Chapter 1119: The Ant Who Knew How To Run

    Chapter 1119: The Ant Who Knew How To Run

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    Lei Hongji gasped as he was determined to find out the person who took away the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. If Lei Hongji knew who the person was, he would definitely skin that fella alive.

    Indeed, Lei Hongji saw the Furnace of Heaven and Earth before. Regardless of how much he wanted to bring it away, he was unable to do so.

    Because of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth, that b*stard, Tian Hen, chased after him for over ten years. For ten years, Lei Hongji was on the run. He would have been killed by that b*stard if it wasn't for spatial escape technique and his cultivation level. He was currently in Unity God Level 4.

    Besides a small increment in the level of his spatial escape technique, Lei Hongji didn't see much improvement in his cultivation level. Initially, he became a Unity God because of the recovery of the God World and the appearance of the Paramita Flower. Additionally, he made use of a peak grade dao fruit to charge past the elementary Unity God Stage. In a very short period of time, he stepped into Unity God Level 4.

    The God World had perfect Laws of the Heaven and Earth while he had exceptional items. With a little more time, he should be able to step into Unity God Level 7 easily.

    However, that b*stard called Tian Hen wanted to kill him so desperately because of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. That furnace was gigantic and he was unable to refine it. Even the Lei Hongji of the present might not be able to take it away, let alone previously.

    Despite not being able to bring it away, Lei Hongji knew that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was definitely a good item. It could be considered a peak grade treasure simply because it could produce the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills.Previously, a cultivator with these pills told him that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth produced the Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills. However, Lei Hongji didn't believe him and he killed him. After seeing how these Heavenly Laws Elemental Pills were actually shot out by the furnace, how could Lei Hongji not get excited?

    Lei Hongji realised he truly had no means to bring the Furnace of Heaven and Earth away after arriving at its location. Initially, Lei Hongji planned to come back after becoming a Unity God.

    Suddenly, the Laws of the God World were restored and the appearance of the land changed drastically. The location of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth became only an idea.

    Indeed, he successfully cultivated to become a Unity God. Before he could go look for the furnace, someone came after him for that same furnace. Unfortunately, his return to God Domain this time was because he was forced back. If he didn't have his own ways, he might not even be able to board the transfer array from God Continent to God Domain.

    Truthfully, Lei Hong Ji wasn't the most depressed person because Tian Hen was.

    The Furnace of Heaven and Earth was Tian Hen's treasure of Fortune. Naturally, he knew what he placed it. According to his investigations, he found out that a fella, who cultivated the dark technique, wanted his furnace. However, it didn't mean that anybody who wanted it could bring it away. Afterwards, that fella even set up a White Bone Pool.

    Tian Hen went to the ruins of the White Bone Pool. He realised that there weren't even any white bones, let alone the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. Afterwards, he started checking those ants who came to God World from the Cosmos Wall.

    The pity was God World was simply too huge and his cultivation level had yet to recover. After a while, he finally obtained news of an ant who came up from the Cosmos Wall. However, that ant was killed by a fella called Lei Hongji.

    Therefore, Lei Hongji was the most important figure he, Tian Hen, wanted to capture.

    This should be a small matter for him. He was a Sage even though his cultivation level fell to the level of a Quasi-Sage. No matter his cultivation level, capturing an intermediate Unity God ant should be easy. In the end, it was everything but easy. In fact, he even spent over ten years chasing after him. From God Continent to God Domain, he even destroyed a few of the god cities.

    Tian Hen would have given up on chasing this ant in any other case. However, the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was simply too important to him.

    At that point in time, Tian Hen sensed that a chess piece which he set up was actually destroyed. Mei Hangshang of God Domain was a key figure to his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and Void Waterseal. Once Mei Hangshang was killed, he would lose his chance to find Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye was, after all, one of the three Rogue Sages. It was definitely neither simple nor easy to find a person like him.

    Tian Hen stopped his pursuit for Lei Hongji. Given Lei Hongji's craftiness and techniques, he knew that capturing Lei Hongji quickly wasn't possible. Moreover, he knew that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth wasn't with Lei Hongji. Therefore, his priority was to capture Meng Ye.

    Only Meng Ye would have the chance and skills to kill Mei Hangshang. It wouldn't matter if he missed out on Lei Hongji now. He could still look for Lei Hongji in the future to force out news of the Furnace of Heaven and Earth. However, missing out on Meng Ye meant that he would never be able to find back his Void Waterseal and Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    After the Cataclysm, Meng Ye would definitely suffer. Hence, Meng Ye would undoubtedly need these two items. To surpass the other Sages, Tian Hen needed these two items together with his Furnace of Heaven and Earth. He mustn't let Meng Ye waste these two items just like that.

    The escaping Lei Hongji came to an abrupt halt. He shockingly realised that Tian Hen was no longer chasing after him. This came as an extremely pleasant surprise. To him, his priority now would be to find a place to improve his cultivation level.

