Chapter 1102: I Will Wait For You

    Chapter 1102: I Will Wait For You

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    "Xia Ruoyin, this lotus is my true body. If I decide to destroy my soul, you would only obtain an ordinary lotus flower. At the very most, it would simply give you an additional sliver of a chance to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage." The Sage Nun calmed down from her rage. She truly wasn't willing to be the stepping stone of an ant-like Xia Ruoyin.

    Xia Ruoyin stopped the Dawn Cloud Light. Her voice was cold as she said, "You are a Sage. Even though I have obtained your true body, you would still have a chance of reincarnation..."

    "Haha, what's the meaning of a reincarnation where I lose all my memories?" Even though she was extremely weak, the Sage Nun was still able to chuckle.

    "What do you want?" Xia Ruoyin stared coldly at the dissipating primordial spirit. She had already decided that even if the Sage Nun lost all her memories, she would let her have a chance at reincarnation. [1]

    Those years ago, she even killed the man that she loved. In her eyes, this Sage Nun was nothing. It was just that she hadn't entered the Sage Stage. If she was in the Sage Stage, she would thoroughly understand that no matter what she did, she would not be able to prevent the Sage Nun from reincarnation.

    "I only wish to ask you one question. Why is it that under the pressure of the Heavenly Daos, nothing had happened to you? If you don't answer me, I will die with grievances and I definitely wouldn't leave this red lotus to you." The Sage Nun's weakened primordial spirit stared at Xia Ruoyin.

    It was true that this was the only reason why she felt so unwilling. She was extremely clear about the might of the Heavenly Dao pressure of this array gate. If it was attacked, everyone in the area would face the pressure of the Heavenly Daos. This was unless one possessed a supreme treasure of fortune. However, even if one had a supreme treasure of fortune, he still couldn't approach this array gate.

    She knew that Xia Ruoyin didn't have a supreme treasure of fortune. Moreover, when she attacked the array gate, Xia Ruoyin wasn't even 10 meters away from her.

    After she attacked this array gate, she was suppressed by the Heavenly Dao. This should be the same for Xia Ruoyin. Why was it that Xia Ruoyin was unaffected and was even able to seal her? She and her disciples had tried attacking more than once. Every time they attacked, Xia Ruoyin would also be suppressed.

    "If I tell you, you would volunteer your red lotus body?" Xia Ruoyin stared at the Sage Nun's weakened primordial spirit.

    The Sage Nun's voice got increasingly weaker, "I swear to give this red lotus to you. You can place any form of imprint on it and refine it to be your magic treasure."

    Even under such weakened conditions, the Sage Nun cannot renege on an oath.

    "Alright, then I will tell you." Xia Ruoyin said indifferently, "Because I cultivate the Mortal Dao."

    "That's impossible." The Sage Nun exclaimed. "I know your cultivation technique. You definitely aren't cultivating the Mortal Dao."

    Xia Ruoyin sneered, "I cultivate two Daos. I possess both spirit channels and meridians. My spirit channels are cultivated from my spiritual roots, while my meridians are the true secrets of the Mortal Dao. This is a secret which could allow any mortal to cultivate."

    "No wonder why you had Yi Shuang and co. find Liu Xing. So you have the legacy of Liu Xing." The Sage Nun came to a sudden realisation. Her primordial spirit got increasingly dimmer.

    Xia Ruoyin sneered, "What thing is Liu Xing? I cultivate the true Mortal Dao. Only the true Mortal Dao can allow the same number of meridians as spirit channels. I possess 101 spirit channels. At the same time, I opened 101 meridians. The true Mortal Dao does not need spiritual roots. Through the meridians, one would still be able to form circulation paths and absorb energy from the Heaven and Earth. The true Mortal Dao also has the elemental storage channel..."

    As she heard Xia Ruoyin's words, the Sage Nun muttered, "You are truly a genius. Years ago, someone else said that mortals would also be able to enter the Dao. So it's true."

    After the Sage Nun said those words, Xia Ruoyin's eyes unexpectedly turned dim, "I'm not a genius. The true genius is a mortal. My Mortal Dao is learnt from him. He was the one who opened meridians, allowing mortals to cultivate..."

    "With your personality, you should have killed him, right?" The Sage Nun sneered. At this moment, her primordial spirit was nothing more than a shadow.

    Xia Ruoyin's voice was calm, "Killing him was a form of escape. He will always stay in my heart. This is much better than him living for less than a hundred years."

    "So it's truly the case. So I actually have a companion..." The Sage Nun muttered to herself. She was Xia Ruoyin's benefactor but Xia Ruoyin still turned on her. Less needed to be said about that fella that created the Mortal Dao.

    Xia Ruoyin stared calmly at the Sage Nun's primordial spirit. She knew that after the Sage Nun's primordial spirit dissipated, she would have total control over the red lotus."

