Chapter 1124: Falling Out

    Chapter 1124: Falling Out

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    The escaping Mo Wuji still felt weak despite having his vitality, spirit storage and elemental storage channels.

    The vast and boundless void forest continued to collapse because of his Great Art of Destruction. Eventually, it disappeared into the void.

    Naturally, the transfer array used to travel to God Continent would also disappear.

    Mo Wuji never intended to return to God Continent for the time being. With Sage Tian Hen lingering around the God Continent, why would he head back without a significant increase in strength?

    However, he didn't expect the Needle-Head Book to be this terrifying. Moreover, the black coloured needle-shaped arrow melted like snow. Presently, he was suffering from the constant dissipation of his life force and exhaustion of his spiritual will.

    No matter how strong his vitality channel was, he wouldn't be able to sustain this forever.

    After escaping for a few hours, Mo Wuji came to a halt. He was desperate to find a place to heal himself. He needed to remove the dao aura of the Needle-Head Book.

    Before Mo Wuji could find a location, Meng Ye landed close to Mo Wuji. He looked over at Mo Wuji surprisingly. "Brother Mo, your sacred art is simply too strong. If it wasn't for your Great Art of Destruction, we would not have made it out of the stone hall today... Ai, was Brother Mo injured?"

    Meng Ye witnessed the moment when God Emperor Ming Yue took out his Needle-Head Book. He witnessed how the seven arrows from the Needle-Head Book tore Mo Wuji's domain apart. However, he didn't notice the one arrow which struck Mo Wuji. It was mainly because he was too busy escaping from the scene.

    Now that Mo Wuji's dao aura was dissipating, he was no longer able to conceal his energy. Meng Ye, being one of the three Rogue Sages, was naturally able to tell that Mo Wuji was struck by the Needle-Head Book.

    Mo Wuji nodded as he spoke in a weakening tone. "I was struck by three of the needle-shaped arrows from the Needle-Head Book. I've lost my ability to move so perhaps, exploding myself is the only thing I can do now..."

    "Ah..." Meng Ye's heart started beating rapidly. As a Quasi-Sage who possessed a God Throne, Meng Ye was a strong-minded individual. At this moment, even he was struggling with the internal conflict in his heart.

    He was someone who personally witnessed how mighty Mo Wuji was. He was even more aware of the treasures Mo Wuji had with him. A world which could contain Sage Huan Ti was definitely a world which surpassed the true spirit world. A world like that was enough to tempt him. Moreover, Mo Wuji just obtained the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Excluding that, he still had the Book of Luo, Kun Wu Sword, Phecda Clay, Great Art of Destruction, void runes technique, Breath of Hongmeng...

    Mo Wuji simply had too many treasures on him.

    If he could get rid of Mo Wuji now, everything Mo Wuji had would be his...

    At the thought of this, Meng Ye controlled himself forcefully. He knew how uncompromising Mo Wuji was as a person. Even if he killed Mo Wuji, he might not be able to obtain his world. Mo Wuji's last sentence also made his intention clear. If Meng Ye tried to do anything funny to him, he would simply self-explode.

    At the thought of this, Meng Ye swallowed a mouthful of saliva. He replied anxiously, "Brother Mo, let's hurry up and find a place to heal..."

    Despite saying this, Meng Ye was still thinking of how he could get rid of Mo Wuji. He was still thinking about how he could retrieve Mo Wuji's world. He, Meng Ye, was fully aware of how terrifying the Needle-Head Book was. Why was God Emperor Ming Yue feared by so many God Throne holders? It was mainly because of his Needle-Head Book. Just one of the black coloured arrows formed from the Needle-Head Book was enough to kill a person. Mo Wuji took three of these arrows so his deteriorating health was definitely true. Rumours spread that one of the four Dao Monarch, Dao Monarch Darkness was shot by one of God Emperor Ming Yue's arrow back then. Following which, nobody knew where he was.

    Mo Wuji knew what Meng Ye, that old and scheming fella, was pondering about. Furthermore, he couldn't believe Meng Ye didn't warn him about such a deadly weapon which God Emperor Ming Yue possessed. One must know that Mo Wuji even saved Meng Ye once in the stone hall. That fella chose not to tell him about this proved that he must have his own plot.

    However, Mo Wuji wasn't infuriated because everyone worked together for mutual benefits. As compared to Kun Yun, Meng Ye was much more crafty. Back then, Mo Wuji helped Meng Ye remove the nirvana sand's dao aura. During that process, he left a spiritual will imprint on Meng Ye. Given Meng Ye's current state, it might not be possible for him to notice his spiritual will imprint. This was unless Meng Ye's strength surged rapidly in this short period of time.

    "Dao Friend Meng don't have to worry. That God Emperor Ming Yue has been severely injured by me. He should only be left with one last breath. As for Dao Monarch Grand Desert, I sent a few Spiritual Will Arrow into his sea of consciousness when he was defending my Great Art of Destruction. His injuries shouldn't be any less severe than Ming Yue. Those two fellas should be rejoicing that we aren't going after them. Why will they dare to chase us?" Mo Wuji shook his hand as he said indifferently.

