Chapter 1138: Darkwood

    Chapter 1138: Darkwood

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    "I heard that Dark World's Darkness Origin Hall used to be a tree. However, a huge event occurred in Dark World and that tree was destroyed," Lian Ji sighed and said.

    Tong Ming nodded, "Lian Ji is right. This place was indeed a tree and it was called Darkwood. Darkwood is the symbol of Dark World because the presence of Darkwood allowed the Laws of Dark World to become clearer. Thus, a long time ago, there were innumerable experts that came from Dark World. After Darkwood was destroyed, the Dark World constructed this Darkness Origin Hall in an attempt to allow Darkwood to resprout. Unfortunately, countless years passed but the Darkwood never sprouted again."

    Mo Wuji's heart pounded and he brought out his Darkwood fragment.

    "This is a fragment of the Darkwood?" Before Mo Wuji could say anything, Tong Ming cried out agitatedly.

    "That's right. This Darkwood fragment was something that I obtained by chance. I want to ask you, how can I bring life to this thing?" Mo Wuji pinched the Darkwood fragment in his hand and said.

    He had tried different methods on this Darkwood fragment but nothing ever seemed to work.

    Tong Ming sighed, "Brother Mo, you're really lucky. To think that you're even able to obtain a Darkwood fragment and arrive at Darkness Origin Hall. However, while the Darkwood is valuable, you have no means of growing it. To grow the Darkwood, you would need two other things besides the Darkwood fragment and coming to this Darkness Origin Hall."

    "What two things?" Mo Wuji blurted.

    Tong Ming shook his head, "There's no point in knowing because you definitely wouldn't be able to obtain them. There's no need to take about you, even a Sage might not necessarily be able to obtain these two items. The first item is the Darkness Origin Bead..."

    When Mo Wuji heard this, his heart jumped. He happened to have one of that. Those years ago, Ku Cai and him found the Darkness Origin Bead. Currently, it was sitting in his world.

    "The Darkness Origin Bead is the rarest origin bead in the universe. It's very likely that there is only one of it in a universal plane. Besides the Darkness Origin Bead, you would also need the Soil of Breath. This item is even harder to obtain."

    Hearing Tong Ming's words, Mo Wuji's heart sank. He finally understood why Kun Yun would say such nice things and give him the Darkwood fragment. This Kun Yun probably knew that there wouldn't be much use in this Darkwood fragment.

    "Dao Friend Tong Ming, do you know what is the greatest use of Darkwood?" From Ku Cai's crystal ball, Mo Wuji learnt this item was the number one treasure in Dark World. If one possess Darkwood or cultivated under Darkwood, then his future would be immeasurable.

    This time, Huan Ti was the one who spoke, "Previously, didn't you ask me about the existences above Sages? In theory, there shouldn't be such existences. This is because such existences would need to dual-cultivate the Laws of Light and Darkness. Only then, would they be able to surpass the level of the universe. According to the classification of Laws, the Laws of the Five Elements, Lightning, Wind, Ice, etc., all belong to the Laws of Light. Moreover, almost all Sages cultivate one or several Laws within the Laws of Light.

    People that cultivate the Laws of Light are unable to cultivate the Laws of Darkness and vice versa. However, Darkwood contains the highest-grade Laws of Darkness. It's rumoured that the person who obtains Darkwood would have the qualifications to simultaneously cultivate both the Laws of Light and Darkness, and they would be able to give rise to these two kinds of Laws in their worlds. Thus, if a person possesses Darkwood, he would have a chance of surpassing Sages and stand at the very peak of the universe. Unfortunately, Darkwood has disappeared. Even though you have a Darkwood fragment, it's still useless."

    As he heard all this, Mo Wuji's heart was beating like crazy. Cultivating the Laws of Light meant that he couldn't cultivate the Laws of Darkness? Wasn't he cultivating the two of them now?

    If Huan Ti's words were the truth, then this would be an extremely terrifying secret. If this matter was leaked, then probably all the Sages would come hunting for him.

    Mo Wuji revealed a disappointed expression as he stored his Darkwood fragment, "Since that's the case, then forget about it."

    He decided that if he gets hold of the Soil of Breath, he would definitely return back to Darkworld and grow the Darkwood.

    After keeping his Darkwood fragment, Mo Wuji wanted to ask about how they would go to the Seven World Stone. At this moment, his dao revelation channel suddenly detected an unfamiliar dao energy. He could faintly feel that his Seven World Finger was going to make a breakthrough.

    Yes, the Seven World Finger should be related to the Seven World. Now that his dao revelation channel detected an opportunity to make a breakthrough in Dark World, he was not going to miss out on it.

    In reality, his Fourth Finger had already made a breakthrough when he was dealing with Huan Ti. However, that breakthrough was based on his World of Life and Death. Mo Wuji always seemed to feel that he was lacking something.

