Chapter 1129: Fleshly-Body-Like Primordial Spirit

    Chapter 1129: Fleshly-Body-Like Primordial Spirit

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    Rumours spread that there were seven worlds in this universe. The God World was not the highest world. In fact, there were two other worlds above God World. One of them was called the World of Ruins. As for the other world, it might not even exist because nobody went there before. Neither was there any legends left behind about it.

    However, someone did visit World of Ruins before. That person was Bei Ji's sister, Bei Ting.

    Bei Ting's Needle-Head Book originated from that World of Ruins.

    World of Ruins used to be called the God Throne World. It used to be a place where only those with God Thrones had the rights to stay in. Before the cataclysm, countless experts started fighting each other for the God Thrones as well as one's fate.

    No matter how strong the God Throne World was, it started to crack because of the massive battles between experts. Not only were some of the Laws of the world channel broken, many of the world channels were extracted by people too. Eventually, the Laws of World of Ruins were destroyed and completely messed up.

    It was just like a perfectly fine person having his bones and blood extracted from his body. This place was no longer a holyland for experts with god thrones. The name was, therefore, changed from God Throne World to World of Ruins.

    Countless magic treasures were left behind in this place because of the deaths of that many experts.

    Too many experts participated in the battle but too many of them perished from it too. Even though World of Ruins was completely destroyed, it still remained as the most dangerous world.

    It was because many of the experts who perished here were unable to leave. All they could do was to hide in every corner as they waited for cultivators to arrive. They would continue to seize these cultivators.

    Because of the broken laws and channels in this world, there would not be any god spiritual herbs left. Their only chance to survive would be to seize these cultivators alive.

    Logically speaking, nobody should be willing to visit such a dangerous place like World of Ruins. The truth was the direct opposite of logic. Countless people entered World of Ruins over the years. Naturally, they didn't go there to be seized by those experts. They went in search of all sorts of treasures.

    Because of the cataclysm back then, a large number of experts perished there. One could imagine how many treasures would end up on World of Ruins.

    Finding just one of these treasures would be enough to establish a foothold in the universe.

    While the majority of people who tried to search for these treasures perished as well, there was still a minority who succeeded. They brought away peak grade treasures from World of Ruins to become an expert in their area. Bei Ji's sister, Bei Ting, was one good example of this minority. What she found wasn't an ordinary peak grade treasure. She found the Needle-Head Book which so many people coveted for.

    The pity was that God Emperor Ming Yue had his eyes on Bei Ting after the rumours spread that she obtained the Needle-Head Book. Eventually, she couldn't escape death.

    Bei Ji was merely a Minor God. In God Emperor Ming Yue's eyes, he was merely an ant. It was an impossible dream for him to avenge his sister against God Emperor Ming Yue. In fact, he shouldn't even be thinking about revenge. Bei Ji had to conceal his identity well that God Emperor Ming Yue wouldn't find out that he was Bei Ting's brother. Otherwise, he wouldn't be able to escape an early death too.

    Ji Li wanted to head to World of Ruins. She knew that the Soul Severing Brush would most likely be found there.

    According to Bei Ji, the Soul Severing Brush had yet to appear among the experts with God Throne after the cataclysm. During the massive battle of the God Throne experts, the Soul Severing Brush was spotted.

    Since the Soul Severing Brush didn't appear after the cataclysm, it would mean that it was still in World of Ruins.

    Ji Li also knew how to go to World of Ruins. All she needed to do would be to find the Seven World Stone.

    Ji Li didn't know how to go to the Seven World Stone directly. However, she knew of a place in Dark World which could lead her there.

    To go to Dark World, she needed to go to Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock.

    If she was still in God World, she wouldn't be able to head to Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock even if she wanted to. It was because she didn't know how to leave God World.

    The only reason she knew of Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was because she heard her father talked about it.

    In the vast universe, there were many other world domains which were of the same level as God World.

    It remained very difficult to interact between world domains. The Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was a place where all the God World cultivators could interact.

    However, one must leave the God World to reach this place. Ji Li was certain that she was currently not within the God World.

    Ji Li drew out her flying treasure as she placed Mo Wuji in one of the flying ship's cabin. Following which, she took out an old jade letter from her world.

    Before the cataclysm, her father, Ji Feiqian, drew the routes of the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock for her. Just before the cataclysm, her cultivation level already surpassed her father. Initially, Ji Li intended to visit the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock. However, the cataclysm happened and she was swept into the Gods Tower. She almost died in the Gods Tower too.

