Chapter 1122: Threat

    Chapter 1122: Threat

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    The 18 Buddha beads in Dao Monarch Grand Desert's hands started shining brightly. From an irregularly shaped sphere, he became a towering figure.

    The endless energy of the Buddha beads started hovering around his body. He didn't try to ambush Mo Wuji. Or rather, he knew that an ambush wouldn't work well on Mo Wuji.

    "Hold on..." God Emperor Ming Yue shouted towards Dao Monarch Grand Desert. He went forward to stop the actions of Dao Monarch Grand Desert.

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert nodded as he looked at Mo Wuji. While he did stop his attack on Mo Wuji, the energy of his 18 Buddha beads' aura was still increasingly overwhelming. Not only did the energy locked onto the space around the hall, it even locked onto Mo Wuji and Meng Ye.

    "Meng Ye, your big brother here seems pretty decent. To think that you are actually proficient in void runes? He can actually snatch Grand Desert's Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo by breaking through our array under our nose. Impressive." Ming Yue gave a thumbs up.

    Following which, he turned to Mo Wuji. "Dao Friend here, where did you learn your void runes from?"

    Before Mo Wuji could reply, he could sense the endless dao aura of the nirvana sand entering his body. The terrifying energy was wreaking havoc in his meridians. One could imagine how quickly his body would have been turned into fine sand if he didn't have the detoxification channel.

    Fortunately, Mo Wuji had the detoxification channel. The energy of the nirvana sand was instantly swept into his detoxification channel by Mo Wuji.

    While Mo Wuji didn't think the nirvana sand was a danger, Meng Ye was struggling. At the same instant Mo Wuji swept all the terrifying energy into his detoxification channel, Meng Ye cried out. "Brother Mo, help me."

    Presently, Meng Ye's shoes and feet already turned into fine sand on the ground. Even his ankle was starting to disintegrate.

    Meng Ye's heart was in great shock. He realised that he overestimated his ability to deal with the nirvana sand. Concurrently, he underestimated Dao Monarch Grand Desert's recovery progress.

    His initial guess was that a recovering Dao Monarch Grand Desert shouldn't have recovered to a state where he was stronger than Meng Ye's current state. Looking at the situation now, Meng Ye's guess seemed to be inaccurate. Dao Monarch Grand Desert must have encountered some sort of opportunity which resulted in much quicker recovery. This was considering how Dao Monarch Grand Desert didn't use the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. If he used it for his recovery, Meng Ye wouldn't even have the chance to retaliate.

    Mo Wuji only glanced at Meng Ye for a split second. Following which, he looked back at Dao Monarch Grand Desert. "Grand Desert, I am indeed quite curious about something. Logically speaking, Meng Ye and Dui Zhaoren aren't idiots. The place where they hid their treasures should be very obscured and concealed. How did the two of you find it?"

    "Hahahaha..." God Emperor Ming Yue, who was standing by the side, started laughing away before pointing to Mo Wuji. "The guy with the surname Mo, I don't know where you come from but I suggest you answer my question first. Where did you learn void runes from? Forget about escaping because you are not going anywhere."

    "If I let a puny ant escape from this place, I, Grand Desert, have no rights to be one of the four Dao Monarch anymore..." Dao Monarch Grand Desert stopped talking as he appeared shocked. "I was wondering why you're so bold to speak like that. Seems like you're not afraid of my nirvana sand sacred art..."

    "Ai, seems like this is true." Ming Yue exclaimed before pointing to Meng Ye. "Meng Ye, this is who you call a brother? You are almost destroyed and he appears to have not seen it..."

    "Who says I'm escaping?" Mo Wuji replied faintly. "Why should I escape when there are still things I haven't retrieve?"

    "Many thanks, Brother Mo." After pleading Mo Wuji for help, the dao aura of the nirvana sand in his body started dissipating mysteriously. He had no idea how Mo Wuji did it but he was certain it was Mo Wuji's doing.

    At this moment, Meng Ye was even more fearful of Mo Wuji's mysterious technique. He was initially planning to execute his forbidden technique to escape. Who knew that Mo Wuji could remove the nirvana sand's dao aura from his body so casually? Such methods...

    "You're alright?" Both Ming Yue and Grand Desert stared at Meng Ye astonishingly. It was already surprising enough to think that Mo Wuji could remain unaffected by his nirvana sand. To make things worse, Mo Wuji could even help Meng Ye without him noticing? This was definitely not a simple technique. He started to worry and suspect if he would actually be able to retrieve the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo from Mo Wuji.

    Grand Desert started to regret his decision now. His regret was that he shouldn't have waited so long. He should have used the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to recover his sea of consciousness and spirit channels sooner. It might not be perfect to use it early but it was still better than not using it at all.

