Chapter 1096: Youve Done Something Stupid

    Chapter 1096: You've Done Something Stupid

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    Following which, a violet-robed man sped over. Mo Wuji finally realised that Yuan Zhenyi was being pursued. No wonder why he was in such a hurry to use the transfer array.

    "Zhenyi, are you being pursued by this fella?" Mo Wuji asked as he looked at the incoming person.

    Yuan Zhenyi was already wielding a black staff. As he stared at the violet-robed man, he said to Mo Wuji, "Wuji, I didn't think that I would drag you down at our first encounter after so long. This fella is from Nirvana Learning Academy. I killed his younger sister."

    Even though Yuan Zhenyi hadn't seen Mo Wuji for more than 10,000 years, he had been through life and death situations with Mo Wuji. Thus, words of apology were needless.

    "You killed his younger sister?" Mo Wuji looked at Yuan Zhenyi in shock. Yuan Zhenyi wasn't a barbaric person who randomly killed people. In fact, it was the contrast; Yuan Zhenyi was a magnanimous and generous person.

    "That's right. The reason why I could live was because of Kuai Tong's saving grace. This fella's sister actually wanted to snatch the cultivation technique that Kuai Tong purchased in a rogue market. Not only did she kill Kuai Tong, she even extracted Kuai Tong's soul..."

    Hearing Yuan Zhenyi's words, Mo Wuji had a rough understanding of the situation. Kuai Tong should be Yuan Zhenyi's dao companion in the God World. However, not only was his dao companion killed, her soul was extracted and refined. Naturally, Yuan Zhenyi wanted to take revenge for his dao companion. Thus, he killed this violet-robed man's younger sister, and in turn, he offended this violet-robed man.

    If this situation had happened to him, he would have been much more murderous.

    Yuan Zhenyi didn't continue speaking any further. This was because that violet-robed man was already right in front of them. What surprised him was that this violet-robed man actually didn't lay a hand on him.

    "You are Mo Wuji?" After standing in front of Mo Wuji for some time, this violet-robed man finally recognised Mo Wuji. Against Yuan Zhenyi's expectations, he actually clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji. His expression also turned unsightly.

    Mo Wuji didn't say a word; he only stared at this violet-robed man calmly. He was sure that if he wasn't here, there was an 80-90% chance that Yuan Zhenyi would die today. He could not tell what was Yuan Zhenyi's cultivation but he could roughly guess that Yuan Zhenyi was only in the late God Monarch Stage. This violet-robed man, on the other hand, was at World God Level 9.

    Now that Mo Wuji's name was mentioned, more people recognised him. The cultivators in the queue all hurried to make way. Some people even came to bow towards Mo Wuji respectfully. As for that Heavenly God sales attendant that didn't sell the transfer ticket to Mo Wuji, he stood up in fright; his face turned increasingly pale.

    In God Domain, not many people knew of Mo Wuji's face. However, few wouldn't know of Mo Wuji's name.

    Back when he was in the Nascent God Stage, Mo Wuji single-handedly killed 49 Nascent Gods and Heavenly Gods that encircled. After which, he was hunted by several God Kings but he still managed to escape.

    However, that only demonstrated that Mo Wuji was skilled at escaping. But when God World was restored, Mo Wuji killed the God Kings and two Unity Gods from the Gods Race. Even the Gods Race's number one expert, Bai Dai, was slaughtered by Mo Wuji.

    If this wasn't enough, Mo Wuji charged into God Evolution Sect alone and pulled it out from its roots.

    Anyone of these stories was enough to turn a cultivator's heart cold.

    Today, Mo Wuji had shown up here. Many people suspected that if Mo Wuji was angered, he would start a massacre here. This was because, in the eyes of many, Mo Wuji was a bloodthirsty and murderous person.

    "You're very famous?" Yuan Zhenyi, who had been prepared to give up half his life to escape with Mo Wuji, stared at Mo Wuji doubtfully.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "I could be considered a little famous. It should be enough to retain our lives."

    Mo Wuji did not dare to say this in God Continent. However, this wasn't God Continent. Even though they were at the edge of Nirvana Ocean, this was still within the territory of God Domain. Back when he was in the early God King Stage, he had levelled God Evolution Sect. Even God Evolution Sect's Unity God Tie Lanshan was killed by him. Thus, this puny World God was no different from an ant in Mo Wuji's eyes.

    "Senior Mo, you are a senior. This is a private matter between this person and I. Both of us are disciples of Nirvana Learning Academy and I'm also from Cultivators Embassy. Senior Jie Heng is a good friend of our Embassy Lord. Thus, I request that senior doesn't interfere in this private matter." This violet-robed cultivator didn't directly attack Yuan Zhenyi in front of Mo Wuji.

