Chapter 1110: An Infuriated Sage

    Chapter 1110: An Infuriated Sage

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    Mo Wuji thought in his heart, Now this is normal.

    He placed the Phecda Clay, which was the size of a longan fruit, on his palm. "Scan with your spiritual will fast. I'm going to keep it now."

    He really has the Phecda Clay? Meng Ye stared at the Phecda Clay on Mo Wuji's palm. He almost exclaimed out loud. When Mo Wuji first mentioned that he managed to obtain the Phecda Clay from his trip into the Gods Tower, Meng Ye was indescribably happy. However, he started suspecting that Mo Wuji was lying after he calmed himself down.

    Although he agreed to follow Mo Wuji here, he had an ulterior motive. But now that he saw how Mo Wuji really did have the Phecda Clay, he needed to alter his plan.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and kept the Phecda Clay. The green slab which he obtained from the Gods Tower was the Phecda Clay.

    At that point in time, Mo Wuji didn't realise how precious the Phecda Clay was. Later on, he used half of the Phecda Clay to construct Da Huang's body. The remaining half of the Phecda Clay was then generously offered to Fu Xiuhan. If Fu Xiuhan wasn't kind enough to only ask for half of what Mo Wuji offered, Mo Wuji wouldn't have had any Phecda Clay left on him.

    After knowing how precious the Phecda Clay was, Mo Wuji made up his mind. Even if he were to use this as part of the deal with Meng Ye, he wouldn't take out too much for him.

    Once Mo Wuji kept the Phecda Clay, Meng Ye was truly motivated. He spoke while rapidly trying to set up the deathtrap array, "Dao Friend Mo, this place is rather small. Once I set up this deathtrap array, we will force that Huan Ti out."

    Mo Wuji refused to comment as he continued carving out the void runes.

    He had his spirit storage channel and was already a Grade 8 God Array Emperor. With his current strength, even Meng Ye wouldn't be able to tell that he was carving the void runes.

    Two days later, Meng Ye stopped as he expressed to Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, my deathtrap god array is completed. How do we lure that fella out now? I'm unable to set up a Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array. This is merely a Grade 8 God Deathtrap Array."

    Having said that, Meng Ye looked rather awkward. Previously, he did mention that he was able to set up Grade 9 arrays easily.

    Mo Wuji stopped setting up his deathtrap runes as well. He managed to set up a Grade 7 deathtrap array using only void runes. He wasn't too concerned with Meng Ye's words. To him, he never considered that Meng Ye could install a Grade 9 God Deathtrap Array. A Grade 8 one would be good enough.

    Moreover, Mo Wuji was convinced that Meng Ye's Grade 8 God Deathtrap Array wouldn't be able to restrain Huan Ti. What Mo Wuji wanted was not to restrain Huan Ti. Instead, he wanted to control the direction of Huan Ti's escape.

    One might think that his Grade 7 God Deathtrap Array would be weaker than Meng Ye's Grade 8 God Deathtrap Array. However, only he knew that his deathtrap array was made out of only void runes. For Huan Ti to find the foundation of his array to destroy, he would need at least a breath worth of time. What Mo Wuji wanted was this breath of time.

    Hearing Meng Ye's words, Yue Ming held tightly onto his magic treasure. Even if he was simply too weak, he was determined to help.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand. "Hold on for a while more."

    Just as Mo Wuji's voice was heard, a figure appeared on the outside of the deathtrap array.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I've finally got to meet you." This person arrived with a warm smile. Even before his body landed, he had clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji.

    "You are Jie Heng? One of the 72 Lords, Principal God Jie Heng?" Even Meng Ye could recognise this person.

    This person, dressed in grey, was slightly fat with a pair of very small eyes. He looked slightly different to the Jie Heng of the past but his dao spirituality was very familiar. Additionally, Mo Wuji did mention Jie Heng before. Therefore, Meng Ye was certain this person was Jie Heng.

    "You?" Jie Heng looked surprisingly at Meng Ye. Very soon, he could sense that Meng Ye was far stronger than him. Subconsciously, he took a few steps back fearfully before asking. "How do I address this Dao Friend here?"

    Meng Ye laughed as he circulated his dao spirituality. "Jie Heng, how could you not recognise me?"

    "It's you? One of the three Rogue Sages, Meng Ye?" Jie Heng's expression changed as he finally recognised Meng Ye.

    As compared to the three Rogue Sages, he, Jie Heng, wasn't anything. Whether it was the Dao or status, he was too far away from Meng Ye.

    "Indeed, I am Meng Ye. You don't have to fear me for I have form an alliance of Dao Friend Mo. Since you are familiar with Dao Friend Mo, everyone here can be considered an alliance." Meng Ye's words did make Jie Heng slightly more relaxed.

    Mo Wuji commented. "That's right, all of us are friends on the same boat."

    "Dao Friend Mo invites me here, could it be that you need my help with something?" Jie Heng inquired curiously. He didn't believe that Mo Wuji would take the initiative to bring him here to look for the God Burial Cave. He had checked on Mo Wuji before so he knew that Mo Wuji wasn't a simple person.

    Mo Wuji patted on Jie Heng's shoulder. "That's right, there is something I need your help with. I wonder if you are willing to help?"

    Jie Heng's heart jumped shockingly. He could say that he was qualified to fight Mo Wuji back when Mo Wuji first left the New God Domain City. Now, he realised that he was no longer a match for Mo Wuji. He realised that he wasn't even able to dodge Mo Wuji's simple pat on the shoulder.

