Chapter 1116: 3 Rogue Sages

    Chapter 1116: 3 Rogue Sages

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    In that instant, an outstandingly good-looking woman appeared in Mo Wuji's mind. Mei Qianqian was the reason why he was able to enter the Minor High Firmament Sect. She was also the reason why he was able to grow crops in the Minor High Firmament Village.

    Mei Qianqian's reputation in the High Firmament God Sect wasn't very good. However, this wouldn't affect Mo Wuji's friendship with her. Mo Wuji would make friends with anyone he could get along with instead of the other party's reputation.

    "What happened to Sister Mei?" Mo Wuji's impression of Mei Qianqian was quite decent.

    After Xi Fan calmed down, he took in a deep breath of air before speaking. "Back then, after senior rescued Mountain Lord Mei and killed Jing Wei, Mountain Lord Mei left the Minor High Firmament Sect too. However, Mountain Lord Mei suddenly came back to the Minor High Firmament Sect after the restorations of the Laws of the Heaven and Earth in God Continent. I had no idea what Mountain Lord Mei and my father talked about. The very next day, Mountain Lord Mei headed towards the Mei Clan Manor alone.

    After Mountain Lord Mei entered the Mei Clan Manor, there were no longer any news of her. Seven days later, my father grew worried about Mountain Lord Mei. He brought an elder of the Minor High Firmament Sect into the Mei Clan Manor to look for Mountain Lord Mei..."

    Meng Ye, who was standing by the side, suddenly asked. "Is your father very close with Mountain Lord Mei?"

    Xi Fan shook his head. "No, the person my father admired the most was Senior Pill Master Mo. Pill Master Mo did ask my father to look after Mountain Lord Mei. Therefore, when Mountain Lord Mei got into trouble, my father will naturally not sit back and watch."

    Xi Fan wasn't speaking blindly. When Mo Wuji parted ways with Xi Lingru, he didn't expect Mo Wuji to achieve this much. However, Mo Wuji's reputation in the Nirvana Learning Academy grew exponentially. This was when Xi Lingru confirmed that Mo Wuji would have an extraordinary future. In his heart, he was even more determined to make friends with Mo Wuji.

    However, there weren't many more opportunities for him to meet Mo Wuji. The only way to be on the good side of Mo Wuji was to let Mo Wuji understand that he placed huge importance on Mo Wuji's friends.

    Mo Wuji was aware of how Xi Lingru was a clever and successful figure. Hence, he didn't doubt any of Xi Fan's words. "What happened afterwards?"

    Xi Fan spoke respectfully. "Before my father entered the Mei Clan Manor, he did leave me with some instructions. He told me that if he didn't make it out, I should report this incident to the Nirvana Learning Academy. Because I was worried about my father, I approached the Mei Clan Manor. I dared not step into the Mei Clan Manor but even so, my mind was suddenly injured and I lost part of my consciousness. I could still remember the words of my father which was why I didn't set foot into the Mei Clan Manor at all. All I could remember doing was to warn those who attempted to head into the Mei Clan Manor."

    "What was your father's cultivation level when he entered the Mei Clan Manor?" Mo Wuji asked.

    "Unity God Level 1." Xi Fan answered.

    Mo Wuji nodded. "Alright, I got it. I'm going to enter the Mei Clan Manor with my friend now. You can head back to the Minor High Firmament Sect first."

    Even an expert in the Unity God Level 1 could disappear without a trace in the Mei Clan Manor. This proved that the Mei Clan Manor was definitely not simple.

    "Senior Mo, you must not set foot into the Mei Clan Manor. I will head to the Nirvana Learning Academy now..."

    Mo Wuji didn't let Xi Fan finish his sentence as he shook his hand. "The Nirvana Learning Academy is no longer the same Nirvana Learning Academy as before. Even though it is still the God Continent's biggest sect, there are some changes to it. Heading to the Nirvana Learning Academy will not solve the problem. You can rest assured that if I see your father in the Mei Clan Manor, I will definitely lend a helping hand."

    "Many thanks, Senior Mo." Xi Fan hurried to bow.

    "Let's go, Dao Friend Meng." Mo Wuji called for Meng Ye as they stepped into the Mei Clan Manor.


    The Mei Clan Manor was pretty much the same as before. There weren't many changes to it because of the restorations of the Laws in the God Continent. At the very least, it was equally as gloomy and desolate when Mo Wuji and Meng Ye entered.

    "Dao Friend Mo, where is the location of the transfer array which you used from the Nirvana Ocean?" The two of them travelled across the broken walls and weeds before arriving at the depths of the Mei Clan Manor. Meng Ye asked while observing the surrounding.

    Mo Wuji pointed a collapsed building. "It is right there below the ground. There is a stone house there and the transfer array..."

    Mo Wuji stopped talking as he looked shockingly at Meng Ye. Meng Ye's face turned pale and his entire body was shivering.