    As he was speaking, he had already sent out several messages.

    Mo Wuji could see that he was sending messages, but he didn't stop it. After this violet-robed cultivator was done, Mo Wuji said coldly, "Is the Cultivators Embassy very amazing? And what kind of vegetable is that Jie Heng?"

    "Haha, my Cultivators Embassy naturally isn't something amazing. However, to deal with a single Mo Wuji, it's more than enough..." An extremely arrogant voice came over. Following which, the space around them started to emit cracking sounds.

    Including Yuan Zhenyi, the faces of every cultivator changed. This was the core area of New God Domain City. Every cultivator knew that there was a peak-grade killing array here. This killing array was a Grade 7 god array and it was installed by Cang Zhengxing himself.

    Those cracking sounds meant that this Grade 7 killing array was being activated.

    Indeed, the Laws of Space instantly started to change. An ominous pressure filled the entire area.

    Some cultivators that tried to leave the array were instantly torn apart by the array's attacks.

    "Senior Mo, this person is Cultivators Embassy's Xu Sha..." After knowing Mo Wuji's status, more cultivators started to approach him. The one that spoke was the yellow-robed man that was standing behind him previously.

    Cultivators Embassy was strong, but in the eyes of many God Domain cultivators, Mo Wuji was much stronger. Mortal Sect occupied the best piece of land in the entire God Domain. But until now, did anyone dare to antagonise Mortal Sect?

    Those years ago, God Evolution Sect's Tie Lanshan tried to force a marriage on Forgotten Creek Dao School's Qu You. Where was God Evolution Sect now?

    Xu Sha? Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold, "The toad that dreamt of eating swam meat? The Xu Sha that tried to force a marriage on Forgotten Creek Dao School's Qu You?"

    "That's him." The yellow-robed cultivator did not hesitate to say. Now that Xu Sha had activated the Grade 7 killing array, everyone here could be killed. This was not a time to be reserved.

    "Is your father doing well?" Mo Wuji looked at Xu Sha and suddenly asked an irrelevant question.

    Cultivators Embassy was also a place that he wanted to destroy. It was just that it was too far away.

    "Go and die." Xu Sha couldn't even be bothered to answer Mo Wuji's question. He viciously threw down an array flag.

    Mo Wuji opened his hand and threw out a palm-sized jade token.

    Immediately, the killing array paused and all killing intent was sealed. At this instant, Mo Wuji could clearly sense the locations of the array heart and array foundations.

    Mo Wuji sighed in praise. This Rule of Arrays token was truly amazing. Not only could he use any transfer array freely, he could escape from any array. This was because all Grade 7 god arrays in God World were definitely installed by Cang Zhengxing. Moreover, all arrays below Grade 7 could be broken with this jade token.

    Xu Sha was also in the late World God Stage. He was no idiot. The moment he noticed that his array flag was useless, he started to get flustered. Immediately, he noticed that the boundless killing intent of the array was surrounding him. If he dared to move, he would be turned into dust.

    "Mo Wuji, you can't touch me. If you touch me, Senior Jie Heng definitely wouldn't let you go..."

    Before Xu Sha could finish speaking, a familiar voice came from outside the killing array, "Mo Wuji, long time no see. I see that your cultivation has improved significantly. That's truly worthy of celebration."

    Following which, an anxious voice came, "Dao Friend Mo, it's my son's fault. Please show mercy. I, Embassy Lord Xu Ping, will definitely return the favour..."

    Xu Ping no longer placed Mo Wuji in his eyes. However, his son's life was within Mo Wuji's palms, so he could not help but be anxious. Xu Sha's talent was first-rate and he had already spent plenty of resources to groom his son. If Xu Sha was killed by Mo Wuji, killing Mo Wuji wouldn't get him back his son.

    Noticing the two people, Xu Sha heaved a sigh of relief. He knew that Mo Wuji was amazing, otherwise, Mo Wuji couldn't turn this Grade 7 killing array against him in the blink of an eye. But no matter how amazing Mo Wuji was, how could he compare against Senior Jie Heng? Moreover, his father was also here.

    Mo Wuji couldn't even be bothered with those word. With a single thought, bursts of killing intent shot towards the violet-robed man and Xu Sha.

    These two weren't even at the God King Stage. Against the Grade 7 killing array, how could they resist? Xu Sha couldn't even call for help before he was enveloped by the killing intent. Two mists of blood exploded. Not even their primordial spirits remained.

    "Mo Wuji, I'm going to devour you." Xu Ping was filled with hatred. He directly struck forth with his magic treasure.

    "Mo Wuji, you've done something stupid." The man that came with Xu Ping said indifferently.
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