Chapter 1135: You Dont Know How Powerful A Sage Is

    Chapter 1135: You Don't Know How Powerful A Sage Is

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    Brother Tong sighed, "Who I am isn't important. The important thing is that we will be fighting together. Beside me, you will enjoy things that you wouldn't even dream of."

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will had already scanned that Ji Li was still in the process of her recovery. He rested assured and said, "I don't know you but someone else does."

    Before Mo Wuji could throw Huan Ti out to recognise this Brother Tong, Brother Tong snickered, "It's better if you don't recognise me. My identity might scare you."

    Mo Wuji shook his head, "Just a mere Sage like you isn't enough to scare me. You're viewing yourself too highly old man. Oh, I was wrong. You should only be an ex-Sage."

    "Who are you?" When he heard Mo Wuji's words, Brother Tong's crooked back suddenly straightened till it was as straight as a pen.

    A large man close to 2 meters talks appeared in front of Mo Wuji and Lian Ji. How was this the same hunchbacked old Brother Tong?

    The aura of a domain powerfully swept over and killing intent pervaded through the air. Mo Wuji harrumphed and he also released his domain. His dao laws intermingled within his domain, blocking Brother Tong's domain entirely.

    At the same time, Lian Ji suddenly felt a lethargic sensation throughout his body. There was no need to talk about his god elemental energy, he couldn't even release his spiritual will.

    "You're alright?" Brother Tong stared at Mo Wuji in shock. Mo Wuji drank his Brokenhearted Man's Faraway Place but he was actually fine? Even Sages wouldn't be able to do that.

    Immediately, the space around Brother Tong started to get erratic. An intense killing intent sealed the entire area.

    Anyone that could see through him would have to forget about getting out here alive. Moreover, this was a person that remained fine after drinking his Brokenhearted Man's Faraway Place.

    "Dao Friend Mo, I'm sorry. I have implicated you." Lian Ji sighed. He had never thought that Brother Tong would be such a sinister man. This Brother Tong had actually been hiding in a corner plotting against a person he didn't have any enmity towards.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, gesturing to Lian Ji that there was no need to worry. After which, he grabbed Huan Ti from his Mortal World, "Huan Ti, help me take a look. Who is this fella?"

    "You're actually okay?" Huan Ti did not notice Brother Tong. Instead, he stared at Mo Wuji as though he had seen a ghost.

    Huan Ti truly could not understand. A person that had been struck by the Needle-Head Book could actually recover in such a short time? This was definitely impossible. Even if he had the Soul Severing Brush, he still couldn't have recovered so quickly.

    Mo Wuji snorted, "I'm not asking you about me. I'm asking you to take a look at this old man."

    Old man? Huan Ti looked at this approximately 2-meter-tall man who had a ferocious expression on his face. This was an old man?

    Before Huan Ti could recognise Brother Tong, Brother Tong recognised him. "You are Huan Ti? Sage Huan Ti?"

    "That's right, I am Huan Ti..." Just as Huan Ti said these few words, he recognised Brother Tong, "I was wondering who you were, so it's Sage Tong Ming. I knew that you wouldn't die so quickly. It's indeed the case."

    "Huan Ti, this is?" After knowing Huan Ti's identity, Tong Ming was truly shocked. A Sage was actually imprisoned by Mo Wuji? Since when did such a fierce person appear in the universe?

    Sage Huan Ti laughed ruefully, "What do you think this is?"

    Mo Wuji grabbed Huan Ti like he was lifting a chicken. What could Huan Ti do?

    "So you're Sage Tong Ming." Mo Wuji waved his hand and threw Sage Huan Ti back to his Mortal World. At the same time, he brought out his Half Moon Weighted Halberd, "I love collecting Sages. Since we've met and since you've offended me, then..."

    "Wait..." If he hadn't known that Mo Wuji had captured Huan Ti, Tong Ming definitely wouldn't have asked Mo Wuji to wait.

    But now, he no longer had the confidence of eliminating Mo Wuji.

    "Forget about your bull**!" Mo Wuji's domain burst forth. At the same time, his spirit storage channel continuously formed void array runes.

    This time, it was this Sage Tong Ming that picked a fight with him. Naturally, he wouldn't be polite.

    "Dao Friend Mo, seeing that you could capture Sage Huan Ti, it shows that your abilities are far from simple. Perhaps we can work together," Tong Ming clasped his fists and said sincerely.

    With that, he waved his hand and a faint energy was sucked out from Lian Ji. Lian Ji sprang up and said loudly, "Dao Friend Mo, the poison is gone."

    Mo Wuji nodded. He was slightly surprised at Tong Ming's actions. Even before they discussed any conditions, Tong Ming had removed Lian Ji's poison. Although he could also expel the poison in a few breaths, Tong Ming's action had represented his attitude.

    "Dao Friend Mo, to express my apologies, I will bring out my best wine." Tong Ming waved his hand and a green wine flask appeared on the table. After which, he took the initiative to fill three cups. He raised his cup and said, "I will drink first as a form of respect."

    With that, Tong Ming drained his cup in a single gulp.

    Lian Ji still had some apprehensions. Mo Wuji, on the other hand, also drained his cup.

