Chapter 1093: Charging Out Of God Burial Cave; Using The Great Art Of Destruction

    Chapter 1093: Charging Out Of God Burial Cave; Using The Great Art Of Destruction

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    The Sage Nun suddenly stopped speaking. Her eyes were filled with disbelief. The ant that she was talking about had disappeared from right under her eyelids.

    "How is this possible?" The Sage Nun muttered to herself.

    With her abilities, it didn't matter how powerful Mo Wuji's concealment technique was. As long as Mo Wuji was still in God Burial Cave, she would be able to find him.

    But now, Mo Wuji had actually vanished without a trace.


    After Mo Wuji fled for a period of time, he used Wind Teleportation multiple times before finally transforming into a piece of rock in a grey desert.

    On this vast and endless desert, there were millions of other rocks like him. With his Fetal Transformation Technique together with his Mortal Dao, his aura was exactly the same as the other rocks around him. There was no sign of life; only an aura of defeat.

    Unless the Sage Nun knew that he had transformed into a rock and specifically went to scan every single rock with her spiritual will, it was impossible for her to locate Mo Wuji.

    Against an expert like the Sage Nun, Mo Wuji didn't want to encounter her for a second time until he was powerful enough. Even though he knew that he had already avoided the Sage Nun's searches, he still didn't leave immediately.

    Once again, he took out his Heavenly Spirit Transformations and started to study another one of its sacred arts - Earth Shrinking.

    Earth Shrinking was a type of escape art. It couldn't be said that the Wind Escape Technique was inferior to Earth Shrinking. After all, his Wind Escape Technique had been personally carved and polished by him. Now, he had already achieved major success in his Wind Escape Technique. However, Earth Shrinking had an advantage over the Wind Escape Technique - it could allow him to disappear suddenly. If he could combine Earth Shrinking and his Wind Escape Technique, then his escape methods would become more untraceable.

    Months passed. After Mo Wuji finally grasped the surface of Earth Shrinking, he carefully spied out with his spirit storage channel.

    The surroundings were calm; Mo Wuji did no sense any form of danger.

    After verifying that there wasn't any danger, Mo Wuji transformed back to his human form and headed towards the entrance of God Burial Cave.

    It didn't matter how many sacred arts he learnt; it would all be useless if he didn't raise his cultivation. God Burial Cave was no longer a place where he could cultivate. Now, there were two places that he could go to: 1) Resting Land of Gods and 2) Escape from God Burial Cave and return to the God World.

    According to what Yi Shang said, the Sage Nun was guarding over the Resting Land of Gods. He would only be throwing himself into her nets if he went there. Thus, Mo Wuji could only pray that he was strong enough to return back to the God World. As for the help that Kun Yun needed, that would have to wait till his cultivation gets higher. Now, he couldn't even protect himself. Moreover, as long as the Sage Nun wasn't able to enter the Resting Land of Gods, Kun Yun would be safe.

    The green-robed Sage Nun clearly didn't place an ant-like Mo Wuji on her heart. Even though Mo Wuji had managed to escape from right under her eyelids, she didn't care too much about it. The universe was vast and there were too many techniques. If she had closely tagged her spiritual will onto Mo Wuji, he definitely wouldn't have escaped, regardless of how many methods he had.

    Now, the most important thing to the Sage Nun was to open the Resting Land of Gods. Those years ago, that fake Sage Min Yuan put on the front of a gentleman to earn the trust of many Throned Gods. Before the Cataclysm, many of these Throned Gods decided to place their treasures in the safekeeping of Min Yuan. It could be said that Min Yuan was even wealthier than a Sage.

    The legendary Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, Tao Tie Pot and the Time Plate were all in the Resting Land of Gods. As long as she broke into the Resting Land of Gods and found Min Yuan, what could the World-Ending Cataclysm do to her?


    Mo Wuji was cautious. He continued to practise Earth Shrinking as he moved. Months later, he arrived back at the entrance of God Burial Cave.

    The black murky hole was still there. It was the same as when he first arrived; Mo Wuji still couldn't scan the inside of the hole with his spiritual will.

    Mo Wuji directly used his Wind Teleportation. He was very clear that he couldn't use his sea of consciousness's spiritual will within this passage. Fortunately, Mo Wuji also had his spirit storage channel.

    Mo Wuji could only use his Wind Teleportation for a few meters before he could no longer move any further. If not for his spirit storage channel, he would have been pushed back down into God Burial Cave.

    If he didn't leave God Burial Cave, he would eventually end up in the hands of that Sage Nun. At this point, Mo Wuji could no longer care about anything else. He directly whipped out his Furnace of Heaven and Earth. As the Furnace floated above Mo Wuji's head, he immediately felt the Laws of Space around him weakening.

    It seems like Kun Yun wasn't lying to him. Even if he was still in God King Level 3, as long as he had his spirit storage channel and a supreme treasure of fortune, he would be able to leave God Burial Cave.

    Mo Wuji knew that this passage to God Burial Cave was extremely long. His spirit storage channel circulated faster, allowing him to increase his speed.

