Chapter 1126: Terrifying Needle-Head Book

    Chapter 1126: Terrifying Needle-Head Book

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    Mo Wuji no longer had to guard against anything in his own world. He was fully focused on trying to locate the Needle-Head Book's arrow, which disappeared within his body.

    One day passed by, two days passed by...

    On the tenth day, Mo Wuji grew worried. His body was at its weakest. In fact, even his vitality channel needed the support of the Vitality God Pill.

    He was still unable to capture any traces of the Needle-Head Book's arrow in his body. Even after cleansing his body and meridians using his spirit storage channel, he didn't find anything peculiar. However, his life force and dao aura were constantly exhausted. Eventually, even his soul became slightly unstable.

    Fortunately, he was inside his own world. Otherwise, Mo Wuji felt that he might not even last this long. Even so, he shouldn't continue doing what he was doing.

    Mo Wuji stood up with his gloomy face as he walked over to his herbal field. Other than the unconscious Ji Li, there was also his prisoner, Huan Ti.

    Huan Ti appeared to have resigned to his fate. He sat quietly within Mo Wuji's herbal field most of the time. Occasionally, he would even check on the growth of the herbs.

    The moment Mo Wuji appeared in the herbal field, Huan Ti sensed it. He raised his head to look at Mo Wuji before exclaiming. "Ai, did you not control Ming Yue? Instead, you look like you were struck by his Needle-Head Book's arrow?"

    Mo Wuji didn't find it surprising that Huan Ti could tell that he was struck by the Needle-Head Book. In fact, it would be odd if Huan Ti couldn't tell.

    Mo Wuji came over to ask for help simply because Huan Ti was a Sage.

    Before Mo Wuji could speak, Huan Ti started chuckling away. "It seems like you're here to ask me for help?"

    Mo Wuji replied calmly, "Yes, I really do need your help. You can state any condition. Naturally, you can forget about wanting to leave this place."

    Huan Ti replied faintly, "I'm sorry but I am unable to help you."

    "I'll help you remove the Seven Buddha Spade." Mo Wuji looked at Huan Ti with intent.

    Huan Ti shook his head.

    "And I'll also give you the Breath of Hongmeng."

    Huan Ti continued to shake his head.

    "And also a piece of the Phecda Clay." Mo Wuji was almost clenching his teeth as he said these words.

    An astonished Huan Ti looked at Mo Wuji. "You even have the Phecda Clay?"

    Huan Ti was truly surprised because this item was definitely of great use to him. Back then, countless cultivators died because of a single piece of the Phecda Clay. Eventually, it seemed like the Phecda Clay was lost within his Gods Tower.

    "So can you help? I will rather we be direct about this matter." Mo Wuji could only control his unhappiness because he was the one asking for help.

    After letting out a sigh, Huan Ti answered. "I have no choice. It is not that I don't wish to make a deal with you. If I really have a way, I will ask for the exchange for our lives. Let me go and I'll tell you how to save yourself. The pity is that I really have no way to help you with the Needle-Head Book."

    Mo Wuji took in a deep breath of cold air. He really didn't expect that even a Sage couldn't do anything about the Needle-Head Book. Moreover, Huan Ti's words were crystal clear. This Needle-Head Book was meant to kill. Otherwise, he wouldn't have talked about the exchanging of lives.

    Mo Wuji was truly disappointed. If he was really meant to die, he would have hoped that he could revive Ji Li and get rid of Huan Ti first.

    Huan Ti seemed to be able to detect Mo Wuji's killing intent. He replied, "Dao Friend Mo, I can sense your killing intent. I know that if you're unable to save yourself from the Needle-Head Book, I will die in front of you first right?"

    Mo Wuji didn't answer because this was a certainty. Now that he was going to die, he would undoubtedly not allow Huan Ti to continue living in his world.

    Huan Ti hesitated for a moment before continuing. "Dao Friend Mo, I've heard of a very peculiar method to get rid of the Needle-Head Book. However, this method is slightly ridiculous. Firstly, you will need to burn off your own primordial spirit..."

    "Burn off my primordial spirit?" An astonished Mo Wuji repeated Huan Ti's words.

    Huan Ti nodded, "That's right, burning your own primordial spirit. After you've been struck by the Needle-Head Book, you should use the dao aura of your Grand Dao to wrap around the arrow as soon as possible. In the shortest possible time, you should pull out that arrow. Evidently, you did not do so. Once the Needle-Head Book's arrow turns into dao aura, a large half of it will fuse with the primordial spirit. No matter how strong you are, you will be unable to remove the Needle-Head Book's arrow. This will continue until your primordial spirit is completely destroyed.

    You should know how important a cultivator's primordial spirit is. Once the primordial spirit is destroyed, one's Grand Dao will be destroyed too. Moreover, burning of the primordial spirit will not completely get rid of the energy of the Needle-Head Book. The terrifying thing is that excruciating and unbearable pain."

    "And then?" Mo Wuji hurried to inquire.

