Chapter 1132: A Mere Chicken

    Chapter 1132: A Mere Chicken

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    A confused Lian Ji looked at Ji Li as he asked, "Why will he waking up make any difference?"

    To Lian Ji, the outcome would be the same regardless whether Mo Wuji woke up or not. In fact, things would be a lot quieter if they were to perish while Mo Wuji was still unconscious.

    Presently, Ji Li pretended not to hear Lian Ji's words. She cautiously placed Mo Wuji on a praying mat. Following which, she sat next to Mo Wuji as she watched on nervously.

    Mo Wuji was someone who was even capable of leaving the Gods Tower. She believed that if Mo Wuji woke up, they would be able to leave this place.


    Mo Wuji could sense that he was being carried by Ji Li. After a while, he seemed to fall like a meteorite from the void. Ji Li's entire body was covered with blood and was severely injured.

    A few experts surrounded Ji Li and this made Mo Wuji exceedingly anxious. He was trying his best to open his eyes. However, his eyelids were simply too heavy.

    The energy of the Needle-Head Book was burnt off and the primordial spirit created by his Phecda Clay finally relaxed. When this happened, Mo Wuji opened his eyes abruptly.

    The first person he saw was the extremely anxious Ji Li.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Ji Li was still alive. He instantly took out the Breath of Hongmeng from his Mortal World. He was desperately trying to recover his own strength.

    In a short period of time, a god spiritual whirlpool started forming around Mo Wuji's body. The Breath of Hongmeng was fearlessly exposed.

    After recovering from his injuries, Mo Wuji's cultivation level was constantly on the rise. The benefit of having an additional primordial spirit was that his fleshly body was even cleaner than before.

    Energies of dao insights started to form around his body. Mysterious dao ripples of laws started spreading from his body too.

    Eventually, even the elemental energy of the creation-level god spiritual vein within his Mortal World was absorbed by Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's strength was recovering rapidly. In a few minutes, he charged back into the peak of Unity God Level 1.

    Breath of Hongmeng? God elemental energy of creation-level god spiritual vein? A dumbfounded Lian Ji looked at Mo Wuji. Presently, Mo Wuji was fearlessly recovering his strength. Lian Ji could tell and was glad that Mo Wuji wasn't completely useless. At the very least, Mo Wuji was still a Unity God.

    However, so what if Mo Wuji was a fully recovered elementary Unity God expert? The opponent was Quasi-Sage Liu Wan. Even 100 or 1000 Unity Gods were all ants in the face of Liu Wan.

    After a few more minutes, Lian Ji exclaimed. "I finally know why he was so severely injured. With that many treasures on him, even I will be tempted. There are definitely others who couldn't control themselves."

    Ji Li heard his words and started to worry.

    Lian Ji shook his hand as he looked at Ji Li, "Don't worry, I am not that despicable. But your friend seems inexperience. Even if he wants to heal himself, he shouldn't have used the Breath of Hongmeng so openly."

    There were basically too many disadvantages for him to use the Breath of Hongmeng so openly. In fact, almost all the experts in the Cosmos God City would be able to sense the Breath of Hongmeng. They would all be here very soon.

    "Senior Lian, I'm begging you..." This time, it was the deacon of the storehouse who had a decent cultivation level. The deacon came over personally to plead Lian Ji.

    Because of Mo Wuji's delay, Lian Ji was actually not out of the Broken Rain Resting Storehouse yet. If the owner of the storehouse was around, Lian Ji could have been chased out forcefully.

    Lian Ji shook his hand. "Hold on for a while, this friend of mine will be awake soon."

    "Senior Lian..."

    Just as the deacon was going to continue his sentence, an enraged voice was heard from outside. "Lian Ji, you even dare to attack my disciple. Today, I do want to see how capable are you..."

    Hearing this voice, the deacons and assistant's faces turned pale. The storehouse was eventually still implicated by Lian Ji. Now that their owner wasn't around, the Broken Rain Resting Storehouse could be crushed into powder very soon.

    "Boom!" An overwhelming explosive god elemental energy surged over. The Broken Rain Resting Storehouse's defensive array and building were all destroyed.

    Concurrently, Mo Wuji charged past Unity God Level 1 into Unity God Level 2.

    Mo Wuji heaved a sigh of relief. He didn't even use any technique as he simply patted the dust off his body. He took out a bottle of the Breath of Hongmeng for Ji Li before saying, "Senior Sister Ji, thank you for rescuing me. You merged with the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo not too long ago so this Breath of Hongmeng should recover your Dantian."

    Having said that, Mo Wuji clasped his fists towards Lian Ji. "Many thanks, Dao Friend for lending your helping hand."

    Even though Mo Wuji was unable to open his eyes, there were many things which he had faint impressions of.

    Lian Ji pointed at the man standing on the outside as he let out a bitter smile. "It doesn't matter whether I save you or not. That person is Liu Wan and in a while, the three of us will not even have the chance to reincarnate."