    "Haha..." This time, it was Meng Ye's turn to laugh. He pointed back at Grand Desert and Ming Yue before speaking. "Brother Mo is capable of even capturing Sage Huan Ti. The two of you are merely a Dao Monarch and a God Emperor who suffered injuries because of the cataclysm. Even if the two of you are to recover fully, are you comparable to Sage Huan Ti?"

    "What did you say?" Ming Yue jumped as he glared shockingly at Mo Wuji. "Did you really capture Huan Ti?"

    Grand Desert was also shocked but he let out a laugh instead. "Old Brother Ming Yue, why should you believe..."

    Before he could even complete his sentence, Grand Desert stopped talking. He was dumbfounded as he looked at Mo Wuji's hand.

    Mo Wuji was holding on to a skinny man. This skinny man had a stained and corroded monk spade. Both Ming Yue and Grand Desert could recognise that the monk spade was the Seven Buddha Spade.

    Even though the skinny's man energy was sealed by Mo Wuji, Ming Yue and Grand Desert were still able to sense that mighty energy of a Sage.

    Ming Yue muttered to himself. "It is really Sage Huan Ti. This is..."

    A trace of fear appeared in his eyes. The reputation of a Sage wasn't something to joke about. Now that Mo Wuji restrained a Sage, it was a tremendous blow to his heart.

    An ordinary might not suffer a blow like this. But as a person with a God Throne, Ming Yue knew how hard it was to become a Sage. Even he, Ming Yue, might not be able to step into the realms of a Sage in his entire lifetime if there weren't any accidents. This was simply because that realm was simply too high up and untouchable for the majority of cultivators.

    Today, the seemingly mighty and untouchable Sage was captured by Mo Wuji. What kind of shock was this?

    Grand Desert was as dazed as Ming Yue. Out of the eight Sages, seven of them hosted many banquets regularly. Towering figures from all over the place would always attend such banquets. Grand Desert met Sage Huan Ti on countless occasions before. Therefore, he could recognise Sage Huan Ti in one glance. Mo Wuji wasn't lying to them.

    "Sage Huan Ti, is that really you?" After a few breaths of silence, Grand Desert finally asked in disbelief.

    Huan Ti coughed before revealing a bitter smile. "Grand Desert and Ming Yue, I didn't expect the two of you to fall at Dao Friend Mo's hands too."

    Huan Ti knew Mo Wuji well. Even though everything around him was sealed off by Mo Wuji, he could tell that Mo Wuji had full control over the fate of Grand Desert and Ming Yue.

    Grand Desert and Ming Yue took in a breath of cold air. Both of them looked at each other anxiously as they wondered who this Brother Mo was. The duo no longer had the confidence they displayed minutes ago.

    "Huan Ti, how is my herbal field?" Mo Wuji asked Huan Ti, who was in his hands.

    Huan Ti coughed once more before replying. "Dao Friend Mo don't have to worry. I'm taking good care of it."

    "Great and you might have company very soon." Mo Wuji looked over at Grand Desert and Ming Yue with intent. With a raise of his hand, Huan Ti disappeared as he was sent back into Mo Wuji's Mortal World.

    Grand Desert and Ming Yue were not the only shocked ones. Even Meng Ye's heart started beating fearfully. He always wondered if Mo Wuji really did restrain Huan Ti. Presently, he was no longer wondering about that. Huan Ti had been trapped in Mo Wuji's world, a world which even he, Meng Ye, didn't know about.

    Mo Wuji was simply too strong.

    After keeping Huan Ti, Mo Wuji spoke. "Grand Desert, don't blame me for turning nasty if you still refuse to keep your nirvana sand sacred art."

    Grand Desert shivered upon hearing the threat of Mo Wuji. Subconsciously, he waved his hand and the energy of the nirvana sand around them disappeared without a trace.

    The reputation of a Sage was simply too frightening. They were merely ants in front of a Sage even back when they were at their strongest.

    Ming Yue finally regained his calmness from the shock. His arrogant look disappeared without a trace. Presently, he looked over at Mo Wuji seriously before clasping his fist. "Dao Friend Mo mentioned about the item you have yet to bring away. I wonder what it is?"

    Previously, neither Ming Yue nor Grand Desert bothered about the words of Mo Wuji.

    Currently, how could they afford to be arrogant in front of Mo Wuji? Even the mighty Sage Huan Ti was trapped by Mo Wuji. They no longer questioned why Meng Ye would address Mo Wuji as Brother Mo.

    After frightening these two fellas, Mo Wuji replied calmly. "Years ago, there was still a Soil of Breath beside the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Why don't I see it around here?"
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