Chapter 1100: The Helpless Sage Nun

    Chapter 1100: The Helpless Sage Nun

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    Whether it was God Domain or God Continent, Mo Wuji was considered a famous man. This was especially after he killed Cultivators Embassy's Xu Ping; his name had completely resounded throughout God Continent.

    Xu Ping had always been a powerhouse of God Continent. After God World was restored, Xu Ping was able to consolidate his strength and step into the Unity God Stage. The Cultivators Embassy, itself, was a powerful faction, and as the Embassy Lord, Xu Ping was naturally very powerful. Perhaps it was because of the murderous nature of cultivators in Cultivators Embassy which made it hard for them to have a breakthrough in their cultivation. Thus, when Xu Ping broke into the Unity God Stage, he charged straight to the top.

    Except for a few other Unity Gods from Cultivators Embassy, average Unity Gods wouldn't be a match for Xu Ping.

    Now, Xu Ping had been killed by Mo Wuji. It was impossible for Mo Wuji to not be famous.

    Yan'Er, who was unable to enter Nirvana Learning Academy, naturally heard of Mo Wuji's news.

    She gave up on entering Nirvana Learning Academy and went to Nirvana Ocean's transfer array to gather news of Mo Wuji. She continued to follow Mo Wuji's tracks to Bright Moon God City before losing all further information.

    Because Bright Moon God City was the god city closest to the edge of God Continent, Yan'Er guessed that Mo Wuji should have already left God Continent. It was just that with her cultivation at the God Monarch Stage, she didn't have the power to rip open the domain boundary. If she wanted to continue searching for Mo Wuji, she could only work hard to raise her cultivation level, till she was finally able to tear open God Continent's domain boundary.

    Ever since she left Zhen Xing, Yan'Er had never given up on searching for her young master. After going through years of roaming and exploring, she had become much more experienced and mature than before.

    She promptly made the decision to stay here and cultivate. She would cultivate until she could tear the boundary of God Continent.

    However, Yan'Er did not know that even Mo Wuji did not have the ability to tear open God Continent's boundary. Instead, he had left through a special exit.


    As Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Technique, he did not really care whether the Laws around him were complete. But now that he was in a space with perfect Laws, it would naturally aid his cultivation.

    His cultivation pace had always been fast, and coupled with the help of the Time Plate, the space around Mo Wuji was something that no one's spiritual will could even touch. This was a time acceleration which could even cause a Sage to go dizzy.

    Various Laws were perceived by Mo Wuji, and in turn, the Laws within his Mortal World became clearer. God spiritual energy from the creation god spiritual veins was sucked away in copious amounts with no signs of rest.

    The 108 creation god spiritual veins gradually shrunk as Mo Wuji's cultivation rose.

    His cultivation went from God King Level 6 to Level 9 at a single go.

    Within the Time Plate, tens of thousands of years passed in the blink of an eye. Mo Wuji was so deep in his cultivation that no one could interrupt him. He only knew to sense the various Laws, absorb god spiritual energy, and furiously raise his cultivation and power.

    God King Level 10, Level 11...

    When Mo Wuji stepped into God King Level 12, the creation god spiritual veins that he planted started to collapse.

    At this moment, the pace at which Mo Wuji absorbed god spiritual energy got increasingly fast. Following the rise in his cultivation, this pace got faster and faster.

    Another tens of thousands of years passed before Mo Wuji's cultivation finally reached a bottleneck. He felt that if he took another step further, he would definitely step into the Unity God Stage.

    Most of the 108 god spiritual veins had already shrunk in half; some of them had even disintegrated into small pieces.

    Mo Wuji, who finally awoke from his cultivation, was incomparably shocked. Advancing from God King Level 6 to God King Level 12 already took tens of creation god spiritual veins. If the time comes when he had to advance to the Quasi-Sage Stage, how much cultivation resources would he need?

    Fortunately, he managed to obtain 500 god spiritual veins from Kun Yun and he also had some on him. Otherwise, he had to forget about cultivating and focus on finding more cultivation resources.

    Sensing the clear Laws around him, Mo Wuji understood that his gains were considerable. He knew that if he wanted to step into the Unity God Stage, he needed to leave this Seed of the Universe and face his Unity God Tribulation. Only then could he return and cultivate.

    Mo Wuji wasn't worried that he couldn't leave this place. However, he was not confident that he could return. He suspected that if he left, he might never be able to enter this space again.

    This was the Seed of the Universe. Unfortunately, he didn't have a single understanding towards the Seed of the Universe and he didn't know how he could refine and store this treasure.

    After hesitating for half a day, Mo Wuji decided that he would stay temporarily. He wanted to borrow the clear Laws in the Seed of the Universe to cultivate his Heavenly Spirit Transformation.

