Chapter 1111: Besieging Huan Ti

    Chapter 1111: Besieging Huan Ti

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    Without hesitation, Mo Wuji took out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd and a silver river descended.

    After reaching the Unity God Stage, Mo Wuji was able to execute his Winding River Sacred Art casually.

    The gloomy Tao Tie Valley was set off, in contrast, to appear white by this silver coloured river. Huan Ti, who had the monk's spade pierced through him, exclaimed. "A god equipment forged by the Chance Water and Rootless God Steel? Good item."

    As he complimented the weapon, his hand didn't stop moving.

    "Boom!" A hand seal clashed against Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd. The silver river descending was directly crushed into pieces. Subsequently, the silver radiance disappeared.

    Yet another insane elemental energy struck onto Mo Wuji's body. The second time Mo Wuji spat out blood, there was a sharp pain in his back.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji's halberd attack managed to slightly rip Huan Ti's space apart. Following which, he only took a step before charging out of Huan Ti's domain.

    Huan Ti paused for a second as he looked surprisingly at where Mo Wuji disappeared. "Earth Shrinking Sacred Art?"

    After witnessing that, Huan Ti's eyes lit up.

    The Earth Shrinking Sacred Art was a sacred art which belonged solely to one of the 12 God Emperors, God Emperor Gui Gu. Huan Ti knew Gui Gu personally so he knew that he wouldn't give away his sacred art easily. Even though Gui Gu perished, he wouldn't have given up his Earth Shrinking Sacred Art. At the very most, those who tried to execute the Earth Shrinking Sacred Art only made it look alike. A true expert like Huan Ti would be able to tell that it wasn't the real deal.

    The Earth Shrinking which Mo Wuji just executed was certainly the true Earth Shrinking Sacred Art. Moreover, it wouldn't be any weaker than God Emperor Gui Gu's sacred art.

    Huan Ti was also aware that other than Gui Gu, one other item possessed a sacred art like this. That was the Heavenly Spirit Transformations.

    The Heavenly Spirit Transformations was something even Sages would yearn for. It was a treasure of creation. The pity was that it only appeared in rumours and no one had seen it before. Besides the Earth Shrinking Sacred Art, rumours spread that there was the even more powerful Fetal Transformation Technique. This was a sacred art even more terrifying than any true and great sacred art present.

    If that fella's Earth Shrinking Sacred Art was from the Heavenly Spirit Transformations...

    At the thought of this, Huan Ti's eyes weren't the only thing that was lit up. Even his heart was starting to get fired up. In a single step, he charged right out of the Tao Tie Valley's entrance.

    "Bang!" Mo Wuji emerged from the Tao Tie Valley clumsily. Although he managed to attack twice, his back was still ripped by Huan Ti's hand. A terrifying hand shape filled with blood was formed on his back.

    If it wasn't for his Sage Physique, that final hand seal from Huan Ti was enough to fish out his heart.

    "Dao Friend Mo..." Looking at the state Mo Wuji was in, Meng Ye sounded.

    Mo Wuji shouted. "Dao Friend Meng, combine attacks with me. Jie Heng, guard well..."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd locked onto the surrounding space. He struck out a heavenly chasm-like gorge.

    Meng Ye was well experienced in battles. Without Mo Wuji's reminder, the horsetail whisk in his hand had turned into millions and millions of whiskers. These overwhelming whiskers followed closely behind Mo Wuji's halberd.

    In the next moment, Huan Ti appeared underneath Mo Wuji's halberd gorge. Without waiting for Huan Ti to dodge this gorge, Meng Ye's overwhelming whiskers swept over.

    The overwhelming whiskers instantly became a world of whiskers as they wrapped rounds around Huan Ti. Meng Ye was exceedingly fearful of Huan Ti. Therefore, once he started attacking, he wouldn't go easy or hesitate.

    If Huan Ti wasn't severely injured, Meng Ye's millions and millions of whisker would be nothing more than an itch to him. This was even if his current cultivation level was lowered.

    Presently, Huan Ti's cultivation was below the Sage level, was severely injured and had the monk's spade piercing through his body. This was truly his weakest point.

    Even so, he managed to break free of the whiskers restraint in an instant. Concurrently, he shouted furiously. "Meng Ye, you are really daring aren't you? A mere Rogue Sage and you dare to ambush a real Sage like myself."

    The red colour blade crown on his head turned into a red colour stretch of shining silk. The shining silk descended from the endless void as it collided with Mo Wuji's Heavenly Chasm Sacred Art.

    The extremely long and increasingly powerful Heavenly Chasm was slashed by Huan Ti's red blade crown. In that instance, a scar was formed on the Heavenly Chasm. Following which, this was the first time Mo Wuji's Heavenly Chasm Sacred Art was so easily broken by someone.

    That red blade crown's stretch of shining silk didn't stop there. It charged towards the endless looking whiskers formed by Meng Ye.

    Under the light radiance of this red blade crown, the whiskers looked like a massive tofu. It was rapidly torn apart and it appeared as though it would turn into nothingness any moment now.

