Chapter 1101: Sage Nuns Hatred

    Chapter 1101: Sage Nun's Hatred

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    After Yi Shuang, Mi Xia, Lu'Er and the Seven Lotus and Seven Leaf Sisters left, the Sage Nun said to the red-robed female, "Ruoyin, among all my disciples, you are the most quick-witted. If not for you, I wouldn't have gotten to this perfect God World before those old fogeys. But because I never understood your origins, I never really liked you..."

    "Disciple is afraid..." As she heard this, the red-robed female hurriedly kneeled on the ground and said, "Disciple truly doesn't know how she appeared in God Throne Pool..."

    The green-robed Sage Nun laughed gently, and with a wave of her hand, she picked the red-robed female up, "Although I don't know you are which Throned God's reincarnation, I do know that you are loyal to me. I've seen your attitude in Sage Nun Pool, which is why I brought you with me."

    The Sage Nun's Sage Nun Pool was one of the most renowned places among Throned Gods. Every time the Sage Nun enters secluded cultivation, the Sage Nun Pool would be surrounded by various clear dao ripples. Thus, all disciples under the Sage Nun would use this opportunity to cultivate.

    Xia Ruoyin was the only exception. Not only did she give up this opportunity for insights, she continued to patrol the Sage Nun Pool assiduously. Even if it was a single ant, she would not let it take a step near the Pool and influence the Sage Nun in her cultivation. She had behaved with this pious attitude every day without stopping.

    Because of the circulation of the dao ripples around Sage Nun Pool, dao law crystals would eventually condense. These dao law crystals were peerless treasures for any cultivator. Every disciple under the Sage Nun would obtain one of such crystals. Only Xia Ruoyin would return her crystal back to the Sage Nun Pool.

    Once, one of the disciples under the Sage Nun asked Xia Ruoyin why she didn't take the dao law crystals, and instead, returned them back to the Sage Nun Pool. This was how Xia Ruoyin answered: "These dao law crystals were formed from the Sage Nun's dao aura. Although they wouldn't be of much value, they are still a source of energy. Even though it wouldn't really affect the Sage Nun if I took them, it would still be better if I returned them to the Sage Nun Pool."

    "Your talent is not bad, but it isn't exceptional. I have always been curious. Why is it that your bone age is not very high but your cultivation level is similar to the Seven Lotus and Seven Leaf Sisters? The Sage Nun looked at Xia Ruoyin and asked.

    She had investigated on Xia Ruoyin. With her abilities and her knowledge, she was still unable to find out which Throned God Xia Ruoyin was the reincarnation of. However, Xia Ruoyin had followed her for thousands of hers and she could sense that Xia Ruoyin was loyal to her. Xia Ruoyin had never asked for anything; her only request was to stay by her, the Sage Nun's, side.

    When Xia Ruoyin heard this, she hurriedly bowed, "This disciple had obtained a treasure called the Reincarnation Mirror."

    As she said this, Xia Ruoyin respectfully brought out an ancient-looking bronze mirror and handed it to the Sage Nun.

    "The Xiantian Reincarnation Mirror?" Even the Sage Nun was moved when she accepted this mirror. She examined the dao flow within the Reincarnation Mirror, and after an entire half an incense's time, she sighed, "Your fortune is indeed amazing. This Reincarnation Mirror is a Xiantian treasure. Not only can it act as a magic treasure to attack your opponents, it can only serve as a cultivation treasure. It's rumoured that the Reincarnation Mirror can alter the flow of time. The reincarnation of one mortal is equivalent to 1 year in the outside world."

    Xia Ruoyin immediately responded, "Yes, Sage Nun. 100 years in the Reincarnation Mirror is equivalent to 1 year in the outside world. [1] Moreover, cultivating in the Reincarnation Mirror would not add to my bone age."

    "No wonder." The Sage Nun nodded. She was just saying that Xia Ruoyin's abilities were catching up to the Seven Lotus and Seven Leaf Sisters despite Xia Ruoyin's young age.

    Xia Ruoyin hurriedly said, "This Reincarnation Mirror is no longer of any use to disciple. Disciple will respectfully give it to the Sage Nun."

    A beautiful smile appeared on the Sage Nun's face, "I will accept your kind intentions. I'm a Sage and you have served under me for so long. I haven't given you anything, so how can I accept your treasure? You can keep it. This Reincarnation Mirror will be an important treasure for you."

    "Sage Nun, this disciple suddenly thought of a possibility that might be able to break through this gate and enter the Resting Land of Gods." Xia Ruoyin did not accept the Reincarnation Mirror. Instead, she suddenly spoke with slight delight.

    "Oh, what's this possibility?" The Sage Nun immediately asked.

