Chapter 1134: The brokenhearted man is in a faraway place from home

    Chapter 1134: The brokenhearted man is in a faraway place from home.

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    Gu Yu was a man of prestige in Cosmos God City. Now, he had personally invited Mo Wuji but he had actually hit a wall. This caused his face to instantly turn unsightly.

    The only way to reclaim his reputation was to naturally teach Mo Wuji a lesson. However, just based on how easily Mo Wuji got rid of Liu Wan, he wouldn't dare to do anything against Mo Wuji even if he had another extra ball.

    "Keke, keke..." Gu Yu forcefully suppressed the displeasure and anger in his heart. He laughed dryly and retreated.

    "Senior Sister Ji, let's find a place to rest. We will wait till your injury heals before we decide anything else. Dao Friend Lian Ji, you said that you know of a drinking place. Why don't we go for a drink?" Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't care about Gu Yu's displeasure.

    "Alright, two dao friends, please follow me." Lian Ji could feel that Mo Wuji was definitely not simple. He suspected that Mo Wuji wasn't a Quasi-Sage expert.

    If Mo Wuji was a Quasi-Sage, it wasn't anything special that he killed Liu Wan. After all, Liu Wan's combat power couldn't be considered very high. That person could only behave so arrogantly in Cosmos God City because of his dogsh*t luck which allowed him to step into the Quasi-Sage Stage. However, it Mo Wuji wasn't even in the Quasi-Sage Stage, meaning that he defeated Liu Wan with only a Unity God Stage cultivation, then things definitely weren't simple. This sort of person would definitely become a powerhouse. Before this, he already appreciated Mo Wuji's straightforwardness. Now that he had received Mo Wuji's invitation, he naturally wouldn't reject it.

    After Mo Wuji and co. left, the area which had been turned into ruins by Mo Wuji instantly stirred with activity.

    Multiple cultivators even charged to the heart of the battle and fought for that monk's spade that Mo Wuji hadn't taken away.

    Battles continuously occur in a place like Cosmos God City. Now that an expert like Mo Wuji had arrived, this place was sure to become more unstable.


    Although a huge area had been destroyed during the battle between Mo Wuji and Liu Wan, most of Cosmos God City were in perfect condition.

    The good drinking place that Lian Ji mentioned was one of such places. It was situated at the most remote corner of Cosmos God City.

    Previously, Mo Wuji thought that he would be going to a restaurant. However, as he followed behind Lian Ji, he discovered that it was not a restaurant but a dark and swarthy house.

    As they stood outside the house, the air felt rather heavy. However, when the three entered, that pressure instantly disappeared. In its place was a sort of invigorating and clear sensation.

    The house wasn't very big, it was only roughly 20 square meters. A tiny stone staircase led to the second floor.

    It was unknown what kind of material this house was made from. Even without cultivating, one would feel relaxed and comfortable. Moreover, this definitely wasn't solely due to the god spiritual energy.

    Several low-grade magic weapons hung haphazardly on the wall. Besides that, there was a smithing furnace at the corner of the house. At the center of the house, there was a square table. A few chairs were laid around the table.

    No matter how he looked, this was a smithing room. Alternatively, it could even be a shop which sells low-grade magic treasures. Mo Wuji could not see this as a drinking place.

    "Brother Tong, give us a flask of your best wine." Lian Ji called out. He did not mention the name of the wine.

    "Coming..." A voice dragged out from the back of the house. After a few minutes, a back door suddenly appeared. An old man with a crooked back slowly hobbled in.

    The old man held a pitch-black wine flask. If you observed this scene from the distance, you would think that it was a tortoise climbing in.

    The spiritual aura around this old man was dim and his breath seemed to be in disordered. He looked like an ordinary God Monarch cultivator at the end of his longevity.

    Lian Ji did not hesitate as he walked to the table and sat down. Then he waved towards Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, take a sit. The wine here is truly amazing."

    Mo Wuji's eyes, however, started to twitch. This was because this Brother Tong fella definitely not simple. He could actually feel a Sage aura similar to Huan Ti...

    Sage aura? Mo Wuji was increasingly shocked. He was sure that he was right. This Brother Tong was definitely a Sage. At the very least, he used to be a Sage.

    Forcefully suppressing the shock in his heart, Mo Wuji nodded towards Lian Ji and sat down at another chair. He said, "I wonder whether there's any place for my senior sister to rest?"

    "There is... Keke.... Of course there is..." Brother Tong coughed as he spoke. Then, he pointed towards the stone staircase, "Walk up from there. The second floor is very clean. Feel free to take a rest."

