Chapter 1104: Foreboding Of A Cataclysm

    Chapter 1104: Foreboding Of A Cataclysm

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    There was only an ordinary-looking female in the inner compartment of the flying shuttle. Her God Monarch cultivation was already considered very low in Mo Wuji's eyes. Seeing Mo Wuji rip apart the defensive array and come in, this restrained girl looked at Mo Wuji in shock. Immediately after, she saw the looks of astonishment on the faces of the two God Kings. She seemed to have a slight understanding of the situation and her eyes began to be filled with hope.

    "Why were you captured?" Mo Wuji looked at this female and asked casually.

    At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji asked that question, that hook-nosed middle-aged man suddenly threw a talisman at Mo Wuji.

    At the same time, that pale-skinned young man also wielded his magic treasure.

    It was just that before that young man could attack, the Laws of Space around Mo Wuji suddenly changed. That talisman seemed to be blocked by an invisible hand and it quietly stopped. Following which, an elemental hand grabbed the hook-nosed middle-aged man. The dao laws began to flow with the elemental hand, and at the next instant, the middle-aged man's primordial spirit was extracted from his body.

    A ball of fire was thrown over. As his soul burned, he didn't even have a chance of resistance. The talisman dropped to the floor like an ordinary piece of paper.

    When the pale-skinned young man saw this, he subconsciously stopped moving. His pale-face turned even paler. How strong must a person be to kill a God King so casually? Even the talisman wasn't activated.

    Mo Wuji formed several hand seals, releasing the sales on the female. She took in a deep breath; she had finally regained her ability to speak.

    Mo Wuji did not continue questioning this female. Instead, he turned towards the pale-white young man and said, "You clearly know that it's useless to try and attack me but you still tried to do so. Do you feel that your life is very meaningless?"

    Fear flashed across this young man's eyes. As he took a step back, he suddenly recalled that the trap array had already been taken over by Mo Wuji. He could only say, "Senior, this is because I know that if I and Fan don't try, I would still die."

    "Oh, tell me more." Mo Wuji said calmly.

    "Because they want Gods Tower." The female that Mo Wuji saved suddenly opened her mouth.

    Gods Tower? Mo Wuji's heart stirred and his gaze landed on this pale-skinned young man.

    He naturally knew of Gods Tower. It was a tower with Immortal World's Heavenly Chasm. There were countless powerful Gods trapped within Gods Tower. Not only that, he wasn't able to take away any treasure besides a single stone.

    Besides the Gods Tower in Immortal World, Sage Luo Xu also asked for God World cultivators to construct a Gods Tower with the materials spewed out from the Chasm.

    It was unknown what's the relationship between the two matters.

    "That's right, we want the Gods Tower. Yue Ming should be the only person who knows how to get to Gods Tower." The pale-skinned young man knew that he could not prevent this matter from being leaked. Thus, he directly said the truth and pointed towards Yue Ming.

    "You know how to get to Gods Tower?" Mo Wuji looked at Yue Ming and asked.

    Yue Ming pursed her lips in silence. Clearly, she also didn't trust Mo Wuji even though Mo Wuji saved her. Previously, she mentioned Gods Tower because she knew that Mo Wuji would find out about it ultimately.

    "You guys were in such a hurry. Where were you heading to?" Mo Wuji wasn't very interested in Gods Tower. If there was any interest in it, it was more of an interest in how he could use Gods Tower to return to the Immortal World.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't in a such a hurry to return to the Immortal World. As long as he could refine the Sage Dao Talisman to a higher level, he would definitely be able to obtain a talisman that could bring him back to the Immortal World.

    "Answering Senior. Juniors Hai Min and Fan are men of Sage Meng Ye. We have received orders from Lord Meng Ye to search for the whereabouts of certain treasures. Ultimately, we found news of Gods Tower. Just when we captured Yue Ming, someone noticed us and that person had always been chasing after us. Thus, when junior saw senior pursuing us, we decided to continue fleeing..." Hai Min's voice was extremely respectful and humble.

    "Meng Ye is also a Sage?" Mo Wuji's heart pounded. Why were there so many Sages? Could it be as the Sage Nun said? There was going to be another Cataclysm?

    Hai Min seemed to notice Mo Wuji's frown. He hurriedly bowed and said, "Senior, that Meng Ye couldn't be considered a true Sage."

    "Then he's a false Sage without the proper God Throne?" Mo Wuji thought of Resting Land of Gods's false Sage Min Yuan and sneered. These fellas without God Thrones were simply trying different means to obtain a God Throne. Even a self-sealed one was possible.

