Chapter 1095: Can You Go?

    Chapter 1095: Can You Go?

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    After storing the Breath of Hongmeng, Cang Zhengxing heaved a sigh of relief. He returned the storage ring back to Mo Wuji, "You need cultivation resources for yourself. I don't need these god spiritual veins..."

    Mo Wuji hurriedly waved his hand, "Senior has shown me too much kindness. These 20 god spiritual veins don't mean too much to me. Time is of the essence. Junior will have to take his leave."

    Even though he knew that the Sage Nun had yet to do anything to his Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji still anxiously wanted to return back to the sect. At the same time, he needed to rush to that owner-less planet and cultivate.

    While his Great Art of Destruction had destroyed God Burial Valley, Mo Wuji was still worried that this wasn't enough to stop the Sage Nun.

    After Mo Wuji left, Cang Zhengxing finally sent his spiritual will into the storage ring. When he saw that they were all peak-grade god spiritual veins with the energy of creation, he instantly exhaled a breath of cold air.

    He also knew that the Chasm shot out god spiritual veins. However, he wasn't in the vicinity. Thus, even though his Array Dao was peerless, he wasn't able to obtain a single creation god spiritual vein.

    At the same time, he knew that the Chasm shot god spiritual veins out at extreme speeds; ordinary methods weren't enough to catch them. But now, Mo Wuji had given him 20 veins at one go. This was simply heaven-defying.

    Today, he obtained so many god spiritual veins and a vase of the Breath of Hongmeng. These items would be instrumental to his breakthrough into the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    "Wuji, thank you." Cang Zhengxing clasped his fists in the direction that Mo Wuji left in. After which, his figure flashed and he instantly disappeared.

    Now that he had obtained so many valuable cultivation resources, he was naturally going to find a place to enter secluded cultivation.


    Mortal Sect was still the same; there were no changes. The moment Mo Wuji entered Mortal Sect, his spiritual will detected Da Huang. Da Huang was already at World God Level 7 while Shuai Guo was at World God Level 3.

    The one with the greatest improvement was Wei Ru; he was already at the Great Circle of the God Monarch Stage. From the looks of it, the god spiritual veins that he left behind had been very useful to Da Huang and co. Mo Wuji's guess was right; not only did Mortal Sect have the creation god spiritual veins, it was also concentrated in fate. Thus, cultivating here would allow one to be more attuned to the Dao.

    Mo Wuji didn't go and alarm the three. Since the three of them were able to cultivate rapidly here, he wasn't going to disturb them.

    After re-stabilising the defensive arrays around Mortal Sect, Mo Wuji headed towards the New God Domain City next to the edge of Nirvana Ocean.

    With the restoration of God World and with the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean being installed, New God Domain City was flourishing. It had become a key place of interaction between cultivators from God Continent and God Domain.

    However, ordinary people cannot enjoy the benefits of the transfer array. Although Nirvana Ocean wasn't as dangerous as it was in the past, the price of using the array was still astronomical. Moreover, one needed to be of a high stature to be able to use it.

    Fortunately, Nirvana Ocean was no longer dangerous. Cultivators that had no money and status could choose to traverse the Ocean by themselves.

    Mo Wuji had visited New God Domain City before. In this second visit, he found that things seemed to have changed. After the Laws of God World were restored, New God Domain City seemed to have been reconstructed.

    Mo Wuji knew that time was of the essence. Thus, after he entered New God Domain City, he headed straight to the transfer array.

    The owner-less planet that Cang Zhengxing told him was near God Continent. He needed to cross the Nirvana Ocean before he could travel to that planet.

    After the reconstruction of New God Domain City, the transfer array had become like an airport; it had become a central hub. All transfer arrays, regardless of the destination, were gathered in the centre of New God Domain City.

    This was also the most flourishing and bustling place in New God Domain City.

    Mo Wuji had Cang Zhengxing's Rule of Arrays, allowing him to take any transfer array in God Continent free of charge. Now, he could probably use all arrays in God World free of charge.

    However, Mo Wuji had a large number of god crystals. He also knew that a transfer array needed to be maintained. Thus, he didn't intend to save on this bit of money.

    There were a total of 30 sales windows for the transfer array. Even so, there were long lines in front of every window. Even though Mo Wuji was in a rush for time, he could not save on this bit of time.

    Fortunately, the efficiency was rather high. Mo Wuji only needed an incense's time to reach the front the of the window.

    "I wish to cross Nirvana Ocean and go to God Continent. How many god crystals will it be?" Mo Wuji walked up to the window and said directly.

    The person in the window was a middle-aged man in the late Heavenly God Stage. He lifted his head, looked at Mo Wuji and said indifferently, "If you wish to cross the Nirvana Ocean, you would need verification from the New God Domain City Hall before you can purchase a transfer ticket."