    Meng Ye heaved a sigh of relief because he didn't think Mo Wuji would lie to him. He personally witnessed the strength of Mo Wuji before. His spiritual will was so strong that attacking Dao Monarch Grand Desert during the destruction wasn't surprising. What he didn't know was how Mo Wuji was struggling to even escape, let alone shoot out Spiritual Will Arrows.

    To Meng Ye, the injuries of Ming Yue and Grand Desert were a good thing. Not only could he deal with Mo Wuji without additional worries, he could even chase after the injured Ming Yue and Grand Desert later on. During this battle, he, Meng Ye was the true winner. However, the key now would be how he could make Mo Wuji willingly offer his world just like Huan Ti did.

    "Brother Mo, we should still be cautious. I still think we should further increase our strengths..." Once Meng Ye said this, he paused for a moment before continuing. "Brother Mo, you've obtained your Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Why don't you hand me the Phecda Clay now?"

    Mo Wuji hurried to reply. "Of course I will. But my spiritual will is not even able to contact my own world now. Once I heal myself for a while, I will hand it over to you immediately."

    After saying this, Mo Wuji didn't bother about Meng Ye anymore. He casually threw out tens of array flags before starting to heal himself in the void.

    Mo Wuji already sensed Meng Ye's killing intent. He was certain that the moment he took out the Phecda Clay, Meng Ye would attack him with all his force.

    Given Mo Wuji's current strength, there was still no need for him to fear Meng Ye. At the very most, he could just escape. However, he still felt uncomfortable to escape after handing over the Phecda Clay. He did promise to hand over the Phecda Clay once he obtained the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    What he was unhappy about was how Meng Ye actually tried to ambush his partner.

    Saying that he wanted to heal himself was merely an excuse. Mo Wuji knew that his injury wouldn't heal so easily in this short period of time. He was simply sitting here to await the arrival of Ming Yue and Grand Desert.

    He wasn't lying about Ming Yue's injuries but Grand Desert's injuries were not severe at all. Looking at how scheming Ming Yue and Grand Desert were, it was impossible that they would let things go just like that.

    Seeing how Mo Wuji started to heal himself fearlessly, Meng Ye was in conflict with himself again. He was very tempted to attack but managed to control his urge.

    He chose not to attack, not because he valued Mo Wuji as his partner in this alliance. It was because he had yet to receive his Phecda Clay. If Meng Ye were to infuriate Mo Wuji and he chose to destroy his own world, Meng Ye could forget about obtaining the Phecda Clay forever.

    Once he obtained the Phecda Clay, he would definitely not give Mo Wuji an easy time. He was naturally aware of how strong the Needle-Head Book was. He knew that it was an impossible dream to force the needle-shaped arrows out here.

    Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes after four hours. He sensed the incoming God Emperor Ming Yue. Because Ming Yue was injured by him, the dao aura of the Great Art of Destruction wouldn't be removed so easily.

    "How was it?" Meng Ye noticed Mo Wuji opening up his defensive array. He came forward to ask worriedly.

    Mo Wuji sighed as he handed a fist-sized Phecda Clay to Meng Ye. "The dao aura of the Needle-Head Book is simply too frightening. I am unable to extract it out. You can have the Phecda Clay. I need to find a place to heal myself properly now so let's bid goodbye now."

    Meng Ye took over the Phecda Clay. He forcefully contained his excitement as he kept the Phecda Clay in his own world before saying. "Dao Friend Mo, this piece of Phecda Clay seems too small."

    Mo Wuji laughed as he replied. "I cannot do anything about it because that's all I have. And we also agreed to this amount back then. Goodbye, Dao Friend Meng."

    "Hold on!" Meng Ye wielded his horsetail whisk as he blocked off Mo Wuji's path.

    Mo Wuji's face turned serious. "Meng Ye, are you trying to attack me?"

    "What is Dao Friend Mo talking about? I need a little piece of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo too. Of course, I don't need a lot of it. Just half of it will do." Meng Ye replied faintly. As he spoke, the billions of whiskers already turned into a space of whiskers. The space of whiskers blocked off Mo Wuji's escape route.

    Mo Wuji looked calmly at Meng Ye. "Today, I want to heal myself so I will let you off for the time being. After I've recovered, you better don't offend me so brazenly."

    Having said this, Mo Wuji didn't even use his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. All he did was to take a step outwards. The billions of whiskers, which were supposed to trap Mo Wuji, appeared just like decorations. It was completely unable to stop Mo Wuji from leaving. Mo Wuji disappeared without a trace.

    A dumbfounded Meng Ye looked at the direction where Mo Wuji escaped. How could someone, injured by the Needle-Head Book, move like that?
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