Chapter 1133: Killing

    Chapter 1133: Killing

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    "Boom!" The silver river landed right onto Liu Wan's monk's spade.

    The halberd radiance exploded on Liu Wan's monk's spade. The monk's spade was instantly suppressed even before it could gather enough killing energy.

    Because Liu Wan lost the initiative, he was restraint by Mo Wuji. Mo Wuji didn't wait for Liu Wan to react in time as he took another step forward. He landed on top as he pointed out a finger.

    World of Man!

    After Mo Wuji stepped into the Unity God stage, the laws of his Dao grew closer to perfection. Under the World of Man, even a Quasi-Sage like Liu Wan wouldn't be able to break free in a hurry.

    Only a mere hundred years stand between life and death. Why should he bother about everything? Instead of struggling to break free, why don't he let nature take its own course...

    Mo Wuji's cultivation level increased and was already in Unity God Level 2. Even so, Liu Wan managed to break free from Mo Wuji's World of Man within a breath's worth of time. His monk's spade turned the space into his prison. Dao runes, which couldn't be seen by naked eyes, formed a spider net space. It was enveloping Mo Wuji swiftly.

    Liu Wan wasn't a fool. At a time like this, how could he not know that Mo Wuji was not an easy person to deal with?

    Naturally, Mo Wuji wouldn't only have his World of Man. The instant Liu Wan broke free and swung his monk's spade, Mo Wuji's finger changed. The World of Man transformed into a vast Heaven and Earth.

    Second finger of the Seven World Finger, Heaven and Earth!

    The Dao Laws of the vast Heaven and Earth clashed against Liu Wan's spider net. The laws of the space and god elemental energy from both parties started exploding ferociously. During this clash, half of the tiny Cosmos God City had a large part of the earth swept up and destroyed.

    The Broken Rain Resting Storehouse was previously described as being destroyed into fine powder. Presently, this piece of land in the Cosmos God City could also be described the same way. Countless cultivators started retreating. None of them dared to take a single step closer to the fight. With such explosive Dao Laws, one could possibly get swept into it and turned into nothingness.

    At this point in time, nobody dared to laugh at Mo Wuji for being arrogant. During this short fight, Mo Wuji was clearly the one with the upper-hand. Even though it lasted for merely a second, the sight of Liu Wan being beaten was clear for all to see.

    Gu Yu, who wanted a share of the rewards, looked increasingly worried when he saw Mo Wuji's attacks. He knew that he was wrong and that Mo Wuji's Breath of Hongmeng wouldn't be obtained so easily.

    This was normal. If Mo Wuji's Breath of Hongmeng was so easily taken away, why would he still be alive today?

    "Stop, I am trying to kill Lian Ji. Why is Dao Friend interfering?" After these two clashes, Liu Wan started to suspect that he might not be a match for Mo Wuji.

    Why would Mo Wuji listen to the words of Liu Wan? From among the explosions, Mo Wuji took a step forward and upwards once more. He sent out yet another finger from above.

    With a finger, the laws in space seemed to be in reverse flow. A heaven devouring energy was sent out.

    Third finger of the Seven World Finger, Fortune!

    Back then, even Huan Tu suffered from his Fortune. Mo Wuji didn't believe that Liu Wan could remain unharm under his Fortune after defending his World of Man and Heaven and Earth.

    Heaven and Earth as the Furnace, Fortune as the Labour! Yin and Yang as the Charcoal, All Objects as the Copper!

    The sharp killing intent brought by Liu Wan's monk's spade was instantly put out under the finger of Fortune. The dispersed World of Man and Heaven and Earth were also merged into the gigantic furnace.

    Within this gigantic smelting furnace, waves-like laws came flooding down. Liu Wan and his monk's spade were also drowning within it.

    "Kakaka!" Liu Wan could sense that his domain was started to tear apart. His laws were also not able to defend against such terrifying pressure.

    This was the first time Liu Wan's eyes revealed signs of fear. What kind of strength was this? What kind of sacred art?

    Liu Wan wanted to escape desperately but he knew that it was already too late. He might still have a chance if he escaped when he executed the spider web space. Now that Mo Wuji's finger of Fortune was fully executed and he was bound by it, there was no way he could escape. This was unless Mo Wuji chose to stop.

    When Liu Wan was inside Mo Wuji's furnace of Fortune, he sensed that everything around him was disappearing. He shouted in a terrified tone, "Dao Friend, please stop! Are there any misunderstandings between us? Why can't we talk it out peacefully... I really do not wish to self-explode. If I do it, what will happen to common people of Cosmos God City?"

