Chapter 1131: Expert of Cosmos God City

    Chapter 1131: Expert of Cosmos God City

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    The golden hair man and co. seemed to be truly afraid of Lian Ji. They actually didn't chase after them.

    After they travelled far and Ji Li confirmed that the four men didn't chase over, she finally heaved a breath of relief. She bowed respectfully towards Lian Ji, "Thank you Dao Friend for saving my life."

    Lian Ji hurried to wave it off, "Those four fellas have an incredibly bad reputation. They've hurt countless cultivators in the Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock. I am unable to be of much help to you too. Just like what they said, I am barely able to protect myself too..."

    Lian Ji shook his head as he didn't continue his sentence.

    Ji Li naturally understood the meaning of Lian Ji's words. Lian Ji wouldn't be much help to her because there was nothing much he could do for her even after saving her. With her Dantian destroyed, it would be a miracle if she could survive. Moreover, she couldn't follow Lian Ji around.

    "Dao Friend Lian, is this Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock?" Ji Li hurried to inquire.

    Lian Ji answered, "Indeed, this place was indeed Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock many years ago. If this is your first trip here, don't you think that this place is very different from the rumours? Countless cultivators were rumoured to gather in Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock. This place was supposed to be flourishing and prosperous right?"

    Ji Li nodded her head subconsciously. In her mind, Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was indeed supposed to be a flourishing and prosperous venue. There were supposed to be a lot of experts gathered here. It wasn't supposed to be this big piece of desolate land which looked like a fallen meteorite.

    Lian Ji chuckled out loud. "Do you really think that the cataclysm will not affect Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock? In fact, it was severely affected. If you saw how chaotic Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock looked back then, you wouldn't believe your eyes. Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock was always set up on high. Dock Head Xing Lijian was even rumoured to be the strongest among all the Sages. In the end, even he was turned into ashes in the cataclysm...

    Oh yes, did you notice something when you're on your way here? Did you notice that Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock seems to disappear? This is the doing of that four men. Because the defensive array of Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock disappeared a long time ago, they made use of their own techniques. They manage to create such an illusion to slow down incoming visitors."

    After Ji Li heard these words, she was dumbfounded. After a while, she asked with uncertainty in her voice, "Does this mean that there is no longer a single person left on Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock?"

    If there was no one left on Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, there would definitely not be a transfer array towards the Dark World.

    "There are naturally still people around. In the centre of Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, there is still a secret Cosmos God City. You can make any sort of transactions there. Of course, that is if you are still alive." Lian Ji commented sarcastically.

    He rescued Ji Li because he was still capable of doing so. However, there were so many more things he wished he could do but knew that he couldn't

    Ji Li replied elatedly, "May I ask Dao Friend something? Are there any transfer arrays in Cosmos God City which can lead me to other world domains?"

    Lian Ji's eyes landed on Mo Wuji's body. Following which, he shook his head. "Dao Friend, I suggest you should take care of yourself first. Given your current condition, bringing a fella, who is almost at the end of his lifespan, to Cosmos God City. This is equivalent to sending yourself to die..."

    The moment Lian Ji said this, he stopped himself. He knew that even if JI Li were to leave Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock now, she would also be sending herself to die. This was even without considering that there were still four fellas waiting for her outside.

    Ji Li hurried to bow, "May I ask Dao Friend to bring me to Cosmos God City? My Dantian is damaged and my spiritual will is weakening. If nobody leads the way, I am truly unable to find the city."

    Lian Ji forced out a smile as he replied. "I can bring you there but..."

    Before Lian Ji could finish his sentence, there was a drastic change in his expression. He hurried to call out, "Quickly follow me in."

    Realising that Ji Li's Dantian was still damaged, Lian Ji used his god elemental energy to bring Ji Li away swiftly.

    Lian Ji brought Ji Li through a few turns and after half an incense worth of time, everything became clear to Ji Li. A gorgeous stone city appeared in front of Ji Li's eyes.

    Yes, it was indeed a stone city. The city gate and walls were all made from piles of massive rocks. This was nothing like any of the god cities he had been to. It looked more like a primitive tribe city. In the entire stone city, there were no signs to indicate that this was Cosmos God City.

    "Sister, I can only help you so much. Whether you can survive or not, it is all up to you." After saying this, Lian Ji quickened his steps into the city.

