Chapter 1114: Youre Not Able to Leave

    Chapter 1114: You're Not Able to Leave

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    This was a real vouch. Mo Wuji was surprised because he never expected Jie Heng to make such a vouch.

    "You're a smart guy." Huan Ti said to Jie Heng.

    Even though the possibility of Mo Wuji becoming a Sage wasn't high, Jie Heng would succeed if Mo Wuji really did become one. Looking at Mo Wuji's current strength, Huan Ti was certain that when Mo Wuji became a Sage, he would be able to go against Luo Xu.

    Naturally, if Mo Wuji failed to gain insights on the Sage Dao, Jie Heng would perish together with Mo Wuji.

    Finally, even Meng Ye couldn't control himself anymore. He clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji. "Dao Friend Mo, if you're able to become a Sage one day, I, Meng Ye, would swear to be your God follower too."

    Huan Ti chuckled. "If Dao Friend Mo really became a Sage, do you think he would have a lack of God servants like you? Haha, I do remember that people appreciate those who help them in times of need. Since when would people appreciate those who tried to decorate something that was already perfect?"

    Meng Ye's face looked slightly awkward. For a Rogue Sage like him to vouch to be Mo Wuji's God follower, he was truly unwilling.

    No matter how strong Mo Wujji might be, he wasn't willing to do so. He was, after all, still one of the Rogue Sage. Even if he had yet to regain his Rogue Sage God Throne, he was still a Rogue Sage.

    Mo Wuji didn't feel the need to have Meng Ye follow him around so his attention went back to Huan Ti. "Loosen your heart and soul, I will lock you up now."

    "Do you really not need me to swear?" Huan Ti thought that Mo Wuji was merely joking about it. One must know that if he didn't swear, he would be able to escape easily even if Mo Wuji had a true spirit world.

    Meng Ye looked anxiously at Mo Wuji but didn't try to convince him. Looking at Mo Wuji's stance, he was clearly going to let Huan Ti off. If Meng Ye were to continue nagging at Mo Wuji, he would only offend Huan Ti.

    "I've already loosened my heart and soul." Huan Ti didn't continue asking.

    Now that he, Huan Ti, was actually locked up by an ant like Mo Wuji without swearing, it wasn't a bad thing. He still had his fleshly body. At the very most, he would let this Mo Wuji off once in the future.

    At the moment Mo Wuji didn't need him to swear, he made his decision to leave. The truth was wouldn't change even if Mo Wuji got him to swear. He initially intended to recover for a period of time before leaving.

    The dignity of a Sage must not be humiliated.

    "I've loosened my heart and soul..." Huan Ti repeated.

    Before Huan Ti could finish his sentence, he felt his body becoming lighter. Following which, he landed in a world with complete laws.

    Not only were the laws complete, there were the sun and the moon as well. Additionally, rivers, mountains and plantations could be seen.

    Huan Ti was inevitably shocked. This was actually a World of Origin.

    Before Huan Ti's spiritual will could be used, a powerful force swept across. His body was brought up and thrown into the middle of a spiritual herbal field. Following which, Mo Wuji's voice could be heard. "You're living in my world so you can't possibly stay here and do nothing. You shall take care of these god spiritual herbs. If I found out that these god spiritual herbs are not well taken care of, there will not be a point for you to live in this world anymore."

    Mo Wuji's voice disappeared as Huan Ti looked shockingly at the surrounding. The pity was that the space around him was blocked off. All he could do was to wander around this large land of god spiritual herbs.

    Huan Ti sighed as he pondered. Where was this Mo Wuji from? How could he possess a World of Origin like this?

    The truth was that after every cultivator reached the World God Stage, they would possess an embryonic form of a world. But the embryonic form of a world was completely different from a world.

    Cultivators with the embryonic form of a world would be able to store items in it. At the very most, they would be able to open up one or two fields of spiritual herbs. Even if they were to do so, they needed to be at least a Quasi-Sage.

    To have living creatures in one's world, that would only be applicable to a Sage.

    In fact, Huan Ti had never seen a Sage's world as perfect and complete as Mo Wuji's world. Or even a world with such a great potential like Mo Wuji's. How was this a world? It could be the origin of a whole new universe.

    Huan Ti, who was initially planning to escape, was astonished very soon after.

    In a world like this, even the slightest movement couldn't escape the attention of Mo Wuji, let alone escape. It was no wonder Mo Wuji didn't need him to swear. Placing him in a world like this allows Mo Wuji to be in control of every movement of his. Where was he supposed to escape to?

    How strong was Mo Wuji? He was simply too strong.

    While Huan Ti was still in awe of Mo Wuji's world, Mo Wuji's voice could be heard again. "Oh yes, if you take good care of my god spiritual herbs, I might consider helping you remove Kun Yun's monk's spade from your body."

    "You're able to remove the Seven Buddha Spade?" Huan Ti asked surprisingly.