    Mo Wuji finally started to size this red face man standing on the outside. This fella with a red face wasn't tall and he even had a huge tummy. A monk's spade was floating above his head and he had these very tiny ears.

    He had a skull hung on his chest and the belt around his waist was definitely made from dragon's skin. The belt had an incredibly imposing aura.

    "You do know what is coming to you." Liu Wan scanned the three of them and his eyes landed on the jade body in Ji Li's hand. "Ants like the few of you do have some pretty decent items. To think that you're even able to find the Breath of Hongmeng."

    Mo Wuji wasn't bothered by the words of Liu Wan. With a raise of his hand, the Half Moon Weighted Halberd landed in his hand.

    At the very most, Liu Wan was merely a fella who just became a Quasi-Sage. Mo Wuji believed that this fella would at most be on the same level as Meng Ye.

    Mo Wuji just stepped into Unity God Level 2. Yet, this ordinary Quasi-Sage without a God Throne dared to act so arrogantly in front of him.

    "Dao Friend Liu, why makes you so angry that you must destroy this storehouse?" Following that voice, a long-bearded yellow face man landed.

    Liu Wan nodded before apologising. "Dao Friend Yu, I am truly sorry. I do know that this storehouse is related to you. However, this man killed my disciple. If I don't kill this man, I, Liu Wan, would have wasted my many years of cultivation. Of course, I am a fair person and I will compensate the necessary amount eventually."

    Liu Wan was well aware of the intention of this person. It was definitely not for the Broken Rain Resting Storehouse. Instead, it was for the Breath of Hongmeng.

    The yellow face man with a long beard nodded and didn't continue to say anything. Liu Wan made his intention clear and he understood. Liu Wan was implying that after he got rid of Mo Wuji and co., he would also get a share of the Breath of Hongmeng.

    Lian Ji started laughing as he turned to Mo Wuji. "Even though I don't know your name and we probably won't make it out alive today, I will not blame you for implicating me. However, I, Lian Ji, am not a person who will sit and wait for my death. Even if I have to die, I will die fighting."

    "Hahaha..." Hearing Lian Ji's words, it was Liu Wan's turn to laugh.

    Spectators by the side started shaking their heads speechlessly. While Lian Ji was pretty reputable in the Cosmos God City, he was only still an intermediate Unity God. Liu Wan was a Quasi-Sage and ranked within the top 5 experts of the Cosmos God City. One could say that Lian Ji wouldn't even have a chance to attack when facing Liu Wan.

    Mo Wuji shook his hand as he replied, "Naturally, there is no need for Dao Friend Lian to fight. I, alone, am enough to deal with a mere chicken like him."

    Lian Ji stared blankly at Mo Wuji. Why would Mo Wuji say such senseless words? When he said that he was going to fight to his death, he was planning to self-explode. Even if Mo Wuji could self-explode, he was only in the elementary Unity God Stage. His explosion would probably not hurt anyone.

    The surrounding was incredibly quiet as everyone was astonished by Mo Wuji's words. A mere chicken? If Liu Wan was a mere chicken, wouldn't the entire Cosmos God City be a pile of chicken eggs?

    Liu Wan continued to stare blankly at Mo Wuji. He met foolish and senseless people before. Even so, this was his first time meeting someone as senseless as Mo Wuji.

    How many of those who could cultivate to their level would call a Quasi-Sage a mere chicken?

    "Since this is the case, a mere chicken like him do want to see what you're made of..." As Liu Wan spoke, he didn't even bother drawing his monk's spade. He reached out in an attempt to strike Mo Wuji with his hand.

    In his eyes, Mo Wuji couldn't even be considered as a mere chicken.

    "Boom!" Just as Liu Wan's god elemental hand seal touched Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain, it ignited an overwhelming explosion.

    The god elemental hand seal was not even able to seep through Mo Wuji's whirlpool domain, let alone touch Mo Wuji.

    Liu Wan's expression changed drastically. A domain like Mo Wuji shouldn't belong to a Unity God expert. The perfection of Mo Wuji's domain was so terrifying that even Li Wan's domain wasn't any stronger. He misjudged Mo Wuji because Mo Wuji was definitely not in Unity God Level 2.

    Mo Wuji grunted as he swung his Half Moon Weighted Halberd. A silver river exploded out from the void.

    At this moment, how could Liu Wan dare to continue treating Mo Wuji as a Unity God Level 2 cultivator? His domain expanded ferociously as he drew out his monk's spade. The monk's spade turned into frightening killing energy as it covered the sky of the precious Cosmos God City.

    The explosive killing intent spread as it turned into killing Dao Laws. Spectating cultivators started to retreat at the sight of this. There was no way out once one was trapped within the killing Dao Laws.

    Lian Ji saw how Mo Wuji charged brazenly towards Liu Wan's domain. He muttered to himself shockingly, "Is he really in the elementary Unity God stage?"

    The only person who wasn't surprised was Ji Li. If Mo Wuji wasn't this capable, how could he trap Huan Ti in his world?
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