    "Keke, is this Dao Friend's first time visiting since the reconstruction of New God Domain City?" The yellow-robed cultivator behind Mo Wuji chuckled and said.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, it's my first visit. Oh right, if every person that wants to use the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean requires a verification from the City Hall, then wouldn't the efficiency be very low?"

    The final sentences of Mo Wuji were casually said. In reality, he was prepared to leave the queue. Originally, he intended to follow procedures. But now that the other party wanted some verification, he could only use this Rule of Arrays Token.

    Queuing again would only require another incense's time. This beats going to the City Hall to obtain a verification. He wasn't that free.

    "This transfer array is currently managed by the Cultivators Embassy and Senior Jie Heng. After the restoration of God World, God Continent and God Domain had things which the other wanted. Thus, controlling this array, well, you should know why it's necessary," The yellow-robed cultivator said without hiding anything.

    This was news that everyone knew; an open secret. What was there to hide about?

    Mo Wuji instantly stopped in his tracks, "Isn't the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean built by Nirvana Learning Academy's Senior Cang Zhengxing?"

    If this array wasn't installed by Senior Cang Zhengxing, then things would be problematic. This was because his Rule of Arrays would be useless.

    By the side, another cultivator butted in, "This transfer array was naturally built by Senior Cang Zhengxing. It's just that after Senior Cang Zhengxing finished the array, he did not manage it."

    "Then how did it end up in the hands of Cultivators Embassy? And who's that Jie Heng?" Mo Wuji frowned; he was feeling slightly displeased. Cang Zhengxing was a senior that he respected. This senior had installed this array but it was actually left under the control of a dog** place like the Cultivators Embassy. Moreover, it was being exploited for resources. It would be strange if he was happy.

    He wasn't confused as to why Cang Zhengxing didn't manage the array. Instead, he was confused why Nirvana Learning Academy didn't. Cang Zhengxing had never managed such trivial stuff. But supposedly, Nirvana Learning Academy should be managing this array.

    This time, no one answered Mo Wuji. Some things could be said, while some couldn't.

    Moreover, the matter with Jie Heng wasn't simple. When others mentioned Jie Heng, they needed to add 'Senior' at the front. Mo Wuji had directly said Jie Heng's name. This, in itself, was an offence.

    "I'm sorry, let me cut the queue. I will reimburse you..." At this time, a black silhouette rushed in and charged in front of Mo Wuji. He crammed in front of the yellow-robed cultivator, took out a storage ring and said, "I will pay half the price. I want to purchase a ticket to God Continent."

    "Who allowed you to cut the queue? Stand at the back! Also, the transfer ticket across Nirvana Ocean isn't for open sale. A mere rogue cultivator like you can forget about taking the transfer array across Nirvana Ocean! Is twice the price very amazing? Our transfer arrays aren't lacking your bit of god crystals." A red-robed deacon grabbed towards the big man that charged in.

    The big man's figure flashed, causing the red-robed deacon to grab thin air.

    "Brother Zhenyi?" Mo Wuji cried in surprise.

    Previously, he suspected that this black-robed man was Yuan Zhenyi. Now that he saw Yuan Zhenyi making a move, he knew that his suspicions were right. This person was Yuan Zhenyi. Over 10,000 years, Yuan Zhenyi had an additional sense of agedness.

    Yuan Zhenyi was one of the first friends he made when he first came over to this world. He had a bold and just character. Back when he was heading to Chang Luo's Immortal Spring Conference, they fought Six-legged Electric Crocodiles together. During those battles, they formed a deep bond. There was also Aunt Eleven. Eventually, Aunt Eleven left with Mo Xingtong. According to the news he obtained, Aunt Eleven had obtained an immortal estate in the Sky Seas. Since then, there was no further news from her.

    Unfortunately, Yuan Zhenyi didn't have any spiritual veins, so he couldn't cultivate. After the two separated at Chang Luo, he didn't have any further news from him either.

    Today, Mo Wuji actually saw Yuan Zhenyi in New God Domain City. How could he not be happy?

    Yuan Zhenyi didn't have any spiritual aura around him but Mo Wuji could sense a deep power from him. Just now, that deacon was at least a God Monarch. However, that deacon wasn't able to catch Yuan Zhenyi. This showed that Yuan Zhenyi wasn't weaker than a God Monarch. From the looks of it, Yuan Zhenyi definitely obtained some great fortune when he went out to temper himself. Otherwise, he couldn't have achieved such results.

    "You are Brother Mo?" Yuan Zhenyi looked at Mo Wuji in disbelief. After saying that sentence, he was sure that the person in front of him was truly Mo Wuji.

    "Haha, it's really you.Yes, I am Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji chuckled; his heart was incomparably carefree.

    It was already a great joy to meet an old friend. Moreover, this old friend was one that he had shared life-and-death battles with.

    "It's not good. Brother Mo, we have to go." Yuan Zhenyi suddenly recalled his situation.

    "Can you go?" A gloomy voice came.
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