    Mo Wuji did not detect any danger from the second floor. He said to Ji Li, "Senior Sister Ji, go up and heal your dantian. We will wait for you down here."

    "En." Ji Li knew that now wasn't the time to talk. She immediately walked towards the stone staircase and went to the second floor.

    Recovering her power earlier would definitely be a major help to her and Mo Wuji.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will continuously followed Ji Li to the second floor. He only retracted it after Ji Li finally sat down and started to heal herself.

    Regardless of whether this Brother Tong was a Sage, he had no fear. Now, there was even a Sage Huan Ti imprisoned in his Mortal World. If this Brother Tong didn't act appropriately, then he wouldn't mind imprisoning another one.

    Ji Li had already reached the second floor and started healing, but this Brother Tong only just arrived at the table. He placed the black flask down, then he brought out two black cups.

    Lian Ji could not wait as he picked up the black flask, place one cup in front of Mo Wuji and filled the cups. He lifted his cup up and said, "Haha, it's been many days since I last came here for wine. My wine bug has been so stifled, come..."

    As he was speaking, Lian Ji had already raised his cup and took big gulps.

    Mo Wuji also raised his cup. The difference between him and Lian Ji was that he drained his cup in a single gulp.

    Originally, Mo Wuji thought that Lian Ji would call this wine good because of the dao energy within the wine. He only realised that he was wrong after drinking it.

    This was true wine; there was no form of dao energy in it. It was unknown what ingredients were used to brew this wine. As it moved from his mouth to his belly, it felt as though a wild dragon was raging. That intense wine intent rampaged wildly in his body. Mo Wuji suspected that if he tried to dispel it with his cultivation technique, it still wouldn't be dispelled immediately.

    "Good wine..." Just as Mo Wuji said these two words, he stopped in his tracks. He actually detected a poison in this wine.

    It was just that his detoxification channel had instantly reacted, sucking that strand of poison in.

    Lian Ji clearly did not notice this. He smiled towards Mo Wuji, "Dao Friend Mo, this sort of wine shouldn't be drunk in a single gulp. The strength of this wine is enough to get you drunk with just two cups. No matter how you try to dispel it, it won't work."

    After saying this, Lian Ji turned to the hunched-back old man and said, "Brother Tong, your wine is getting more powerful."

    "What wine is this?" Mo Wuji turned to this Brother Tong and asked smilingly.

    "The wine is called Faraway Place." The old man lifted his head and said to Mo Wuji, revealing his black teeth.

    Lian Ji immediately said, "Brother Tong, I've come here for more than 10 times and you have never told me the name of this wine. Why did you tell Dao Friend Mo on his first visit?"

    Brother Tong chuckled, "It's because you don't need to know the name of the wine but Dao Friend Mo does."

    Mo Wuji picked the wine flask up, poured another cup and downed it, "The wine is not bad and its name is good too. There's a saying from my hometown: The brokenhearted man is in a faraway place from home. From the looks of it, those that drink this wine will become brokenhearted people."

    The hunched-back old man suddenly jerked. He lifted his head and looked at Mo Wuji. A brilliant light flashed across his eyes.

    "What?" Although Lian Ji is straightforward and candid, he wasn't an idiot. He could naturally tell that something was amiss from Mo Wuji's words.

    After Mo Wuji finished the wine in his cup, he picked up that wine flask and started to chug it down. When he finished it, he casually threw it to the ground and said, "It's nothing much. There's just something extra inside this wine."

    Lian Ji asked doubtfully, "What thing? Why wasn't I able to detect it?"

    "If you could have detected it, then I, Brother Tong, would have wasted these 10 million years. Ai..." The hunch-backed old man sighed. He did not continue to talk to Lian Ji and Mo Wuji, but turned and walked away slowly.

    Lian Ji clearly knew that there was something wrong. He immediately cried out, "Stop, did you place poison in the wine?"

    "So what if I did? You weren't even able to detect it, so what can you do about it?" Brother Tong slowly turned his head and looked at Mo Wuji and Lian Ji blankly, "Being able to drink the Faraway Place of this brokenhearted man is your fortune. Do you think that every trash would have a chance to drink my wine?"

    Mo Wuji jolted. He realised that he had said such words not long ago. That meant that when he killed Liu Wan, this Brother Tong was in the area. However, he did not discover it.

    At this moment, Mo Wuji was 100% sure that this Brother Tong was a Sage. None of these Sages were easy people to deal with.

    "Who are you?" Mo Wuji did not stand up. He only stared calmly towards Brother Tong.
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