Chapter 1106: The Person Who Killed Ji Li

    Chapter 1106: The Person Who Killed Ji Li

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    "Ji Li is dead?" Mo Wuji muttered.

    The image of that absolute beauty floated in front of his eyes. Her beauty still shines through even after she turned thin and haggard from being sealed in the immortal sealing array for countless years.

    And that pair of eyes which leaves one breathless. Mo Wuji believed that if Ji Li straightened herself slightly, she would be the most beautiful woman that she met.

    Mo Wuji had seen plenty of beautiful women. The Sage Nun and Yi Shuang were also extremely beautiful. However, those women give him the impression of high and lofty beings. Only Ji Li and her intellectual beauty allowed him to feel a sort of fireworks. She was truly a piece of art.

    At the same time, Mo Wuji also respected Ji Li's compassion. Even though it was something that was unrelated to her, she still apologized to Mo Wuji. In the short conversation that they had, she apologized thrice. One must know that at that time, Ji Li was far more powerful than the Grand Yi Immortal him.

    For other cultivators trapped within the immortal sealing array, they would definitely ask for as many consciousness crystals as they could from Mo Wuji. However, because Ji Li knew that he didn't obtain many benefits from her father, she did not ask Mo Wuji for any consciousness crystals. Thereafter, when Mo Wuji gave her 1 million consciousness crystals, she actually said that it was too much.

    In return, she gave her only star locket to him. This star locket had saved him more than once. If not for it, he would have died under the combined attacks of the four Immortal Emperors.

    After Ji Li left Gods Tower, she did not forget to repay his kindness. She specially visited Ping Fan Immortal School and helped Ping Fan solve a crisis. She only left after improving the defensive arrays over Ping Fan. Because of her compassion, she did not kill a single person when she helped Ping Fan solve its crisis.

    Such a kind girl had actually died? Mo Wuji suddenly felt a sensation of emptiness in his heart. This was a form of sadness which could be described in words.

    Cultivating to such a high level had definitely firmed his dao heart. However, Ji Li, a girl that he only met once, had already caused his dao heart to stir and feel grief.

    After some time, Mo Wuji loosened his clenched fists. He stared at Yue Ming and asked solemnly, "First, please stand up. Tell me, who killed Senior Sister Ji Li?"

    After asking that question, Mo Wuji released a long breath. There was an outlet to release all the depression and anger in his heart, which was to find the person who killed Ji Li.

    Meng Ye clearly viewed Mo Wuji highly. After hearing Mo Wuji's words, he lifted his hand and placed another stone stool beside Yue Ming. He gestured for her to sit down.

    Yue Ming stood up but she didn't sit on Meng Ye's stood. Instead, she stood and spoke to Mo Wuji respectfully, "I don't know that person or his name. I only know that he had a red half-moon crown on his head, his face was narrow and long, his eyes were small and he wore brown robes. I saw him use a thin and long sword to stab into my master's forehead, then he tore master's sea of consciousness apart. Master, she... before she died, she told me to find Immortal World's Ping Fan Immortal School, to find you..."

    This time, in her grief, Yue Ming revealed the name of Ping Fan.

    "What's your master's cultivation?" Meng Ye suddenly asked.

    Yue Ming did not dare to ignore this question. She replied softly, "My master had recovered her cultivation to the Unity God Stage. However, it still wasn't enough to face that man with the half-moon crown..."

    Meng Ye sighed, "From the looks of it, that fella's cultivation hasn't recovered. If his cultivation had recovered, your master would be nothing more than an ant in front of him, even if she was in the Quasi-Sage Stage."

    Yue Ming shook her head and said, "No because that man with the half-moon crown was heavily injured."

    Mo Wuji looked at Meng Ye doubtfully, "Dao Friend Meng Ye, do you know that person?"

    Meng Ye nodded, "That's right, I do know that person. It's because the Gods Tower belongs to that fella. I want the Gods Tower because I want to snatch it from that fella's hands."

    "Who is he?" Mo Wuji's eyes turned cold; killing intent filled the air around him.

    Although this killing intent wasn't directed to Yue Ming, she still subconsciously shuddered. Even Meng Ye's heart jolted; he suspected that he might not actually be a match for Mo Wuji. From the looks of it, he could only work together with Mo Wuji on mutual terms; he could not try and force anything on Mo Wuji.

    "That person is called Huan Ti," Meng Ye replied.

    Huan Ti? Mo Wuji had never heard of this fella's name before.

    Meng Ye noticed that Mo Wuji did not seem to know of Huan Ti. He explained, "It's normal to not know of this person. But you should know of God Thrones, right?"

    Seeing Mo Wuji nod, Meng Ye continued, "Do you know of the 8 Sages?"

