Chapter 1099: World-Shaking Treasure

    Chapter 1099: World-Shaking Treasure

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    After arriving at God Continent, Mo Wuji didn't even visit Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Mo Wuji still didn't know how long Sage Tian Hen would take to recover his powers. All this time, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was in his Mortal World. This caused him to feel a deep sense of urgency. Fortunately, even Sages could not detect his Mortal World. Otherwise, he believed that his possession of the Furnace would no longer remain a secret.

    Back during Nirvana Learning Academy's competition for cultivation resources, they had used a transfer array to get to that ownerless planet. After the restoration of God World, there weren't many changes to Nirvana Learning Academy's terrain but there were complete changes to the Laws here. All transfer arrays needed to be reinstalled.

    Mo Wuji was unable to use a transfer array, so he could only travel there by himself.

    Cang Zhengxing's map was extremely accurate. Half a month later, Mo Wuji found a spatial exit in a remote corner of God Continent.

    With Mo Wuji's cultivation at God King Level 6, as well as his Earth Shrinking and Wind Teleportation, he took an entire month for his spiritual will to locate that planet.

    Because of the restoration of God World, the space around God Continent changed drastically. This planet had actually moved far from its original spot. Fortunately, Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness was strong and his spiritual will was wide. Otherwise, he might not have been able to find it.

    He suspected that if he had been delayed for a few more years, he might not necessarily have found this planet even with the map that Cang Zhengxing gave him.

    As he landed on the surface of the planet, Mo Wuji could feel an energy of ruins. All Laws here had collapsed and scattered. With this energy of ruins, this planet might still be here but it would eventually disintegrate into millions of lost pieces in space.

    From the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and the primordial energy, Kun Yun could tell that there was a secret on this planet. As for what that secret was, Kun Yun didn't mention it. According to Kun Yun, if Mo Wuji didn't bring him to this planet, Kun Yun definitely wouldn't reveal the secret.

    If Kun Yun wasn't trapped in God Burial Cave's Resting Land of Gods, Mo Wuji would naturally bring Kun Yun over. Now that Kun Yun was trapped in the Resting Land of Gods, Mo Wuji couldn't bring Kun Yun over even if he wanted to.

    This broken planet left Mo Wuji feeling very helpless. He had intended to seclude in cultivation here. But now that it was broken to such a degree, he estimated that it would collapse even before he reached the Great Circle of the God King Stage.

    Now that Mo Wuji's spiritual will was extremely strong, he started to use it to scan the entire planet. The Laws in this planet were basically shattered, thus, Mo Wuji's spiritual will didn't face any obstacles. Only a person that cultivated the Mortal Technique like Mo Wuji could cultivate in a place like this. If it was anyone else, this place was definitely unsuitable for cultivation.

    After spending two months, Mo Wuji practically scoured 99% of this planet but he still didn't find anything of value.

    Ever since the primordial energy from this place had been sucked clean, there was no longer anything of value on this planet. If there was something, it was only some smithing materials.

    With Mo Wuji's current level, such smithing materials weren't enough to draw his attention.

    After another two months, Mo Wuji sighed. He didn't know what was the valuable treasure that Kun Yun mentioned. If it was some formless item, then he probably wouldn't be able to find it.

    Mo Wuji did not continue searching for a treasure that he didn't even know the name of. He would rather spend the time in cultivation.

    Knowing that this planet cannot last much longer, Mo Wuji no longer intended to cultivate here. However, when he recalled Kun Yun's words, he decided to dive into the depths of this planet. He was going to cultivate here until it shatters. At least, he wouldn't face the regret of missing out.

    When he first started digging into the earth, Mo Wuji did not notice anything. But the deeper he got and the closer he got to the planet's core, he started to feel a chill.

    Mo Wuji's heart instantly started to pound. He knew that the Laws on this planet were basically shattered. It was exactly because of this that the planet was going to disintegrate. However, a planet that didn't have Laws naturally couldn't have this ice-cold chill

    Now that this chill had appeared, there was only one explanation: It came from a treasure which contained its own Laws.

    Perhaps this was the treasure that Kun Yun mentioned. As he thought of this, Mo Wuji sped up. Days later, Mo Wuji finally stopped.

    He had arrived at the deepest part of this planet, i.e. this planet's core. The core of this planet was a space which was a few meters wide. At this centre of this space floated a grey sphere which was flashing with countless runes.

