Chapter 1105: The Death Of An Old Friend

    Chapter 1105: The Death Of An Old Friend

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    Mo Wuji grabbed towards the empty space in front of him and the Half Moon Weighted Halberd appeared in his hand. After which, he spoke extremely slowly, "That's right. I have the Phecda Clay. If you're capable, then come and snatch it from me."

    Meng Ye whipped his horsetail whisk, causing billions of white whiskers to shoot towards Mo Wuji, "You are the most arrogant Unity God ant that I've met. Let's see whether you have the qualifications to say those words..."

    Meng Ye stopped abruptly. He discovered that his billion whiskers did not move in the way he had planned. They were easily sealed by Mo Wuji. After which, he tried to grab towards Mo Wuji with an elemental hand.

    Even if Mo Wuji was any weaker, he wouldn't be grabbed by Meng Ye's elemental hand. His Half Moon Weighted Halberd also conjured billions of halberd light which shot towards Meng Ye's billions of whiskers. God elemental energy exploded violently in the air.

    If not for the fact that both Mo Wuji and Meng Ye did not want to kill Yue Ming, Yue Ming would have already been torn into pieces. As for the flying shuttle, it had long disintegrated from the might of the two's elemental energy and domains.

    Yue Ming naturally knew to retreat. She knew that in this sort of terrifying battle, she was nothing more than an ant.

    At the same time, she didn't try to flee. She knew that if she tried to escape, and if Mo Wuji lost, the Rogue Sage Meng Ye could still easily capture her. Secondly, she knew how Mo Wuji entered Gods Tower, how he rescued a person from Gods Tower and also the person that Mo Wuji rescued.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" After Yue Ming retreated, Mo Wuji and Meng Ye began to fight with greater ferocity. As they stood in mid-air, they continued to shoot sacred arts towards their opponents. Minute tears continuously formed in the space around them.

    "You indeed have some methods. All creation turns to whiskers, everything becomes an illusion..." The whiskers in Meng Ye's horsetail whisk suddenly transformed into a world.

    Within this world, everything was worrying. Instead of living in worries, why not let them down and turn into an illusion? If you aren't willing to become an illusion, then you would need to slowly use your intelligence to undo the billions of Worrying Whiskers.

    Mo Wuji was instantly drawn into these Worrying Whiskers. He immediately woke up from the hallucination and stared at the world around him in shock. This old fella actually used a sacred art that was similar to his World of Men. The World of Men was one of his most adept sacred arts. This was simply displaying one's slight skill in front of an expert.

    Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't be willing to turn into an illusion within these billions of Worrying Whiskers. Not only didn't he retreat, he took a step towards the boundless Worrying Whiskers and stabbed forward with his finger. World of Men!

    Mo Wuji's World of Men had always been used against cultivators. This was the first time that he was using his World of Men against a sacred art.

    In the World of Men, life and death, worries and joy were all thoughts of a mortal.

    In this world, mortals only wish to survive. There's no need to talk about life principles nor undoing of these billions of Worrying Whiskers.

    I am a mortal. I do not have great intelligence. In this world of mortals, I only wish to survive. Instead of using my intelligence to undo these Worrying Whiskers, why don't I burn it all?

    I have no need to undo these whiskers. Scholar's Heart, burn for me.

    "Bang!" A pillar of flames erupted and rose thousands of meters high.

    In this World of Men, those billions of dense Worrying Whiskers were burned by the pillar of flames. Everything went clear and the space around them was now empty.

    Meng Ye did not continue attacking. He stared at Mo Wuji calmly and said, "Even though you are a Unity God, you have the qualifications to say those words to me. I believe that even if I can defeat you, it would be hard for me to kill you."

    Mo Wui spoke with disdain, "Old daoist, can you stop acting? You must be dreaming if you think that you can defeat me."

    All those fellas with God Thrones sit loftily in their high places. All other forms of life were nothing more than ants to them. Mo Wuji did not have a good impression towards these Throned Gods. He always had a reason when he killed. However, many of these Throned Gods conduct massacres on casual whims.

    An ordinary cultivator in front of these Throned Gods was equivalent to a fish in front of a mortal.

    Mo Wuji also guessed that he wouldn't be able to defeat Meng Ye. However, the difference in their power was not large. Moreover, Meng Ye must be dreaming if he thought that he could kill him, Mo Wuji.

    For an expert like Meng Ye, although he treats other lifeforms as ants, he had great tolerance. These words of Mo Wuji's weren't able to incite any rage in him. He remained calm as he said, "This is merely a clone. Even if you win, there's nothing for you to celebrate about."

    Hearing that this was merely a clone of Meng Ye's, Mo Wuji's heart sank. If a clone was already so powerful, then how powerful was the true Meng Ye?

