Chapter 1112: I Wont Kill My Allies

    Chapter 1112: I Won't Kill My Allies

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    The initially fearful Jie Heng noticed that Huan Ti was charging towards his direction. Without knowing what to do, all he did was to draw out his wind drum. Following which, he used all his god elemental energy to support his strongest offensive sacred art, Spatial Reversal Strike.

    No matter how weak Jie Heng might be, he was once a Principal God. A Principal God who was limitlessly close to a Quasi-Sage. After the incident back then, his cultivation level suffered a great hit like everyone else. But when compared to Sage Huan Ti, Jie Heng's decline wasn't as significant. At the very least, he was still in the intermediate Unity God Stage now.

    Spatial Reversal Strike was Jie Heng's trump card. It could reverse space and mess up laws. His magic treasure wind drum could turn everything within the reversed space into wind blades to trap the opponent.

    Just when Huan Ti broke through Mo Wuji's Grade 7 God Deathtrap Array, he was drawn right into the Spatial Reversal Strike.

    If it was any other time, Huan Ti could stand there for Jie Heng to attack with all his might. That was because Jie Heng's attack would be nothing more than an itch to him. Presently, the severely weakened Huan Ti was trapped in Jie Heng's Spatial Reversal Strike sacred art. The outcome wasn't simply an itch as the wind drum's blade radiance resulted in blood scars all over Huan Ti's body.

    Huan Ti's god elemental energy remained dull. Even his spiritual will started to turn sluggish.

    After letting out a roar, the red half-moon blade crown descended as it swept up a red blade radiance.

    "Ai!" A blood radiance exploded and Jie Heng was sliced into halves by Huan Ti's blade radiance. Two halves of his body flew apart like a kite with a broken string. As for Jie Heng's Spatial Reversal Strike, it was torn apart like a piece of thin paper before disappearing.

    Fortunately, Huan Ti's injuries were simply too severe. The monk's spade in his body continually corroded his dao spirituality and sea of consciousness. Otherwise, this blade radiance wouldn't have just hack Jie Heng's body into only two pieces. It would have sliced Jie Heng into so many pieces that he wouldn't have a chance to survive.

    It was only a short period of time since Huan Ti charged out of the Tao Tie Valley to when he sliced Jie Heng into halves.

    In that final attack on Jie Heng, it didn't even take more than a breath worth of time.

    Even so, it was enough time for Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji's third finger, Fortune, was completely formed up. It managed to lock onto the escaping Huan Ti.

    Even after the destruction of the World of Man and Heaven and Earth, Mo Wuji still had his Fortune.

    The destroyed World of Man and Heaven and Earth was turned into a vast and massive smelting furnace. The entire universe was melting and dissipating in this large smelting furnace...

    In this big world of Fortune, it didn't matter how down and out or distinguished you were before. Everything and everyone in this smelting furnace would melt and dissipate like copper.

    Heaven and Earth as the Furnace, Fortune as the Labour! Yin and Yang as the Charcoal, All Objects as the Copper!

    As if it could sense the dao spirituality of the Fortune, the monk's spade started circulating its dao spirituality intensely. It let out a 'chi' sound as an energy of life was disappearing. It was turning into the melted copper within the furnace.

    "No..." Huan Ti let out a devastating roar. He didn't want to resign to a fate like this, he was unwilling and he refused to accept this.

    I, Huan Ti, beheaded the heart devil, gone through endless life and deaths and was a recognised Sage who obtained the Gods Tower.

    I, Huan Ti, control the Heaven and Earth, am the ruler of the Universe. All lives are merely ants beneath my feet. Countless Sage or Gods have worshipped me.

    I, Huan Ti, had yet to seek revenge. The massacre had yet to begin, how could I die at the hands of an ant?

    I refuse! Refuse! Refuse...

    So what if it was the furnace of Fortune? I will tear it apart!

    "Boom!" A scar appeared on the furnace of Fortune before exploding. The Finger of Fortune was also torn into countless pieces of broken laws.

    At this moment, the severely injured Huan Ti looked like a mere skeleton. The essence of his blood and flesh were no longer there. Even so, that monk's spade was still pierced through his skeleton. It was still emitting a devastating energy of dao spirituality.

    Mo Wuji's expression changed. Looking at Huan Ti's injuries, he was convinced that Huan Ti would be restrained under his Finger of Fortune.

    Who would have expected that Huan Ti could actually break through his Finger of Fortune?

    The astonished Mo Wuji calmed himself down very quickly. This was when he gained insights to his fourth finger, Yin Yang!

    Yin Yang will take over all changes to the everything within the Heaven and Earth.

    One as Life, Two as Death!

    It seemed like I already had a Yin Yang supporting sacred art with me. Mo Wuji recalled something as he started striking out a mysterious hand seal.

    He might have gained insights on the Yin Yang but what he executed wasn't the fourth finger, Yin Yang. Instead, he executed the Wheel of Life and Death.