    Jie Heng, who was told to guard well, was dumbfounded at what he saw. His face became increasingly pale. If he knew that Mo Wuji and Meng Ye were planning to deal with Huan Ti, he wouldn't join in no matter what.

    A Sage, this person was a Sage.

    The pity was that he wasn't an idiot and he knew that there was nowhere for him to run. The moment Huan Ti got away, he, Jie Heng, wouldn't survive long in the future. To him, there was only one thing he could do now. That would be to continue helping Mo Wuji and Meng Ye.

    Out of the four halberd strikes, Huan Ti managed to break the Winding River and Heavenly Chasm. Even so, Mo Wuji wasn't mentally affected by this. Not only did he not retreat, he charged towards Huan Ti as he sent out a finger.

    Seven World Finger Sacred Art, World of Man.

    The endless World of Man's intent dao spirituality overwhelmed the entire space. It turned all the laws into ordinary mortal laws.

    Humans were never anything more than a speck of dust living in this world. Whether it was now or a hundred years later, humans would remain as a speck of dust.

    Everything in this world is unpredictable but there will always be a day where it completely disappears.

    If it wasn't for Meng Ye's whiskers, Huan Ti would be able to break free from Mo Wuji's World of Man.

    Because Meng Ye's whiskers have yet to vanish, the World of Man appeared. Huan Ti's heart and soul were instantly calm. After calming down, the dao spirituality of the monk's spade pierced through his body started to linger vigorously. The one thing Huan Ti wanted the most was peace and serenity so he could heal. He didn't want anyone to bother him or fight with him.

    In this World of Man, all the fights didn't seem important anymore.

    No, this was an intent-level sacred art.

    In a moment's time, Huan Ti woke up from it as he let out a roar. The red colour half-moon blade crown pierced through the void. It was determined to rip Mo Wuji into many pieces.

    Mo Wuji had gone through countless near-death experiences so how could he miss this moment? Before the half-moon blade crown could control the space, he sent out his second finger. The second finger of the Seven World Finger, Heaven and Earth.

    After the World of Man was torn apart, it was still the Heaven and Earth. Mo Wuji had control of everything between the Heaven and Earth. Everything was controlled by one finger of Mo Wuji. This finger was the heavenly dao so what could anyone do about it?

    "Get out of my way." Huan Ti shouted angrily. He was no longer bothered by the monk's spade on his body. He started circulating his dao spirituality and god elemental energy surged.

    The red half-moon blade crown turned into a red blade radiance. It slashed towards Mo Wuji's finger Heaven and Earth in an attempt to destroy it. Concurrently, the monk's spade on Huan Ti's body let out an explosive dao spirituality. An insane amount of blood oozed out of Huan Ti's wound as his wound worsen. As a Sage, Huan Ti coughed out a few drops of faint yellow blood.

    Before Huan Ti could regain his senses, Meng Ye's horsetail whisk turned into a vast world. This world itself was a shackle as it tried to chain Huan Ti within it.

    Meng Ye could tell how shockingly terrifying Mo Wuji's offensive capabilities were. With his experience, he supported Mo Wuji with a sacred art of his own.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't miss out on such an opportunity. After the second finger was broken, the third finger, Fortune, emerged. It emerged from the side as it pointed right at Huan Ti.

    Huan Ti's heart sunk as he knew that he must leave now. He must leave before Meng Ye's chained world closed in on him. Otherwise, he would really suffer here. These sacred arts of this puny Unity God ant were simply too frightening. Ever since he embarked on his Dao path, he was definitely the strongest Unity God he met.

    Even back when he was a Unity God, he was far from being as strong as this ant.

    How depressing. He, Huan Ti, a true Sage was actually severely injured and forced to escape.

    Huan Ti was well aware that this wasn't because Meng Ye was strong. It was mainly because this Unity God was too powerful. This fella's Seven World Finger seemed like it was specifically meant to use against him. If this fella was allowed to grow, he would be an exceedingly frightening existence. This ant must have a huge secret on him but the pity was that he wasn't capable enough to uncover the secret. He didn't dare to stay and fight for his life because he still had a monk's spade in his body.

    The moment he started fighting with all his might, things wouldn't end well for him. However, if he wanted to leave, nobody can stop him.

    Just like Meng Ye's prediction, the Grade 8 God Deathtrap Array was of minimal use to stop Huan Ti. Huan Ti's body shifted and in a single grab, a tear was revealed in Meng Ye's Grade 8 God Array.

    Huan Ti dashed out of Meng Ye's god array and the faraway Jie Heng heaved a sigh of relief. He noticed that Huan Ti didn't escape towards his direction.

    The moment Huan Ti charged out of Meng Ye's Grade 8 deathtrap array, his entire body turned cold. A spatial oppression and killing energy swept over.

    Not good, there was a Grade 7 God Deathtrap Array formed using void runes here.

    Suddenly, Huan Ti had a very bad feeling about this. Even though a Grade 7 God Deathtrap Array meant nothing to him, he had this inauspicious feeling.

    Huan Ti didn't dare to stay long. In a breath worth of time, he found the foundation of Mo Wuji's void runes array. In a blink of an eye, he charged towards the position Jie Heng was guarding.
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