Chapter 1123: Great Art of Destruction and Needle-Head Book

    Chapter 1123: Great Art of Destruction and Needle-Head Book

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    God Emperor Ming Yue's expression turned ugly after hearing Mo Wuji's mention of the Soil of Breath. How could Ming Yue not fear someone capable of restraining Sage Huan Ti? Now that the Soil of Breath belonged to him, he was naturally unwilling to hand it over to Mo Wuji.

    Previously, he agreed to let Grand Desert keep the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo while he kept the Soil of Breath. How could he be happy to let someone else have something that was already his?

    Ming Yue looked over at Grand Desert, who was already looking at him. After a moment of silence, Grand Desert calmed himself down to speak. "Dao Friend Mo, the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo is of extreme importance to me. I do wish for Dao Friend Mo to return that to me. Ming Yue and I will definitely bring out our gifts of appreciation before sending the two of you off respectfully."

    Naturally, Mo Wuji understood the meaning of Grand Desert's words. It was a test of his strength. He was certain that a respectful sending off would not be coming his way if he really did hand over the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Instead, it would be a vicious attempt to murder Mo Wuji and Meng Ye.

    These fellas managed to survive the cataclysm and even possessed exceptional God Thrones. People like them were definitely not easy to deal with. However, Mo Wuji chose to threaten them not because he wanted to escape. It was because he wanted to ambush them.

    Mo Wuji sensed that this fight was inevitable. Therefore, he instantly extended his whirlpool domain while transmitting a message for Meng Ye to attack. The space around them started to trembling violently as he was already executing the hand signs for the Great Art of Destruction.

    "Dao Friend Mo, please calm down..." Ming Yue shouted out. He took out his own magic treasure which was actually a Needle-Head Book.

    Mo Wuji instantly felt uncomfortable the moment the Needle-Head Book was brought out. He sped up the execution of his hand signs. Simultaneously, he pasted a page of the Book of Luo on his chest.

    The terrifying energy overwhelmed the space. Dao Monarch Grand Desert's nirvana sand under an energy like this appeared like an unstable boat in a heavy storm.

    "Great Art of Destruction!" The surprised Grand Desert and Ming Yue shouted in unison. Even Mo Wuji and Meng Ye looked shockingly at how the Great Art of Destruction was formed up.

    To Mo Wuji, this was the first time he executed the Great Art of Destruction properly. Back in the Mei Clan's Manor, it was merely a slight hint of it.

    At this moment, he used all his force to execute the Great Art of Destruction. This sacred art could be considered his strongest ever one. At the very least, his currently incomplete Seven World Finger could not compare to his Great Art of Destruction.

    The terrified God Emperor Ming Yue was no longer concerned about Mo Wuji's origin. The seven black coloured needle-shaped arrows on his Needle-Head Book disappeared instantly. In the very next moment, Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain was being torn apart by the seven needle-shaped arrows.

    "Boom! Boom! Boom!" Six consecutive black coloured needle-shaped arrows clashed against the Book of Luo. Even though the Book of Luo was a Xiantian treasure, the explosive god elemental energy and dao ripples was simply too powerful. Even with the protection by the Book of Luo, Mo Wuji couldn't help but spit out a mouthful of fresh blood. The Book of Luo trembled and a gap appeared. The seventh needle-shaped arrow flew right into Mo Wuji's chest.

    "Ai!" Mo Wuji was no longer able to bear with the pain as yet another mouthful of blood was spat out. His entire body instantly felt weak as though his spine was broken by something. At the moment that needle-shaped arrow entered his body, all his energy seemed to be extracted. His life force was also disappearing swiftly.

    "Boom boom boom!" The Great Art of Destruction was completely swept open. Grand Desert and Ming Yue were instantly enveloped within it.

    Everything in the space started to collapse before getting swallowed by the void.

    The messed up laws resulted in Grand Desert's nirvana sand to disperse. Currently, Meng Ye, who intended to help Mo Wuji, could only escape if he wanted to survive. Fortunately, he was standing beside Mo Wuji. This was where the attack of the Great Art of Destruction was the weakest.

    "Kacha, kacha!" The bones of Grand Desert and Ming Yue started to crack like dried woods. Mo Wuji spat out multiple mouthfuls of blood because of Ming Yue's Needle-Head Book. However, Grand Desert and Ming Yue's sufferings were not as simple as spitting a few mouthfuls of blood. Their imperfect fleshly body started to tear apart under the Great Art of Destruction. Even the dao ripples of their primordial spirit started inclining towards destruction.

    If it wasn't for God Emperor's timely needle-shaped arrow which struck Mo Wuji, Grand Desert and Ming Yue could have already collapsed in the Great Art of Destruction.

    Mo Wuji's injury reduced impact of the Great Art of Destruction. This gave Grand Desert and Ming Yue a chance.

    Grand Desert's 18 Buddha beads transformed into a World of Buddha beads. He wrapped himself in endless Buddha radiance to protect himself from the Great Art of Destruction. Dao Monarch Grand Desert started to retreat frantically. Why would he dare to retaliate?

    He was slightly regretful to let Mo Wuji attack first. The Great Art of Destruction executed by Mo Wuji was indeed frightening. However, he could also tell that Mo Wuji's true strength was not this frightening. He was indeed frightened by Mo Wuji's first move/

    If he and Ming Yue started to attack Mo Wuji first, Mo Wuji wouldn't have it easy. The pity was that the Great Art of Destruction was already executed and the space was already starting to collapse. Without any chance to retaliate, the only thing he could do was to retreat.

