Chapter 1098: Sage Tian Hen

    Chapter 1098: Sage Tian Hen

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    "You don't have to care about how I know of such matters. You better not interfere with the matters of God Domain. Otherwise, even at the expense of my time, I will eliminate you." Mo Wuji stared at Jie Heng. He did not even place this expert in his eyes.

    Jie Heng was, after all, a Throned God. The moment he heard Mo Wuji's threat, he sneered, "I, Jie Heng, might not be one of those Throned Gods that you mentioned. However, I am one of the 72 Lords of the Principal Gods. I do want to see how you intend to eliminate me."

    Mo Wuji said with disdain, "Is being one of the 72 Lords very amazing? Even Kun Yun was begging me to help him. Moreover, he is one of the 36 Ministers. You are merely one of the 72 Lords. That's really not enough to be placed in my eyes."

    "You knew Kun Yun?" When Jie Heng heard Mo Wuji's words, he finally understood that Mo Wuji had truly entered his circle.

    "Don't disturb me from catching up with an old friend. I have no interest in your matters." After saying that, Mo Wuji could not wait as he turned to Yuan Zhenyi and said, "Zhenyi, let's find a quiet place to talk."

    "Mo Wuji, my previous words were not appropriate. I seek your forgiveness. However, working with me might affect whether or not you will be able to obtain a God Throne. As long as you work with me, not only would you..."

    Mo Wuji did not wait for Jie Heng to finish speaking, "Do you know where God Burial Cave is?"

    Jie Heng subconsciously said, "I already have some clues..."

    In merely half a sentence, Jie Heng felt that something was wrong. He stared at Mo Wuji in shock, "How did you know that I'm searching for God Burial Cave?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Not only do I know that you're searching for God Burial Cave, I also know that you are trying to enter God Burial Cave's Resting Land of Gods to take your treasures back from that fake Sage Min Yuan. At the same time, I also know why you need my help. I'm sorry but I have just left that place. I don't have any interest in returning there at the moment."

    "You know the location of God Burial Cave..." Jie Heng exclaimed in glee, "Oh right, you are acquaintances with Kun Yun, so you would naturally know where it is. Dao Friend Mo, if you are willing to help..."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, breaking Jie Heng off, "Make way, otherwise, don't blame me for activating New God Domain City's killing array on you. Let me repeat this once more: I have no interest in your matters."

    Kun Yun had the Tao Tie Pot and he knew where God Burial Cave was, so Mo Wuji didn't mind working with him. However, this Jie Heng didn't even have anything. Moreover, even if Jie Heng had plenty of treasures, Mo Wuji still wouldn't want to work with him.

    At this moment, Jie Heng no longer minded Mo Wuji's bad attitude. Instead, he spoke sincerely, "Dao Friend Mo, it was my fault previously. Have you heard that the reason why Nirvana Ocean used to be uncrossable was actually because of a sage corpse?"

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I heard of that. Wasn't it due to you?"

    It was rumoured that the reason why Nirvana Ocean would corrode a person's spiritual roots and sea of consciousness was because of a sage corpse which fell in Nirvana Ocean.

    After Mo Wuji found out that Jie Heng was one of the 108 Principal Gods, he thought that this was all tricks by Jie Heng.

    After all, being able to rank among the 108 Principal Gods meant that Jie Heng was a Quasi-Sage. Moreover, this fella's turtle island was deep within Nirvana Ocean.

    Jie Heng laughed self-deprecatingly, "Dao Friend Mo, you view too highly of me. If I had that capacity, do you think I would lower myself to talk to you?"

    "It's not you?" Mo Wuji's heart skipped a beat; a sense of unease suddenly came over.

    Jie Heng said calmly, "Of course it's not me. Also, the rumours are true. There's indeed a sage corpse which landed in Nirvana Ocean. He is called Tian Hen. He was one of the 8 Sages and he fell during the Cataclysm. The people that know of this are few and I happen to be one of them. However, how could an expert like him truly fall? Now that the God World was restored, Sage Tian Hen is likely to have recovered some of his powers. If he finds his Furnace of Heaven and Earth, then the God World is merely an ant that he could squish in his hands."

    Mo Wuji almost cried out in alarm. His heart started to pound heavily. The Furnace of heaven and Earth was currently in his Mortal World. If that Tian Hen found out that the Furnace was on him, how could his life be spared?

    After knowing all these, Mo Wuji was less interested in speaking with Jie Heng. He urgently wanted to head over to that owner-less planet to cultivate.

    Jie Heng didn't know what Mo Wuji was thinking. He continued in a lower voice, "Dao Friend Mo, I know the rough location of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. That thing is a supreme treasure of fortune. As long as you have a supreme treasure of fortune and even if you aren't a Sage, Sages would have some reservations towards you."

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I don't have any interest in fighting a Sage for his treasure."

    How could Jie Heng give up like this? If Mo Wuji didn't know where God Burial Cave was located, then he would forget about it. But now, he knew that Mo Wuji knew where God Burial Cave was and if he gave up on working with Mo Wuji, he would have to spend much more time.

    Moreover, this was under the context that he didn't know Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Dao and could open the Resting Land of Gods. Otherwise, he probably wouldn't mind accepting a few strikes from Mo Wuji's halberd.