    It could be said that nobody in the entire God World could compare to his current spiritual roots' aptitude. Once his cultivation level was improved, he would definitely teach Tian Hen a lesson. As for the Furnace of Heaven and Earth? I, Lei Hongji, am definitely going to get it.


    For three consecutive days, Meng Ye was installing the transfer array. With Meng Ye at work, the transfer array was getting closer to completion.

    During this process, Mo Wuji learnt many things. Mo Wuji's Array Dao was completely different from Meng Ye's. Even so, it was sufficient for him to perfect his own Array Dao with the new knowledge.

    On the fourth day, Mo Wuji suddenly looked up at the top of the hall.

    "What is it?" Meng Ye asked anxiously.

    Mo Wuji sensed an extreme danger coming their way. Mo Wuji said while looking at the top of the hall, "If I'm not wrong, Tian Hen is very near us. In less than half an incense worth of time, he should be able to arrive here."

    Meng Ye became much more anxious that Mo Wuji upon hearing Tian Hen's name. He instantly stepped onto the transfer array before asking Mo Wuji to come over, "Come on up quickly, the few void runes by the side are not necessary. We will definitely be able to travel through it."

    A god spiritual vein was already implanted at the bottom of the transfer array. It was enough for both Mo Wuji and Meng Ye to be transferred.

    "I am going to ignite it now. Brother Mo, you should hurry up too." Seeing how Mo Wuji was still carving some void runes by the side, Meng Ye grew worried. He felt extremely uncomfortable as well.

    "I'm almost done." After carving out a thousand more array runes, Mo Wuji stepped into the transfer array.

    A person appeared within Mo Wuji and Meng Ye's spiritual will. Meng Ye threw out a few array flags to activate the transfer array. At the same time, Mo Wuji also threw out a few array flags before striking out hundreds of hand seals.

    "What did you do?" The white light of the transfer array swept up. Concurrently when Meng Ye and Mo Wuji was enveloped, Meng Ye questioned.

    "I gave Tian Hen a small gift. He was, after all, a Sage so I must show him a little respect. I set off a few firecrackers for him." Having said that, a huge hand charged down in an attempt to grab Meng Ye and Mo Wuji.

    When the massive hand was less than five metres away, Mo Wuji and Meng Ye disappeared within the white light.

    A middle-aged man in brown robe with an ashen face landed in front of the transfer array. His spiritual will scanned through every corner of the array runes and foundation. He needed to find out how to activate this transfer array as soon as possible.

    The moment his spiritual will landed on the transfer array, an energy of destruction surged over. This frightening energy of destruction looked like it was about to tear the entire God World apart.

    "Not good." Just as this man was about to escape, a loud explosion could be heard. Following which, everything in the space around him was instantly destroyed.

    Following which, the terrifying energy of the collapse overwhelmed the space. Everything within this space was turned into fine powder and eventually, nothingness. The middle-aged man's clothing was torn and even a few of his bones were cracked. If it was any other cultivator, he would have turned into nothingness too.

    "Boom boom boom!" The collapse of the space didn't end but this man already stepped out of the exploding region. He looked shockingly at the disappearing Mei Clan Manor. The space was like a massive mouth as it swallowed the entire Mei Clan Manor.

    Naturally, this middle-aged man was the anxious Sage Tian Hen. He was only a split second late to capture Mo Wuji and Meng Ye.

    Even though he missed out, Tian Hen wasn't bothered because he knew he still had a chance. Given his abilities, he was confident in activating the transfer array quickly. After that, he would be able to catch up with Meng Ye and the ant beside him. He didn't believe that every cultivator was as good at running as Lei Hongji.

    Unexpectedly, he didn't think that Mo Wuji would destroy the place with such a frightening technique. Yet another bold and crafty fella. If it was any other cultivator who knew that he was coming, who would be calm enough to continue carving the array runes? He even left behind a great sacred art just before leaving.

    The Mei Clan Manor was no longer there. After the collapse, the Laws of Space seemed to be slowly recovering.

    Tian Hen's shock became excitement after a while. In fact, he wasn't even bothered to get angry at how he was ambushed, tore his clothes and even suffered a minor injury.

    An excited Tian Hen stood there motionlessly. He was excited because he witnessed the Great Art of Destruction. Indeed, he was certain that he saw the Great Art of Destruction.

    Even though he, Tian Hen, was a Sage, he didn't have a sacred art like the Great Art of Destruction. Among the eight great Sages, how many great sacred arts were there? He wouldn't have ended up in such pitiful state if he had a great sacred art previously.

    The sacred art was executed by the ant using hand seals and array runes before he left. If he were to execute this Great Art of Destruction face to face, it would definitely be at least ten times or even hundred times more powerful than this.

    He, Tian Hen, was definitely going to obtain this Great Art of Destruction.

    No matter who owned this Great Art of Destruction, he would never let him go. The pity were his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, Void Waterseal and Meng Ye. There was nothing he could do for the time being about this pity.
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