    Xia Ruoyin pointed towards the Reincarnation Mirror and said, "This Reincarnation Mirror is a Xiantian treasure. If we activate the Dao Laws of the Reincarnation Mirror and attack the array gate from Reincarnation Mirror, the pressure from the Heavenly Laws might not affect the space within the mirror. Even if the pressure still comes, it might not break through the Laws of Time and dismiss the disparity of 100 years."

    The green-robed Sage Nun ruminated slightly before she shook her head, "This is useless. I can attack the array gate despite the time disparity between the Reincarnation Mirror and the outside world. But even so, I would still face the pressure of the Heavenly Dao. This Reincarnation Mirror isn't a supreme treasure of fortune, it's only a Xiantian treasure. I suspect that the pressures will dismiss this time disparity and still be transferred to me."

    Xia Ruoyin continued, "Sage Nun, let disciple make an attempt. If it doesn't work, then we would forget about it. Anyways, our only other alternative is to wait.

    The green-robed Sage Nun laughed, "You're right. We can only wait if we stay here. However, your ability is too low and you cannot attack the array gate from within the Reincarnation Mirror. Let me make the attempt. If it's really possible, then we would really save a lot of time."

    Xia Ruoyin acknowledged and whipped out her magic treasure, the Dawn Cloud Light. "I will wait by the side. If Sage Nun is truly able to rip open a tear, then I would immediately attack."

    The green-robed Sage Nun nodded, "Once I rip open a tear, the pressures from the Heavenly Dao would become weaker. It's correct for you to attack."

    As she said this, the Sage Nun brought the Reincarnation Mirror in front of her and stepped into it. The Reincarnation Mirror started to activate, and soon, the Sage Nun disappeared. Besides an expert like the Sage Nun, no one could make an attack between two different places which had different flows of time.

    Xia Ruoyin stared eagerly at the Reincarnation Mirror. Supposedly, with her abilities and cultivation level, her spiritual will definitely couldn't enter the Reincarnation Mirror once it was activated.

    However, she was different from others. This was because this Reincarnation Mirror was hers.

    The Sage Nun waited till the Reincarnation Mirror reached its maximum speed before she whipped out a red longsword and slashed down towards the array gate.

    "Boom!" Just as the red longsword touched the array gate, the terrifying pressure of the Heavenly Dao came down. The powerful elemental energy from that attack instantly dissipated. At the same time, all of the Sage Nun's dao auras and laws were oppressed by this pressure. Her entire person had been weakened severely.

    "Ruoyin, it's impossible. The Heavenly Dao can dismiss the time disparity of a hundred years. It has suppressed all of my dao aura." The Sage Nun's voice came weakly from the mirror. Following which, she tried to step out of the Reincarnation Mirror.

    "Sage Nun, let me try..." Xia Ruoyin did not wait for the Sage Nun to come out. She stepped into the Reincarnation Mirror, and at the same time, her Dawn Cloud Light shot towards the Sage Nun.

    "Xia Ruoyin, you..." The Sage Nun, whose cultivation had been suppressed by the Heavenly Dao, stared at Xia Ruoyin in shock and anger as she was sealed by the Dawn Cloud Light. If she still didn't know what Xia Ruoyin was thinking, then she was a pig

    "Sage Nun, you said that you were a lotus. So behave properly as a treasure. Why do you have to fight with us humans... I want to obtain a Sage Throne and I'm lacking a red lotus like you..." As Xia Ruoyin was speaking, her hands continued to form countless handseals.

    At the same time, the space within the Reincarnation Mirror suddenly changed. It completely sealed the green-robed Sage Nun.

    "I was truly blind to have rescued an animal like you..." The Sage Nun berated.

    Xia Ruoyin's face remained emotionless as her hands started to move faster. Mists of blood started to explode from the Sage Nun's body and a red lotus started to form above her head. Moreover, her body also started to gradually dissolve.

    "Bang!" Under the tightening of Xia Ruoyin's Dawn Cloud Light, the green-robed Sage Nun's beautiful body finally exploded. That faint silhouette of the red lotus finally grew clearer.

    Xia Ruoyin's voice came calmly, "I worked so hard for you for thousands of years. It's enough for you to repay me with this lotus. If I had to follow you any longer, there's nothing that you could repay me with."

    "I have so much hatred..." After spitting out these few words, the Sage Nun's primordial spirit turned dim. She did not fall under the Cataclysm. Instead, she was plotted against by an ant.

    She did not like scheming, so she didn't really interact with those other Sages. All the disciples that she accepted were also extremely loyal to her. She did not expect that she would fall due to her kindest-looking and weakest disciple.

    If she knew that this would happen, she would rather be like Tian Hen and face the Cataclysm.
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