Chapter 1137: Lei Hongji Wants To Cough Blood

    Chapter 1137: Lei Hongji Wants To Cough Blood

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    This time, Mo Wuji didn't say anything. He agreed to Huan Ti's words. Without rules, there won't be standards. If a proud person like Tong Ming decided to act on his own instead of following his, Mo Wuji's, instructions at a critical time, then it might drag everyone down.

    If that was the case, he would prefer not to work with Tong Ming.

    Noticing that Mo Wuji was looking at him, Tong Ming coughed dryly, "Keke, I will naturally follow Dao Friend Mo, no, Brother Mo."

    After hearing Tong Ming's words, Mo Wuji did not hesitate to form a blood mist for soul imprints, "Since everyone has the same goals, then let's form a soul blood imprint."

    Huan Ti and Lian Ji immediately formed soul blood imprints. Even Ji Li brought out her soul blood imprint. These soul blood imprints attached themselves onto Mo Wuji's soul imprint and quickly disappeared.

    Tong Ming's face turned slightly unsightly. He looked at the dao aura circulating around the soul blood imprint in front of him. After a moment of silence, he finally said, "Brother Mo, I already agreed that you would be the leader. This soul blood imprint isn't necessary."

    In this sort of soul blood imprint, the person who forms the soul blood imprint first would be the leader.

    As the first person to form the soul blood imprint, Mo Wuji could retire from the cooperation without any harm. However, those that had their imprints attach onto Mo Wuji's one could not leave casually. At any moment, Mo Wuji could injure the people involved in this alliance. He could even control them.

    Huan Ti already had his soul imprint controlled by Mo Wuji. Why would he be afraid of this simple soul blood imprint? As for Lian Ji, he had deep trust towards Mo Wuji and he clicked with Mo Wuji as a friend. He did not believe that Mo Wuji was an evil person. Moreover, the upcoming World-Ending Cataclysm definitely wasn't a small matter.

    Mo Wuji was only in the Unity God Stage, he could imprison Sages and he was even able to easily eliminate the Quasi-Sage Liu Wan. One could clearly see how bright Mo Wuji's future was. Currently, he had no pillars of support for the upcoming Cataclysm. There was no better opportunity than now. A pillar of support was not one that you could hug as and when you liked.

    This was equivalent to an investment. If he wasn't willing to take risks during this investment, who would be willing to take a mere Level 4 Unity God like him?

    Ji Li's trust towards Mo Wuji couldn't even be explained with words. She didn't even need to consider.

    Mo Wuji said indifferently, "I'm not forcing you. If you agree, then form your soul blood imprint. If you don't, then we will go our different ways."

    Tong Ming sighed. He knew that he had no other options. It was impossible for his past words to cause Mo Wuji to have complete trust in him.

    Since he was looking for help from a person like Mo Wuji, then disadvantages were unavoidable.l As he thought of this, he gritted his teeth, smiled and said, "Brother Mo is right. Everything requires rules."

    As he said this, he formed his own blood imprint.

    Mo Wuji allowed Tong Ming's blood imprint to latch onto his own. Only then, he waved his hand and said, "Now, we are all on the same side. There's no need to worry about any sort of backstabbing. Our first course of action is to go through Dark World to get to the World of Ruins. There, we will raise our abilities. For Huan Ti and Tong Ming, your goals are to reach the Sage Stage. For Senior Sister Ji and Lian Ji, your goals are the Quasi-Sage Stage."

    Tong Ming smiled bitterly, "Brother Mo, even if we had mountains full of cultivation, we wouldn't be able to step into the Sage Stage. Oh, perhaps Huan Ti has a chance. However, I don't."

    "Because of the God Throne?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Tong Ming nodded, "That's right. Because of the God Throne. Without the God Throne, the highest cultivation level that you can get is the Quasi-Sage Stage. It is impossible to step into the Sage Stage."

    "What is the God Throne exactly? Is it a Law of the Heaven and Earth? A treasure? Or some Heavenly Dao?" Mo Wuji asked.

    Huan Ti shook his head, "Even ex-Sages like us don't really know about this. Supposedly, the God Throne is a sort of Law of the Heaven and Earth bestowed by the Heavenly Dao or a person from a higher level. In reality, after you reach the Sage Stage, you don't sense any existence at a level higher than Sages."

    "Perhaps there is such an existence but you weren't able to detect it?" Mo Wuji said.

    Huan Ti went silent for a long time before saying, "Perhaps."

    Mo Wuji didn't know whether Huan Ti was really clueless or whether Huan Ti didn't want to talk about it. He waved his hand and said, "Tong Ming, lead the way. We will go to the Dark World now."

    Time was really crucial for him. He needed to raise his power as high as possible before the Cataclysm arrives."

