Chapter 1113: Young Brother Principal God

    Chapter 1113: Young Brother Principal God

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    Initially, Mo Wuji was worried that Huan Ti might leave his spiritual will somewhere else. Hearing the words of Huan Ti now, Mo Wuji knew that Huan Ti was being excessively conceited. This time, he wasn't planning to leave his spiritual will behind.

    "I don't believe." Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief as he replied calmly.

    Huan Ti, who had no intention to live on, was livid once more. His life force was drained as a trace of spiritual will seeped into the void.

    In just half a second, Huan Ti opened his eyes as he looked at Mo Wuji shockingly. "Five Elementals Great Escape Sacred Art, void runes, non sea of consciousness' spiritual will..."

    At that moment, he understood it all. Mo Wuji truly had the Heavenly Spirit Transformations. Similarly, he understood that this young man in front of him wasn't lying. He, Huan Ti, was truly unable to escape out of the eyes of this young man. At the very least, he couldn't escape in his current state.

    Because of his self-confidence and wish to recover his strength in a perfect state, he didn't leave any spiritual will anywhere else. Today, he was completely restrained by Mo Wuji here which was equivalent to the end of his life.

    The faraway Meng Ye glanced over at Mo Wuji fearfully. He only needed one look at Huan Ti's expression to know that Huan Ti didn't escape. Mo Wuji was merely in the elementary Unity God Stage and was able to stop a Sage from escaping? What kind of sacred art was that? Should he, Meng Ye, continue to work together with Mo Wuji?

    A fella who could even handle a Sage. If he, Meng Ye, were to offend Mo Wuji, wouldn't he turn into ashes too?

    Huan Ti let out a long sigh. Suddenly, he had this strong urge to live on simply because Mo Wuji was too strong. If he were to survive, he might be able to see his arch enemies die at the hands of Mo Wuji. At the thought of this, he looked at Mo Wuji before asking. "Dao Friend Mo, your strength has earned my respect. There should be two reasons why you have yet to kill me. The first should be because you want the items in my world. Secondly, you don't know where your friend is and you want to save your friend."

    Mo Wuji answered faintly. "Nothing on you would attract my attention. Tell me where my friend is and I will give you a chance to reincarnate."

    How could Huan Ti not know that reincarnation and rebirth were two different matters? During reincarnation, there was a high possibility that he would lose all memories of this life. For an ordinary cultivator, reincarnation might be a decent offer. To a Sage like him, he didn't fancy reincarnation.

    "Dao Friend Mo, if you can become a Sage in the future, you will definitely not be weaker than any of those b*stards. You might be even stronger than them. You can save your friend but you must agree to one of my requests." Huan Ti spoke calmly.

    He didn't believe that Mo Wuji was only concerned about saving Ji Li. He was convinced that Mo Wuji would be interested in his treasures. Therefore, he didn't think that using Ji Li as the main bargaining chip would threaten Mo Wuji at all. At the very most, it would only further anger Mo Wuji. He had no idea how others would do things but he, Huan Ti, would never harm others without benefiting himself.

    "Say it." Mo Wuji nodded. Despite having Huan Ti restraint, he had filled his surrounding with void runes. Huan Ti, in his current condition, could forget about escaping from his clutches.

    "Spare me my life. Not because I want to live but because I want to personally see you kill Luo Xu. I am certain that after you become a Sage, you will have a fight with Luo Xu. After Luo Xu's death, I am more than willing to die. As long as you agree to this, I am willing to open my world for you. As for any other matters, there wouldn't be a problem." Huan Ti replied.

    He suspected that Mo Wuji might not dare to agree. The space and the five elements in the space might be locked on by Mo Wuji's spiritual will. However, the moment Mo Wuji brought his primordial spirit away, he would be able to leave.

    Indeed, before Mo Wuji could reply, Meng Ye shouted from afar. "Dao Friend Mo, you must not agree. As long as you bring Huan Ti away, even if it was a trace of his primordial spirit, he would have the chance to leave anytime."

    Meng Ye could tell why Huan Ti wasn't able to escape. That was because Mo Wuji used void runes to seal up the space around them.

    Huan Ti didn't refute Meng Ye's words as he looked at Mo Wuji. "Meng Ye is right. If you bring me away, I would indeed be capable of leaving. However, if you are willing, I can swear."

    "Once a person reaches the level Huan Ti did, swearing wouldn't be of any use. Their own laws are not lower than the oath of the Heavenly Dao..." Meng Ye continued to convince Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly. "Dao Friend Meng Ye, you are wrong. Their swearing could still be of use because I don't believe that their Dao Laws are higher than the Heavenly Dao Laws."

    Having said that Mo Wuji turned back to Huan Ti. "Huan Ti, even though you're once a Sage, you are also wrong. Even if I were to bring you away with me, you will not be able to escape."

    Mo Wuji wasn't speaking blindly. He had enough evidence to prove this point.

    If the laws of Sage were higher than the Heavenly Dao Laws, what happened in the God Burial Cave wouldn't have been possible. The green-robe Sage Nun wouldn't have feared the laws of the array gate at the Resting Land of the Gods.

    To not fear the restraints of the Laws of Heaven and Earth, there were only two ways. The first was that your own laws were higher than the Heavenly Dao Laws. Secondly, it would be to be like him. To be a mortal everywhere he went. The Heavenly Dao wouldn't be able to find his laws to restrain him.

