Chapter 1115: The Return to a Familiar Place

    Chapter 1115: The Return to a Familiar Place

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    Mo Wuji's speed was much greater than Yue Ming. With a fast pull, both of them landed at the bottom of the Tao Tie Valley.

    "Senior Mo." Yue Ming called out as he handed Mo Wuji the jade talisman.

    Mo Wuji used his spiritual will to scan the area. He didn't manage to sense any difference with this place. Even his spirit storage channel's spiritual will wasn't able to detect any peculiarity.

    This made Mo Wuji even more impressed by how extraordinary these Sages were. He was, after all, a God Array Emperor who could set up a Grade 8 God Array. Even so, his array dao was nothing compared to this Huan Ti.

    As he broke the jade talisman in his hands, an invisible defensive array appeared in front of their eyes.

    "Master!" Yue Ming called out emotionally. Mo Wuji lifted his hand to break this defensive array before carrying the unconscious Ji Li out.

    Besides looking pale, there weren't many changes to Ji Li's delicate and pretty appearance. Even though Ji Li was severely injured to the extent of near-death, she still looked pleasing to the eye. Even a slight scar on her forehead was a ghastly sight to others.

    Yue Ming controlled the tears in her eyes as she looked at Mo Wuji. She knew what she could or could not do with her limited abilities. She knew that she wouldn't be able to keep her master's life, let alone recover her sea of consciousness and spirit channels.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will circulated within Ji Li's spirit channels. Even without prying into her sea of consciousness, Mo Wuji knew that even her spirit channels were completely destroyed.

    "Your master is in a grave condition. I need to search for spiritual medicines to rescue your master but your cultivation is too low..."

    Before Mo Wuji could finish, Yue Ming interrupted. "Senior, please go ahead. I will cultivate here while I wait for Senior to return."

    She was aware of her own abilities. She knew that following Mo Wuji would only add to his burden, instead of relieving it.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. "No, you must not stay here. Huan Ti is gone so this place will no longer be safe. Experts might pop by any moment. I have a sect in the God Domain called the Mortal Sect. You can head to my sect..."

    Yue Ming hurried to nod her head. She didn't and wouldn't have any doubts in Mo Wuji's words.

    "Since this is the case, hurry up then. Also, since I address your master as Senior Sister, you can address me as Senior Uncle from today onwards." Mo Wuji swept his hand as he sent Ji Li into his Mortal World. With the Breath of Hongmeng beside Ji Li, her fleshly body and soul would start to warm up and nurture.

    "Dao Friend Mo, was your trip down fruitful?" Meng Ye asked the moment he saw Mo Wuji and Yue Ming emerged.

    Jie Heng, who was healing by the side, stood up and walked over too.

    Mo Wuji nodded. "My Senior Sister's life is no longer in danger. However, I cannot help her recover without the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo."

    Meng Ye understood Mo Wuji's intention. If it was before, he would have requested for Mo Wuji to take out half the Phecda Clay for him. Now, not only did he not mention anything about the Phecda Clay, he questioned. "Dao Friend Mo, when are we leaving?"

    Mo Wuji understood Meng Ye's question as well. He was asking when they could go search for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Mo Wuji nodded at Meng Ye as he handed Jie Heng a token. "Jie Heng, bring Yue Ming back to my Mortal Sect to cultivate there. When I am heading towards the God Burial Cave, I will return to bring you along."

    "Yes, Senior Brother." Jie Heng hurried to bow.

    With his current level of strength, he wouldn't dare to head over to the God Burial Cave even with Mo Wuji around.

    Jie Heng went to the Mortal Sect once. It was indeed a good location to cultivate. Because of the Grade 7 God Deathtrap Array, he didn't dare to attack it previously. Now that he thought about it, he should count his blessings that he didn't do so.


    "The place you mentioned is in God Continent?" Mo Wuji couldn't help but asked when they sat on the Nirvana Ocean's transfer array again.

    Meng Ye laughed. "Dao Friend Mo, to be honest, not a lot of people would visit that place. Because that place was not suitable for cultivation and there was only a dead end."

    "Where?" Mo Wuji asked promptly.

    "We've arrived. This is the place." Having said that, Meng Ye kept his flying treasure. They landed on an ordinary river.

    "Mei Clan Manor?" Mo Wuji stared doubtfully at the manor in front of him.

    "This place is the Mei Clan's Manor now?" Meng Ye inquired shockingly.

    Mo Wuji explained. "Years ago, I came out from here when I took the Nirvana Ocean's transfer array over."

    Back when Mo Wuji was on that Turtle Island with Jie Heng, he extracted a few items from Jie Heng. After which, he even forced Jie Heng to tell him where the transfer array to the God Continent was. Eventually, he arrived at the Mei Clan Manor after emerging from the transfer array.