    He had already learnt Earth Shrinking and Fetal Transformation Technique. These two required the understanding of the Laws of Space and the Laws of Life respectively.

    Regarding these two Laws, he had prior understandings towards them. Back in the cultivation world, he obtained the Brief Theory of Space. As for the Laws of Life, he had the vitality channel, and vitality was a component of life.

    Now, Mo Wuji wanted to learn Golden Light Rising, River to Land Transformation, Earth to Steel Transformation, Great Five Elemental Escape Techniques, Resurrection and Bean to Soldier Transformation.

    After some contemplation, Mo Wuji decided to give up on Resurrection and Bean to Soldier Transformation. These two sacred arts were still difficult for him. Resurrection was a sacred art which required the Laws of Life and Death, as well as the Dao Laws of the Universe, to merge with one another. This was something which vastly exceeded his current abilities. As for the Bean to Soldier Transformation, it required the Laws of Life and the Dao Laws of All Creation to merge. This was not something that he could manage.

    Golden Light Rising required the fusion of the Laws of Space and the Laws of Light, while River to Land Transformation required the fusion of the elemental domain, the Laws of Earth and the Laws of Water. These two sacred arts were things that he could cultivate now. Only the Laws of Light were slightly difficult for Mo Wuji. He had only first encountered these Laws after entering the Seed of the Universe.

    As for the Earth to Steel Transformation, Mo Wuji could also cultivate it but he decided to leave it to the end. This sort of sacred art was only slightly useful.

    The first sacred art that Mo Wuji wanted to learn was the Great Five Elemental Escape Techniques. He had perceived the Wind Escape Technique by himself but it was not one of the five elements. Sometimes, the escape techniques of the five elements might be more useful than the wind one.


    God Burial Cave. Array gate to the Resting Land of Gods.

    The green-robed Sage Nun had an ugly expression on her face. She was a great Sage but she was actually hindered by this array gate for many years.

    There were more than ten ladies beside her. Their heads were lowered and they did not dare to speak.

    This array gate was not a simple one. Even if you were a Sage, you would face the pressure of the Heavenly Daos if you attacked it. This sort of pressure could cause your cultivation to plunge limitlessly, and this whole time, you could only stare at it helplessly. Only after this pressure disappeared would your cultivation gradually recover.

    Looking at the array runes which have not changed after several hundred years, the Sage Nun sighed. Perhaps only a mortal could dismiss the pressures of such Laws. However, even the most impressive mortal cannot tear this gate apart.

    Mortal? The Sage Nun's gaze landed on Yi Shuang.

    "Yi Shuang, go and find Liu Xing. He cultivates the Mortal Dao. If he is able to break through this place, I will forget about his crimes and even allow the two of you to be together," The Sage Nun said indifferently.

    She had always viewed Yi Shuang highly; she even ranked Yi Shuang as her number one disciple. Unfortunately, Yi Shuang's actions towards Liu Xing had left her thoroughly disappointed. Following which, her perceptions towards Yi Shuang started to change. If this wasn't God Burial Cave, she would have asked Yi Shuang to stay in her Sage Nun Pool.

    "Yes, Sage Nun." Yi Shuang's face was slightly pale. When Liu Xing left, her heart left with him. Even though she was serving the Sage Nun, Liu Xing was always her only concern and home to return to.

    After Yi Shuang sped away, a red-robed lady suddenly said, "Sage Nun, Sister Yi Shuang should be able to find that Liu Xing. However, no men are good. She might be misled by that Liu Xing..."

    "Ruoyin is right. Mi Xia, bring the Seven Lotus Sisters, a total of eight people to follow Yi Shuang till she finds Liu Xing." The green-robed Sage Nun promptly said.

    In her consciousness, she still trusted Yishuang. It was this red-robed Ruoyin who reminded her otherwise.

    "Sage Nun, that Liu Xing is able to lie to Sister Yi Shuang to such a degree. He is even able to escape from right under Sage Nun's eyes. He definitely isn't a simple person. I suspect that he might have already left God Burial Cave. Perhaps the Seven Leaf Sisters and I can destroy the exit," The red-robed female called Ruoyin continued.

    The green-robed Sage Nun sighed, "If that Liu Xing is truly able to leave God Burial Cave, then it would be too late."

    That red-robed female hurriedly bowed and said, "If we stay here, there's nothing much we can do. What if that Liu Xing hasn't left, but only tries to leave after Sister Yi Shuang finds him?"

    The Sage Nun nodded, "Ruoyin, you have many thoughts. Since that's the case, stay beside me. Leave the matter of blocking the exit to Lu'Er. Lu'Er, bring the Seven Leaf Sisters to block the exit of God Burial Cave."

    The Seven Lotus and Seven Leaf Sisters. These were the 14 most loyal disciples of the Sage Nun.
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