Chapter 1120: Grand Desert

    Chapter 1120: Grand Desert

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    Mo Wuji was unaware of how the Great Art of Destruction fared against Tian Hen. They seemed to be transferred extremely far away. Even with Mo Wuji's current strength, he was experiencing dizziness during this transfer.

    After some time, Mo Wuji landed on a solid ground.

    Meng Ye and Mo Wuji landed simultaneously. Without saying a word, the first thing Meng Ye wanted to do was to destroy this transfer array.

    Mo Wuji hurried to stop Meng Ye, "Dao Friend Meng, we still need to head back there. Why are you destroying the transfer array?"

    Meng Ye replied anxiously, "Brother Mo, we left that place in a hurry. Therefore, we didn't manage to destroy the transfer array at the Mei Clan Manor. Given Tian Hen's technique, he will only need ten breaths to activate the transfer array. I am going to destroy the transfer array now. When Tian Hen arrives, he will not be able to determine a fixed position to land. This will give us enough time to escape far enough from him..."

    Mo Wuji laughed. "You don't have to worry about that. I've already destroyed that transfer array. Otherwise, what did you think I was doing before we left?"

    Meng Ye was slightly astonished. Naturally, he knew that Mo Wuji was carving array runes before they left. However, he didn't have much knowledge about void runes so he had no idea how it could be used. Initially, his guess was that Mo Wuji was merely using void runes to record down his own array techniques.

    Besides this, Meng Ye also knew how difficult it would be to destroy his transfer array in the Mei Clan Manor. It would definitely not be destroyed by any simple void runes. This was unless the void runes surpassed Grade 8. According to his guess on Mo Wuji's Array Dao and the time he spent learning, setting up a Grade 6 God Array was considered impressive.

    "How did you do it?" Meng Ye heaved a sigh of relief before asking.

    Naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't tell Meng Ye that his ultimate motive was to activate the Great Art of Destruction. If Mo Wuji relied solely on void runes, he was indeed unable to destroy that transfer array. Even if he managed to do so, Tian Hen would be able to protect that transfer array on time.

    "Where did you hide the treasure with Dui Zhaoren?" Mo Wuji changed the topic of conversation casually.

    Meng Ye was also aware that Mo Wuji would probably not tell him how he did it. Even so, Meng Ye didn't mind. He extended his spiritual will and was going to point to explain. However, he stopped his action abruptly.

    When they arrived, the first thing on Meng Ye's mind was to destroy the transfer array. This was simply because Sage Tian Hen was too frightening. This was the reason why he didn't pay much attention to the surrounding. Now that he scanned the area with his spiritual will, he was dumbfounded.

    "Why?" Mo Wuji noticed Meng Ye's unusual expression.

    Similarly, this transfer array was installed underground. Following which, it was protected by peak grade concealment and defensive arrays. When his spiritual will extended outwards, Meng Ye couldn't even be bothered to answer Mo Wuji's question. In a blink of an eye, he darted out of the transfer array towards the land.

    Mo Wuji followed suit and after one hour, the duo landed on the surface.

    Previously, Mo Wuji heard from Meng Ye that he and Dui Zhaoren hid the treasure in a void forest. Where was the void forest now? This was a grand desert and there wasn't even a single leaf, let alone a forest.

    The desert appeared grey and blurry without any light from the sun or stars. Evidently, they were truly within the void.

    After a while, Meng Ye retracted his spiritual will. He clenched his fist as he turned to Mo Wuji, "Brother Mo, a change definitely happened here. Back then, this place was a dense forest filled with void trees. We installed the transfer array in the depths of this forest. Presently, the forest disappeared and was replaced by a desert..."

    Mo Wuji's heart sunk as he calmed himself down very quickly, "Dao Friend Meng, the fact that we could transfer over meant that the position of the transfer array you installed previously didn't change. With reference to this position, let's search for the place where you and Dao Friend Dui hid the treasures."

    "Brother Mo, follow me and please be cautious." Meng Ye nodded because this was the only thing they could do.

    Despite the drastic change in the appearance of the land, Meng Ye's speed of travelling through the desert was still very swift. It was as if this wasn't a desert but still the same forest as Meng Ye travelled through it.

    Mo Wuji wasn't concerned because an expert like Meng Ye should be able to navigate with his eyes shut. All he needed was his spiritual will and his sea of consciousness.

    After one entire day, Meng Ye came to a halt.

    "Is this the place?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Mo Wuji asked because this place looked no different from the location of the transfer array they came out from.

    Meng Ye nodded and said with a low voice, "Yes, it is indeed here. Back then, there were at least a hundred void trees around where we are standing now. On the left side of this particular void tree..."