    In such a short period of time, Mo Wuji actually became so powerful. This fella might just be the number one homegrown expert he met in the God World.

    Jie Heng looked across at the smiling Meng Ye. He realised that Meng Ye was probably invited by Mo Wuji to help as well.

    What could it be? That even with Mo Wuji's scheming tactics and the help of one of the three Rogue Sage, Meng Ye, wasn't enough? What would require Mo Wuji to invite him, Jie Heng, to help?

    "That, Dao Friend Mo, I wonder what help do you require?" Jie Heng was still hoping that Mo Wuji would bring him to the Burial God Cave. However, looking at how Mo Wuji still required his help despite being so strong, he started to feel uneasy.

    Mo Wuji chuckled before speaking loudly. "I need help to deal with a person. That fella ambushed my friend so I want to avenge my friend. However, I am worried that this fella might escape so I invited you to help obstruct him for a while. Of course, it is up to you if you want to help or not. All you need to do is to let me know."

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Jie Heng heaved a sigh of relief.

    Including Mo Wuji and Meng Ye, there seemed to be a Grade 8 God Deathtrap Array here too. As long as that fella was lured out, death seemed inevitable. In God World, no matter who it was, nobody would be able to escape such a powerful setup.

    After considering the merits and drawbacks, Jie Heng patted on his chest as he shouted. "Do I, Jie Heng, looked like a non-trustworthy friend? Back then when Dao Friend Mo left the God Domain, I promise that I will work with you. Now that Dao Friend Mo requires my help, I, Jie Heng, would give it all my all to help you. No matter who offended Dao Friend Mo, I, Jie Heng, will not let him off."

    Meng Ye laughed at Jie Heng for saying such words. He was certain that if Jie Heng knew Huan Ti was the one they were dealing with, he wouldn't have said such words. This fella was a Principal God and Mo Wuji's plan worked out well. However, Jie Heng couldn't be blamed. Who would have thought that Mo Wuji was going to deal with a Sage in the God World?

    Mo Wuji chuckled. "Since that is the case, Dao Friend Jie Heng just needs to stand at this position. Once that fella tries to escape from this position, I hope Dao Friend Jie Heng will strike with all your force. I will lure that fella up and I'll need both of you to help me restrain him together."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji pointed to a position for Jie Heng.

    "He is right here?" Jie Heng was shocked. Immediately after that, he had a bad feeling about this.

    Meng Ye chuckled too. "Indeed, so whatever you've just said was heard by that fella too. Only by killing him, will we be able to live fearlessly."

    "Who is it ah?" Jie Heng asked worriedly.

    Meng Ye glanced at Mo Wuji, who was jumping down into the Tao Tie Valley. He started to admire Mo Wuji's bravery. If it was him, he wouldn't dare to do what Mo Wuji just did. Even if he was in the elementary Quasi-Sage Stage, he wouldn't dare to infuriate Huan Ti like that.

    When facing an expert who was previously a Sage, heading down like that was a dangerous move. There was a high possibility that he wouldn't make it back up. A lean camel is still bigger than a horse. Moreover, Tao Tie was recently injured by Huan Ti.

    "You will find out very soon." Meng Ye didn't tell Jie Heng who Mo Wuji went to lure up.


    "Even an ant dare to come anger a Sage? Die for me..." Before Mo Wuji was near to the bottom of the Tao Tie Valley, an enraged voice was heard. Following which, an invisible blade radiance was locked onto the entire space around Mo Wuji. It was struck right towards Mo Wuji.

    Huan Ti was fully focused on healing. If Mo Wuji and co. didn't dare to head down, he wouldn't bother going up at all. Only when he was fully recovered, would he be able to search for his own Gods Tower.

    The truth was that Mo Wuji never intended to reach the bottom of the Tao Tie Valley. His task was only to lure Huan Ti up. Concurrently when Huan Ti attacked, Mo Wuji shot out a Spiritual Will Arrow.

    His spiritual will detected that Huan Ti's sea of consciousness was slightly injured. Moreover, Kun Yun's monk's spade was indeed pierced through his body which caused his spiritual will to be obstructed. The dao spirituality around the monk's spade was permeating the whole place. Evidently, Huan Ti's injuries weren't light.

    This Spiritual Will Arrow was like a black and sharp knife piercing right towards Huan Ti's originally injured sea of consciousness. Huan Ti's sea of consciousness shivered and his spiritual circulation came to a halt. A throbbing pain could be felt in his sea of consciousness.

    Huan Ti let out an intense roar. The monk's spade, which was more than halfway out of his body, was thrust back into his body.

    An immense anger filled Huan Ti's heart. He stood up in an attempt to grab Mo Wuji.

    Despite being well prepared for it, Mo Wuji shockingly realised that he was unable to dodge that invisible blade radiance.

    That blade radiance pierced through his domain towards his chest. Even if he was in the Sage Physique Stage, he would have to suffer severe injury if he was struck by this blade radiance.

    At this point in time, why would Mo Wuji bother about hiding his magic treasures? In an instant, a page of the Book of Luo appeared to protect him.

    "Boom!" The invisible blade radiance hacked right onto the Book of Luo. This blade radiance managed to strike out a white scar even on a treasure like the Book of Luo. The insane dao spirituality energy surged over and Mo Wuji was completely unable to contain it. He spat out a mouthful of blood after this impact.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to escape with his Wind Escape Technique, Huan Ti's claw shadow broke through his domain once more. He was aiming to grab Mo Wuji's skull now.
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