    What left Mo Wuji relieved was that he didn't sense any threat from that Sage Nun. In the first month, Mo Wuji continued to move cautiously. But after the first month, Mo Wuji directly started to refine the Kun Wu Sword.

    The only unfortunate thing was that he couldn't use the Time Plate as he travelled up this passage. Otherwise, Mo Wuji suspected that he could refine both Kun Wu Sword and the Sage Dao Talisman.

    Mo Wuji had already made preparations for the refinement of Kun Wu. Back when he first refined Kun Wu, his sea of consciousness almost dried up and he only managed to refine one of Kun Wu's sword intent.

    In this second attempt, Mo Wuji did not hold back his spiritual will, allowing it to envelop around Kun Wu Sword. Indeed, it was the same as his first attempt. The moment Mo Wuji's spiritual will made contact with the seal in Kun Wu, it seemed as though a sluice gate had opened. The force within the sluice gate directly sucked away half of the spiritual will in Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    Compared to the first time, this second attempt wasn't as dangerous. However, it was definitely much harder.

    Kun Wu was like a bottomless pit as it continued to suck away Mo Wuji's spiritual will. Mo Wuji was sure that he had not stepped into God King Level 6, resulting in his sea of consciousness growing deeper, he would have definitely been sucked dry.

    This sucking process lasted for three whole months. Just as Mo Wuji could no longer endure any further, the Kun Wu Sword uttered a cry of glee. After which, the grey Kun Wu floated in front of Mo Wuji. Compared to the first time he refined Kun Wu, it looked much more ordinary and it seemed to have lost its sharpness.

    Mo Wuji closed his eyes as he felt the surging energy within Kun Wu; he felt an energy which seemed capable of destroying the Heaven and Earth. Mo Wuji suspected that if he used this sword, he could rip open a tear in the God World. If this sword was directed at that Sage Nun, he wondered how it would turn out.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. It didn't matter how it would turn out. If he faced that Sage Nun again, he might only get one hit in. In fact, it was more likely that he couldn't even get a hit in.

    It was unknown how many sword intents were within Kun Wu. Now, he had already refined two. If he wanted to continue refining it, it would have to wait till his cultivation level got higher.

    Storing Kun Wu, Mo Wuji sped up. Another year passed before Mo Wuji's eyes finally lit up. He had finally charged out of God Burial Cave.

    This was God Burial Valley. Mo Wuji scanned his spiritual will outwards and knew that he had returned back to God World.

    The Laws of God World were still intact and there did not seem to be any form of damage. This caused Mo Wuji to heave a sigh of relief. Regardless of what happened, God World was considered a place where he had grown stronger. If God World was destroyed, he would have to return to the Immortal World. However, the Laws of the Immortal World weren't enough for him to cultivate.

    As he turned back to face the cave entrance, Mo Wuji really wanted to install a seal over it so that the Sage Nun would not be able to leave. However, he knew clearly that he wasn't powerful enough.

    Even though he couldn't prevent that green-robed woman from returning to God World, Mo Wuji still decided that he should do something.

    After verifying that there was no one in the surroundings, Mo Wuji gathered all his elemental energy, and at the same time, his hands began to form countless, enigmatic hand seals. Soon, a huge hand imprint was formed.

    A terrifying aura of destruction enveloped the entire area. Even Mo Wuji was slightly shocked. He wanted to use the Great Art of Destruction to attack the entrance to God Burial Cave. Even if he could not completely destroy it, he would be satisfied if it could delay that green-robed lady.

    However, after he felt this aura of destruction, he felt that he might have been too impulsive.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation was limited. The moment he used the Great Art of Destruction, he was not strong enough to take it back. He could only subconsciously retract his spiritual will and elemental energy to minimise the effects of the Great Art of Destruction.

    "Boom!" An earth-shaking rumble reverberated through the entire area. Although Mo Wuji's grasp of the Great Art of Destruction was shallow, this energy of destruction still spread far and wide

    "Boom! Boom...."

    Space collapsed and the Laws went unstable.

    The sounds of collapsed reverberated unceasingly. It felt as though the God Burial Valley was a piece of tofu, and a huge hammer was slamming down on it; it continuously broke apart...

    Mo Wuji hurriedly retreated. He had a premonition that if he didn't retreat, he might be dragged into the destruction.

    This caused some lingering fears in Mo Wuji. Liu Xing's trace of will in his Wheel of Life and Death was enough to leave him with apprehensions. However, this uncontrollable Great Art of Destruction had left him in fear.

    Fortunately, the Laws of God World had been restored and the Heaven and Earth were stable. Also, his cultivation was limited at the intermediate God King Stage. Otherwise, how destructive would his attack have been?

    Mo Wuji stared as the Laws of Space around God Burial Valley collapsed and gradually disappeared. It was like the clash of tectonic plates; the part in the centre was reduced into nothingness.

    "So powerful..." Mo Wuji muttered to himself after he left the domain of the Great Art of Destruction.

    Back when he was in the passage towards God Burial Cave, he also used the Great Art of Destruction. However, his cultivation was lower and his grasp towards the Great Art was still shallow. Additionally, he had been in a passage, so the destruction was far from being as terrifying as it was now.
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