    This current breakthrough im his Seven World Finger was definitely going to supplement and complete his Fourth Finger.

    "Since that's the case, then let's go to the World of Ruins." Huan Ti looked at Mo Wuji and said.

    He had been struck by the Seven Buddha Spade, his cultivation had been suppressed and his injuries were far from healing. It could be said that he was the weakest among the group of them. Originally, he was one of the strongest in the world. Now, he was one of the weakest in the group. As an ex-Sage, Huan Ti naturally felt depressed.

    Tong Ming and co. also looked at Mo Wuji. Since Mo Wuji was the leader of their squad, they would naturally follow his instructions.

    Mo Wuji asked, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, is this place safe?"

    Tong Ming nodded, "Brother Mo can rest assured. We came here through a spatial transfer, so nobody knows that we are here. However, we cannot leave from here. If we leave, it would be hard to escape. There are no other signs of life within a 10,000-mile radius of this place. This is because anyone that approaches this place would face an untimely death. Fortunately, we do not need to leave this place to head to the Seven World Stone. Many people know that there's a transfer array from Dark World to the Seven World Stone. However, the number that know of its location definitely doesn't exceed more than the number of fingers in a hand. I happen to be one of those people."

    Tong Ming spoke in a slightly complacent tone. A transfer array to the Seven World Stone was extremely useful.

    "Because of some matters, I need to leave Darkness Origin Hall and pay a visit outside. I would return in a couple of days. I hope that everyone would wait for me during this period of time." Mo Wuji said. He sensed that he was going to make a breakthrough with his Seven World Finger in Dark World, thus he naturally wasn't going to leave now.

    Tong Ming revealed an ugly expression, "Brother Mo, if you leave this place, the experts of Dark World would definitely notice it. In the future, it would become difficult for us to silently go through this place."

    Mo Wuji laughed faintly, "Dao Friend Tong Ming can rest assured. If I want to leave, the people of Dark World definitely wouldn't know about it.

    Tong Ming knew that Mo Wuji had underestimated the experts of Dark World. He could only spread his hands and say, "Since that's the case, then Brother Mo can go ahead. We will wait for you here."

    "Alright, I will be back soon." With that, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he instantly disappeared.

    After Mo Wuji left, Huan Ti said in a calm tone, "Tong Ming, you believe that Brother Mo would definitely be discovered by the people of Dark World, right?"

    Tong Ming acted helpless as he said, "Yes. But Brother Mo is our leader. How can I go against his decision?"

    In reality, Tong Ming believed that it was good for Mo Wuji to learn this lesson. When Mo Wuji learns that he wasn't as powerful as what he thought himself out to be, his, Tong Ming's, words would be viewed with greater importance.

    Tong Ming believed that Mo Wuji would definitely be discovered. This wasn't due to Mo Wuji's lack of strength. Instead, it was because the Laws in Dark World were different.

    Under the Laws of Dark World, it didn't matter how profound Mo Wuji's concealment techniques were; he would definitely be discovered.


    Hours passed. Tong Ming and Huan Ti started to glance towards each other meaningfully. A long time had passed but there were no disturbances outside. Moreover, there were no traces of Mo Wuji. It could be confirmed that Mo Wuji had already left this area.

    How was it possible that Mo Wuji wasn't discovered.

    Huan Ti felt slightly better out of the two. His soul imprint had already been controlled by Mo Wuji. It would naturally be better for him if Mo Wuji was stronger.

    Tong Ming, on the other hand, felt a chill in his heart. He discovered that his understanding of Mo Wuji was still too low. He had already given his soul blood imprint away. Was that truly the right option?


    Not only did Mo Wuji cultivate the Laws of Darkness, he also possessed the Fetal Transformation Technique. If he was still discovered, then he could only blame his noobness.

    At this instant, Mo Wuji was in a spacious and desolate wilderness far from Darkness Origin Hall. He did not continue to perceive that insight; his dao revelation channel had already done most of that.

    The moment he reached this spacious area, Mo Wuji struck out with his finger.

    Seven World Fingers' Fourth Finger - Yin Yang.

    The Heaven and Earth, All Creation and Yin Yang changed!

    A majestic aura filled the entire area and all the Laws in the surroundings ripped apart. Moreover, the Laws of Light within the Laws of Darkness started to get clearer. At this instant, the Laws of Space changed completely. If one was in the area, he would definitely be torn apart by these Laws of Yin and Yang.

    Indeed, there was a Yin Yang level above the World of Life and Death. All life force in the area was separated into two kinds, one Yin and one Yang. Everything started to collapse.

    Mo Wuji did not manage to take a look at the results of this finger before another Finger suddenly appeared in his mind.

    This was the Fifth Finger, All Creation? Mo Wuji finally came to an understanding. It turned out that his dao revelation channel did not sense insights on the Fourth Finger, Yin Yang, but the Fifth Finger, All Creation. Alternatively, it could be said that these two fingers were associated.
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