    After the Laws of the God World were restored, a portion of the land in God Domain underwent massive changes. However, there weren't many changes to the appearance of the land in God Continent.

    Evidently, the Mei Clan Manor didn't change much. Besides the more complete Laws of Heaven and Earth, the Mei Clan Manor still looked like gloomy like before.

    "You've been here and was safe throughout?" It was Meng Ye's turn to be shocked.

    "Are there any problems?" Mo Wuji answered. "When I came here, the only problem was the restraint on my spiritual will. Also, there was this gloomy feeling about this place. Other than these, there was nothing else here."

    Meng Ye took a step closer to the ruined Mei Clan Manor before he started to scrutinize the place. After a while, he exclaimed. "No wonder! A change had occurred in this place. It was as if someone built a manor here. Is it the Mei Clan Manor? It seemed like the Mei Clan had produced an impressive figure. To think he would be able to build a manor here."

    "What is going on?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    "There is a transfer array here..." Meng Ye sounded.

    Before Meng Ye could finish his sentence, Mo Wuji interjected. "I know there is a transfer array here. I came over via the transfer array from the Nirvana Ocean."

    Meng Ye shook his head. "Dao Friend Mo, I'm not talking about the transfer array from the Nirvana Ocean. The Nirvana Ocean's transfer array must have been built afterwards. I'm talking about the transfer array..."

    "Hmmm..." A sharp humming sound was heard from the ruins which interrupted Meng Ye's words. The manor, which was overgrown with weeds, appeared exceedingly mournful and gloomy because of this humming.

    Meng Ye and Mo Wuji laughed as they entered the manor together.

    Despite having a weak fleshly body, Meng Ye was still in the elementary Quasi-Sage Stage. Mo Wuji might be in the elementary Unity God Stage but his strength was equal to a Sage. With two experts like them would be afraid of a humming sound, they shouldn't have started cultivating at all.

    "Don't go in..." Just as the two men stepped into the manor, a long hair man dashed out to stop them.

    Mo Wuji turned to find this man slightly familiar. Before he could speak, Meng Ye commented. "This person's mind is severely injured. I don't think he will be alive for much longer."

    Mo Wuji nodded as he could tell that this man seemed problematic. Not only was his mind injured, even his soul had scars and his primordial spirit was on the verge of dissipating.

    Before this man could continue speaking, Mo Wuji threw out a pill for him. This pill fell accurately into this man's mouth.

    The incoming man was surprised but he instantly sat down with his legs crossed.

    "What a good pill!" Meng Ye couldn't help but compliment the pill.

    He might not be able to control himself as he wanted to ask Mo Wuji how was this possible? How could this pill look like it didn't have any impurities? A pill without impurities was a pill without pill poison.

    Mo Wuji chuckled but nobody spoke. After he gained insights to his Pill Cleansing Sacred Art, the pills that he concocted were almost all harmless. Under normal circumstances, he wouldn't casually rescue others with his pills. The reason why he rescued this man was because Mo Wuji felt that this man looked like Xi Lingru. From Mo Wuji's judgement, this person should have some relation to Xi Lingru.

    Xi Lingru was actually the sect head of the Minor High Firmament Sect. Mo Wuji was on good terms with him and he did help him on several occasions.

    In less than half an incense worth of time, this long hair man woke up. He opened his eyes to see Mo Wuji and Meng Ye. Soon after, he regained his senses as he hurried to bow towards Mo Wuji. "Xi Fan greets Senior Mo. Thank you Senior for saving my life."

    With a single pill, his torn soul was recovered. How could this be an ordinary pill? Back then, his father admired Pill Master Mo greatly. It seemed like this Pill Master Mo was truly impressive.

    "You recognise me? How are you related to Xi Lingru?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Xi Fan's eyes turned red as he hurried to reply. "In reply to senior, Xi Lingru is my father."

    "How is your father now?" Mo Wuji saw the state of Xi Fan and he could guess that Xi Lingru might have run into some troubles.

    Xi Fan pointed to the desolate and gloomy Mei Clan Manor. "Many years ago, my father entered the Mei Clan Manor and didn't come out anymore. Junior's cultivation level is too low so I didn't dare to head into the manor. I've waited for my father from the outside for many years but to no avail or news about him."

    "Why did your father enter the Mei Clan Manor?" Mo Wuji couldn't help but ask.

    There was no treasure in the Mei Clan Manor. It was merely a ruined wasteland.

    Xi Fan answered. "My father went in to rescue Senior Mei Qianqian of the Firmament Pond Mountain."
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