Chapter 1125: A Strange Combination Of Circumstances

    Chapter 1125: A Strange Combination Of Circumstances

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    Before Meng Ye could regain his composure, a terrifyingly powerful energy covered the entire sky above Meng Ye.

    "Dao Monarch Grand Desert, God Emperor Ming Yue?" Meng Ye looked at the two experts as he finally understood Mo Wuji's action.

    "It seems like Rogue Sage Meng has made a fortune. I'm able to sense that Mo fella's energy not too long ago. In such a short period of time, that same energy disappeared without a trace. Rogue Sage Meng is way too strong." Ming Yue gave Meng Ye a thumbs up as he said in a sarcastic tone.

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert nodded his head too. "Out of the three Rogue Sages, it is no wonder only Rogue Sage Meng is still alive. How can Dui Zhaoren or Yuan Mao be a match for Dao Friend Meng?"

    How could Meng Ye not understand the meaning behind these words? They were implying that Meng Ye killed his injured partner, Mo Wuji, before snatching all his fortune.

    Meng Ye became gloomy as he realised how this was all part of Mo Wuji's plan. Mo Wuji must have intentionally revealed the energy of the Needle-Head Book. Now that Mo Wuji was gone, the energy of the Needle-Head Book actually disappeared without a trace. Evidently, Mo Wuji was indeed hit by the Needle-Head Book. However, the injuries caused by the book was not as severe as he imagined. Otherwise, Mo Wuji wouldn't have been able to disappear and escape so easily from within his whiskered space.

    It was impossible to say that he wasn't regretting his actions. Despite knowing how mysterious and crafty Mo Wuji was, Meng Ye still underestimated him. It wouldn't mean much if it was just underestimation. More importantly, he became an enemy of such a formidable opponent. If he couldn't even beat the current Mo Wuji, it would be impossible for him to beat Mo Wuji of the future.

    Yes, it was true that Meng Ye would improve significantly because of the Phecda Clay. However, it didn't mean that Mo Wuji wouldn't improve. The more frightening thing about Mo Wuji was his mind and plot. Mo Wuji knew that Meng Ye wouldn't attack so he delayed for over four hours. After waiting for the arrival of Grand Desert and Ming Yue, he left these two fearsome opponents for him, Meng Ye. He even threatened him before leaving swiftly.

    A person capable of dealing with a Sage was definitely not a person to underestimate.

    Meng Ye forced himself to throw these random thoughts away. This was not the time for him to think about all these. It was crucial for him to think about how he was going to deal with these two fellas in front of him.

    "I don't understand what you're saying. If there is nothing else, I shall make my move first." Meng Ye's Buddha whiskers enveloped the area as he searched an escape route.

    He could tell that God Emperor Ming Yue was truly wounded. The only threat should be Dao Monarch Grand Desert. They were not standing in the stone hall so Meng Ye wasn't afraid of anything. No matter how strong his nirvana sand was, Grand Desert alone shouldn't be able to stop him from escaping. This made him heaved a sigh of relief.

    Dao Monarch Grand Desert raised his hand and the 18 Buddha beads appeared. Buddha radiances were shot out as it covered the entire space. He spoke calmly, "Meng Ye, let's not beat around the bush. You should have killed that Mo guy right? Let's split his items evenly. That Mo guy is terrifyingly strong so I doubt you will be able to break his world apart alone. Let the three of us work together to break his world apart. Thereafter, we shall split his items evenly."

    During such critical moment, Meng Ye calmed himself down. "All I can say is that I didn't attack that Mo guy. The two of us fell out and he managed to escape from my space of whiskers..."

    "Meng Ye, so are you saying that you didn't obtain any benefit from that Mo guy?" Grand Desert started chuckling out loud. He extended his hand before retrieving an extremely tiny fragment of the Phecda Clay before continuing his sentence. "There is actually Phecda Clay here. I didn't know that a treasure like the Phecda Clay can be found everywhere now. Haha... This is actually my first time seeing this."

    Meng Ye's expression changed drastically. How could he not know that this fragment of the Phecda Clay was a trap set by Mo Wuji before he left? This scheming fella would even think of such details. He, Meng Ye, should never have thought about trying to take advantage of Mo Wuji.

    After regaining his composure once more, Meng Ye replied sternly. "Previously, I had a deal with him. The deal is for me to bring him to the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo and he will give me a piece of the Phecda Clay. Now that he has his Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo..."