    As compared to Grand Desert, Ming Yue was battered and exhausted. His Needle-Head Book did injure Mo Wuji which in turn, gave them a lifeline. However, he was enveloped by the explosive Great Art of Destruction. His bones were broken and his dao ripples was starting to disperse. Even his recently recovered spirit channels were starting to be torn apart.

    In such circumstance, why would Ming Yue think about killing Mo Wuji? He was aware that Mo Wuji was also like an arrow at the end of its flight presently. To him, it was more important that he escaped as soon as possible. He must not be stopped or obstructed by Meng Ye.

    He opened his Needle-Head Book and a black and murderous dao aura formed a protective screen. It was a protective screen which could not be detected by spiritual will. Ming Yue made use of this protective screen to escape.

    While the protective screen was mighty, the Great Art of Destruction was mightier. The protective screen appeared but was rapidly destroyed and eventually shrank. In fact, a crack even appeared on it.

    "Boom boom boom!" The void desert started to collapse and disappear...

    The stone hall was already turned into fine powder. Because of the irreversible nature of the Great Art of Destruction, this whole battle was very short. Following which, both parties started to retreat anxiously.

    Mo Wuji's heart was in just as much fear. If it wasn't for his vitality channel, spirit storage channel and elemental storage channel, he would be in great danger now. That needle-shaped arrow was simply too terrifying. It could actually lock onto the dao aura before starting to destroy his soul. It was even looking to seal his spiritual circulation and meridians.

    Fortunately, he didn't possess any primordial spirit. Otherwise, his primordial spirit would have been pierced through by the arrow.

    His life force was constantly being swept away by the arrow. However, his vitality, spirit storage and elemental storage channels gave him the opportunity to escape.

    While escaping, Mo Wuji was inwardly rejoicing. He was rejoicing about how he only took out one page of the Book of Luo. If he took out two or even more pages, there was a high possibility of more needle-shaped arrows landing on him. It was because the exhaustion from executing the Great Art of Destruction was simply too huge. Because of this, he would have used more energy to protect himself with two or more Book of Luo. This would have made him even more vulnerable to having his soul torn apart by the arrow.


    Within the endless void, Dao Monarch Grand Desert protected God Emperor Ming Yue before speaking with a trembling tone. "Where did this Mo guy come from? Too frightening. Dao Friend Ming Yue, are you okay?"

    Ming Yue shook his head as he swallowed a green coloured Dao fruit. The bones in his body started to reconstruct themselves.

    Despite looking as though he recovered on the surface, God Emperor Ming Yue knew that this wasn't the case. He had multiple spirit channels and his sea of consciousness torn apart. Even his dao ripples was messed up.

    Grand Desert didn't continue to ask Ming Yue anything. He knew how severe Ming Yue's injuries were. It was mainly because he attacked when the Great Art of Destruction was executed. Grand Desert swallowed a few pills because he was also injured.

    After half an incense, God Emperor Ming Yue finally spoke. "This person is really strong."

    Grand Desert shook his head. "God Emperor Ming Yue, I don't think this person is very strong. It is because of the fear in our heart which allowed him to ambush us. Who knew that this person could use the Great Art of Destruction?"

    God Emperor Ming Yue replied. "He is strong not because of his Great Art of Destruction but because of his cultivation level. I never think that an elementary Unity God can be this terrifying."

    A surprised Grand Desert looked at Ming Yue. "How did you know he is in the elementary Unity God Stage? This person reserved his dao aura well and the whirlpool domain made it impossible to pry into him."

    Ming Yue took in a breath before saying. "No, my dao ripples clashed with his. Therefore, I know his cultivation level and I am certain it is not beyond Unity God Level 3. However, his Grand Dao is like a vast ocean. I am completely unable to pry further."

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert looked at the faraway void as he said regretfully. "I am really regretting my decision back then. I should have used the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo earlier. I cannot believe Meng Ye actually brought such an expert here. I've lost my only chance to return to the top."

    Having said that, Dao Monarch Grand Desert sighed as he looked back at God Emperor Ming Yue. "Dao Friend Ming Yue, let's hurry up and leave as far as we can. The Soil of Breath that he wants is still with us. I doubt he will let us off so easily"

    Ming Yue shook his head. "Dao Friend Grand Desert, I think this is our opportunity. If I am not wrong, that Mo guy should be left with his last breath. In fact, there is a chance that Meng Ye could have killed him already. A person like Meng Ye will definitely not waste this opportunity."

    "What do you mean?" Grand Desert stared at Ming Yue.

    Ming Yue replied in a solemn tone. "One of my needle-shaped arrow struck this person. I am certain that no matter how talented he was, he would be struggling to survive now. The pity is that we have been frightened by him. Otherwise, we will not need to escape with such severe injuries. We will be able to trap Meng Ye and him under that stone hall."

    "Are you saying that the Mo guy was struck by your Needle-Head Book?" Grand Desert became excited. He knew how terrifying Ming Yue's Needle-Head Book was. Even a Sage would struggle to survive after being struck by those arrows, let alone a mere Unity God.
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