    However, Mo Wuji soon reacted. Perhaps Meng Ye was like Kun Yun and only had this clone left of him.

    "I will tell you about the origins of Gods Tower, but will you give the Phecda Clay to me?" Meng Ye seemed to notice Mo Wuji's thoughts. He continued to speak in an indifferent tone.

    Mo Wuji sneered, "Your information sure is valuable."

    "It's a trade. I'm not asking you to give me the Phecda Clay for free. I believe that I have items that you need. As long as you say it, I might be able to offer it to you." Meng Ye looked at Mo Wuji. His face was calm, seemingly free from any emotions.

    However, Mo Wuji definitely sensed his excitement. This was entirely because of Mo Wuji's understanding towards to universe. He was sure that the Phecda Clay was extremely important to Meng Ye.

    It wasn't that Meng Ye wasn't able to defeat him. Instead, it was that Meng Ye was afraid that he would turn and flee. It was true. With his Wind Escape Technique, Five Elemental Escape Technique and Earth Shrinking, Meng Ye might not be able to catch him even with his true body.

    Why was Meng Ye so excited over the Phecda Clay? The only explanation was that Meng Ye's words were true; this was only a clone. Moreover, Meng Ye was probably only left with this clone. His true body and his other clones might have all perished during the previous Cataclysm.

    Because he only had this clone, the Phecda Clay was extremely important to him. As long as he obtained the Phecda Clay, he might be able to rebuild his true body.

    Meng Ye waved his hand and a stone stool landed beside Mo Wuji. He, himself, also grabbed a stone stool and sat down. Thereafter, he waved again and a jade flask and two jade cups appeared. He poured a cup of green-coloured liquid in Mo Wuji's cup and said, "This is some Universe Elemental Essence that I managed to obtain by chance. Dao Friend, do try it out. Also, I haven't gotten the name of this Dao Friend?"

    Universe Elemental Essence? Mo Wuji had heard of this before. It was definitely a first-rate cultivation treasure. Mo Wuji did not hesitate to pick up the jade cup. He drained the cup in a single gulp.

    A cooling sensation instantly filled every single meridian in Mo Wuji's body. It felt like his meridians were being nourished by boundless elemental energy. Mo Wuji suspected that if started cultivating now, he would be able to break through Unity God Level 1 and step into Unity God Level 2.

    "Good stuff." Mo Wuji could not help but praise.

    When Meng Ye saw that Mo Wuji drained the cup without saying anything, he went blank. He was prepared to drink it himself when Mo Wuji hesitated. This was the Universe Elemental Essence. It's not some ordinary drink. After roaming the universe for so many years, he only managed to obtain a small amount of it.

    "This Dao Friend is truly bold and unrestrained. You are actually not afraid that I have poisoned the drink." Meng Ye could not help but sigh. His impression of Mo Wuji changed drastically.

    Don't simply look at how he disregarded the lives of other cultivators. When meeting bold and forthright people like Mo Wuji, he could not help but sigh in praise.

    Mo Wuji laughed in his heart. Poison? He really didn't know what poison was strong enough to get past his detoxification channel.

    "Many thanks to Dao Friend Meng Ye for sharing this cup of Universe Elemental Essence. I am called Mo Wuji. I am a rogue cultivator." Mo Wuji said indifferently as he clasped his fists. He believed that he definitely wouldn't be friends with a person like Meng Ye. Even if they had any relations, it would be entirely based on mutual benefits.

    "Dao Friend Mo's age shouldn't be that high, right? I wonder whether you have just come from that newly restored God World?" Meng Ye laughed faintly.

    Hearing Meng Ye's words, Mo Wuji knew that Meng Ye definitely obtained huge benefits during the restoration of God World. This was why his clone had such power.

    "Senior is called Mo Wuji?" Yue Ming excitedly walked over and asked.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "That's right, I am Mo Wuji. You know me?"

    Yue Ming suddenly kneeled on the ground, "Yue Ming greets her benefactor."

    Mo Wuji looked at Yue Ming doubtfully, "I don't know you. When did I become your benefactor?"

    Yue Ming said sobbingly, "Senior is the benefactor of my master."

    "Who is your master?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked.

    Yue Ming's eyes went red and grief flashed across them," My master is Ji Li. She told me that I needed to find Ping..."

    As she got here, Yue Ming suddenly thought of something. She turned to Meng Ye and stopped talking.

    When Mo Wuji heard Ji Li's name, he hurriedly asked, "Is your Master Ji Li doing well?"

    He had casually saved Ji Li. In reality, he owed her much more than she owed him.

    "My master has perished," Yue Ming said chokingly.
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