    An indistinct primordial spirit was actually being pulled out of Meng Ye's body. Looking at Meng Ye's anxious expression, Mo Wuji knew that Meng Ye must have met with some troubles.

    Mo Wuji shivered subconsciously as he felt a chilling aura.

    Very soon, Mo Wuji reacted to the situation. While his spiritual will was unable to detect anything, he scanned the surrounding with his spirit storage channel. In the next moment, he saw an indistinct hand seal extracting the primordial spirit of Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye was a reputable Quasi-Sage but even he had no means of fighting back. The frightening thing was that he couldn't even cry for help.

    Without hesitation, Mo Wuji sent out a Spiritual Will Arrow. While the spiritual will of his sea of consciousness was restrained, he still had the spiritual will of his spirit storage channel.

    After shooting out that Spiritual Will Arrow, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd struck out a white radiance.

    "Ai!" A devastating cry broke the silence of the Mei Clan Manor. Following which, a red radiance exploded and the surrounding returned to its original peace.

    Meng Ye, who finally regained his senses, wiped the cold sweat from his forehead as he turned to Mo Wuji. "Many thanks, Dao Friend Mo. If it wasn't for your intervention, my primordial spirit would have been extracted by that b*stard...Ai..."

    At the thought of this, Meng Ye looked curiously at Mo Wuji. "Why was your primordial spirit not attacked? And you could even use your magic treasure sacred art..."

    In a place like this, Meng Ye was also able to execute his sacred art. That was because he had his own secrets. But how was Mo Wuji able to execute his sacred arts? How was his primordial spirit still intact?

    After stepping into the Unity God Stage, he intentionally revealed some dao spirituality. Otherwise, even Huan Ti, let alone Meng Ye, wouldn't be able to tell that he was a mortal.

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered by Meng Ye's question. If he didn't have any primordial spirit, how was anyone capable of snatching his primordial spirit? As for his spirit storage channel, he wouldn't tell anyone about it.

    "Dao Friend Meng, I believe there are some matters which you have to let me know. Otherwise, it will not be beneficial for both of us." Mo Wuji's tone became serious. If it wasn't for the importance of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to Ji Li, Mo Wuji would really not wish to cooperate with this sneaky Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye took in a breath as he protected himself with his domain before striking out a sound isolation array. "Dao Friend Mo, now that things have gone beyond my expectations, I will tell you even if you didn't ask. You know about the God Throne and you also know that I am one of the Three Rogue Sages. Naturally, there are three of us who are Rogue Sages. One of their names is Dui Zhaoren and he is the one regarding the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo."

    "You're saying that Dui Zhaoren is here?" Mo Wuji questioned.

    Meng Ye shook his head. "I am not certain about this. Back then, all the three Rogue Sages formed an alliance during the Cataclysm. On our journey, I personally witnessed how Yuan Mo had his soul destroyed. Dui Zhaoren and I combined forces to escape into an empty forest. Following which, we went on to hide our treasures in this empty forest on our own. I am certain that Dui Zhaoren would hide his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo there. This was because Dui Zhaoren was severely injured and his world was unstable. With those conditions, he would undoubtedly not dare to bring a treasure like the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo with him. The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was too important to him because it was something that could recover his Grand Dao in the future. My guess was right because not long after, I personally witnessed how Dui Zhaoren's world was destroyed."

    "What happened next?" Mo Wuji wasn't as hopeful as before anymore. After so many years, Dui Zhaoren might have gone back to retrieve it.

    "After that, Dui Zhaoren and I got together to set up a void transfer array in the void forest. Eventually, we got transferred to the place you call the Mei Clan Manor. After recording the location of this transfer array, we carved some transfer array runes here. Once that was done, we parted ways." Meng Ye continued to speak.

    Mo Wuji furrowed his brows as he asked. "Why are you so certain that Dui Zhaoren didn't return? Maybe he returned, installed the transfer array and went back to retrieve his item?"

    Meng Ye shook his head. "Back when we were installing the transfer array, I was the main person doing it. Dui Zhaoren's Array Dao is far from mine. Even if he is here, he will not be able to complete the transfer array alone... However, I am starting to doubt my judgement now..."

    "Why?" Mo Wuji's heart jumped because he was worried that Dui Zhaoren took away the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Meng Ye answered. "I suspect that Dui Zhaoren has recovered. Otherwise, he will not have the capabilities to extract my primordial spirit."

    There was something Meng Ye didn't continue to explain. There was a high possibility that Dui Zhaoren extracted his primordial spirit so he could force him to complete the void transfer array. If Dui Zhaoren was very much stronger than Mo Wuji and himself, he, Meng Ye, would no longer have much of a choice.

    "What did the two of you install the transfer array previously? Bring me there." Mo Wuji stared solemnly at Meng Ye.
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