    A mellow sensation spread throughout his entire body. Although Mo Wuji had a Sage Physique, he still felt his entire body relaxing. He even felt that if were to cultivate now, his power would definitely rise by another level.

    The rich wine fragrance wafted through the air. Soon, the entire house was filled with this fragrance.

    After finishing his cup, Tong Ming did not wait for Mo Wuji to say anything before he spoke, "Dao Friend Mo, I don't have any malicious intentions for laying poison in the wine. I only wish to find some experts to help me."

    Mo Wuji said critically, "You are a Sage, an existence with a God Throne. You need to resort to such methods to find helpers?"

    Tong Ming laughed self-deprecatingly, "Sage? Keke, I'm afraid I'm the most humiliated Sage. This is because I'm that unlucky bastard that fell because of a Unity God ant."

    After hearing the word 'Sage', Lian Ji was so anxious that he didn't speak. He had heard of Sages before, they were Throned Gods that stood at the very top of the universe. Every single action that a Sage takes could impact the lives of billions of living things. He would not have thought that he would be drinking wine on the same table as a Sage.

    Mo Wuji frowned slightly. A Unity God was able to fall a Sage? Even when Huan Ti was struck and heavily injured by the Seven Buddha Spade, he wouldn't have fallen by an ordinary Unity God, right?

    "Are you wondering how I fell because of a Unity God ant? There's no need to think much. That Unity God was the one who killed me, but the person who truly screwed me was that bastard Luo Xu," Tong Ming said hatefully through gritted teeth.

    "Junior Brother Mo, you've saved me once again." Ji Li's clear voice came. It no longer had that smoky and raspy sound.

    Mo Wuji stood up and laughed, "From the looks of it, that Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo is really not bad. Senior Sister Ji, Dao Friend Lian, we can go now."

    Seeing that Ji Li was able to recover her dantian here, Mo Wuji wasn't going to be calculative with this Tong Ming. Moreover, he knew that even if he tried to discipline Tong Ming, his victory could not be determined.

    When he heard that Mo Wuji was going to leave, Tong Ming hurriedly cried out, "Dao Friend Mo, you need to hear what I'm going to say."

    Mo Wuji's face sank and he said coldly, "Tong Ming, I only let go of the matter of poisoning my friend and me because my senior sister borrowed your place to recover. If you don't know how to behave, then don't blame me for behaving impolitely."

    Tong Ming was a Sage. Mo Wuji did not know what a person like him was doing here. However, if this fella wanted to entangle him any further, then they would fight. Even if he was weaker than Tong Ming, it definitely wouldn't be by much. Thus, he had no need to fear Tong Ming.

    "I know the Sage's secret. If I'm not wrong, with your power and your Breath of Hongmeng, that Luo Xu would definitely chase after you. As long as you're an enemy of Luo Xu, then you are my friend," Tong Ming said seriously.

    Mo Wuji stopped. He had no suspicions on whether he could step into the Quasi-Sage Stage. With his Mortal Dao and his stash of cultivation resources, stepping into the Quasi-Sage Stage was only a matter of time. The Sage Stage, however, was something unfamiliar.

    Huan Ti was still so terrifying even after he was screwed so badly. One could only imagine how powerful a true Sage was. If Tong Ming knew the Sage's secret, then he wouldn't mind listening.

    "I know that you're very strong. You should only be in the early Unity God Stage, right? Seeing that you were able to kill Liu Wan so easily with your Unity God Stage cultivation, I can tell that your Dao is incredible. In the future, when you step into the Quasi-Sage Stage, you would definitely be the strongest person under the Sage Stage. However, I need to tell you this. Even if you reach the peak of the Quasi-Sage Stage, you still wouldn't be able to resist the Sages. If you want to deal with Luo Xu, you would need my help."

    When Tong Ming said this, Mo Wuji turned his head. He didn't believe this. With his Mortal Dao, he actually wouldn't be a match for a Sage even after he reaches the peak of the Quasi-Sage Stage? That was impossible.

    Tong Ming inhaled a deep breath and slowed his pace, "I'm speaking the truth. You don't even know how powerful a Sage with a God Throne is. They are strong enough to leave you in desolation. If they gain control over the universe that they're in, then you and I would be within their control with no means of escape. If you are willing to work with me, I am willing to swear that I wouldn't do anything disadvantageous to you. Moreover, before you grow more powerful, I can also..."

    Mo Wuji waved his hand and interrupted Tong Ming's words, "We can work together. Follow by my side then. Anyways, you aren't the only one by my side."

    Allowing Tong Ming to follow him wasn't because Mo Wuji believed Tong Ming's words. He still believed that if he reached the peak of the Quasi-Sage Stage, he wouldn't need to fear a Sage. He only decided to work together with Tong Ming purely because of Tong Ming's combat power.

    Tong Ming chuckled, "Dao Friend Mo, even if you were to kill me, I wouldn't hand over my soul imprint. If you really aren't willing to work with me, then forget about it."

    Mo Wuji laughed, "Who wants your soul imprint? It's as you said, we are only working together. Since we are working together, we need someone to be in charge. I will be that person. If you agree, then follow me. If you don't, then we'll go our different ways."

    "I agree." At almost the same instant that Mo Wuji said those words, Tong Ming agreed to it.
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