    "I still have one final request. Let me have a look at that equally unlucky bast*rd." After saying these words, the Sage Nun's primordial spirit seemed to be on the verge of dissipating.

    Xia Ruoyin was very clear that even though her primordial spirit was only left with a tiny sliver, the Sage Nun was still powerful enough to destroy the red lotus.

    This red lotus was extremely important to her. She was very clear that the Sage Nun had many treasures, such as the Paramita Flower that they obtained not long ago. If she obtained the red lotus, she would have a chance of opening the Sage Nun's world. Even if she couldn't open the Sage Nun's world, this red lotus alone was enough.

    Thus, she did not go deny this request. She lifted her hand and formed an image in the air. A young man was currently sitting in a laboratory, carefully examining his test tubes.

    Soon, that young man seemed to discover something. He turned towards the door and started laughing.

    "It's him?" The Sage Nun instantly recognised Mo Wuji. It was that Liu Xing that she met previously.

    Even though there were some slight differences between the current Mo Wuji and the previous Mo Wuji, the Sage Nun was sure that she was right. That Liu Xing that she met was Mo Wuji.

    Back then, Liu Xing said straight to her face, "I'm not Liu Xing. Dao Friend Yi Shuang was mistaken."

    Previously, she thought that Mo Wuji had intentionally said those words. Now, she finally knew that the man she saw truly wasn't Liu Xing.

    "Hahahahaha, I'll wait for you..." The Sage Nun suddenly started to chuckle. There was even a hint of delight in her voice. With this chuckle, her weakened primordial spirit soon disappeared.

    She had reason to laugh with delight. This was because she was clear about Mo Wuji's impressiveness. Mo Wuji was merely in the God King Stage but he was able to escape from under her eyelid. In the future, when Mo Wuji advances to the Unity God Stage, the Unity God Xia Ruoyin definitely wouldn't be his match.

    Xia Ruoyin had killed Mo Wuji. She definitely believed that Mo Wuji would give up on taking revenge on Xia Ruoyin. She believed that her judgement was right. Mo Wuji was neither haughty nor humble when he talked to her. He definitely wasn't a person that would allow himself to be slapped a second time after taking the first. Thus, she was waiting for Xia Ruoyin to be killed by Mo Wuji.

    If Mo Wuji was truly the person that started the opening of meridians and discovered the path of cultivation for mortals, then she would wait here. She believed that Mo Wuji would return.

    An inconspicuous speck dropped out of the Reincarnation Mirror out of Xia Ruoyin's notice. It dug into the ground in front of the array gate.

    Xia Ruoyin did not know why the Sage Nun chuckled. She actually felt that there was a hint of delight in the Sage Nun's laughter. This caused her to frown. However, she didn't have time to ponder. She grabbed that red lotus, stored her Reincarnation Mirror, then attacked that array gate.

    If Yi Shuang and co. were here, they would discover, in shock, that Xia Ruoyin actually wasn't oppressed by the Heavenly Daos. Not only that, Xia Ruoyin was able to rip open that array gate, flash in and disappear without a trace.


    Mo Wuji stopped cultivating. Countless years passed within the Time Plate. During this time, he had stepped into the Great Circle of the God King Stage, as well as understood the Five Elemental Escape Techniques and River to Land Transformation.

    Not only that, he also refined a pile of god-restraining array discs.

    As he was about to leave, Mo Wuji looked reluctantly at the boundless Laws within the Seed of the Universe. If it was possible, he really didn't want to leave.

    However, if he didn't leave, his cultivation would forever be stuck in the Great Circle of the God King Stage. This world could only allow him to cultivate. However, it wouldn't allow him to invite the Lightning Calamity and face his tribulation.

    Raising his cultivation was far too important.

    The only thing he could try was to seal this Seed of the Universe. After he successfully passed his tribulation, he would return back to the Seed and cultivate.

    After making his preparations, Mo Wuji stepped out of the Seed. At the same time, he threw out 100 god-restraining array discs and started to inscribe array runes.

    What left Mo Wuji disappointed was that only 10 of his array discs activated. Before his array runes could fully form, the Seed of the Universe transformed into a black light which vanished into the vast space. Those array discs that were activated were torn into pieces by the disappearing force of the Seed.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will hurriedly swept outwards. How was it possible for him to find any traces of the Seed of the Universe?

    Sighing, Mo Wuji soon adjusted his feelings.

    This meant that it wasn't fated between him and the Seed of the Universe. Fortunately, he had gained many things with the help of the Seed. There was nothing that needed to be forced. If it needed to be forced, then there was no meaning. It was much better to be open-minded.

    [1] This is goddamn evil. I hate it when this woman still believes she is right even though she is killing someone.
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