Chapter 1136: The Team Takes Shape

    Chapter 1136: The Team Takes Shape

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    "Not bad. A wise man can recognise current trends. You will get back what is yours." Mo Wuji clapped Tong Ming's shoulder and spoke with the tone of a wise old man.

    Tong Ming's face changed. He didn't react till Mo Wuji's hand reached his shoulder. What sacred art was this?

    Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't tell Tong Ming that this was Earth Shrinking. Don't simply look at how he was able to easily reach Tong Ming's shoulders. If he was to really attack Tong Ming, his killing intent would be apparent and things wouldn't be so easy.

    "Senior Sister Ji, why did you bring me here? This shouldn't be God Domain, right?" Mo Wuji no longer attended to Lian Ji and Tong Ming.

    Mo Wuji had already recovered and there was nothing for Ji Li to be worried to talk about, "I originally wanted to bring you from Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock to the Dark World. However, I didn't expect that we would be intervened by those four people. There's also a huge change in Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock and I'm no longer sure whether we can get to the Dark World. Fortunately, the Needle-Head Book had been resolved, so it's fine even if we don't go."

    "You can get to the Dark World through Cosmos Myriad Gods Dock?" Mo Wuji's heart started to stir and he asked anxiously.

    He had a fragment of Darkwood and he always wanted to return life to it. Unfortunately, he had never been successful. It took him much difficulty to find out about the Soil of Breath but not only was he unable to obtain it, he was almost screwed by Ming Yue's Needle-Head Book.

    Darkwood was the number one wood of Dark World. Even though he did not have the Breath of Life, going to the Dark World might actually help bring his Darkwood back to life.

    "You can. It's just that some places are rather mysterious. Also, you can directly use the transfer array at the Seven World Stone to get to the Dark World." Tong Ming chuckled at glanced at Ji Li meaningfully.

    He was an experienced and sly man. After hearing Ji Li talk about the Dark World and knowing that Mo Wuji had been struck by the Needle-Head Book, he understood what was going on.

    Although his expression was calm, his heart was pounding in astonishment. He was truly confused as to how Mo Wuji was able to resolve the issue of the Needle-Head Book. One must know that besides the Needle-Head Book itself, the only other treasure that could expel the Needle-Head Book's dao laws was the Soul Severing Brush. Moreover, the Soul Severing Brush was currently in the World of Ruins; this was something that he knew for sure.

    The Seven World Stone was the only way to get to the World of Ruins.

    Mo Wuji always wanted to return to the Seven World Stone. Unfortunately, he had never found a way.

    Just as Mo Wuji thought that it was necessary to get to the Dark World, Tong Ming chuckled, "Dao Friend Mo, it's easy to get to the Seven World Stone. In fact, the Seven World Stone is a place that we will need to pass. In the future, we would need to use it to deal with Luo Xu."

    This fella was truly an old fox. Mo Wuji said, "My cultivation is still low and I believe that Dao Friend Tong Ming's cultivation isn't very high. Now still isn't the right time to deal with Luo Xu. Moreover, I heard that the World-Ending Cataclysm is coming. Perhaps when that time comes, we would not be worried about dealing with Luo Xu but about saving ourselves."

    When Tong Ming heard Mo Wuji's words, he immediately clasped his fists and said, "Dao Friend Mo, since we're working together and since I will be listening to Dao Friend Mo's orders, I will reveal some truths. Over these years, I've gained control of some experts. When the time comes, they would also be a part of our strength."

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, I'm not looking down on your poison, but I honestly do not believe that those experts will cooperate wholeheartedly with us. Moreover, our abilities are truly insufficient. If Dao Friend Tong Ming is able to step into the ranks of Sages, then our chances of victory would be much higher."

    When Tong Ming heard that Mo Wuji didn't view his poison-controlled comrades highly, he didn't speak any further. He had already agreed that Mo Wuji was the leader for their cooperation against Luo Xu. They hadn't even officially started and it wasn't a good sign if he disagreed with his leader now. As an ex-Sage, he was very clear of this fact.

    Before Tong Ming answered, Mo Wuji continued, "I intend to go to the Seven World Stone to raise my cultivation. Of course, I hope that Dao Friend Tong Ming can also raise his combat abilities."

    Mo Wuji had no other option but to raise his abilities. With his current power, he would only be courting death by returning to God World. There was a Sage Tian Hen there. He probably couldn't even withstand a single slap of that Sage Tian Han.

    There was no need to talk about Sage Tian Han. He might not even be able to win that Dao Monarch Grand Desert and God Emperor Ming Yue.

    Tong Ming agreed to these words. He nodded, "Dao Friend Mo, if we must raise our abilities, we would need to go to the World of Ruins. If I'm not wrong, Dao Friend Ji Li also wants to go to the World of Ruins, right?"

    Noticing Mo Wuji's gaze, Ji Li could only say, "Yes, I intended to bring you to Dark World, then from the Dark World, we would go to the Seven World Stone to get to the World of Ruins."