    Mo Wuji was truly helpless by Jie Heng's constant pestering. He could only say, "I have urgent matters to attend to. If you want to work for me, you would have to wait. Otherwise, don't blame me for behaving impolitely."

    Seeing the situation, Jie Heng could only stop. He clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Mo, I will wait for you in God Domain."

    He had waited for so many years, what's the harm with a few more?

    "Old Brother Wuji..." Now that the detestable Jie Heng had left, Yuan Zhenyi could finally cry out emotionally. He had countless things which he wanted to say but he never had the opportunities to say them.

    "Brother Zhenyi, let's find a resthouse and slowly talk." Mo Wuji also had many questions that he wanted to ask Yuan Zhenyi.


    Within a resthouse in New God Domain City, Mo Wuji and Yuan Zhenyi talked for an entire half a day. The two finally had an understanding of what happened to other since they previously parted ways.

    In terms of fortunes and dangers, Yuan Zhenyi's experiences were no inferior to Mo Wuji's.

    After they parted ways, Yuan Zhenyi had been roaming around. Eventually, he found a fortune which belonged to him in the Luo Sea. It was the legacy of a Martial Dao which could be cultivated without spiritual roots.

    Yuan Zhenyi never had spiritual roots but his talent in the Martial Dao was top-rate. In a short few hundred years, he had reached the peak.

    By the time Yuan Zhenyi came out from his seclusion, Mo Wuji had already left Zhen Xing. Moreover, news of Mo Wuji was continuously circulating around Zhen Xing.

    After knowing that Mo Wuji had left Zhen Xing, Yuan Zhenyi also didn't continue staying there. Leaving Zhen Xing, he started to explore space. Within space, he found various items related to the Martial Dao. Coupled with his own talent in the Martial Dao, he forged his own path which did not follow the cultivation of the natural Dao.

    Although his Martial Dao started from someone else's legacy, it was already filled with his own insights.

    A few thousand years ago, Yuan Zhenyi arrived at a place called Great Bear Continent. Although it wasn't the Immortal World, its level was roughly similar. It was just that the Martial Dao was more prominent. But at the same time, there were also cultivators.

    In Great Bear Continent, Yuan Zhenyi met Kuai Tong. Kuai Tong was a cultivator. The two of them travelled around Great Bear together, experiencing various kinds of adventures and dangers. Kuai Tong had saved Yuan Zhenyi's life more than once. Eventually, the two managed to obtain a peak-grade talisman which brought them the God World. Not only that, the two arrived in time for when the God World was being restored.

    After the God World was restored, both Yuan Zhenyi and Kuai Tong met rapid improvements in their powers.

    Unfortunately, Kuai Tong didn't die during a dangerous adventure. Instead, she was killed by another woman in God World and her soul was even extracted and refined.

    With Yuan Zhenyi's nature, it didn't matter if this woman was a Sage's daughter, he would kill her regardless. After which, Mo Wuji knew what happened.

    Mo Wuji also sighed. It seemed like the lack of spiritual roots did not mean that one had to cultivate the Mortal Dao. There were billions of Daos; one would find a Dao which was suitable them.

    Because Yuan Zhenyi also left Zhen Xing very early, Mo Wuji didn't obtain much news of Zhen Xing.

    "Wuji, I know that you definitely wouldn't be simple, but I still didn't expect that you would have such success. But also, if it was anyone other than you, I wouldn't believe that such success would have been possible." After the two shared their experiences, Yuan Zhenyi was also feeling especially emotional.

    "I intend to cross Nirvana Ocean and cultivate in an owner-less planet. Zhenyi, I feel that your experiences were enough but you lack a place to settle down and cultivate. You practise the Martial Dao, so I suggest that you go to my Mortal Sect and cultivate. That place has sufficient Heavenly Fate, and later, I will give you some creation god spiritual veins. With your talent in the Martial Dao, I'm sure that you will improve rapidly in Mortal Sect. When I get back, we will join hands to get rid of that woman." If not for the matter with Tian Hen, Mo Wuji would have followed Yaun Zhenyi back to Mortal Sect. But now that they have talked, he only hoped that the two of them would grow stronger in the shortest time possible.

    Mo Wuji had no suspicions towards Yuan Zhenyi's power. He took 10,000 years to reach God King Stage Level 6, and how much resources did he use for that? All these years, Yuan Zhenyi had mainly depended on his practice and his talent. If such a Martial Dao practitioner reached the peak, he will definitely be no inferior to a cultivator.

    "Wuji, feel free and do as you wish. I have also decided to stay at Mortal Sect and cultivate. Your matter is my matter. I will wait for you to return." Mo Wuji had also told the matter in God Burial Cave to Yuan Zhenyi; he did not even hide the fact that he had the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

    At this moment, Yuan Zhenyi was also nervous for Mo Wuji. If the Sage knew that Mo Wuji took his Furnace of Heaven and Earth, how could Mo Wuji survive? Even Mortal Sect would not survive.

    Mo Wuji retrieved a storage ring and handed it to Yuan Zhenyi, "Zhenyi, when I'm not around, you are the sect head of Mortal Sect. This ring contains my handwritten note and my sect's jade token. Mortal Sect will now be left to you."

    Yuan Zhenyi was also a cultivator without spiritual roots. Although he didn't cultivate the Mortal Dao, it was a Dao of Mortals. Thus, he could be considered a Mortal.
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