Chapter 1109: Tian Hens Murderous Nature

    Chapter 1109: Tian Hen's Murderous Nature

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    After the recovery of the God World, most places in the God Domain changed significantly. Even the God Burial Valley was no longer around. However, there weren't many changes to the equally famous Tao Tie Valley.

    Previously, when Mo Wuji escaped out from the Tao Tie Valley, he was almost swallowed by a massive mouth within the Tao Tie Valley. From the words of Kun Yun, Mo Wuji found out that a vicious character, who possessed a God Throne, was hiding in the Tao Tie Valley. His name was Tao Tie [1] and this fella even had a supreme treasure of fortune called the Tao Tie Pot.

    Presently, there was no longer the vicious Tao Tie in the Tao Tie Valley. The only person there was a skinny man with thin eyes. He was wearing a red crown and had a gloomy expression.

    This gloomy man had a mighty aura. A corroded and stained monk's spade was pierced through this man's chest which protruded from his back.

    Faint yellow blood started oozing out from the wound. A mysterious dao spirituality was constantly circulating around his wound.

    This man casually retrieved multiple god spiritual veins and each of them contained the energy of creation. After the implantation of these god spiritual veins, he set up a defensive array around him. Once he was done, he sat down on the god spiritual vein before starting to heal himself.

    After every spiritual circulation, the monk's spade would shift out a little. Given his current speed, it should take another ten years for him to completely remove this monk's spade.

    This man was the Huan Ti who Meng Ye talked about. He was currently hiding in the Tao Tie Valley while attempting to remove this corroded monk's spade.


    Mo Wuji, Meng Ye and co. did not waste any time after they entered the God Continent. They must hurry to the transfer array so that they could traverse the Nirvana Ocean to the Tao Tie Valley.

    Before the few of them could make it far, they spotted a massive fist descending from above. This fist was at least 30 kilometres wide.

    "Boom!" The space vibrated immensely as the God World started to tremble. The Laws of the God World were restored not too long ago. However, it seemed as though this fist managed to loosen up those laws again.

    Ming Yang was so frightened that he stopped in his tracks. Mo Wuji looked dazedly at the destroyed area with an unpleasant expression.

    The fist landed on a god city called the High Firmament God City. Mo Wuji used to stay in the High Firmament God City for a period of time. Naturally, he knew that this city was obliterated in just a single fist like this.

    "B*stard..." Mo Wuji cursed out loud. He was certain that not even an expert in the Great Circle of the Unity God Stage would be able to produce a punch like this.

    God World was considered where Mo Wuji established himself. His Mortal Sect was also in God World. Today, someone actually destroyed an entire city with a single punch. He was reminded of Zhu Qu from Zhen Xing. Zhu Qu was equally vicious as he casually destroyed a cultivation city without even blinking.

    "This person is not a b*stard. His name is Tian Hen. You might not know him but he..."

    Meng Ye had yet to complete his sentence and Mo Wuji interrupted coldly. "So he is Tian Hen."

    Meng Ye patted his forehead as he replied. "Right, you know Kun Yun so you would have heard of Tian Hen."

    Mo Wuji didn't explain but Kun Yun wasn't the one who told him about Tian Hen. It was Jie Heng. Moreover, Mo Wuji possessed Tian Hen's Furnace of the Heaven and Earth. Mo Wuji was desperate to find a place to cultivate only because he knew that Tian Hen was looking for the furnace. Fortunately, the years weren't wasted as he was already in the Unity God Level 1.

    "Boom!" Yet another humongous fist descended after Meng Ye completed his sentence.

    This time around, the fist didn't land back on the High Firmament God City. The fist landed on the location of another god city. Following the trembles of space around him, Mo Wuji knew that yet another god city had been destroyed.

    "Dao Friend Meng, is your strength comparable to this Tian Hen?" Mo Wuji turned to Meng Ye as he spoke.

    Meng Ye shook his head. "Tian Hen was a Sage with a supreme treasure of fortune called the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. This man's combat abilities are exceedingly shocking. Even after being ambushed, he managed to preserve a perfect fleshly body. As long as he can find his Furnace of Heaven and Earth, he will be able to recover his powers as a Sage. His current strength should be in the intermediate Quasi-Sage Stage while I am only in the elementary Quasi-Sage Stage. In fact, I will never be a match for him even if I am in the intermediate Quasi-Sage Stage."

    Meng Ye guessed what was Mo Wuji's mind as he added. "Dao Friend Mo, anyone below the Sage Stage is nothing more than an ant. I know you come from the God World and are furious about these destroyed cities. However, I do feel that this anger is unnecessary. After you advance into the Quasi-Sage Stage, you will understand why I said this and why I'm right."

    Mo Wuji wasn't listening to Meng Ye. Instead, he was thinking of the percentage success if he were to ambush Tian Hen.

