Chapter 1118: Restraining A Fake Quasi-Sage

    Chapter 1118: Restraining A Fake Quasi-Sage

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    A white bone descended from the void at almost the same time Mo Wuji's halberd struck. The white bone exploded in mid-air before sweeping up countless white fish scales. These white fish scales surged towards the halberd.

    "Bang!" The white radiance of the halberd was wrapped around by the white fish scales. Following which, it appeared to dissolve in a swamp.

    Mo Wuji knew that this fella wasn't afraid of his ordinary sacred arts. However, Mo Wuji never thought of using his Seven World Finger or Great Art of Destruction against Mei Hangshang.

    There was no need for Mo Wuji to go all out to deal with a mere Mei Hangshang. After sending out three consecutive Spiritual Will Arrows, Mei Hangshang let out a few more devastating cries.

    Following his cries, the white fish scales which were wrapped around Mo Wuji's Half Moon Weighted Halberd disappeared without a trace. They turned back into a white bone as it fell to the side.

    "Kacha!" Even Meng Ye, who was standing by the side, could hear the cracking sounds from Mei Hangshang's bones.

    During the fight between Mo Wuji and Mei Hangshang, Meng Ye didn't do anything at all. One reason was to respect Mo Wuji. Given Mo Wuji's strength, dealing with Mei Hangshang shouldn't require his assistance. Secondly, he wanted to see how Mo Wuji was going to deal with an elementary Quasi-Sage expert like Mei Hangshang.

    Presently, he saw the outcome clearly. Even if Mei Hangshang was an elementary Quasi-Sage expert, he didn't even have the capability to fight back against Mo Wuji. It wasn't because Mei Hangshang was too weak but because Mei Hangshang's techniques weren't fatal enough. Mo Wuji, on the other hand, seemed to have a specialised technique to deal with the flaws in Mei Hangshang's technique. Meng Ye's guess was that Mo Wuji used a method to attack spiritual will. Mei Hangshang cultivated the Devouring God Dao so he would be most fearful of attacks on his spiritual will.

    To be honest, even he was fearful of Mo Wuji's spiritual will attack.

    "Bang!" Three Spiritual Will Arrows struck the injured Mei Hangshang's sea of consciousness, causing it to be in disarray. The seated Mei Hangshang was like a glass swept onto the ground as he landed with a lot of cracking sounds. He was on the ground with his bones detached.

    To Mo Wuji's surprise, Mei Hangshang didn't look too depressed or disappointed. With his skull on top of the pile of bones, he looked at Mo Wuji. "When you first arrived here, you were merely an ant. I cultivated a dao which allows me to absorb primordial spirits. Even so, how did you stop me from absorbing?"

    The first time Mo Wuji was here, the God Continent had yet to recover fully. He, Mei Hangshang, was not completely controlled by Tian Hen. He was merely penetrated by one of Tian Hen's spiritual will. Because he cultivated Dui Zhaoren's Devouring God Dao, he was able to have some freedom in this place. When he was unable to absorb Mo Wuji's primordial spirit, he was also not capable of capturing Mo Wuji here. That was the reason why Mo Wuji was able to escape so easily.

    "Where is Mei Qianqian?" Mo Wuji didn't bother answering his question. Instead, he directly inquired about Mei Qianqian.

    With a sinister laugh, Mei Hangshang replied. "She was taken away by Tian Hen. I am about to reincarnate so I will ask about Mei Qianqian. When it's your turn to reincarnate, I'll let you know again."

    He, Mei Hangshang, was considered the most talented cultivator in the entire God Continent. Even before the Laws of Heaven and Earth in God World were restored, cultivating to the Unity God Stage was insanely difficult. He, Mei Hangshang, actually cultivated to the Great Circle of the Unity God Stage.

    Mei Hangshang was never interested in dominating the entire God Continent. If he was even slightly interested, he was strong enough to establish a force capable of opposing the Nirvana Learning Academy.

    Instead, he was interested in verifying himself as a Sage. He was interested in entering the ranks of a true expert with a God Throne.

    Coincidentally, he did come across such an opportunity. He met an exceptional expert in the Mei Clan Manor. To be specific, it was a severely injured exceptional expert.

    Through all sorts of methods, he managed to approach this expert and even obtained his Devouring God Dao's technique. Eventually, Mei Hangshang even managed to assassinate him. If he hadn't met an even more terrifying expert like Sage Tian Hen, he, Mei Hangshang would have succeeded.

    Mo Wuji sneered coldly. "Even a Sage who die at my hands wouldn't be able to reincarnate. What makes you think a puny Quasi-Sage like you can think about reincarnation?"

    Just as Mo Wuji said this, Mei Hangshang asked anxiously. "How are you able to do so?"

    Mei Hangshang realised that he was unable to seep out even a trace of spiritual will. Presently, the entire space was sealed by packed void runes. In fact, he wouldn't be able to escape from such an overwhelmingly strong void deathtrap array even if he was without any injuries now. He was certain that even a trace of his dissipating primordial spirit wouldn't make it past this invisible array.

    This wasn't simply a deathtrap array but also a seal on the five elements in the surrounding. With the laws of all five elements sealed up, how was he supposed to escape?

    Meng Ye was sneering coldly in his heart. Mo Wuji was someone who could even lock Huan Ti up. Nobody knew what rubbish methods this fella used to become a Quasi-Sage. However, it was simply a joke to think that a person without a God Throne was hoping he could escape from the clutches of Mo Wuji. Moreover, he was merely a pawn controlled and used by Tian Hen.

