Chapter 1117: The Secret of the Mei Clan Manor

    Chapter 1117: The Secret of the Mei Clan Manor

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    Having his primordial spirit almost taken away from him, this resulted in an additional trace of a shadow in Meng Ye's heart. In fact, he didn't even wish to continue his 'journey' with Mo Wuji.

    However, he thought of how Mo Wuji still had the Phecda Clay. Moreover, he was also curious about how Mo Wuji was able to casually execute his sacred arts here. Because of these reasons, he clenched his teeth as he made his decision to gamble on this.

    Without the Phecda Clay, his life would probably stagnate from here.

    Rumours spread that there was only one piece of the Phecda Clay in the entire universe. It could possibly be the piece which Mo Wuji had with him. If he were to miss this opportunity, it would be equivalent to him limiting the future of his Grand Dao.

    "I'll bring you there." Meng Ye spoke with his teeth clenched.

    Having said that, he executed his forbidden technique. Very soon after, he managed to sense the energy of the carved runes.

    "This way." Meng Ye indicated to Mo Wuji before leading the way.

    After half an incense worth of time, he and Mo Wuji arrived at the deepest depths of the Mei Clan Manor. This place should be a lotus pond but today, there were no longer any lotuses around. There was still some water accumulated in the middle of the pond.

    Throughout this process, both Mo Wuji and Meng Ye were not ambushed.

    "Right in the middle of this pond. I'm certain that I'm not wrong because I could feel the energy of my carved runes here." Standing by the side of the pond, Meng Ye said confidently.

    Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual will seeped through but it was blocked off very soon. An old and mottled stone gate blocked his spiritual will. This stone door gave Mo Wuji an odd feeling as if it wasn't made of stone. Instead, Mo Wuji felt like it was made of a type of miserable grief.

    Mo Wuji retracted his spiritual will before asking. "Does that Dui Zhaoren likes to absorb cultivators' primordial spirit to cultivate?"

    Meng Ye shook his head. "No but he did have a sacred art which could do this. In fact, this sacred art could allow his cultivation level to grow rapidly. Rumours spread that he can even become a Sage but he chose not to cultivate this way. I suspect that after the cataclysm, Dui Zhaoren altered his cultivation technique."

    "I am going down to take a look. Are you coming with me?" Mo Wuji looked at Meng Ye. He would get Meng Ye to wait for him here if he wasn't planning to head down.

    "Of course I am going down with you." Meng Ye replied without any doubts.

    He was certain that Mo Wuji had more techniques to survive in this place than he did.

    Mo Wuji hurried down as Meng Ye followed closely behind. While he was hurrying down, Mo Wuji's spirit storage channel's spiritual roots could sense an energy prying on his surrounding. However, that energy didn't act against Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji guessed that he should be afraid of his Spiritual Will Arrow.

    Because of that energy prying on his movements, Mo Wuji chose to reduce his speed. After an incense worth of time, he came to a halt with Meng Ye. Both of them arrived in front of a mottled stone gate.

    There were three words written on that stone gate: Sage Verification Gate.

    At the sight of this gate, Meng Ye's expression turned ugly drastically.

    "Dao Friend Meng, what happened?" Mo Wuji looked doubtfully at Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye pointed at the stone gate with a trembling hand." The outer layer of skin on this gate. That is..."

    Noticing Meng Ye's trembling voice and look of disbelief, Mo Wuji asked. "Does it belong to one of the Three Rogue Sages, Dui Zhaoren?"

    Meng Ye looked shockingly at that as he replied. "Yes, it is indeed Dui Zhaoren's skin. I've interacted with Dui Zhaoren for countless years. I am definitely able to recognise his energy."

    Even a fool would be able to tell that Dui Zhaoren wasn't the one who ambushed Meng Ye previously. With his skin scraped off his body to make this stone gate, how was it possible for Dui Zhaoren to deal with Meng Ye?

    "This stone gate seems very difficult to breakthrough." Mo Wuji circulated his spirit storage channel as he spoke.

    "Even I am unable to open this gate." Meng Ye added with a worried expression.

    This stone gate was condensed with Dui Zhaoren's dao spirituality who was, after all, a Quasi-Sage expert. A stone gate condensed from his dao spirituality and a supreme array. It was indeed something the present Meng Ye couldn't open.

    Yet another trace of shadow was formed in Meng Ye's heart. Back then, Dui Zhaoren was still a Quasi-Sage expert. Even so, someone could peel his skin to make this door and even took over this place. How could this fella be weak?

    Mo Wuji asked abruptly. "Dao Friend Meng, I believe this person has been waiting for your arrival."

    Meng Ye sighed without saying anything. Even without Mo Wuji's mention, he guessed that the other party was waiting for him.

    He was certain that even he wanted to leave now, he might not be able to do so. Fortunately, he came here with Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji was a person with mysterious techniques which even he couldn't discern.