    The surrounding was already destroyed into ruins because of the fight between Mo Wuji and Liu Wan. Even Lian Ji was dumbfounded when he heard the words of Liu Wan. Since when was Liu Wan a person who cared about the common people of Cosmos God City?

    Mo Wuji remained emotionless as the circulation of his traces of dao grew increasingly smooth and round. It was as though the entire universe was under his control. He shut his eyes as he started to feel every single Dao Laws around him.

    Any explosion of any Dao Law was within his senses.

    "Wheel of Life and Death..." Just as Liu Wan was trying to escape Mo Wuji's furnace of Fortune, Mo Wuji suddenly opened his eyes. A hand seal was struck towards Liu Wan.

    The messy Laws of the space suddenly cleared up. Countless laws started to have order and tidiness. The life and death were also divided clearly as they formed a seal on Liu Wan's body.

    At this moment, Liu Wan didn't even get his chance to ignite his third sacred art. He was restrained by Mo Wuji's wheel.

    His life force started to dissipate as death grew closer. Liu Wan revealed eyes of desperation. If it was possible, he would give up on anything if it meant that he could escape.

    There was no 'If' in this world. His life force was completely bounded by the Wheel of Life and Death. It was flowing away like water in a river.

    "Dao Friend, I believe there are some misunderstandings between us. I can open my world for you to take anything you want. My monk's spade is a peak grade treasure and I am willing to gift it to you too..." Liu Wan was no longer concerned about his pride as he shouted frantically.

    As compared to life, what good would his pride do?

    Mo Wuji didn't sway at all. The circulation of his Wheel of Life and Death was even faster than before.

    "Kacha!" Liu Wan's body exploded as blood fogs ruptured. The traces of his Dao disintegrated under the finger of Fortune.

    Mo Wuji said faintly, "I am too lazy to collect even the Seven Buddha Spade. Why will I bother about your low grade treasure?"

    "Let me go, I am willing to hand over my soul for you to brand..." Sensing that his life was collapsing, he was certain that his soul would be destroyed along with his body.

    Mo Wuji couldn't care as he executed his Scholar's Heart. The explosive flame swept Liu Wan's body up and he disappeared without a trace.

    At this point in time, Mo Wuji replied, "Do you think rubbish like you have the rights for me to brand your soul?"

    The whole battle was neither too short nor long. When Mo Wuji hung his Half Moon Weighted Halberd on his back, the Laws of the space were already stabilised. Besides the buildings and streets on this area, Quasi-Sage Liu Wan was the only other thing that disappeared.

    Even though Cosmos God City was at a corner of Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock, there were still a lot of cultivators here. A large majority of them had yet to regain their composure after witnessing how Mo Wuji killed Liu Wan. This was not expected by most of them.

    In the eyes of the crowd, Mo Wuji and co. would definitely be killed by Liu Wan. In the end, it was Mo Wuji who killed Liu Wan. Moreover, it could be said that Mo Wuji overpowered Liu Wan during the battle. Looking at how this youth didn't even mess up his hair, the crowd knew that there was a vast difference in strength between Mo Wuji and this Quasi-Sage.

    "Senior, I, Lian Ji, am too short-sighted to not notice that you're a Quasi-Sage too." Lian Ji was the first person to walk over. He looked rather awkward as he spoke.

    If Mo Wuji was truly a Quasi-Sage, he needed to address him as senior. For cultivators, cultivation level and strength determined everything. Moreover, this was Cosmos God City which was a place which emphasised on being strong.

    Mo Wuji clasped his fist, "Dao Friend Lian, just address me as Mo Wuji. I am truly not worthy to be your senior. I will always remember how you rescue my senior sister and me."

    Lian Ji was an optimistic, fair and open-minded person from the very beginning. Otherwise, he wouldn't stand up for something that wasn't right. He heard the words of Mo Wuji before chuckling away. "Brother Wuji is right. Since that is the case, I shall not stand on any ceremony. If Brother Wuji doesn't mind, I can bring you to a decent drinking place to enjoy some wine. They have one of the strongest liquor in the Cosmos God City."

    As for the destruction of this place, would Mo Wuji be required to pay for it? Lian Ji didn't even think about it. With Mo Wuji's strength, who would dare to ask Mo Wuji to pay for it?

    Just like how Liu Wan destroyed the Broken Rain Resting Storehouse with a single slap. Who would dare to say anything about it?

    "Alright." Mo Wuji replied without hesitation. Ji Li needed to find a quiet place to heal after receiving his Breath of Hongmeng.

    "Gu Yu greets Dao Friend Mo. If Dao Friend Mo doesn't mind, you can rest for a bit at my immortal residence." Gu Yu came forward with a pleasant smile to greet Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji hated a fella like Gu Yu so he said without any courtesy. "I do mind so please get out of my way."
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