    "I also know about them. Could this Huan Ti also be a Sage?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.

    Meng Ye snickered, "You are right. This person looks like a rooster but his sacred arts are terrifying and astounding. He is even one of the 8 Sages. During the previous Cataclysm, both Tian Hen and him were plotted against."

    "Yue Ming, where is this person?" Mo Wuji's heart was filled with killing intent. So what if his opponent was a Sage?

    Yue Ming sobbed and said, "Back then, we were at an owner-less planet. I don't even know its location. After my master saved me from the peripheries of Tao Tie Valley, we encountered the restoration of God World. Both my master and my cultivation started to rise rapidly. Just at this moment, a huge Tao Tie charged out from Tao Tie Valley. That beast tried to devour me and my master. Just as my master was about to make a move, that Huan Ti arrived.

    Huan Ti did not even acknowledge that Tao Tie. He simply stared at my master and asked whether she had been sealed in Gods Tower for many years and had recently escaped. My master only nodded slightly before that Huan Ti grabbed towards my master. At this moment, that Tao Tie called Huan Ti out for a battle. Huan Ti seemed to recognise that Tao Tie. When the two fought, they said many things that I did not understand. Eventually, that Tao Tie actually brought out a monk's spade and struck Huan Ti. Huan Ti was heavily injured, but at the same time, he heavily injured the Tao Tie. After that Tao Tie roared ferociously, it actually bit down on the empty space in front of it and escaped into the hole."

    "That Tao Tie's origins are not simple. Although he cannot compare to Huan Ti, he also isn't a person that should be offended." Meng Ye explained by the side.

    Mo Wuji knew that the monk's spade was Kun Yun's. He wasn't in a mood to care about such stuff. He stared at Yue Ming and asked, "What happened next?"

    "Seeing that Huan Ti was heavily injured, my master tried to bring me away. She didn't expect that Huan Ti would still be so powerful despite being heavily injured. He brought out a soft sword and stabbed into my master's forehead. In that instant, my master told me to find you and threw me into the hole that the Tao Tie bit..." As Yue Ming narrated the story, she cried and clenched her fists.

    She was a rogue cultivator. She only knew of close relations after meeting her master. In the past 1,000 years, her master had cared for her greatly. However, when her master was being killed by Huan Ti, she could only stare and escape.

    Mo Wuji wasn't in the mood to ask Yue Ming how she encountered Hai Min and Fan. He urgently wanted to take a look at Tao Tie Valley. He suspected that Ji Li was still alive. There was no other reason besides the Gods Tower.

    The only ones that knew of Gods Tower were Ji Li and Yue Ming. Since Yue Ming was thrown into the hole, Huan Ti should not have killed Ji Li before he found out about the whereabouts of Gods Tower. Now, he only hoped that Ji Li would maintain that secret.

    "Dao Friend Mo, if I'm not wrong, that Ji Li should still be alive. I know Huan Ti. Before he achieves his goals, he definitely wouldn't kill Ji Li," Meng Ye said.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Dao Friend Meng, on account of telling me some things that I did not know, I will not pursue the matter between you and Yue Ming. In the future, let's walk on our different roads."

    Mo Wuji had too many powerful enemies. This Meng Ye also wasn't a simple person. It was better to avoid trouble if it was possible.

    "Dao Friend Mo, if you wish to deal with Huan Ti, then there are greater reasons why you should work with me." Meng Ye did not mind Mo Wuji's attitude. He could also see that Mo Wuji was definitely not simple.

    "What do you mean?" Mo Wuji looked at Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye was calm and steady as he said, "Firstly, you do not know the secret of Gods Tower. Gods Tower is a supreme treasure of fortune. It's also the treasure that helped Huan Ti rise to power. Because of the schemes of several Sages, that treasure was used as the battlefield of the Cataclysm. At the same time, Huan Ti, himself, was schemed against, causing him to almost lose his life. Secondly, you do not know of Huan Ti's character and abilities. Thirdly, with your current power, you are definitely not a match for Huan Ti. As long as you work with me, I'm sure that I will definitely help you find Huan Ti."

    Mo Wuji had heard this clearly. Meng Ye said that he would help find Huan Ti, not help in the defeat of Huan Ti.

    By this time, Mo Wuji had already calmed down. He knew that all these old things were incomparably cunning. If he wasn't careful, he would be bathing in their dirty water.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji nodded, "Before we cooperate, can Dao Friend Meng tell me about the 8 Sages and the Gods Tower? I heard that the Gods Tower could be casually constructed."

    Meng Ye sneered, "If Gods Tower could be casually constructed, then I, Meng Ye, wouldn't be wrecking my brains thinking about how I can obtain it."
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