    An astonished Meng Ye stopped talking as he looked at the fine sand below his feet. In the very next moment, he stepped out and stood in mid-air.

    He was, after all, a Quasi-Sage and one of the three Rogue Sages previously. He was well experienced in such scenarios. The indistinct traces of the dao seeping into his body from the fine sand was instantly detected by him.

    "Brother Mo, you must not stand on the sand." Meng Ye called out to Mo Wuji anxiously.

    Because Mo Wuji was focused on finding the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo, he didn't pay much attention to the sand when they first stood on it. However, he sensed that something was wrong with the sand after half a day.

    Indistinct dao ripples seeped into his body from the sand. Initially, Mo Wuji suspected that Meng Ye was plotting something against him. After all, he was brought to this place by Meng Ye. As to whether this place was a forest or desert previously, Mo Wuji had no idea at all.

    Now that Meng Ye jumped so frantically after noticing the dao ripples, Mo Wuji knew that it wasn't Meng Ye's act. It seemed like Meng Ye was really unaware of the appearance of the desert.

    Mo Wuji nodded, "Yes, I know there are destructive dao aura here. It is going to destroy cultivators' spiritual roots before turning them into fine sand to be part of the desert. It seems like the void forest you mention should have met with something. That something must have turned the forest and everything else into what it is today."

    Mo Wuji was only hoping that Meng Ye and Dui Zhaoren hid the treasures in a place deeper than the transfer array they came out from. Since that transfer array was unaffected, the treasures should also be unaffected if they were hidden deeper than that.

    "Brother Mo, I know what is causing this. Hurry up and get on the space because you must not stand on the desert." Meng Ye exclaimed.

    Because he was in an alliance with Mo Wuji now, Meng Ye didn't wish for anything to happen to Mo Wuji. The moment Mo Wuji got into trouble, he would be left alone and even his Phecda Clay would be gone. Given Mo Wuji's current strength, even he, Meng Ye, was not confident to say that he could break his world apart.

    "I am still able to protect myself from the dao ripples from the sand. Dao Friend Meng, hurry up and tell me the position of the treasures." Mo Wuji nodded towards Meng Ye.

    If the dao ripples of the sand was affecting him, he wouldn't have stood on the desert already. After traces of the dao entered his body, Mo Wuji didn't even need the help of his Mortal Dao. All he needed to do was to circulate his detoxification channel and he could turn the dao ripples into nothingness.

    "You are actually not afraid of Dao Monarch Grand Desert's nirvana sand?" Meng Ye looked shockingly at Mo Wuji. His admiration for Mo Wuji grew once more.

    Out of the four great Dao Monarchs, Dao Monarch Grand Desert might not be the strongest one. However, his nirvana sand was something even Sages would be fearful of. He was able to turn himself into a desert before using his dao ripples to turn everything into a desert.

    Even if a Sage were to fight him, Dao Monarch Grand Desert would not fall if the opponent were to overlook a single sand. Moreover, one couldn't simply run away from the dao ripples of the nirvana sand. Once he started fighting and turned his desert into a world, it would be multiple times more powerful.

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert? Mo Wuji thought of the Grand Desert Sacred Art of his Four Halberd Strikes. It seemed like he was slightly related to this Dao Monarch Grand Desert.

    "I have no enmity with him so why should I be afraid of him? Dao Friend Meng, are you willing to follow me or can you just let me know where it is?" Mo Wuji clasped his fist politely.

    The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was the most important to him. As for the Dao Monarch, it wasn't like he hadn't seen one before. Dao Monarch Darkness's Time Plate was even in his Mortal World now.

    Meng Ye sighed as he landed back on the sand. "Brother Mo, I shall accompany you down."

    "You are not afraid of the nirvana sand anymore?" A surprised Mo Wuji stared at Meng Ye. Even so, he knew that Meng Ye was a loyal person.

    Meng Ye chuckled, "Brother Mo can bring out the Breath of Hongmeng to heal Jie Heng. I am in an alliance with Brother Mo so Brother Mo will definitely not watch me turn into sand."

    If even Mo Wuji dared to stand on the sand and Meng Ye didn't dare, Meng Ye would already lose in terms of bravery. In the future, he might not be able to address him as Brother Mo. He might need to address Mo Wuji as Lord Mo just like Jie Heng did. Moreover, he was certain that Dao Monarch Grand Desert was injured so he should still be able to deal with his nirvana sand.

    More importantly, there was still his Void Waterseal down there. That was what he needed most desperately. As for his claim that Mo Wuji wouldn't remain indifferent to watch him turn into sand, even he wasn't convinced.
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