Chapter 1127: Ji Lis New Life

    Chapter 1127: Ji Li's New Life

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    Half a month later, Mo Wuji was only left with one last breath because of the Needle-Head Book. At this moment, a spirit light flashed across his mind.

    Huan Ti mentioned that burning off one's primordial spirit could burn off a large half of the Needle-Head Book's energy. Despite not having a primordial spirit, could he stimulate a primordial spirit? Not only could he stimulate out primordial spirit, he could even stimulate spirit channels.

    Previously when he was rebuilding Da Huang's body, he moulded 108 spirit channels and meridians for him.

    Therefore, he was pretty familiar with the distributions of spirit channels within a person's body. It shouldn't be a problem for him to stimulate spirit channels and primordial spirit. Moreover, nothing could frighten him anymore. His life force was almost completely dissipated and there was no longer any Vitality God Pills left. The worst case scenario would only be death.

    The thought of it was simple but actually doing it was hard. Presently, Mo Wuji's spiritual will and energy were exceedingly weak. His life force was almost drying up. He was truly unable to use his vast sea of consciousness to stimulate a primordial spirit for himself.

    After a day, Mo Wuji stopped trying to stimulate his primordial spirit dazedly. Without spirit channels, stimulating a primordial spirit in his current condition was simply too difficult. He looked over to the motionless Ji Li as his eyes scanned the area.

    He didn't know if Huan Ti knew that he was about to perish because there were no signs from his area.

    Mo Wuji's eyes landed on that piece of Phecda Clay.

    Oh yes, Phecda Clay! Why didn't he think of the Phecda Clay?

    Mo Wuji instantly grabbed the Phecda Clay as he cut out a fist-sized piece. Following which, he started burning his remaining spiritual will.

    He decided to use the Phecda Clay to stimulate his primordial spirit by sending the Phecda Clay into his sea of consciousness. After that, he would try to mould 108 spirit channels within the Phecda Clay. If he could succeed, he would be able to survive. This would give him an additional opportunity to get rid of the Needle-Head Book's energy in his body.

    Creating spirit channels within the Phecda Clay was merely a repeat of his past work. Previously when he did it for Da Huang, his cultivation level was way below his present. Even if he was left with his final breath today, he was still considered a Unity God expert.


    From the newly incubated God Domain Nest to the invasion of the Gods Race. From the installation of the transfer arrays connecting God Domain and God Continent to the appearance of the chasm of creation, recovery of God World. After the recovery of God World, countless experts emerged. Countless experts with God Thrones emerged as they killed as they wished...

    All these resulted in a violent chaos within God World. There were wars and battles everywhere and no one place was peaceful.

    Some of the cultivators even believed that God World would be destroyed by the hands of these God Thrones experts.

    This was because a few big god cities of God Continent were already exterminated with a casual smack of the hand by these experts. To these God Thrones experts, everything else was nothing more significant than ants.

    When everyone was fearing for their life, God World actually became quiet.

    That was right, it was indeed calm and quiet. These mysterious experts seemed to have disappeared overnight as they were gone without any traces left behind. Even those experts who exterminated the few big cities, as well as the woman who appeared because of the Paramita Flower, disappeared too.

    The entire God World stabilised itself as all the sects started to recruit disciples. They wanted to increase their strength urgently. Those rogue cultivators also took the opportunity to go into hiding so that they could cultivate.

    As time flew by, the turbulent times of God World were gradually forgotten by people.


    In Mo Wuji's Mortal World, the unconscious Ji Li started to feel her soul dissipated faintly. Even though she was a Unity God expert, there was nothing she could do to stop it. In fact, she was unable to wake herself up from this deep slumber.

    That trace of mysterious and inexorable feeling caused Ji Li to understand that she was about to perish from this world. Perhaps, she was going to reincarnate. Or perhaps, she wouldn't even have the chance to reincarnate...

    That was the work of a Sage right? A simple radiance was capable of destroying her primordial spirit and crushing her foundations...

    Ji Li's mind became increasingly blurred. She knew that she could perish in the very next moment. She could feel that her soul was dissipating from within her body.

