Chapter 1130: Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock

    Chapter 1130: Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock

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    Occasionally, Ji Li would take a look at Mo Wuji.

    Multiple years later, Mo Wuji was still the same as before. There was no signs of life force but there was still faint spirituality circulating within him. This made Ji Li heaved a sigh of relief. What would be the use of the Soul Severing Brush if Mo Wuji perished before she found it?

    The Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was extremely far away. Ji Li travelled for hundreds of years and her cultivation level was stabilised at Unity God Level 4. As compared to before she was injured, Ji Li's rate of cultivation was at least twice as quick. The only pity was that Ji Li wasn't in the mood to cultivate. After her stabilising her cultivation level, all she wanted to do was to increase her speed.

    After so many years of travelling, there was one consolation to Ji Li's heart. The consolation was that the specific position of the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock finally appeared on her jade letter.

    On this day, Ji Li stood at the bow of her flying ship as she looked at her jade letter. She was calculating how much more time was needed for her to reach Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock. At this very moment, she noticed that the position of Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock disappeared from her jade letter. She started panicking.

    This was something that never happened before. Now that the destination she was headed for disappeared, what should she do?

    Subconsciously, Ji Li slowed down. Before she could figure out the reason, four figures landed in front of Ji Li. They were clearly obstructing her path.

    Even though Ji Li didn't like to kill people, she wasn't an idiot. Moreover, she had so many years of experience. When such things happen, how could she not know that she was intentionally blocked off by people?

    The four people obstructing Ji Li were all men. The one standing in front was a golden hair man with pale face. His eyes were slightly blue-ish and he seemed to be in the intermediate Unity God Stage.

    The other three seemed to be of similar cultivation level as the golden hair man. The only difference was that they were a lot shorter than him.

    Ji Li could sense an immense killing intent from the four of them.

    "Open your world for us to take your items. Following which, leave immediately." The man standing on the left of the golden hair man was not just short. His skin was also incredibly black. He was holding on to a gigantic Kun sword.

    Ji Li's heart sunk when she heard his words. If it was only one of them, Ji Li wouldn't be afraid. At the very most, she could just escape. Presently, there were four of them in which none of them were any lower than her in terms of cultivation level. Moreover, the need to carry Mo Wuji around wouldn't do her any good.

    No matter what happened, she mustn't let anything happen to Mo Wuji. At the thought of this, Ji Li kept her flying treasure. She proceed to carry Mo Wuji in her arms.

    Once the flying treasure was kept, the four men were able to see Ji Li's appearance.

    Throughout their travels, they saw many beautiful women. However, this was their first time seeing a women as stunning as Ji Li. She was simply too stunning for them to take their eyes off.

    The four of them had their eyes glued on Ji Li. They were also able to tell that Ji Li was a pure and innocent woman.

    "Are you sure that you will let me go after I hand out my items?" As Ji Li spoke, she was prepared to take out her magic treasure.

    She was more certain than anyone else that these four men wouldn't let her leave easily.

    "Of course!" After the golden hair man said this, the four of them attacked simultaneously.

    The four of them were well experienced in battles so why would they let Ji Li waste their time? In terms of combat experience, even a few Ji Li wouldn't be comparable to them. Therefore, they didn't allow Ji Li to delay any time. In fact, they didn't even allow her to have the opportunity to draw out her magic treasure.

    In a hurry, Ji Li drew out a long scepter. Before her long scepter could be completely activated, the combined attacks of the four men destroyed her domain.

    Explosive surges of god elemental energy was felt and Ji Li spat out a mouthful of blood. Even though she was trying her best to protect Mo Wuji from this energy, there was still a portion which she wasn't able to block. Eventually, Mo Wuji suffered that portion of the attack.

    Ji Li's heart was sinking. Even so, she charged intensely to the side. Even if she were to die, she mustn't let Mo Wuji die in her hands. One must know that if it wasn't for her, Mo Wuji would still be in that world.

    The short man with black skin on the left noticed that Ji Li was charging towards his direction. He was inwardly pleased. With a raise of his hand, he shot out a grey killing radiance towards Ji Li's Dantian.

    He thought through it thoroughly within split seconds. As long as Ji Li tried to block his killing radiance, he would be able to capture her alive. He was willing even if it would hurt him a little. If he could capture an absolute beauty like Ji Li, she would naturally belong to him. Of course, he wouldn't be hoping to own all of the woman's items.