    Meng Ye continued. "Dao Friend Mo, you're feeling pity for these god cities only because your dao heart's level is not there yet. Let me ask you. When you're a mortal, would you feel disturbed to see a man catching a full net of fishes?"

    "Those are two different matters." Mo Wuji replied faintly.

    Meng Ye smiled coldly. "Under the Grand Dao, all living things are equal without exception. This was the dao insights of Buddhism. Although it might seem nonsensical, it was still one of the Great Daos of the universe. You might think that these are two different matters but that is not what the fishes think."

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to refute, Meng Ye continued. "Moreover, we will not be able to kill Tian Hen even if we combine forces. At the very most, we will be able to injure him. Because of a Sage's dignity, he will never endure provocations. Once he recovers, he might wipe out the entire God World, let alone two god cities."

    Mo Wuji calmed down as he didn't think Meng Ye was speaking blindly.

    Initially, he was intending to drag Meng Ye into his deathtrap array too. He wanted to make use of Meng Ye's help in a deathtrap array to get rid of Tian Hen. However, a Sage wasn't someone an ordinary Quasi-Sage could dream of dealing with. Back then, not a single Sage fell even after that insane calamity.

    Could Mo Wuji and co. be stronger than a Sage? Even a Sage wasn't able to deal with Tian Hen, could he?

    "Let's go. Let's go to the Tao Tie Valley to find that Huan Ti first." Mo Wuji finally suppressed his urge to deal with Tian Hen.

    A person like Tian Hen would definitely not perish so easily. Even if he could restrain and kill that fella, he would still survive if a trace of his god will was left behind.

    This wasn't the reason why Mo Wuji chose to suppress his urge of killing Tian Hen. As long as Mo Wuji acted, he wasn't afraid of Tian Hen coming to seek revenge. Mo Wuji was worried about Ji Li instead. It had been a long time since Ji Li got into trouble. Having her spirit channels and sea of consciousness destroyed was a severe incident. It wouldn't be of any good to drag this matter even by a single day.

    After he rescued Ji Li, he would come back for Tian Hen.


    In the depths of the Tao Tie Valley, the god spiritual energy around Huan Ti had turned into a god spiritual whirlpool. The dao spirituality of the monk's spade pierced through him was suppressed too.

    At this moment, Huan Ti's body shivered. Following which, he looked up into the sky astonishingly.

    Very soon, he let out a laugh before ignoring the situation outside. He started his spiritual circulation even more intensely to suppress the monk's spade's dao spirituality.

    He was a Sage and he wasn't bothered by the fact that he was ambushed by Tao Tie using the Seven Buddha Spade. However, a mere God Monarch ant dared to come and help. This was simply reckless.

    "He knows that we are here." Meng Ye stood at the periphery of the Tao Tie Valley as he spoke calmly.

    Initially, he was slightly fearful. However, his fear reduced significantly as he stood here. He was certain that Huan Ti was severely injured and was in the midst of his recovery. Otherwise, he wouldn't have acted so indifferently even after knowing that they were here.

    Mo Wuji nodded as he detected Huan Ti's spiritual will even before Meng Ye. In order not to reveal his strength, Mo Wuji didn't use his spiritual will to check on Huan Ti.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I'm here to help you. I'll follow whatever orders you give me." Meng Ye didn't act as he looked at Mo Wuji. He made it seemed like he was here for a simple task like lifting up a rock.

    "How is Dao Friend Meng's Array Dao?" Mo Wuji inquired.

    Meng Ye nodded. "My Array Dao is decent. As long as you give me the materials, I am able to install a Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array. However, there is something I must warn you. Even the most peak grade god array wouldn't be of any use towards a Sage."

    Mo Wuji answered faintly. "That is my problem. Also, I do not have any materials for a Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array."

    Meng Ye jumped out in shock. "I cannot believe I need to use my own materials even though you are asking me for help. Do you know how precious the materials for a Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array was..."

    Mo Wuji didn't speak as he simply stared quietly at Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye's hair stood up because of Mo Wuji's glare. He sighed as he replied. "Alright, I will use my own materials."

    He agreed to help Mo Wuji ambush a Sage and also agreed to help Mo Wuji look for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Now, he would even need to use his own materials to help Mo Wuji install a Grade 9 array. He was, after all, also a Rogue Sage. Why was his life so difficult?

    Mo Wuji wasn't concerned with Meng Ye. While Meng Ye was setting up the deathtrap array, he started to carve void runes secretly. Mo Wuji didn't trust Meng Ye because at least this fella knew Huan Ti. He and Meng Ye were merely strangers coming together. Moreover, he did mention that he had the Phecda Clay with him. However, even up till now, Meng Ye didn't ask him to take it out for him to see. This, alone, was definitely not normal.

    At the thought of this, Meng Ye spoke. "Dao Friend Mo, I'm already helping you install the Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array. At the very least, you should show me the Phecda Clay right?"

    [1]: Tao Tie was the fifth son of the Dragon King (of the Chinese legends)
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