    A blur silhouette appeared in her mind and that person was called Mo Wuji. She recalled that it was Mo Wuji who saved her. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji, she might not even have the chance to return to the God World.

    Who knows if that Mo Wuji is doing fine? Did he make it back to God World...

    As compared to the geniuses who were chasing after her, Mo Wuji seemed very ordinary. However, this ordinary youth casually gifted her millions of consciousness crystals. This was after rescuing her from the Gods Tower. He was the only person whom she owed a favour but had no idea where he was.

    Ji Li's face turned slightly rosier. However, nobody would think that she was coming back to life even if they noticed the slightly rosier face. This was Ji Li's final thoughts before her death.

    Back then, she was the prettiest woman in God World. She had countless admirers and had the most magical moments in her life. It was a memory every young girl had.

    Different faces flashed through her blurry mind just like a stream of water. The final face that appeared was a person named Mo Wuji. The only ordinary youth whom she owed a favour to...

    A clear energy was caught by her dissipating soul. To her surprise, her dissipating soul actually stabilised itself.

    What was happening? Half a moment later, Ji Li's mind actually cleared up. She could feel that her soul was no longer dissipating and it was actually condensing. In fact, there were signs of her soul strengthening.

    The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo? Ji Li's mind finally sensed what her soul caught at the very last moment before her death. It was actually the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. The treasure of the legends actually appeared right in front of her? How true was this?

    Ji Li dared not think much about it. She hurriedly circulated her technique in an attempt to further stabilise her soul.

    Initially, she couldn't circulate her technique no matter how hard she tried. As time passed by, she realised that her soul was solidifying. There were even signs of it growing. She was soon able to circulate her technique. Eventually, she managed to form a spiritual circulation forcefully. Subconsciously, she was finally able to make use of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to recover her soul.

    Mo Wuji's Mortal World was calm. As the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo was absorbed by Ji Li, all the energy went into Ji Li's body.

    Even the energy of that creation-level god spiritual vein beneath Ji Li merged with the energy of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. All these energies were eventually swept away by Ji Li.

    As time passed by just like that, Ji Li's face truly became rosier. It was no longer the blush just before her death. Even the scar on her forehead gradually disappeared.

    The dissipating soul recovered and the blurry mind became clear again.

    The Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo seeped into Ji Li's body as her sea of consciousness took its shape. Even her destroyed primordial spirit was starting to have its outline.

    The damaged spiritual roots and spirit channels were also starting to recover...

    One day, one year, ten years...

    After a hundred years, Ji Li opened her eyes abruptly with extreme delight. Nobody knew it better than herself as her aptitude rose again.

    Her almost destroyed primordial spirit recovered once more. Even her sea of consciousness grew at least twice it's original size. Her spirit channels didn't stop circulating and she had two extra stabilised spirit channels. In total, she had 102 spirit channels.

    Even her spiritual roots appeared to have been cleansed by clear water.

    Ji Li jumped in joy. Not only did her cultivation level recovered, she felt that she could improve further anytime now. Additionally, her rate of absorbing god spiritual will was at least two times faster than before.

    "It is indeed the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo." Ji Li looked at the remaining Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo as she couldn't control her emotions.

    Her injuries were something only an Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo could heal.

    Wait, but why would an Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo appear here? The expert who injured her needed to ask about the location of the Gods Tower. Unless the expert was so generous? He actually gave her the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo so he could find out the location of the Gods Tower?

    This doesn't seem right. If this was the case, there was no need for him to recover her strength and even upgraded her spiritual roots and spirit channels.

    Ji Li's used her spiritual will to scan the surrounding. Before her spiritual will could detect anything, she spotted a youth lying not too far away from her.

    This youth looked too ordinary but that face appeared countless times in her mind before.

    Mo Wuji, that's right. He was indeed Mo Wuji.

    Why would Mo Wuji appear next to her? Very soon, Ji Li understood what was happening. Mo Wuji's dao aura was dissipating and there were no longer any signs of life force. Evidently, Mo Wuji had fallen for some time now.

    Ji Li could no longer control the fear and sadness in her heart. She charged forward to hold Mo Wuji in her arms.
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