    "Pft!" Yet another blood fog exploded on Ji Li's body. To this short man's shock, Ji Li would rather have her Dantian destroyed than to be trapped here.

    But is this of use? With her Dantian destroyed, she would eventually die. The only bad point for him would be that she wouldn't be considered to be captured by him.

    An excruciating pain could be felt throughout her body. Ji Li felt as though her god elemental energy and spiritual will were rapidly diminishing.

    To Ji Li's surprise, she actually saw a massive void island's dock. That was definitely the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock. The Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, which previously disappeared on her jade letter, appeared once more.

    Ji Li burnt her final trace of god elemental energy as she charged towards that island's dock.


    At the moment when Ji Li's domain was torn apart and the god elemental energy struck Mo Wuji, his sea of consciousness trembled. A trace of his will cleared up and very soon, he felt a trace of dao which he never came across before. This energy was surging towards his sea of consciousness.

    Within his sea of consciousness, the primordial spirit which he created with his Phecda Clay was suspended in the centre. The energy, which he was previously unable to come in contact with, was being absorbed by that primordial spirit.

    This was the energy of the Needle-Head Book!

    Presently, the energy of the Needle-Head Book was detected by Mo Wuji. He was certain that this was the Needle-Head Book's dao ripples. He finally understood why he was previously unable to detect this energy. It was because the dao ripples of the Needle-Head Book penetrated into his soul will before merging with it. It was actually an energy with any laws.

    If it wasn't for his primordial spirit, he might not be able to find this energy even in a million years.

    However, he gained this new experience. In the future, he wouldn't even need the help of his primordial spirit. He was confident he could separate the dao ripples of the Needle-Head Book easily.

    This was the advantage of cultivating his Mortal Dao. As long as he detected an energy which did not belong to his Mortal Dao, he would be able to get rid of it. Previously, he couldn't detect that energy because he had never been in contact with it before. He was also unaware that the universe still had a dao aura without any laws.

    Perhaps it wasn't without any laws. Perhaps, it had laws which did not belong to this universe.

    With a slight use of his spiritual will, Mo Wuji managed to sweep all the Needle-Head Book's energy into his primordial spirit. In the next moment, the flame of the Scholar's Heart started burning in his sea of consciousness. It was burning the dao ripples of the Needle-Head Book in his primordial spirit. Under the Scholar's Heart, everything was burnt into nothingness.

    When the dao ripples of the Needle-Head Book disappeared, Mo Wuji's vitality channel came alive again. The breath scattering channel was awaken and his 108 meridians started circulating again. In an instant, it formed a spiritual circulation.

    The only pity was that Mo Wuji was trapped by the Needle-Head Book for too long. Even if he were to regain his consciousness now, he wouldn't be able to recover his full strength immediately.


    "Why do you try?" The four Unity God experts landed beside Ji Li. The short man with black skin exclaimed while shaking his head.

    Ji Li spat out another mouthful of blood as she struggled to hold Mo Wuji up. She stared intently at the four of them as she shouted. "Kill me as you wish."

    "Kill you? Please do not think too much. Why would we kill you? Let's go, you shall leave with us." The golden hair man raised his hand in an attempt to bring her away.

    Ji Li's god elemental energy dispersed and she no longer had her domain. Even though she could see the opponent's hand coming, she was unable to dodge it.

    "Boom!" An explosive god elemental energy swept over. A youth with shoulder-length hair appeared in front of the four of them.

    "The few of you again? So many people die everyday so why aren't the few of you dead?" The youth commented sarcastically.

    The golden hair man was not afraid of this youth as he replied with similar tone. "Lian Ji, you cannot even protect yourself now. How dare you interfere with my matters? You really have a deathwish right?"

    Lian Ji replied faintly, "Dead or alive, that is my own problem. I don't need the few of you to worry for me. However, the few of you can forget about bringing anyone away."

    "My brothers are all not afraid of you." Even though this was what the golden hair man said, the few of them behind him were actually fearful of this youth.

    While this youth was of similar cultivation level as them, this fella actually killed an expert in the advanced Unity God Stage before.

    This long hair youth revealed a disdainful smile before saying to Ji Li. "Dao Friend here, follow me. I don't believe these few fellas will chase after us."

    Having said that, this long hair youth turned and left. He didn't seem to be bothered by the four of them.
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