Chapter 1097: Stone Turtle

    Chapter 1097: Stone Turtle

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    Mo Wuji didn't even care about Xu Ping's attack. Instead, he looked at the other man and said, "I recognise you, you are that stone turtle, right? Back then, you were hiding in Nirvana Ocean. I believe you only managed to get a breath of fresh air when God World was restored, right? Stone turtle, you better not come and find trouble for me. If you are able to live for a few more years, you might be able to take back what belongs to you. However, you are trying to court your own death by offending me."

    Mo Wuji could indeed recognise the fella next to Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping. He was definitely the stone primordial spirit back in Nirvana Ocean's turtle island. Back then, this primordial spirit tried to rob him. However, the converse happened and Mo Wuji was the one that robbed him.

    "You know that I want to take back my items?"

    "Boom!" Before Mo Wuji could reply, Xu Ping's attack had already landed on the Grade 7 god array.

    Mo Wuji knew that Yuan Zhenyi could not take part in a battle of such a level. He called the slightly dazed Yuan Zhenyi over and threw out multiple array flags.

    The enraged Xu Ping simply could not wait to kill Mo Wuji. However, Jie Heng was extremely astute. When Xu Ping was attacking Mo Wuji, he called out for Xu Ping and he turned to leave.

    By the time Xu Ping reacted, it was already too late.

    When he finally realised that he was drawn into the array, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd had already cleaved down with a silver light.

    Xu Ping felt the Laws of Space around him turning chaotic; space also started to turn viscious. In an instant, he calmed down. Soon, he realised that something was wrong. No, it wasn't that Mo Wuji had controlled the space around him. Instead, it was because he discovered that Jie Heng actually didn't come to help him.

    He was extremely clear of Jie Heng's power. Even if Mo Wuji was any more powerful, he definitely wouldn't be a match for Jie Heng. As long as Jie Heng interferes, Mo Wuji's Grade 7 killing array would be useless. However, at this very moment, he realised that Jie Heng was retreating.

    Xu Ping had never considered that Jie Heng would retreat when he needed Jie Heng's help.

    Fear finally set in. Originally, he thought he had Jie Heng's support, so he didn't even place Mo Wuji in his eyes. But now that Jie Heng was retreating, he started to truly feel the sense of impending doom.

    A white light flashed; blood exploded out from Xu Ping's forehead. The light in Xu Ping's eyes dimmed. He knew that Mo Wuji was amazing, but he didn't think that Mo Wuji would be so amazing. Only he knew that Mo Wuji's killing array didn't affect him greatly; he had been killed undoubtedly by Mo Wuji's domain and sacred art.

    Mo Wuji sneered as he stared at Jie Heng who was now standing outside the killing array. Just now, he didn't activate the killing array for Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping, but Jie Heng. Back when he was in the early God King Stage, he was able to easily slaughter the Unity God Tie Lanshan. Now that he was in God King Level 6, and soon-to-be in the late God King Stage, why would he need to use the killing array for a mere Level 1 Unity God like Xu Ping?

    Unfortunately, that old turtle was too cunning, causing his killing array to go to waste.

    The moment Jie Heng sensed Mo Wuji's powerful domain, he knew that Mo Wuji was far more powerful than he had imagined. He had been cooped up in God World's Nirvana Ocean for so many years. Naturally, he valued his life more than anybody.

    Even though he didn't believe that he would be killed if he was sealed in Mo Wuji's array, he still chose to retreat. Now, he understood that his choice had been correct. If he had been trapped in that Grade 7 killing array, he might truly be unable to leave. Even if he was able to escape, he would definitely suffer some injuries.

    "Brother Wuji, how have you become so strong?" The pleasantly surprised Yuan Zhenyi landed beside Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji retrieved his Rule of Arrays, dispelled the killing array and smiled to Yuan Zhenyi, "We will catch up later."

    After which, Mo Wuji spoke to the other cultivators in the area, "Everyone, please leave the Transfer Array Plaza. New God Domain City's transfer arrays will be reopened three days later. The control of the transfer array will be left to God Domain..."

    Regardless of the reason, since Nirvana Learning Academy had given the rights to control the transfer arrays to Cultivators Embassy, he wasn't going to return the control back to Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Jie Heng didn't leave. From the distance, he said to Mo Wuji, "Mo Wuji, we share the same goals and we don't have any deep grudges. Why don't we find a place to chat?"

    In his eyes, the enmity between him and Mo Wuji was trivial when compared to the items that he wanted to retrieve. As for Xu Ping's death, it only meant that he was useless. Why would he, Jie Heng, want to continue working with a useless person?

    "Dao Friend Mo." Clear Rise sped over from the distance. He had yet to arrive but his elated voice had already come over.

    Seeing Clear Rise, Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief.

    He knew that New God Domain City was definitely a huge slab of meat. However, he didn't have the time to manage this place. It would be best if he could leave the matters here to Clear Rise.

    "Dao Friend Clear Rise." Mo Wuji clasped his fists and greeted joyfully.