    "Previously when the two of you were here, was the energy so gloomy as well?" Mo Wuji questioned yet again.

    Meng Ye didn't have the mood to talk as he simply shook his head.

    Mo Wuji sighed. "I know who is here."

    "Who?" Meng Ye asked anxiously.

    "Tian Hen." Mo Wuji replied calmly.

    Meng Ye's heart jumped as he quickly replied. "This isn't possible."

    He was certain that if Tian Hen was here, he, Meng Ye, wouldn't have been alive up till now. Tian Hen would have gotten rid of him from the very beginning. In fact, even Mo Wuji wouldn't be able to obstruct Tian Hen.

    Mo Wuji answered coldly. "This is a certainty, not a possibility. Previously when I arrived here from the Nirvana Ocean of Extinction, I do feel odd. The energy of the Mei Clan Manor was actually similar to the energy of the Nirvana Ocean. Now, I finally realised that this was the doing of Tian Hen, that old fella. However, you don't have to worry. I'm certain that Tian Hen isn't here. In fact, that fella isn't even in the God Continent."

    Meng Ye's anxious heart finally calmed down. He replied, "Dao Friend Mo, let's hurry up and leave this place. We wouldn't be able to make it out if we delay any longer."

    Once Tian Hen returned, how was he and Mo Wuji going to escape?

    Mo Wuji spoke again. "Dao Friend Mo, do you really think that you can leave just because you want to? Tian Hen was evidently waiting for your return. Now that you have returned, it is equivalent to you entering his lair. Even if Tian Hen isn't around, he would hear of this news very quickly. The only way for us to escape now will be to leave from this transfer array."

    Mo Wuji's purpose here was not to find out who occupied this place. Instead, he came to look for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Without the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo in his hands, how could he leave this place?

    "What are we suppose to do here if we are unable to open this gate?" Meng Ye revealed eyes of despair because he knew that Mo Wuji was right. If Tian Hen returned, he wouldn't stand a chance to escape. He was also aware why Tian Hen wanted to look for him. Besides Dui Zhaoren's Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, there was one more thing with him.

    Mo Wuju raised his hand and the Kun Wu Sword appeared in his hands.

    "Kun Wu?" Meng Ye looked shockingly at the grey coloured sword in Mo Wuju's hands.

    Mo Wuji nodded. "Indeed, just because you cannot break through here doesn't mean that I couldn't."

    Having said that, the Kun Wu Sword turned into a grey dao law as it struck forward. "Bang!"

    A loud explosion was heard and a crack appeared on the mottled gate. Without any hesitation, the Kun Wu Sword struck out yet another terrifying killing intent. It was just like the one used to tear the Laws of the God Continent as it was struck towards the same crack on the gate.

    "Kacha!" Yet another crack appeared on the gate and in the very next moment, Mo Wuji sent out a punch. The cracked gate instantly collapsed.

    An extremely majestic looking hall appeared in front of the eyes of Mo Wuji and Meng Ye.

    There were criss-crossed array runes right smack in the middle of the hall. These array runes were protected by a defensive array. Other than the array runes, there was also a skeleton-like man seated in the void.

    "Meng Ye, you sure have some guts to break my gate." The skeleton-like man said in a stern tone.

    He dared not say anything to Mo Wuji. Previously, he was shot by Mo Wuji's Spiritual Will Arrow and had yet to recover from it.

    Meng Ye grunted coldly. "What are you? Are you even worthy of speaking to me?"

    Mo Wuji chuckled. "This thing here was the one who used his hand imprint to extract your primordial spirit. It seems like this thing here is pretty strong. My guess is that he is Tian Hen's lackey..."

    All of the sudden, Mo Wuji stopped talking as his eyes scanned through the surrounding of the hall. This hall was filled with skins of all sorts of cultivators. On closer look, this hall really did look very eerie.

    Because of his previous interaction with Xi Lingru, he was well aware of Xi Lingru's energy. Very quickly, Mo Wuji found a piece of Xi Lingru's skin. However, he didn't recognise Mei Qianqian's skin because they were not that close before. Moreover, Mei Qianqian was a female so there was no way he could pry or have a sensing of Mei Qianqian's energy.

    The icy cold killing intent filled Mo Wuji's entire body as he looked at the skeleton-like man. With a tinge of killing intent in his tone, Mo Wuji spoke. "It seems like you are also the one who exterminated the Mei Clan?"

    "Hahahaha..." The skeleton-like man let out a huge laughter in which his tears almost fell out from his eyes. "My name is Mei Hangshang and I am the one who builds the Mei Clan Manor many years ago. What do you think? Hahahaha..."

    "You're indeed a pervert to think that you'll destroy your own manor. You've even pasted all your killings on the walls of this wall. It is truly unfortunate that the Mei Clan has an ancestor like you..." After saying this, Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd turned into a halberd radiance as it swept over.
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