    "So you fall out with him and he still maintains his promise to give you a piece of the Phecda Clay? Oh and he even allows you to kill him right? Meng Ye, I may not look like a smart person. However, I am not so dumb to believe your words..." Before Grand Desert could complete his sentence, the 18 Buddha beads turned into billions of radiances as it surged towards Meng Ye.

    Concurrently, Ming Yue took out his Needle-Head Book once more.

    Meng Ye panicked as his white coloured whiskers mixed with Grand Desert's radiances.

    "Boom boom boom!" The explosive sacred arts clashed in mid-air and the entire space was incredible messed up. The only trace left behind by Mo Wuji was also smeared off in this messy battle.

    Meng Ye was never as strong as Grand Desert. Now that Ming Yue was also attacking, there was nothing much he could do. He kept burning his primordial spirit and blood to defend before searching for an opportunity to escape.


    After the destruction of the Mei Clan Manor, a dried up riverbed took its place.

    This riverbed was protected by a defensive array. There was a recently built platform in the middle of this riverbed. The platform had countless tightly packed array runes with countless array flags around it. Evidently, this was a void transfer array.

    If Mo Wuji or Meng Ye was here, they would be able to tell that it was the same void transfer array which they built before. However, Mo Wuji didn't know who this person, standing beside the void transfer array, was. Despite using his Great Art of Destruction to ambush Tian Hen, Mo Wuji never saw Tian Hen before.

    The truth was that this person was indeed Tian Hen. Even though he only had a glance of the transfer array Meng Ye built, he was able to understand the very foundation of it.

    In a few days, he even managed to rebuild this transfer array.

    Even Mo Wuji wouldn't dare to imagine having such capability. If Mo Wuji knew that Tian Hen had such a capability, he wouldn't have stopped Meng Ye from destroying the transfer array at the void forest.

    Sage Tian Hen brought out a god spiritual vein and activated the array flags.

    "Boom!" Countless white radiance flashed as it enveloped Sage Tian Hen.

    In a moment's time, the transfer array was activated successfully. Sage Tian Hen was swept away as he disappeared from this riverbed.

    The difference between Sage Tian Hen's transfer and Mo Wuji's previous transfer was that Sage Tian Hen's spiritual will wasn't affected. Even during the transfer, Sage Tian Hen could use his spiritual will to scan through the surrounding.

    At the moment he was transferred out, Sage Tian Hen's expression turned ugly. He was the one who set up the transfer array but he actually sensed that his destination was disappearing.

    Given his current strength, he wouldn't die in the transfer array just because his destination disappeared. However, who knew how many years he would need to find the God Continent if he were to land within the messy void?

    "What a scheming ant." Sage Tian Hen cursed and scolded. He thought that Mo Wuji intentionally used the Great Art of Destruction to destroy the void forest.


    Mo Wuji didn't know that his use of the Great Art of Destruction against Grand Desert and Ming Yue actually saved his own life.

    It was indeed a close shave for Mo Wuji. Otherwise, an expert like Tian Hen would definitely be able to find traces of Mo Wuji. With a slight trace, Sage Tian Hen could use all his energy to chase after Mo Wuji. This was also the reason why Lei Hongji couldn't shake Sage Tian Hen off. No matter how far Lei Hongji tried to hide, Sage Tian Hen only needed a tiny trace of his energy to continue his pursuit.

    Presently, Mo Wuji continued to escape with all his might. After leaving the burdensome Meng Ye behind, he executed his Earth Shrinking and Wind Teleportation. Despite the injury from the Needle-Head Book and his weakening elemental energy, Mo Wuji didn't stop at all.

    All these old fellas were all wicked scoundrels and Mo Wuji really didn't wish to end up in their hands. Things would undoubtedly not go well for him if he were to end up in either one of their hands.

    In Mo Wuji's eyes, none of these fellas with God Thrones were sentimental people. Other than their own Grand Dao and God Throne, nothing else mattered to them. Even if he died in the hands of an ordinary cultivator, he mustn't end up in the hands of these God Throne holders.

    After escaping for over ten consecutive days, Mo Wuji was truly incapable of escaping further. He had no choice because of the worsening injury caused by the Needle-Head Book.

    Currently, Mo Wuji lost his direction as he ended up in an unknown area of the void. All around him was only fallen meteorites.

    After a while, Mo Wuji chose a grindstone-sized meteorite. He allowed his Mortal World to permeate this meteorite before entering his Mortal World.

    The smaller the meteorite, the smaller the possibility of collision.

    Once he entered his Mortal World, Mo Wuji landed on a creation-level god spiritual vein. The first thing he wanted to do was to heal himself to force the arrow of the Needle-Head Book out.
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