    "Why?" Tong Ming and Ji Li knew about the Soul Severing Brush but Mo Wuji didn't.

    Ji Li explained, "The dao laws of the Needle-Head Book can only be resolved by one item - the Soul Severing Brush. Back when I was in Gods Tower, the information I obtained was that the Soul Severing Brush has appeared in the World of Ruins. Well, you know what actually happened. If not for Dao Friend Lian Ji's help and you waking up, I would have harmed you."

    "No, Senior Sister Ji, I should thank you. If not for you, I would have probably died inside," Mo Wuji said gratefully.

    He wasn't exaggerating. If Ji Li didn't bring him out of the Mortal World, the results would really be hard to tell.

    It was true that he had used the Phecda Clay to construct a primordial spirit in his sea of consciousness. This primordial spirit was absorbing the dao laws from the Needle-Head Book but this process still had its risks.

    If his primordial spirit didn't manage to open 108 spirit channels before facing the corrosion of the Needle-Head Book, then no one would have been able to save him. This possibility wasn't small. In fact, it was very large.

    Fortunately, Ji Li had brought him out. Moreover, he was impacted by the god elemental energy from the surroundings. This allowed his breath scattering channel to wake him up.

    Ji Li didn't say anything. She wasn't a person that could express her thoughts easily. In her heart, whatever she did for Mo Wuji was not even 0.01% of what Mo Wuji had done for her.

    Mo Wuji had saved her from Huan Ti's hands and brought her to find the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo. Even when Mo Wuji was struck by the Needle-Head Book, it was because of the Extreme Ice Heavenly Bamboo.

    "Dao Friend Mo, to deal with Luo Xu and the others, we would need to form a team. Thus, I suggest that everyone goes to the World of Ruins to raise our power." Tong Ming said. There was one thing he didn't say. It was best to allow Huan Ti to raise his powers too. Naturally, it would be better if they had more people.

    Ji Li asked doubtfully, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, I heard that the Laws of the World of Ruins have shattered and there isn't any god spiritual energy. At the very most, we might find some treasures scattered over the area. Also, that place is extremely dangerous. Why must we cultivate in the World of Ruins?"

    Tong Ming laughed, "That's why it's good that I am here. The World of Ruins is also called the God Throne World. Why is it called the God Throne World? It's because the Laws there exceed the Quasi-Sage Laws. It's true that the Laws have shattered and god spiritual energy is sparse. However, at our level, cultivation is based on our own dao laws. We can find our own god spiritual energy. It's true that it's easier to cultivate in other places. However, no matter how high your talent is, and no matter how much resources you have, the Quasi-Sage Stage is the limit."

    After saying this, Tong Ming paused slightly before he continued, "Dao Friend Mo, if Dao Friend Huan Ti can join us, then it would be better. God Throne World is more suitable for people like Huan Ti and me. There, we can regain some things that we had lost."

    There was one more thing that Luo Xu didn't say, that was if they cultivated at any other place other than the God Throne World, it would be useless. So what if they reached the very peak of that place? In front of a Sage like Luo Xu, they would still be ants.

    "What are Dao Friend Lian Ji's intentions?" Mo Wuji looked at Lian Ji. He was also inclined to cultivating at God Throne World. Before he reached the Quasi-Sage Stage, he had no qualifications to fight with Tian Hen.

    Lian Ji, who had remained silent the entire time, hurriedly clasped his fists in response to Mo Wuji's question, "I do not know what is the World-Ending Cataclysm but I know that if the Cataclysm really comes, then my puny cultivation really isn't worth much. I trust Dao Friend Mo and I hope to join your team."

    "Alright, then we will go to God Throne World." With that, Mo Wuji brought Huan Ti out.

    The tired and emaciated Huan Ti no longer showed any tantrums. Moreover, his soul imprint was in Mo Wuji's hands. Even if he was angry, he couldn't do anything to Mo Wuji.

    "Looks like the two of you have finished your discussion." Huan Ti glanced at Tong Ming and said indifferently.

    When he saw Tong Ming, he knew that Tong Ming was also helpless against Mo Wuji. If Mo Wuji was a person that could be controlled, then he, Huan Ti, wouldn't have been imprisoned by Mo Wuji.

    "Huan Ti, I intend to work together with Dao Friend Mo. We will head over to the World of Ruins to raise our abilities. What do you think?" Tong Ming asked the moment Sage Huan Ti came out.

    Huan Ti chuckled, "Tong Ming, when I started following Brother Mo, you were nowhere to be seen. What do you think my intentions are? Moreover, since you've decided to work with Brother Mo, then you wouldn't call him Dao Friend Mo. Without rules, there will be no standards. In the future, you have to call him Brother Mo."

    Tong Ming stared at Huan Ti blankly. How was this the same gallant Sage Huan Ti?
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