Nun was still able to capture their images."

    Shuyin and Qu You? After Mo Wuji saw the two blurred images, he almost cried out in shock. Fortunately, he managed to control himself. At this moment, his heart was filled with excitement. Shuyin and Qu You had actually managed to come here. Moreover, they found the Paramita Flower and used it to escape.

    Sensing Mo Wuji's excitement, Yi Shang wanted to inquire about it. Just at this moment, a voice rang clearly, "Yi Shang, who is this person?"

    Mo Wuji subconsciously shuddered. He didn't even notice any sort of spatial waves when this person appeared in front of him. Even when Yi Shang appeared, he could sense her spiritual will penetrating through his array. But now, this fella was actually able to appear without causing any spatial waves. How strong could this fella be?

    The person that appeared was also a woman. She was in green robes and her beauty was no less than Yi Shang's. In fact, from a certain perspective, it could be said that she looked more refined that Yi Shang.

    "Sage Nun..." When Yi Shang saw this green-robed woman, she was slightly astonished.

    Mo Wuji came to a sudden realisation. So this was the Sage Nun. Mo Wuji didn't dare to use his spiritual will to scan this green-robed lady's cultivation. This lady gave him the impression that she was much stronger than Yi Shang.

    As this green-robed lady stood in front of him, it felt as though she was one with the space around her; there wasn't any sort of jarringness. Only his Mortal Technique could allow him to be one with the myriad objects. Could this green-robed lady also be cultivating the Mortal Technique?

    That's impossible...

    The moment that he thought that it was impossible, a lightning seemed to flash across Mo Wuji's mind. He finally understood what was going on. This woman wasn't cultivating the Mortal Technique. The reason why she seemed to be one with everything was because her cultivation had reached an extremely high level.

    What level? The only possible level was that of a Sage. This green-robed lady was definitely a Sage.

    Mo Wuji inhaled a breath of cold air. He could only hope that the God World hadn't been destroyed by this green-robed woman.

    "He is Liu Xing... Sage Nun, please forgive me. I am the one that sought him out." Yi Shang's voice was filled with fear.

    The green-robed Sage Nun sighed, "Yi Shang, you are the person I favour the most and the time that you have spent with me isn't short. I have heard of that Liu Xing. He is the same kind of person as Min Yuan, they are both egoistic people that think that they are at the top of the world."

    As she got here, the Sage Nun paused slightly before she continued, "Could it be that you still don't understand? The Cataclysm has already ended and there will be another World-Ending Cataclysm. You should know that under such Cataclysm, all those below the Sage Stage are only ants.

    This upcoming World-Ending Cataclysm will be your opportunity. During the World-Ending Cataclysm, there will no be segregation between Sages and the other Throned Gods. There's no need to talk about how Sages could be killed during the World-Ending Cataclysm. Even if all the Sages survive, the Cataclysm would upend the Heavenly Laws. It's possible that there might be a 9th Sage. Your fortune is deep. You have obtained the Sage Dao Fruit and you cultivate the Yin Yang Dao. If a Sage dies, or if the Heavenly Laws are changed, you would be able to make use of that Dao Fruit to become a Sage. Why would you behave so foolishly for a dirty man? You would even ruin your own future?"

    "Sage Nun, you know of my Sage Dao Fruit..." The fear on Yi Shang's face grew.

    The green-robed Sage Nun looked up into the sky and said calmly, "If I don't even know that you obtained the Sage Dao Fruit, then I wouldn't have become a Sage."

    Her voice was lined with disappointment and loneliness. She was waiting for Yi Shang to give the remaining Sage Dao Fruit to her. Thereafter, she would return it to Yi Shang. What she needed wasn't Yi Shang's Sage Dao Fruit, but Yi Shang's loyalty and trust. But today, Yi Shang was actually giving the Sage Dao Fruit to a dirty man instead of her. This caused her heart to be filled with disappointment.

    "Sorry, I..." Yi Shang lowered her head. Only she knew the restlessness in her heart.

    If she hadn't used one Sage Dao Fruit for herself, she would have definitely given one to the Sage Nun and the other one to Mo Wuji.

    "You are Liu Xing?" The green-robed Sage Nun's gaze landed on Mo Wuji.

    The shocked and fearful Mo Wuji had already calmed down. There's no end to accidents and situations in life. Using his Mortal Dao to step into the God King Stage had already made his life much more colourful than it had been on Earth. If he was still on Earth, he would have already turned to dust.

    Since that's the case, what's there to be afraid of? Moreover, he did not like this green-robed Sage Nun. What dirty man? Weren't you also the child of a man?

    Little did Mo Wuji know that this green-robed Sage Nun really wasn't the child of a man.

    Mo Wuji lifted his head and said calmly, "I'm not Liu Xing. It was Dao Friend Yi Shang who was mistaken."

    The Sage Nun jolted slightly, clearly shocked at Mo Wuji's words. In reality, she had seen the scene when Yi Shang tried to give the Sage Dao Fruit to Mo Wuji.

    She believed that Mo Wuji was probably loosening the reins in order to have a better grasp. Mo Wuji wanted Yi Shang's Sage Dao Fruit, but at the same time, show that he was a proper man.

    She didn't think that Mo Wuji would actually deny that he was Liu Xing. Even if he was loosening the reins, wasn't this too much?

    "Big Brother Liu Xing..." Yi Shang started to cry again.

    "Since you are not Liu Xing, then leave," the Sage Nun suddenly said.

    Mo Wuji was instantly excited. He looked at the green-robed Sage Nun in disbelief. She was simply letting him go? How could there be such a great thing in this world?

    "No..." Yi Shang only muttered this single world. She didn't say anything further, she could only kneel in front of the Sage Nun.

    "Could you be unwilling to leave?" The Sage Nun's tone was calm but Mo Wuji could feel a deep threat of death.

    He clasped his fists towards the Sage Nun and said, "Yi Shang is a good girl. I hope that you don't punish her too severely."

    At this instant, Mo Wuji had calmed down. He could sense a rich killing intent from the Sage Nun. He was sure that this Sage Nun wasn't actually letting him go. She was only playing with him. After he escaped, she would easily capture him. However, anyone that dares to let him go can forget about capturing him again. This was even if that person was a Sage.

    "What? Do I need to be lectured by you about what to do? I, the Sage Nun, am standing right here. If you have anything you feel dissatisfied about, feel free to say it right to my face." The Sage Nun's voice was icy-cold.

    "Alright. If you anger me again, I will definitely teach you a lesson in the future." After saying that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he fled.

    Mo Wuji didn't use his Wind Teleportation. He was experienced with fleeing; he knew that this was his only chance.

    "Sage Nun, please, don't let Liu Xing leave me..." Yi Shang finally started to bawl. To her, separating with Liu Xing was no different from killing her.

    The Sage Nun, whose face had turned ashen from Mo Wuji's words, extended her hand and supported Yi Shang up. She sighed and said, "Yi Shang, do you think that he could disappear from my spiritual will with that puny cultivation? I only wanted to let you see that he doesn't even care about you. If not for me, he would have taken your Sage Dao Fruit and disappeared."

    "Sage Nun, please..." Yi Shang knew that she could only beg.

    The Sage Nun frowned slightly. Her voice was harsh as she said, "Yi Shang, if you don't believe me, I will capture him and search his soul. That will let you see..."

    "Don't..." Yi Shang cried out in grief.
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