Chapter 1121: Within Reach

    Chapter 1121: Within Reach

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    Meng Ye landed on the sand before pointing in front of him. "This particular void tree isn't the biggest in the forest. Here..."

    After saying that, Meng Ye pointed to a large land by his side. "There is an even bigger void tree here. Back then, Dui Zhaoren and I went down from there..."

    "Follow behind me." Mo Wuji jumped right into the ground from the position pointed out by Meng Ye.

    Meng Ye followed suit hurriedly.

    The deeper they went, the stronger the dao aura of the nirvana sand. Eventually, even their spiritual wills were obstructed.

    Mo Wuji predicted this beforehand so he slowed down. Concurrently, he was also using his spirit storage channel's spiritual will to carve array runes.

    Meng Ye was inwardly shocked at how Mo Wuji was able to continue paving the way downwards. Even though he was a Quasi-Sage, he was already finding it tough to continue. This was mainly because of the restraint on spiritual will. However, Mo Wuji, who was slightly ahead of him, didn't seem to feel any pressure at all. Even though he slowed down, Meng Ye suspected that Mo Wuji slowed down to wait for him.

    After digging downwards for over six hours, Mo Wuji finally landed outside a wide stone hall.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will could tell that this stone hall was built by Dui Zhaoren and Meng Ye. The technique was exactly the same as the Mei Clan Manor's one.

    Not long after, Meng Ye landed beside Mo Wuji. His face was slightly pale and definitely didn't look as unaffected as Mo Wuji.

    Meng Ye pointed at the stone hall, which even spiritual will wasn't unable to permeate through. "Years ago, my items were here along with Dui Zhaoren's items. It seems like someone is inside now."

    There was no need for Meng Ye to remind Mo Wuji who was inside. Looking at how the forest above turned into a desert, it was evident that Dao Monarch Grand Desert came to occupy this territory.

    "How did Dao Friend Dui Zhaoren preserve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo?" Mo Wuji asked casually. He knew how hard it was to preserve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Meng Ye stared at the stone hall as he spoke. "Dui Zhaoren has a creation-level god spiritual vein...and also a piece of nail-sized Soil of Breath. He placed the Soil of Breath on the creation-level god spiritual vein before placing the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo beside the Soil of Breath..."

    "What?" A shocked Mo Wuji looked at Meng Ye. "Are you saying that there is a Soil of Breath here too?"

    The Soil of Breath could be considered as the number one material in the entire universe. This was neither a Xiantian or Houtian item. This was an item that emerged when Hong Meng first formed the universe. If not for its life-saving use, the Soil of Breath would definitely be worth more than the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Because of the lack of mention about it from Meng Ye, Mo Wuji guessed that Meng Ye must have wanted it for himself.

    One must know that Mo Wuji needed the Soil of Breath desperately too. Previously, he obtained a small piece of Darkwood. No matter how he fiddled with it, he was unable to return life to it. If he managed to get hold of the Soil of Breath, he was confident of returning life to the Darkwood.

    "Yes, but it is rather small." Meng Ye replied awkwardly.

    He didn't tell anyone about Dui Zhaoren's Soil of Breath because he really wanted it. He even thought through it and was going to have a showdown with Mo Wuji before coming here. However, Mo Wuji appeared way too strong. Moreover, because of the changes in the situation here, he no longer expressed his desire for the Soil of Breath. He didn't find the need to explain himself too. After spending a significant amount of time with Mo Wuji, he knew how Mo Wuji was like as a person. Mo Wuji was clearly aware of his intention.

    "I get it." As Mo Wuji spoke, he drew out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. One strike of the halberd landed directly on the gate of the stone hall.

    The gate of the stone hall was protected by a defensive array. However, Mo Wuji's level of Array Dao was almost the same as a Grade 9 God Emperor. His halberd strike landed on the gap of the defensive array in just a single strike.

    A single strike was enough to result in a huge crack in the gate.

    Without waiting for this crack to recover itself, a silver radiance was sent out from the Half Moon Weighted Halberd once more.

    "Kacha!" The gate of the stone hall broke. Mo Wuji and Meng Ye stood within the hall.

    As compared to the gate meddled by Tian Hen back at the Mei Clan Manor, this gate seemed slightly weaker.

    The first thing Mo Wuji spotted upon entering the hall was a metre tall ice bamboo. The ice bamboo was sparkling and translucent. It seemed to be exuding a warm radiance just like in the fairytales.

    Nine snowflakes-shaped bamboo leaves made it even more dazzling. As compared to the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo he exchanged with Dao Monarch Darkness, this was evidently worth more.