    "What do you think?" Mo Wuji kept quiet after these words. He finally realised that this corroded and stained monk's spade was the Seven Buddha Spade. He had always wondered if this Buddha Spade was related to the Seven Buddha Scriptures.

    A fear grew in Huan Ti's heart. All of a sudden, he started to suspect if Mo Wuji was the true Sage and not him.

    "Dao Friend Mo, you managed to keep Huan Ti?" Meng Ye asked with a confused look.

    Mo Wuji chuckled. "Dao Friend Meng, do not worry. Without my permission, Huan Ti would never be able to set foot out of my territory. This time, I must thank you properly."

    Meng Ye was suspicious but he clasped his fists respectfully. "We did agree to deal with Huan Ti together. Expressing gratitude would make us feel distant."

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "I'm not talking about Huan Ti, but Tian Hen. If it wasn't for your word of advice, I might have attacked Tian Hen. Now that I think of it, I will not have the chance to show up here to deal with Huan Ti if I really did attack."

    Mo Wuji really meant what he said. If he chose to ignore Meng Ye's advice back then, death would have been awaiting him.

    Mo Wuji didn't know about the past. However, he was certain that the present Huan Ti wouldn't be as strong as Tian Hen. One must know that Sage Tian Hen had a fully functional fleshly body and was settling in the Nirvana Ocean for many years now. When the God World was restored, Tian Hen must have obtained a large pile of benefits too.

    Because of the Seven Buddha Spade and severe injuries, Huan Ti would definitely be much weaker than Tian Hen. Even at his current condition, Mo Wuji's alliance with Meng Ye and Jie Heng almost failed to capture Huan Ti.

    Therefore, one could tell that his combined efforts with Meng Ye would simply be courting death. To deal with Tian Hen, Mo Wuji felt the need to reach the advanced Unity God Stage first.

    Once he reached the advanced Unity God Stage, there shouldn't be a need for him to fear Tian Hen anymore.

    So it was about Tian Hen. Meng Ye thought to himself but remained silent. The truth was that if Mo Wuji really did plan to deal with Tian Hen, he would have escape first. He wouldn't give his all just like he did against Huan Ti.

    "I'll head down to take a look. The both of you shall wait for me here." Mo Wuji's spiritual will sensed that Yue Ming's cultivation was too weak. Up till now, he had yet to reach the bottom of the Tao Tie Valley.

    "I want to head down with my Lord." Jie Heng answered instantly.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand before handing Jie Heng a bottle of the Breath of Hongmeng. "You shall wait for me here and heal your injuries in the meantime. Also, do not address me as your Lord from today onwards. A simple senior brother will do."

    "Yes, Senior Brother..." Jie Heng uttered three words as he took over the jade bottle, dumbfounded. "Breath of Hongmeng?"

    "Indeed, that is the Breath of Hongmeng." Mo Wuji patted Jie Heng's shoulder as his body flashed. He jumped right into the Tao Tie Valley.

    Breath of Hongmeng? Even Meng Ye stared shockingly at the jade bottle in Jie Heng's hands. He didn't expect Mo Wuji to be this generous. How could someone take out a bottle of the Breath of Hongmeng so casually to a person who had only just pledged his loyalty to him?

    "Many thanks Senior Brother." Jie Heng clasped his fists gratefully as he spoke with trembling voice. With this bottle of the Breath of Hongmeng, he was certain that he could recover to the Unity God Stage very soon.

    "Dao Friend Mo is truly an exceptional person." Meng Ye commented as he let out a sigh.

    Jie Heng chuckled as he found a place further away from Meng Ye to take his seat. While absorbing the Breath of Hongmeng to heal, he was also watching Meng Ye. Even if he knew that Meng Ye wouldn't dare to snatch his Breath of Hongmeng, Jie Heng still preferred to be cautious.

    Meng Ye glanced at Jie Heng but he chose not to say anything.

    Not only was he envious of Jie Heng, he also knew how great Mo Wuji's potential was. Even so, he was still unwilling to pledge his loyalty and follow Mo Wuji everywhere. The World-Ending Cataclysm was about to happen and that might be his opportunity to breakthrough.

    Who knew if he, Meng Ye, had the qualities to become a Sage too? Once he managed to become a Sage, he, Meng Ye, would be able to leave his mark on this vast universe too. If Mo Wuji does become a Sage too, he was still friends with him. If Mo Wuji wasn't capable enough to survive the tribulation, that would be the end of Mo Wuji.


    The speed at which Mo Wuji jumped down into the Tao Tie Valley was much greater than Yue Ming's speed. In a moment worth of time, he arrived beside Yue Ming. In one sweep of the hand, he managed to bring Yue Ming to the bottom of the valley. They landed at the bottom in a very short period of time.

    "Senior Mo." Yue Ming exclaimed emotionally. She handed the jade talisman back to Mo Wuji.
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