    Hai Min carefully explained, "Meng Ye is one of the 3 Rogues. The 3 Rogues aren't comparable to the Sages but they have God Thrones. Junior happens to know some matters about some God Thrones and is willing to explain to senior in detail."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and stopped Hai Min. He was equally clear about God Thrones. The 3 Rogues were definitely amazing. These were God Thrones that were second only to the Sage Thrones and were at the same level as the 4 Dao Monarch Thrones.

    From the looks of it, that Sage Nun might be right. Another Cataclysm is coming. Otherwise, why were all these old fellas popping out one by one?

    Thereafter, they would compete to see who would survive the Cataclysm. Those that survive were the true Sages.

    Seeing Mo Wuji frown and remain silent, both Hai Min and Yue Ming knew that they should not disturb him.

    After a while, Mo Wuji suddenly asked, "Meng Ye wanted you to find the whereabouts of which treasures?"

    At this moment, Hai Min did not dare to hide anything, "He tasked us to find the whereabouts of the Gods Tower, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, the Time Plate and the Tao Tie Pot."

    Mo Wuji's heart jolted. He didn't know what kind of treasure Gods Tower was, but the few at the back were all supreme treasures of fortune. Moreover, he had the Furnace of Heaven and Earth and the Time Plate on him. If the Gods Tower was also a supreme treasure of fortune, then that would mean that all the treasures Meng Ye had tasked Hai Min to find were all supreme treasures of fortune.

    Could it be that this Rogue Sage also knew that the Cataclysm was coming? Which was why he wanted to obtain a supreme treasure of fortune to protect himself?

    "How can you find Meng Ye?" Mo Wuji suddenly wanted to see this Meng Ye. He was sure that Meng Ye wasn't a true Sage; a Quasi-Sage at the very most.

    With his current abilities, he didn't know how he would fare against a Quasi-Sage. No matter what, he wanted to try it out. Since Meng Ye was able to hold a God Throne of the 3 Rogues, that meant that he was at the top of all Quasi-Sages. As long as he could fare against Meng Ye, that would mean that he didn't need to fear anyone below the Sage Stage.

    Unfortunately, his cultivation was still lacking. If he could enter Unity God Level 12, then it would be perfect.

    Hai Min hurriedly said, "Junior only knows to reach a specific place and send a message. Junior isn't clear about how to meet the Rogue Sage."

    "Then can you give me an explanation of Gods Tower? What's so unique about Gods Tower? Why must you find Gods Tower? Oh right, draw me a map to that specific location," Mo Wuji said indifferently.

    "Kacha!" Just as Mo Wuji's words were said, the defensive array outside the flying shuttle was torn apart.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain expanded, protecting himself. A powerful burst of elemental energy and spiritual will surged over, threatening to rip Mo Wuji's domain apart.

    "Pff!" A mist of blood exploded. Not far from Mo Wuji, Hai Min exploded and his soul was extinguished.

    A terrifying pressure, seemingly capable of tearing space apart, came over. Mo Wuji instantly felt the space around him solidifying, making it difficult for him to breath.

    At the very next instant, he burst forth with elemental energy and his domain went into full power. That pressure around him instantly disappeared.

    "You do have some skills." An icy voice came over. Thereafter, a daoist priest with sage-like features suddenly appeared in front of Mo Wuji and said calmly, "Since you want to know about Gods Tower, then I will tell you. As for my location, I can bring you there."

    Mo Wuji already regained his countenance. He looked at this white-haired and white-bearded daoist priest that held a white horsetail whisk and he said indifferently, "I believe that you are that Meng Ye who is impersonating a Sage?"

    "Haha." The daoist priest chuckled, "The young indeed surpasses the old. A mere early-stage Unity God actually dares to speak to me, Meng Ye, in such a manner. That's right, I am Meng Ye. Didn't you want to see me? I am here. Now, you want to know about the origins of Gods Tower? I can explain it to you slowly."

    Mo Wuji sighed, "Indeed."

    "Indeed?" Meng Ye stopped laughing.

    Mo Wuji said, "Indeed, you are a pretentious prick. Today, let me see how powerful a Rogue Sage is. Oh right, talking about Gods Tower, I have been there before. There's an immortal sealing array inside and I even rescues a person from the array. Oh, I recall something now. Within the immortal sealing array, I even obtained a piece of Phecda Clay..."

    "What, you have the Phecda Clay?" When Meng Ye heard Mo Wuji's words, excitement instantly appeared in his eyes. At this instant, how could he maintain his sage-like appearance?

    Even Yue Ming stared agitatedly towards Mo Wuji, seemingly wanting to say some words.
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