    He didn't bother about Jie Heng. Now, he was sure that Jie Heng was on the same level as Kun Yun. If such a person was determined to escape, it would be impossible to kill him. If this person wanted to work with him, then he didn't even need to respond. That fella would naturally wait for him.

    "You killed Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping?" The moment Clear Rise arrived, he noticed the decapitated Xu Ping.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right. This fella is from Cultivators Embassy but he actually tried to control God Domain's New God Domain City. Moreover, he is even collecting the transfer array fees for his own selfish purposes."

    In reality, even if Xu Ping wasn't collecting the fees here, he would also have eliminated Xu Ping when he got to God Continent. He was even willing to destroy God Evolution Sect, so why would he care about one Cultivators Embassy?

    Clear Rise naturally knew why Mo Wuji killed Xu Ping. Because God Evolution Sect tried to force a marriage on Forgotten Creek Dao School's Qu You, it was levelled to the ground by Mo Wuji. Xu Ping had taken the initiative to find trouble for Mo Wuji. It would be weird of Mo Wuji spared him.

    However, these weren't words that he would say. Instead, he heaved a sigh of relief and said, "It's great that you're back. Blazing Heaven and I tried to find you multiple times but we weren't able to locate you. Blazing Heaven tried to take back control of New God Domain City but he could only leave with injuries..."

    As he was speaking, Clear Rise's gaze landed on Jie Heng.

    Mo Wuji was sure that Jie Heng was the one who injured Blazing Heaven. This was why Clear Rise and Blazing Heaven were afraid of taking control of New God Domain City.

    Noticing Mo Wuji's gaze, Jie Heng spread his hands and said, "Mo Wuji, you should know that after the restoration of God World, I need to regain my strength. To be honest, although New God Domain City is a treasure trove with a constant flow of god crystals, I, Jie Heng, don't even place it in my eyes. I was merely working together with Xu Ping. Now that you killed Xu Ping, I will work with you. As New God Domain City, you will naturally take charge."

    Mo Wuji didn't respond to Jie Heng. Instead, he clasped his fists to Clear Rise and said, "Dao Friend Clear Rise, I have some urgent matters to attend to. I will leave New God Domain City to you. As for the Castellan of New God Domain City, it should be a fella from Cultivators Embassy. You can simply kill him and take over."

    Clear Rise as a Unity God expert. He shouldn't face any difficulty with taking control of New God Domain City.

    "Alright. Dao Friend Mo, you can rest assured. I will definitely return the order to New God Domain City. I will give a portion of the city's income to your Mortal Sect," Clear Rise hurriedly said.

    Even though the Laws of God World were restored, the management of God Domain, God Continent and the Gods Race were still largely separated. New God Domain City was extremely important to God Domain. If not for Jie Heng's overbearing strength, how could a God Domain cultivator like Clear Rise have allowed New God Domain City to fall into the hands of God Continent's Cultivators Embassy?

    "Then I will have to trouble Dao Friend Clear Rise with this matter. I will need to settle some stuff with that old man. " Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Clear Rise.

    After settling this matter, Mo Wuji called out to Yuan Zhenyi and said, "Zhenyi, let's go."

    "Then I will take over New God Domain City." Clear Rise knew that Mo Wuji had some matters with Jie Heng. These weren't matters that he could be involved in. After responding to Mo Wuji, he immediately headed to the Castellan Mansion. At the same time, he sent out multiple messages. As one of the Ten Great God Kings of God Domain, Clear Rise naturally had his own men.

    "Big Brother Mo, I am Qu Xi. Thank you for taking revenge for my older sister." Just as Mo Wuji called out to Yuan Zhenyi, a gorgeous woman in a green dress walked out from the crowd. She bowed towards Mo Wuji

    Mo Wuji only needed a single glance at this woman to know that this was the woman who disguised as Qu You at Forgotten Creek Dao School's Punishment Cliff. She shared many similarities with Qu You.

    "On account of Qu You, I will not kill you. Now f*ck off as far as possible." Mo Wuji said coldly, then he gestured to Yuan Zhenyi to leave.

    Qu Xi's face was ashen as she saw Mo Wuji walk towards Jie Heng. She definitely didn't think that she was inferior to her older sister. This Mo fella had eyes but no pupils; he was actually blind enough to disregard her.

    "Stone turtle, your balls are rather big. You actually dared to stay here." Mo Wuji walked to Jie Heng and said indifferently.

    Jie Heng's face turned ugly, "Mo Wuji, since we will be working together, please respect me. I have a name, it's Jie Heng. Moreover, my origin is 10,000 times deeper than yours. In the future, you will be the one begging me for help."

    Mo Wuji said with disdain, "Is your origin very amazing? Is it more amazing than Luo Xu? Or that green-robed Sage Nun? Are you one of the 8 Sages? Or one of the 4 Dao Monarchs? One of the 3 Rogues? Could you be one of the 12 God Emperors?"

    "How do you know all these?" Jie Heng's face changed drastically. He had already forgotten the matter of Mo Wuji calling him a stone turtle.
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