    Mo Wuji didn't look at the creation-level god spiritual vein at the bottom of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Instead, he looked at the two people beside the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Yes, it was indeed two people. Meng Ye expected to see Dao Monarch Grand Desert alone but this wasn't the case. The person on the left was small in size and he looked like an irregularly shaped stone sphere. He was holding a total of 18 Buddha beads. Each of the beads contained an endless dao aura. The person on the right was much taller. His long beard and broad chest gave him a menacing look.

    "Grand Desert, Ming Yue..." Meng Ye exclaimed.

    Mo Wuji was unable to discern the duo's true strength. He was planning on how he could snatch for the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. He was considering the possibility of success if he were to surprise them.

    "Who are they?" Mo Wuji questioned as he calculated the speed of his Earth Shrinking Sacred Art.

    "Brother Mo, the one nearer to the spiritual vein is one of the four Dao Monarch, Dao Monarch Grand Desert. The slightly taller one is God Emperor Ming Yue of the 12 God Emperors." A shocked Meng Ye introduced as his eyes were fixed on the two of them.

    "Hahaha..." The slightly taller cultivator started chuckling away. After chuckling for half a day, he pointed towards Meng Ye. "Meng Ye ah, Meng Ye... You are, after all, one of the three Rogue Sages. How could you have fallen to such a state? To think you will actually be a brother of a Unity God ant? You are really making me laugh."

    Mo Wuji's heart jumped in shock. It wasn't because God Emperor Ming Yue was mocking Meng Ye. It was because when Ming Yue laughed, there were slight fluctuations in space. Within this fluctuations, Mo Wuji could sense the void runes around the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. On the surface, it looked like nothing was obstructing the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. It seemed like anybody could simply charge forward to grab it.

    The truth was that Mo Wuji was fortunate he wasn't reckless enough to charge over without detecting the defensive array made of void runes. Charging over recklessly would be the same as sending the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo away. Presently, Mo Wuji's back was filled with cold sweat and it wasn't because of the two fellas in front of him. It was because he was certain he would have lost the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo if he simply charged towards it.

    Mo Wuji wasn't strong enough to think he could retrieve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo from a Dao Monarch and a God Emperor. Not fearing them and retrieving something from their hands were completely different matters.

    "Grand Desert, Ming Yue... This is where Dui Zhaoren and I hid our treasures. I wonder why are the two of you here?" Meng Ye spoke with a slightly unpleasant tone. He totally disregarded God Emperor Ming Yue's ridicule.

    "Your territory?" Ming Yue laughed out loud. "This is clearly a no man's land so how can it be your territory? Are you a Sage? You really think you can claim whatever territory you want?"

    "Haha!" Mo Wuji let out a loud laughter. He took a step forward as he pointed to Ming Yue. "You took over his territory, snatched his items and didn't even allow him to speak? What kind of logic is this..."

    Just as Mo Wuji was talking about logic, his body stopped moving for a moment.

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert was watching Mo Wuji from the very beginning. Knowing that there was his sand dao ripples here, they still dared to head down. Even Meng Ye was addressing Mo Wuji as Brother. Evidently, this Brother Mo was not a simple person.

    However, he was not concerned about Mo Wuji's intention to snatch the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. His Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was protected by a defensive array made out of void runes. Even Meng Ye at his peak might not break through his defensive array.

    Mo Wuji only took a single glance at the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. He didn't even continue using his spiritual will to scan through it. Even so, Dao Monarch Grand Desert was still cautiously watching Mo Wuji. The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was extremely important to him. If it wasn't for a few incomplete dao ripples, he would have used the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Now that Mo Wuji actually stood forward to scold Ming Yue, his heart felt more relieved.

    Just at this moment, Mo Wuji's body stopped moving. In that split second, Grand Desert and Ming Yue came to a realisation. That stationary Mo Wuji was merely a shadow as the real Mo Wuji was already on the move. Concurrently, the space trembled.

    "You're courting death!" Grand Desert charged towards Mo Wuji. Even though Mo Wuji fooled him for a split second, he didn't believe Mo Wuji could snatch the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Without waiting for Mo Wuji to break the array apart, he would obstruct Mo Wuji.

    At almost the same instance when Mo Wuji executed his Earth Shrinking Sacred Art, the defensive array exploded. The energy of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was exposed.

    Without anything affecting him, Mo Wuji darted towards the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. With a swing of the hand, he sent the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo into his Mortal World. A descending silver river followed through his Half Moon Weighted Halberd.

    "Boom!" Mo Wuji's silver river clashed against Grand Desert's Buddha beads. The entire stone hall was overwhelmed with large silver radiance and fine sands.

    The tremendous backblast sent Mo Wuji flying back to the side of Meng Ye.

    At this moment, his heart was finally calmed. With the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo in his hands, he was no longer fearful of this shorty and Ming Yue.
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