    Huan Ti chuckled, "After burning the primordial spirit, you will still be alive temporarily. Afterwards, you will be using the remaining of your life force to fight against the energy of the Needle-Head Book in your body. You will be using your last breath to prolong your lifespan."

    Even though Huan Ti mentioned that this was a way, it was equivalent to not saying anything. According to Huan Ti's method, he would still die eventually.

    Mo Wuji did hear of such a terrifying magic treasure like the Needle-Head Book before. Back on Earth, he heard of a treasure called the Needle-Head Seven Arrows Book. Previously, Mo Wuji wasn't too bothered about such treasures. Because of the long history of Chinese legends, it wasn't something extraordinary to have heard of a few more treasures of the legends.

    After obtaining the Heavenly Spirits Transformations, Mo Wuji knew that this world was beyond his understanding. Just because he wasn't aware didn't mean that it didn't exist.

    Huan Ti suggested a method which was unable to eradicate his problem.

    To other cultivators, this might be a temporary measure. To Mo Wuji, it was completely useless. He didn't have any primordial spirit. All he had was his vast sea of consciousness and within it was a purple lake. What was he supposed to burn if he didn't have his primordial spirit?

    Mo Wuji sighed as he replied. "Sage Huan Ti, I'm sorry but I will have to kill you now. I have no way of saving myself."

    As the faces of his enemies popped up in his head, Huan Ti became regretful again. Initially, he believed that Mo Wuji would have a bright future ahead of him. Who would have thought that he couldn't even dodge God Emperor's Ming Yue's Needle-Head Book's arrows? This was simply...

    "Hold on..." Huan Ti stopped Mo Wuji from doing anything. "I am in your world so I am basically unable to go anywhere else. It will not be too late even if you kill me right before your death. There is no rush. Given your technique, you should be able to live for a long time if you choose to burn your primordial spirit."

    Mo Wuji replied faintly. "I do not wish to burn my primordial spirit so you will be dying early."

    "Dao Friend Mo, I am willing to let you brand a trace of my Grand Dao's soul. You are free to do anything you want to me as well. You should know that if anything happens to you, I will die as well." Huan Ti added on.

    Mo Wuji looked surprisingly at Huan Ti as he asked. "Dao Friend Huan Ti, I remember that you were anxious to die not too long ago. Why the sudden urge to live now?"

    To a Sage, letting someone brand a trace of your Grand Dao's soul was equal to betraying your own body. Mo Wuji would have ultimate control over his life and death. Mo Wuji could leave him to die anytime he wished. Additionally, Huan Ti would be in trouble too if anything happened to Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji experienced such method back when he was in the Cultivation World. Back in Zhen Xing, he accepted a servant called Chang Sai. According to Mo Wuji's current senses, Chang Sai should still be alive. However, Mo Wuji had no idea where he was. If he were to include Huan Ti, he would have two servants now.

    However, Huan Ti and Chang Sai were two completely different people. Huan Ti was a Sage so how could he be comparable to any other cultivator?

    Huan Ti replied as though he knew what Mo Wuji was thinking about. "I can sense how extraordinary your world is. Even though it is truly a surprise for me to see you injured by Ming Yue, I still have high hopes for you. I am certain that if I don't make this offer, you will definitely kill me without hesitation. I don't feel like dying yet so I am willing to offer you my soul."

    After saying this, Huan Ti started laughing at himself. "Sage... Even a Sage will end up like this. I'm truly desperate."

    Huan Ti looked over at Mo Wuji calmly. His decision was already made. If Mo Wuji was disagreeable to this, he would rather kill himself. A Sage like him still had his pride. The only reason he would offer this was that he was immensely reluctant to die like that. He had yet to avenge himself if he didn't see Luo Xu die.

    Another reason would be his hopes for Mo Wuji's seemingly perfect world. This was the strongest world he had seen in his entire life. He had a premonition that if Mo Wuji could live long enough, he would surpass the existence of a Sage.

    Despite the fact that these were not realistic, Huan Ti still wanted to see it. After all, dying meant that everything would be over. If he could live, there was still a chance to see if it was realistic or not.

    Moreover, he had this feeling deep down in his heart. He had a feeling that Mo Wuji wasn't someone who would die so easily.

    "Alright, I agree. Send out the soul of your Grand Dao." Mo Wuji nodded as he said to Huan Ti.

    Huan Ti didn't say anything as he smacked out a trace of his Grand Dao's soul. After being trapped by Mo Wuji for this period of time, Huan Ti realised something. He realised that the pride of a Sage was nothing compared to his life. It wasn't something he couldn't give up.

    Mo Wuji's sweep of the hand branded Huan Ti's Grand Dao's soul. Following which, he turned and left.

    In all honesty, Mo Wuji didn't feel like it was some sort of achievement to be able to brand Huan Ti's Grand Dao's soul. He walked over to Ji Li as he placed the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo there. Given his current strength, he wouldn't be able to rescue Ji Li. The only thing he could try to do was to try his best to not allow the collapse of his world after he perished.

    Having done these, Mo Wuji returned to the process of finding the energy of the Needle-Head Book's
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