    During the cataclysm, it wasn't just God World which was affected. Almost every other world domain in the same level as God World also suffered a similar catastrophe.

    These world domains were also controlled by experts with God Throne. After the cataclysm, these experts wanted to make use of their fate because of their control over the world domain. They wanted to extract the fate of these world domains to strengthen their own body. They wanted to defend against the pressure from the cataclysm.

    After the fate of these god domains was extracted, the god spiritual energy and energy of the Laws became weak. However, it was no longer a concern of these experts. It wouldn't even matter to them if a world domain was destroyed. Their only concern was to survive the cataclysm and protect their own God Throne.

    After the cataclysm, the Laws of God World was actually restored. No one knew for sure if the other world domains would also be restored.

    To Ji Li, her greatest worry was that the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock disappeared after the cataclysm. If this was true, she would have wasted her trip.

    Without the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, she wouldn't be able to find the Dark World. During the cataclysm back then, the Dark World would definitely not it better than God World.

    Whether or not the Cosmo Myriad Gods Dock was destroyed, Ji Li knew that she needed to make a trip down. This was her only viable solution.


    While Ji Li was hurrying across the vast void, a tiny figure suspended in the middle of the violet lake within Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness.

    This figure looked slightly similar to Mo Wuji. Some dao spiritualities within this violet lake were revolving around this small figure. Some spirit channels, which couldn't be seen initially, were continuously extending.

    Such thin energy wouldn't be detected by others easily. This was even if their spiritual will seeped into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. To begin with, Ji Li's spiritual will didn't even seep into Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. Therefore, she naturally couldn't detect it. Or rather, Ji Li couldn't do it even if she wanted to. This was unless she tried to forcefully tear his sea of consciousness apart.

    Others might do this but Ji Li would never do so.

    Even though Mo Wuji entered a deep slumber, his life force didn't disappear yet. There was still a meridian circulating constantly. This was his 104th meridian, the rarely used breath scattering channel.

    Mo Wuji's vitality, meridian, energy and dao aura entered a deep slumber because of his breath scattering channel. This wasn't because Mo Wuji was going to die. It was a process of warming and nourishing his energy.

    The 108 spirit channels were forged out on the Phecda Clay by Mo Wuji. Because of the drying up of his spiritual will due to injuries, Mo Wuji only managed to forge out the roots of the spirit channels.

    After Mo Wuji entered the breath scattering phase, his spirit channels started to form up. This was with the help of his violet lake.

    To those who cultivated with spiritual roots, they were aware of what Mo Wuji forged out. This figure with 108 spirit channels was the primordial spirit.

    If these 108 spirit channels were completely shaped, Mo Wuji would be the only person in the universe with a fleshly-body-like primordial spirit. Moreover, he would be the only one whose primordial spirit had 108 spirit channels and his fleshly body with 108 meridians.

    However, the growth of Mo Wuji's primordial spirit was extremely slow. His primordial spirit was growing with support by his breath scattering channel and violet lake. Concurrently, there was something obstructing the growth of Mo Wuji's primordial spirit.

    Within Mo Wuji's body, there were countless dao aura moving towards Mo Wuji's sea of consciousness. It was something even Ji Li couldn't detect. Eventually, it was entering Mo Wuji's primordial spirit.

    At least Mo Wuji was clear that Huan Ti didn't lie to him on this matter. This energy was indeed the energy of the Needle-Head Book.

    This energy was something even Mo Wuji couldn't find, let alone extract. Now that Mo Wuji's primordial spirit was formed, this energy surged towards it. The pity was that Mo Wuji was unconscious and unable to sense anything. If Mo Wuji had his senses, he would be able to capture the energy of the Needle-Head Book. With his Mortal Technique, he would certainly be able to force the energy of the Needle-Head Book out to destroy it.

    If Ji Li didn't touch Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji would still be in his Mortal World. Perhaps, he might wake up one day and used the Phecda Clay to deal with the energy of the Needle-Head Book.

    However, there would also be a possibility that this energy of the Needle-Head Book would take over Mo Wuji's Phecda Clay primordial spirit by force. Once it destroyed the Phecda Clay primordial spirit, Mo Wuji would never be able to wake up anymore.


    Ji Li wasn't aware of the changes within Mo Wuji's body. She continued to hurry towards the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock.

    Evidently, Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was incredibly far away. Despite flying for over half a year in her flying treasure, they weren't even close to the periphery of it.
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