    Mo Wuji replied faintly. "You don't have to worry about how I did it. All you need to tell me is the location of Mei Qianqian. Even though she has a disgusting ancestor like you, Mei Qianqian is still a decent person..."

    Just as Mo Wuji said this, he could feel a depressing energy. As he turned to look, his eyes landed on a human skin as white as snow.

    Without saying anything, Mo Wuji suddenly felt so depressed that he wanted to find someone to spill his emotions. Following which, anger filled up his entire heart and soul.

    Mei Qianqian; Mo Wuji was certain that was Mei Qianqian.

    Mei Qianqian was a depressed figure whose life was nothing but a huge depression. While she looked like she had fame and respect in her sect, the truth was that she had endured countless humiliations.

    Mo Wuji only managed to sense her depression because he mentioned her name multiple times.

    "I am telling you to let me reincarnate..." Mei Hangshang shouted wildly. Being trapped in Mo Wuji's five elements deathtrap array, there was simply no chance for him to reincarnate.

    Mo Wuji shut his eyes as he didn't answer Mei Hangshang's words.

    Meng Ye, who was standing closest to Mo Wuji, could sense Mo Wuji's rage and killing intent. He took the initiative to ask. "You killed Dui Zhaoren and snatched his Devouring God Dao technique?"

    "Yes, but the person backing me is Sage Tian Hen, an expert with a God Throne. If you dare to touch me, Sage Tian Hen would crush you into fine powder and never allow you to come back to life." Mei Hangshang was different from others. He was a person with desperate hopes to live. Otherwise, he wouldn't be willing to be controlled by Sage Tian Hen. He wouldn't have listened to his order to stay and wait for Meng Ye. He would rather reincarnate than to be killed by Tian Hen and never have a chance to reincarnate.

    Reincarnation was extremely important to him. Because he cultivated the Devouring God Dao, he would still be able to retrieve his cultivation and memory after reincarnation. However, cultivating back to the Great Circle of the Unity God Stage after reincarnation was too difficult. This was why he chose not to undergo reincarnation up till today.

    Mo Wuji opened his eyes before looking at Mei Hangshang with a disdainful look. "Do you think scum like you have the rights to reincarnate? Die."

    The Grade 9 Scholar's Heart was sent out. Almost instantaneously, Mei Hangshang's body was engulfed in Mo Wuji's Scholar's Heart. Within the green flame, a terrifying looking head popped out.

    A devastating cry was heard. "Please let me off and I am willing to do anything for you. You like the women of my Mei Clan right? I can help you produce more as long as you let me off. I will be your dog..."

    Mo Wuji let out a loud sigh. "Initially, I was planning to let you burn for a while more. Who would have expected you to even insult dogs..."

    A golden light exploded from the Scholar's Heart and Mei Hangshang's cry for help stopped abruptly.

    Meng Ye subconsciously shivered. He didn't expect Mo Wuji to even possess a Grade 9 god flame. In his current condition, he was most fearful of flame. It was just like how Mei Hangshang was most afraid of attacks on his spiritual will. If Mo Wuji also possessed an offensive sacred art using flames, he would be completely restrained by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji turned to Meng Ye as he spoke. "Tian Hen is a Sage and Mei Hangshang is his dog. Killing him here will definitely alert Tian Hen. This hall should be where you and Dui Zhaoren carved the void runes right? Please take a look and see how long you need to complete the transfer array back to the void forest."

    Meng Ye answered hurriedly. "Brother Mo, don't worry about this. I will definitely complete this in the shortest possible time."

    Because of respect and admiration, Meng Ye changed the way he addressed Mo Wuji to Brother Mo. Whether or not Mo Wuji possessed a sacred art of flames, he dared not take this risk.

    Mo Wuji didn't mind as he replied. "I shall go ahead to bury my two friends first."

    After saying that, Mo Wuji swept up the remains of Mei Qianqian and Xi Lingru as he headed out of the ground.

    Because of the slight trace of depression which Mei Qianqian and Xi Lingru had, there should still be a chance of reincarnation. Mo Wuji didn't send them into his Mortal World because his Mortal World was an independent world. Before they reincarnate in the world which they perished in, entering his Mortal World would dash any hopes of reincarnation.

    With his fastest speed, Mo Wuji buried the two of them in a valley deep in the Mei Clan Manor. Without any hesitation, he returned to see Meng Ye hurrying to complete the array.

    Even if Mo Wuji didn't rush Meng Ye, Meng Ye dared not stay here for long.

    Sage Tian Hen was like a huge mountain pressing on Meng Ye's head. Meng Ye dared not relax and take it easy even for a second.

    Mo Wuji was in awe while watching Meng Ye work on his array. After sealing Huan Ti, Mo Wuji's combat abilities increased to yet another level. If he were to fight Meng Ye, Mo Wuji was confident of being able to suppress him.

    However, Mo Wuji still felt inferior as he looked at Meng Ye's array dao. Despite being a Grade 8 God Array Emperor himself, he was still a distance away from Meng Ye in terms of array dao.

    Among the runes which Meng Ye carved, Mo Wuji only understood a portion of it. At this point in time, there was no reason for Mo Wuji to be embarrassed.

    While Meng Ye was forging array flags to install the transfer array, Mo Wuji kept asking questions by the side. As long as he didn't understand something, he would ask Meng Ye instantly. Afterwards, he would request to help forge a few array flags or void runes.

    Meng Ye, who tried to get on the good side of Mo Wuji, didn't conceal any knowledge when Mo Wuji asked. Meng Ye also allowed Mo Wuji to try carving a few of the runes that were needed.
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