    Tong Ming chuckled, "There's no need to lead the way. My house is the way to get to the Dark World."

    As he was speaking, Tong Ming had already waved out ten array flags. A faint silhouette of a transfer array gradually formed. Mo Wuji and co. finally realised why a Sage like Tong Ming would stay in a place like this. From the looks of it, this fella frequently goes to the Dark World. He might even frequently use the Seven World Stone to visit the various planes.

    Ji Li was inwardly shocked. If they hadn't come here by coincidence, she probably wouldn't have found this place in 100,000 years. Even if she found it, it would still be useless.


    This is the place. Lei Hongji kept his directional crystal ball. His figure transformed into a lightning bolt and he disappeared from the air above God Continent.

    Days later, Lei Hongji chuckled loudly as he stood in space, "Old Horse Tian Hen, I have already left God World. If you have the capabilities, come chase this Lord Lei."

    Although Tian Hen hadn't chased him for many years, Lei Hongji wasn't a careless person. He knew that bastard, Tian Hen, definitely left an imprint on him. However, he couldn't find where that imprint was. Moreover, decades was merely the blink of an eye for cultivators.

    Decades ago, something sudden must have happened to Tian Hen, which was why he suddenly disappeared. Lei Hongji believed that the moment Tian Hen resolves that matter, Tian Hen would definitely come for him again.

    Over these decades, Lei Hongji had always been searching for ways to leave God World. He found out about God Burial Cave but God Burial Cave had disappeared. Lei Hongji did not resign to this and he continued to search for ways. Finally, he found out about an exit in God Continent in an ancient ruin.

    Now, he had finally escaped from God Continent.

    With his current resources, he only needed to find a safe place to cultivate. Lei Hongji believed that he would eventually reach the Quasi-Sage Stage.

    When that happens, he, Lei Hongji, would no longer need to fear Tian Hen. Then, it wouldn't be Tian Hen chasing after him. Instead, it would be him chasing after that old bastard.

    The refreshed Lei Hong left the boundaries of God World. He brought out his peak-grade flying treasure, and in the blink of an eye, he disappeared into vast space.

    According to what Lei Hongji believes, it was naturally better to get as far away as possible from God World. Lei Hongji believed that after Tian Hen was done with his matter, he would immediately return to God World. Thus, getting further away from God World would be safer.

    The grade of Lei Hongji's flying treasure was already very high. Together with his full-powered activation, he was able to ditch God World in a few decades.

    Just as Lei Hongji thought that he could finally find a safe place to cultivate, that deep sense of danger came again.

    His spiritual will swept outwards and he immediately noticed Tian Hen approaching him at lightning-fast speeds.

    Seeing Tian Hen, Lei Hongji almost coughed out blood. He truly didn't understand how Tian Hen was able to find him even after he had been flying away from God World for decades.

    It didn't matter whether he understood it or not. He started to flee.

    Tian Hen, who was chasing Lei Hongji, also didn't expect to encounter Lei Hongji on his journey back to God World. To him, this was simply food falling out from the sky.

    Previously, he was in a transfer. However, the transfer array was destroyed and the Laws of Space went into disorder. As a result, he was thrown into space.

    Tian Hen did not mind that he was thrown into space. His only vexation was that he didn't know the direction back to God World. In God World, there was an ant that he needed to eliminate. If he didn't know the way back, how long would he take to reclaim what belonged to him? One must know that the Furnace of Heaven and Earth was something that he needed to take back. Without it, he would not be able to revalidate his Sage Dao.

    Fortunately, there are no dead ends in life. After roaming in space for several decades, he actually sensed Lei Hongji's presence. At the very beginning, he was in disbelief. However, when he finally saw Lei Hongji, Tian Hen knew that his luck has finally come.

    Even though Lei Hongji simply wanted to cough blood out of depression, he could only run away.

    Lei Hongji frantically used his escape technique. He did not even leave behind a single trace as he fled. Tian Hen didn't fall behind as he closely followed behind Lei Hongji. He was very clear that if he lost Lei Hongji now, he might not be able to find Lei Hongji again.


    "It's truly the Dark World." Mo Wuji could feel it the moment his two feet stepped on hard ground. They were surrounded by the Laws of Darkness. Perhaps there were other Laws here but the Laws of Darkness were definitely supreme.

    This should be the old home of Ku Cai. Mo Wuji wondered whether Ku Cai would return here.

    His spiritual will swept outwards and he realised that this was actually an ancient palace hall. There weren't any other signs of life within a 10,000-mile radius.

    "This place is called the Darkness Origin Hall. It's the most revered place in the entire Dark World. No one dares to approach 10,000 miles from here. Otherwise, they face death." Noticing that Mo Wuji had sent his spiritual will outwards, Tong Ming chuckled and explained.
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