    Mo Wuji had too many methods to prevent Huan Ti from leaving his clutches. He didn't even need to use his Sage Dao Talisman. All he needed to do was to throw Huan Ti into his Mortal World. Even if Huan Ti was fully recovered, he would need to rebuild his strength.

    Hearing Mo Wuji's words, Huan Ti's eyes perked up a little. He spoke with a low voice. "Dao Friend Mo, initially I still have my doubts. Now, I am certain that your future will surpass Luo Xu."

    As for how Mo Wuji couldn't restrain him if he wanted to leave, Huan Ti didn't explain. This was because Mo Wuji wasn't a Sage. Therefore, he wouldn't have known the techniques of a Sage. Naturally, he wouldn't speak too much about such matters.

    "You have a huge enmity with Luo Xu?" Mo Wuji looked at Huan Ti.

    Huan Ti clenched his teeth as he replied. "Luo Xu was more of a hypocrite than the fake Sage, Min Yuan of the past. That person's heart is exceedingly black and is incredibly vicious..."

    He didn't continue explaining because he was afraid he would affect Mo Wuji's zeal to deal with Luo Xu.

    "Alright, tell me where Ji Li is first. After I settle this matter, there are still many things I needed to do." Mo Wuji replied nonchalantly.

    From the very beginning, Mo Wuji didn't rush asking about the whereabouts of Ji Li. Mo Wuji was worried that Huan Ti could tell that he was overly concerned for Ji Li. Once Huan Ti noticed this, he might use Ji Li to threaten Mo Wuji. If Huan Ti were to use Ji Li to threaten him, Mo Wuji might let Huan Ti off.

    Huan Ti threw Mo Wuji a jade talisman. "Head down to the Tao Tie Talisman to break this talisman. A concealed defensive array will appear and your friend is there."

    Mo Wuji grabbed the jade talisman hurriedly. Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Huan Ti continued. "Can I make the vouch now?"

    Mo Wuji waved his hands. "There's no need..."

    "You want to go back on your words?" Huan Ti's anger filled the air as if he was going to tear Meng Ye's whiskers apart.

    Meng Ye laughed coldly. "Nobody cares about going back on their words to deal with a person like you. You, Huan Ti, are such a crafty and sly fella. Who would dare to bring you around?"

    Before Huan Ti could erupt in anger, Mo Wuji shook his hand. "Huan Ti, you're wrong. I really do not need you to swear. Don't worry, I will not kill you. After I kill Luo Xu, I will let you out. If you perform well, it isn't impossible for me to let you go in one piece."

    "You don't need me to swear? You dare to bring my primordial spirit around?" After a while, Huan Ti questioned Mo Wuji's decision shockingly.

    Mo Wuji didn't answer Huan Ti's question. Instead, he handed the jade talisman to Yue Ming. "Yue Ming, there are no dangers in the Tao Tie Valley now. Head down to bring your master back up."

    Because Ji Li's whereabout was near unknown, Mo Wuji didn't dare to execute the Great Art of Destruction. Otherwise, the Great Art of Destruction alone was enough to make Huan Ti suffer. Of course, Mo Wuji was worried that he might cause too much destruction by executing it here.

    "Yes." The emotional Yue Ming took over the jade talisman as he charged right down the Tao Tie Valley.

    The severely wounded Jie Heng managed to stitch his body back together. However, Mo Wuji knew that his cultivation level was reduced yet again from the looks of the weak energy around him.

    "Many thanks, Senior Mo for your life-saving grace." The weakened Jie Heng walked over fearfully towards Mo Wuji as he bowed respectfully.

    Presently, Mo Wuji was no longer just a senior. He was a senior's senior. This was because Mo Wuji only needed a finger to destroy him.

    Mo Wuji looked over to Jie Heng. "Dao Friend Jie Heng, your injuries are not light at all. Even though I know where the God Burial Cave is, it might be slightly dangerous for you to go there with me in the state that you're in. Why don't find a place to heal yourself? When I'm headed there, I'll let you know again."

    Jie Heng hurried to bow. "If Senior Mo thinks highly of me, I, Jie Heng, wants to follow beside Senior Mo from today onwards. I'll follow you everywhere and I'll not dare to disobey your orders."

    "You want to follow me?" Mo Wuji asked doubtfully. He was indeed slightly confused.

    He knew the origins of Jie Heng. The fact that this fella was one of the 72 Lords made him a reputable figure in this world.

    Previously, Mo Wuji did tell Meng Ye that he would be too lazy to agree if Jie Heng wanted to become his younger brother. However, Mo Wuji was simply boasting. Now that Jie Heng really wanted to become his younger brother, he was slightly taken aback.

    'Yes, I, Jie Heng, swear that I will follow behind Mo Wuji wherever he goes. Life and death shall be controlled by Lord Mo. If I were to go back on my words, I will be suppressed by the Laws of the Universe. My laws will be destroyed and I will be banished from this world!"

    When Jie Heng was swearing, he spat out three drops of blood. He had merged it with his vouch so there was no longer any turning back.

    Jie Heng wasn't dumb as he could see the potential of Mo Wuji. He was merely a Unity God and he had the guts to surround and attack a Sage. Not only that, he succeeded. Now, it might seem like he was at a disadvantage by pledging his loyalty so early on. But when Mo Wuji becomes a true Sage, he, Jie Heng, would be the true winner. A man riding on the success of somebody else was not just applicable to the mortal world.
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