    This tiny sphere gave Mo Wuji the impression of mini-planet. It even felt like some sort of man-made Earth. The only difference was that this mini-planet was surrounded by an ice-cold chill. With Mo Wuji's cultivation level, he should definitely feel the Laws of the Cold within this chill. However, in reality, he did not sense any form of the Laws of the Cold.

    Mo Wuji's domain extended outwards and wrapped around this mini-planet. At the same time, he grabbed towards it.

    A terrifying black-hole-like suction force came over. Although Mo Wuji was already at God King Level 6, he could not help but be sucked in. He had no means of resistance.

    What's going on? Mo Wuji immediately sent his spiritual will outwards.

    "Boom!" A terrifying explosion threatened to tear Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness apart.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly retracted his spiritual will. In an instant, he understood what was going on. When he first touched this mini-planet, it sucked him in. It was also at this instant that the broken planet outside this mini-planet exploded.

    The broken planet was already on the verge of collapse, so Mo Wuji did not care much about it. After retracting his spiritual will, he started to examine the space within this mini-planet.

    On the outside, this mini-planet looked no bigger than a volleyball. But after entering it, he found that it was a huge world which his spiritual will could no even reach the ends of.

    When Mo Wuji noticed the boundless Laws within this planet, he was completely dumbfounded.

    Here, he saw the Laws of the Five Elements, the Laws of Space, the Laws of Time, the Laws of Darkness... He even saw the Laws of Life and the Laws of Death.

    No wonder why there was a difference in size between the outside and the inside. It was because of the boundless Laws of Space here.

    What left him shocked wasn't the multitude of Laws. In reality, when he was in the newly incubated God Domain Nest, he also encountered many Laws. It was just that those Laws were very transient, making them very hard to use for cultivation. There were also many Laws which appeared in that Chasm when God World was being restored. Those Laws were incomparably clear and they lasted longer than the Laws in the newly incubated God Domain Nest. However, they still merged with the space around them.

    In reality, this was natural. Whenever any Law appears, it would merge with the surroundings. At the instant it appears, it would be very clear and easy to perceive. However, once it merges with the surroundings, perceiving it would become difficult. This was also why cultivation was extremely fast when God World was just restored. But when God World stabilised, cultivation speed became much slower.

    This was necessary. All Laws that appear in a world would merge into the world, completing this world. Except for those experts that came when the Laws were being created, later cultivators would have to extract the Laws from the countless in the surrounding for their cultivation. It was exactly because of this that such cultivators have incomplete understanding towards the Laws. Regardless of their talent, such cultivators cannot compare cultivation speeds to those that came before Creation.

    However, in this world, the boundless Laws were actually existing independently. They did not merge into the surroundings, nor did they merge with one another. This caused Mo Wuji to be incomparably shocked. This meant that this space was perpetually in the state of Creation.

    Even a pig, a grass or a rock could cultivate and gain insights into countless sacred arts in a space like this.

    Mo Wuji hurriedly closed his eyes and started to sense the Laws around him.

    In just a few breaths, Mo Wuji opened his eyes. He finally understood what this world was. It was the Seed of the Universe.

    Back in the Resting Land of Gods, Mo Wuji heard Ku Xinren mention the Seed of the Universe. He also knew that when compared to the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, the Seed of the Universe was far more valuable. When Ku Xinren talked about trading the Seed of the Universe for his Time Plate, that was utter bullsh*t. This was because the Seed of the Universe was far more valuable than the Time Plate. What Mo Wuji didn't expect was that he could actually find the Seed of the Universe.

    Mo Wuji had the urge to leave the Seed of the Universe and send it into his Mortal World. However, he had a premonition that his Mortal World was unable to contain the Seed of the Universe. He also suspected that if he left, he might not be able to enter again. He might even lose this Seed of the Universe.

    What did he come here for? Wasn't it to cultivate? Regardless of whether this was the treasure that Kun Yun mentioned, Mo Wuji decided to cultivate here.

    Besides the boundless Laws, the Seed of the Universe was a patch of grey and emptiness. Mo Wuji did not mind this. Retrieving his Time Plate, he planted another 108 creation god spiritual veins in.

    If he didn't reach the Unity God Stage, he wasn't going to leave.
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