Chapter 1128: Soul Severing Brush

    Chapter 1128: Soul Severing Brush

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    No, Mo Wuji isn't dead yet. There was still a trace of energy circulating within his body. However, Ji Li was still unable to sense any life force in Mo Wuji.

    What should I do? Ji Li's grew worried and terrified. She even forgot that she could improve to yet another level if she were to focus on cultivating now.

    Ji Li sent her spiritual will into Mo Wuji's body. To her shock, she realised that Mo Wuji didn't have a single spirit channel in his body. Could this mean that all his spirit channels were completely destroyed? Were his injuries much worse than hers?

    In terms of medicinal knowledge, Ji Li was far from Mo Wuji. If even Mo Wuji couldn't solve the Needle-Head Book's problem, Ji Li should forget about trying to help.

    At this moment, Ji Li was certain that Mo Wuji was the one who brought her the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Besides Mo Wuji, no one else would actually place a complete Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo beside her.

    Oh yes, there was still a small piece of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    Ji Li grabbed hold of the small piece of Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. She wanted to send it into Mo Wuji's body. However, Mo Wuji didn't have a single spirit channel left. In fact, even his life force was almost fully exhausted. How was she supposed to help him?

    After feeling terrified initially, Ji Li managed to calm herself down. She sent out her spiritual will to find out how shockingly perfect the laws in this place were. Moreover, she didn't even sense a slight bit of ruthless or killing energy in this world.

    Where am I? There is such a place in God World?

    Soon after, Ji Li spotted piles of creation-level god spiritual veins. Each of this god spiritual vein contained dense god spiritual energy and clear energy of the Laws. Not only that, she even noticed the mountains of god crystals, god materials...

    There was even the Breath of Hongmeng, Phecda Clay...

    An averagely sized pill furnace was erected in the middle of the materials. This furnace was emitting a sort of energy...

    Could that be the Furnace of Heaven and Earth? Despite not seeing the Furnace of Heaven and Earth before, Ji Li certainly heard of it. Moments later, she started feeling goosebumps on her body. Beside the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was actually a massive round plate. Endless energy of Time Laws was circulating around the round plate. She was completely unable to properly look through it.

    In her faint judgement, she felt that this round plate was not any weaker than the Furnace of Heaven and Earth.

    Whose items are this?

    This is definitely Mo Wuji's items and this is undoubtedly Mo Wuji's world. Where did Mo Wuji come from and how did he obtain a world like this? This seemed to be a world which was of a higher grade than a true spirit world.

    Even Ji Li couldn't believe that this was Mo Wuji's world. Regardless of how strong Mo Wuji was, it shouldn't be possible to perfect his world to such an extent.

    If Mo Wuji truly had such a perfect world, his strength would have surpassed the Unity God Stage. If Mo Wuji did surpass the Unity God Stage, he shouldn't have been so severely injured right?

    Naturally, she didn't know the kind of people Mo Wuji was dealing with; the almost recovered Dao Monarch Grand Desert and God Emperor Ming Yue. If it wasn't for Mo Wuji's Great Art of Destruction, she might not even be able to see Mo Wuji in such a state.

    Very soon, Ji Li spotted a herbal field covered with restrictions. It seemed like someone was inside there.

    Ji Li carried Mo Wuji as she landed beside this herbal field. When she saw the person inside the herbal field, she shouted in shock, "It's you?"

    Even though Huan Ti was as skinny as skeletons now, Ji Li could recognise him in one glance. This was the fella who injured her.

    "Ai, he really found the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to rescue you?" The moment Huan Ti saw Ji Li, he exclaimed. Because he was trapped by Mo Wuji to watch over his field, he knew nothing about the items in Mo Wuji's world. All he knew was that this was not a simple world.

    Hearing Huan Ti's words, Ji Li heaved a sigh of relief subconsciously.

    When she first recognised Huan Ti, she thought that this was Huan Yi's world. She thought that she was thrown into his world together with Mo Wuji.

    Because of the words of Huan Ti as well as the energy and array flags around him, she realised that her initial thought was wrong. This should be Mo Wuji's world and Huan Ti was trapped here by Mo Wuji. She was rescued by Mo Wuji and left in this world. The difference was that she wasn't trapped and she could move about freely.

    Because Mo Wuji was severely injured, he knew that he had no strength to rescue her. Therefore, he could only leave the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo with her. Fortunately, she managed to catch the trace of energy from the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo right before her soul dissipated. She managed to rescue her own life at the very last moment.

    Huan Ti noticed Ji Li's reaction and he smacked his own forehead. It seemed like Ji Li wasn't certain that this was Mo Wuji's turf.