    Ji Li hurried into the stone city as well. From the outside, the stone city looked desolate, spacious and empty. She couldn't even spot a single person wandering around. The moment she entered the stone city, she realised that this city was pretty crowded. There were people all along the streets of the city.

    However, everyone looked extremely stern. It was not lively or relaxed at all.

    Ji Li saw that Lian Ji hurried towards a street. Without any clues on where to go, she simply followed the direction which Lian Ji left in.

    "Why did you follow me here?" After crossing two streets, she met Lian Ji again.

    Lian Ji stood outside a wooden storehouse. There were a few words written on this storehouse, Broken Rain Resting Storehouse.

    Before Ji Li could reply, Lian Ji hurried to ask her in. "Since you're here, hurry up and come on in."

    After inviting her in, Lian Ji hurried back into the storehouse. Ji Li knew nothing about this place and didn't have any other friends here. Moreover, she and Mo Wuji were both severely injured. Therefore, she followed Lian Ji in, hoping to receive some help.

    To Ji Li, things would be different if she was alone. She would rather casually find another place instead of asking the same person, who helped her once, for help again. However, she was carrying Mo Wuji around. It was a small matter if she perished but she would never be at peace if she implicated Mo Wuji.

    Lian Ji brought Ji Li into a huge guest room before striking out restrictions. "That fella knows that you are acquainted with me, After killing me, he wouldn't let you go too. This was why I casually brought you here."

    "You offended an expert here?" Ji Li questioned.

    Lian Ji took out a pill for Ji Li, "This pill might not be able to recover your Dantian. However, it is still beneficial for your wounds."

    After Ji Li swallowed the god pill, Lian Ji continued. "I killed Liu Wan's disciple. Just as I was about to escape, I met you. My old habits kicked in which was why I reached out to help you. I didn't expect that b*stard Liu Wan to return so quickly. He was the reason why I returned back to this place. Even though there weren't many rules here, Liu Wan would still need to be cautious if he wanted to act here."

    "I am sorry for implicating." Ji Li wasn't that foolish to not know this. If it wasn't for Ji Li, Lian Ji might have been out of this place already.

    Lian Ji laughed as he shook his hand. "It isn't your fault. Who knew that Liu Wan would be back so soon? Even if I hadn't met you, I would probably not be able to make it out alive. And you are also implicated because of me. Because of me, Liu Wan wouldn't let you off easily too."

    Lian Ji didn't seem too guilty. If he didn't rescue Ji Li in the first place, she would have been dead already.

    "Is that Liu Wan very strong?" Ji Li asked worriedly.

    This time, Lian Ji's tone grew serious. "He is really strong. In Cosmos God City, he is considered to be one of the top 5 experts. I am not too certain how strong is he compared to the rest. However, I am certain that he is already in the Quasi-Sage stage."

    Lian Ji's voice turned low as he talked about this. While the Quasi-Sage stage was only one stage away from Unity God, the difference in strength was enormous.

    Ji Li suddenly thought about Sage Huan Ti, who was trapped in Mo Wuji's world. If Mo Wuji could even restrain a Sage, a Quasi-Sage shouldn't be a problem for a healthy Mo Wuji to deal with right?

    "Bang bang bang!" The restrictions at the entrance started to tremble vigorously.

    JI Li stood up nervously. Lian Ji opened the restriction as he stared coldly at the shop's assistant at the door. "Did I not pay to stay here or did I do something wrong? Why are you attacking my restriction?"

    The shop assistant hurried to bow. "Senior Lian, I am tremendously sorry. You should know that we are merely ants of the lowest existence. I plead for senior to let us off this time. If Quasi-Sage Liu comes over, our tiny storehouse will be destroyed..."

    This assistant bent over as he spoke in the most humble tone.

    Lian Ji, who was initially going to rage, swallowed his anger. When the assistant spoke in such humble tone, he was simply unable to continue raging.

    "Alright, I get it now. I will leave immediately." Lian Ji waved his hand as he spoke. He was clearly frustrated.

    Having said that, he turned to Ji Li. "Let's go, the attack will come regardless whether we hide or show ourselves. I, Lian Ji, have always done things openly."

    "Dao Friend Lian, please hold on. My friend is about to wake up." Ji Li called out emotionally.
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