    Why would Huan Ti wait for Mo Wuji to execute his Wheel of Life and Death? After breaking past the Finger of Fortune, his body turned into a grey radiance as he darted out immediately.

    "Bang!" An intense tremble was felt in space. Huan Ti retreated for a few steps before falling on his butt.

    The space surrounding him was sealed up. Meng Ye, while having a pale face, constantly struck out hand seals. In a time like this, how could he not know that they mustn't let Huan Ti escape? His offensive sacred arts might not be as good as Mo Wuji's but his whiskers weren't weak.

    Previously, his whiskers were unable to restrain Huan Ti. Now that Huan Ti was blocked off by Mo Wuji consecutively, he would have wasted his life if he couldn't restrain Huan Ti now.

    "Meng Ye, you're courting death!" Huan Ti could only shout wildly while being restrained by Meng Ye's whiskers. He, as a Sage, was actually restrained by an ant-like Meng Ye. How frustrating!

    Anger filled up Huan Ti's heart as the dao spirituality around him was literally erupting. It appeared as though he wanted to blast off the shackles on him.

    Meng Ye's face turned pale at the sight of this. He was circulating his dao spirituality as well as his god elemental energy at his full strength. He was using all his force in an attempt to restrain the struggling Huan Ti. Meng Ye started spitting out fresh blood as his face turned increasingly pale. The dao spirituality around his body was getting distorted too.

    As Meng Ye struggled to open his eyes, he looked over to Mo Wuji before saying. "I can't hold on for much longer."

    Mo Wuji didn't answer Meng Ye's plea. He was determined not to give Huan Ti any more opportunity to break free. A Wheel of Life and Death imprint was struck onto Huan Ti's body.

    A Wheel as Life, a Wheel as Death.

    After he placed the Wheel of Life and Death imprint on Huan Ti, Huan Ti's anger filled eyes calmed down. He lifted his head to look at Mo Wuji. There was this indescribable feeling in the eyes that were looking at Mo Wuji.

    Meng Ye could sense that Huan Ti's struggle was getting weaker as he heaved a huge sigh of relief. After he regained his senses, he looked fearfully at Mo Wuji too.

    Even though it was a three men team against Huan Ti, Meng Ye was clear that the main force was still Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji wasn't here, he and Jie Heng would still have died in the hands of the severely injured Huan Ti.

    After Huan Ti was beaten up so badly, Mo Wuji could still feel his life force dissipating after executing his Wheel of Life and Death. The deathly energy was growing rapidly too.

    Mo Wuji was inevitably shocked. His Wheel of Life and Death only allowed one to live while the other must die. The reason why he could continually increase the other party's accumulation of deathly energy was because he had the Vitality Channel.

    This Huan Ti was simply too strong. If he didn't have his Vitality Channel, even Mo Wuji was unsure if he could finish Huan Ti off with his Wheel of Life and Death.

    As his life force was being taken away, why would Mo Wuji dare to think about anything else? His Wheel of Life and Death was constantly struck out but he was repeatedly replenishing his life force using his Vitality Channel.

    After spending more than ten breaths worth of time, Mo Wuji could sense that the dissipation of his life force was weakening. Eventually, it was no longer dissipating.

    Now that his life force was not decreasing, Huan Ti's life force started to disappear like water gushing out of a dam.

    The initially skeleton-like Huan Ti started emitting even more deathly energy.

    "What is your name?" Huan Ti forced himself to open his eyes as he asked Mo Wuji calmly. There was finally calm in his eyes and no longer any anger or unwillingness.

    In front of him, he saw the countless years of fighting experience. Then he saw himself as an energetic youth when he first started on this path of cultivation. Also, he recalled the many esteemed guests who came to congratulate him on obtaining the Sage's God Throne.

    Today, everything was disappearing and turning into nothing more than ashes. Despite all the good and bad that he had been through, Huan Ti's heart was dead. He no longer had any intentions of leaving behind any spiritual will in this world. This was because who knew how many years of suffering and torture must he go through for him to come back once more.

    He knew that if he wanted to live, he could sneak a trace of his spiritual will behind. However, so what if he did? With an expert like Mo Wuji in this world, where could he, Huan Ti, stand in the future?

    "Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji was immensely shocked at how tenacious Huan Ti was. Fortunately, he found two others to help him in this fight. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been able to get rid of Huan Ti.

    "You are very strong. So strong to the extent that you're making me give up the idea of reincarnation. Help me kill Meng Ye and Jie Heng and I will not come alive again. I guess this is enough for my life." Huan Ti negotiated with Mo Wuji.

    Meng Ye heard these words and his heart started beating rapidly. He looked fearfully at Mo Wuji. He felt that after Mo Wuji executed his final move, Wheel of Life and Death, his strength seemed to have increased to yet another level.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly. "You're over thinking. I will not kill my allies."

    Huan Ti let out a breath. "Mo Wuji, if I want to leave, it is true that you might be able to kill me now. But many years later, I, Huan Ti, will still be able to come back. Do you believe?"
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