    If he acted and pretended that this was his world, he could have fooled her. He would have been able to find an opportunity to escape after fooling her.

    "Mo Wuji caught you and brought you back?" Ji Li looked at Huan Ti before looking back at Mo Wuji. Subconsciously, her heart grew warmer.

    She couldn't even remember who would still think about her in this world. Even back in the Gods Tower many years ago, it was also Mo Wuji who rescued her unknowingly.

    She was recently injured by this person in front of him and a while later, Mo Wuji captured this expert to restrain him. Afterwards, Mo Wuji even found the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo to save her.

    Perhaps, Mo Wuji might be the only person in the entire universe who she could treat as a true friend. No, a close relative. In this entire universe, Mo Wuji might be the only one who would rescue her.

    "That's right, I was indeed captured by him." Huan Ti sighed.

    "How did you injure him?" Ji Li revealed killing intents as she questioned Huan Ti.

    Even though she rarely hurt others, Mo Wuji was different to her.

    Huan Ti's mouth was wide opened for a while before answering. "You think I am the one who hurt him?"

    "Is it not?" Ji Li revealed eyes of disdain.

    Huan Ti replied. "If I could injure him, I wouldn't have been trapped here."

    "So how did he end up in such a state?" Ji Li furrowed her brows.

    Huan Ti answered casually, "I have no idea about that."

    "Since that is the case, I shall kill you first." Ji Li raised her hand to draw her sword.

    "Hold on..." Huan Ti sacrificed even his pride to rescue his life from the hands of Mo Wuji. He certainly didn't wish to die so easily at the hands of Ji Li. He hurried to answer honestly, "I wasn't the one who hurt him. It was a guy called Ming Yue who used the Needle-Head Book to injure him..."

    "God Emperor Ming Yue's Needle-Head Book?" Ji Li blurted out. There were traces of disbelief and shock in her eyes.

    "You actually know about Ming Yue and his Needle-Head Book?" It was Huan Ti's turn to be shocked.

    Huan Ti was one of the 12 God Emperors and his Needle-Head Book was very famous among the experts. Even so, many cultivators who didn't have a God Throne were unaware of his Needle-Head Book.

    What caused Ji Li to be even more shocked was that she knew how a person would definitely die after being struck by the Needle-Head Book. Even up till now, Mo Wuji had yet to perish. This showed how terrifyingly strong Mo Wuji was.

    No, I must hurry up and remove the Needle-Head Book's arrow from his body. At the thought of this, Ji Li didn't even bother about Huan Ti. She simply turned and left.

    "Hold on, you know how to remove the Needle-Head Book's arrow?" Huan Ti noticed Ji Li's expression and called her back. He started to suspect that this little princess might know something that he doesn't know.

    In his eyes, Ji Li was merely a little princess.

    Ji Li didn't bother about Huan Ti. She carried Mo Wuji in her arms as she used her spiritual will to scan the area. She wanted to leave this world.

    In the next moment, Ji Li landed on a meteorite the size of a millstone. She actually managed to emerge from that world while carrying Mo Wuji.

    Soon after, Ji Li realised that she wouldn't be able to return to Mo Wuji's world. In fact, she couldn't even detect it anymore.

    Ji Li naturally knew why she was able to make it out. It was because Mo Wuji allowed her to do so. Presently, she should forget about getting back into that world unless Mo Wuji woke up.

    However, Ji Li wasn't too concerned about not being able to head back into Mo Wuji's world. Her top priority now would be to help Mo Wuji remove the Needle-Head Book's arrow from his body.

    Others might not know how but she really did know.

    Back in the Gods Tower, she met a Minor God called Bei Ji.

    Bei Ji was actually a Minor God with a God Throne. During the war in the Gods Tower previously, Ji Li extended her helping hand to save him because she was kind-hearted. Because of that, Bei Ji told Ji Li about the Needle-Head Book before.

    The Needle-Head Book was initially his sister, Bei Ting's magic treasure. Because Ming Yue heard of the magic treasure, he went on to kill Bei Ting so that he could steal her Needle-Head Book. Because of the Needle-Head Book, Ming Yue managed to become one of the 12 God Emperors.

    The Needle-Head Book was a terrifying magic treasure. It was able to produce seven black arrows by its own. Once someone was struck by this arrow, death became a certainty.

    However, the Heavenly Dao would always be fair. Despite its frightening nature, there was still an item which could restrain it. That was the Soul Severing Brush.

    The Soul Severing Brush was the only magic treasure which could deal with the Needle-Head Book. As long as one didn't perish from the strike of the Needle-Head Book, the Soul Severing Brush could save that person.

    Presently, there was only one thing Ji Li needed to find. It was the Soul Severing Brush.
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