Chapter 1139: Fifth Finger - All Creation

    Chapter 1139: Fifth Finger - All Creation

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    With a single thought, Mo Wuji's Fifth Finger had already been pointed.

    The Heaven and Earth aren't kind; All Creation are their humble dogs!

    The disarrayed Laws instantly stabilized. Space, which had been destroyed by his Fourth Finger Yin Yang, also rapidly restored its original state.

    The wild grass stopped withering and the dried-up river stopped drying up...

    All creation was within the control of this finger. Under this finger, life energy flourished and rapidly returned to their past state. Various kinds of Laws were also within the control of this finger.

    Mo Wuji stared blankly as he stood in mid-air. He inhaled a breath of cold air.

    The Seven World Finger's Fifth Finger actually wasn't a destructive attack. Instead, it was a sacred art which could instantly stop the destruction of any sacred art. It could even undo the damage done as long as his finger wasn't stopped.

    Mo Wuji still didn't know whether time could be reversed. Even if it could, he couldn't do it now.

    However, Mo Wuji knew that a sacred art which could return things back to their previous states was much more difficult than a destructive sacred art.

    After this Fifth Finger was released, everything that was destroyed went stalled, then they reverted back to their past states.

    Looking as the area destroyed by his Yin Yang Finger regained its calm, Mo Wuji muttered to himself, "So this is the true meaning behind All Creation."

    All Creation wasn't about destroying all creation. Instead, it revived all creation. Even though All Creation could probably end all life and destroy laws just like the Great Curse Art, Mo Wuji definitely wasn't going to use it in such a manner. He had more than enough destructive sacred arts; his single Great Art of Destruction could already destroy a world. Why would he need to use All Creation to do such a thing?

    To him, the value of All Creation definitely wasn't lesser than the Great Art of Destruction.

    Even though Mo Wuji still didn't know how powerful were his Sixth and Seventh Fingers, he believed that they wouldn't be much better than this Fifth Finger, All Creation.

    Originally, he thought that he would need to spend several days ruminating on his Seven World Finger. Mo Wuji didn't expect that this session would end so quickly.

    Mo Wuji contentedly landed back on the ground. They could go to Seven World Stone now.


    When Mo Wuji returned to the Darkness Origin Hall, he realised in shock that there was actually a person nailed onto the outside of the hall's doors.

    He had used his spiritual will to sweep this place multiple times. From the looks of it, there was a concealment array here which wasn't simple; ordinary vision could see what was here but spiritual will sweeps couldn't.

    It could be faintly seen that the nailed person was female. It's unknown how long she had been nailed her for. There was no need to talk about her skin and muscles, even her bones had started to turn black.

    The woman's head rested on her shoulder. She seemed to be dead for a long time.

    However, Mo Wuji knew that she wasn't dead. This was because there was still a soul flame burning this woman's weak soul. If not for this array which intentionally prevented her soul from dissipating, she would probably have died a long time ago.

    What a cruel punishment. This was Mo Wuji's first time seeing such a thing.

    Mo Wuji shook his head. This Darkness Origin Hall would be of great importance to him. In the future, he would need to return here to revive the Darkwood. He should not place his nose in such a matter. Although no one discovered him yet, he was sure that he would be immediately discovered if he dared to touch this woman.

    Moreover, he didn't know who this woman was and why she was being tortured by a soul flame.


    "Didn't you say that you would take a few days? Why are you back so soon?" Tong Ming and Huan Ti had just sat down when Mo Wuji stepped into Darkness Origin Hall. When they saw Mo Wuji enter, Tong Ming almost stood up in shock.

    How could Mo Wuji not understand what Tong Ming was thinking? He naturally wasn't going to explain himself. He only said, "Huan Ti, come over, I will help you remove the Seven Buddha Spade."

    "Many thanks, Brother Mo." When Huan Ti heard that Mo Wuji was going to help him remove the Seven Buddha Spade, his heart was filled with glee.

    Previously, Mo Wuji had said that he could help him remove the Seven Buddha Spade. It was just that Mo Wuji had never mentioned it, so he also didn't.

    Tong Ming didn't know what Mo Wuji did outside and why he came back in such a short time. Since Mo Wuji didn't talk about it, he could only say, "I've seen Huan Ti's Seven Buddha Spade, it has struck his dao foundations. If you make a mistake, his dao foundations would be destroyed. Even if his dao foundations aren't destroyed, Dao Friend Huan Ti might be heavily injured again and he might never re-enter the Sage Stage..."

    "I know." Mo Wuji nodded, extended his hand and placed it in the Seven Buddha Spade.

    If he didn't know about this, he would have extracted the Seven Buddha Spade a long time ago. He previously said that he would help Huan Ti pull out the Seven World Spade because they were on different sides. Since they weren't on the same side and since Huan Ti had harmed Ji Li, why would he, Mo Wuji, care about damaging Huan Ti's dao foundations?

    But it was different now, Huan Ti was now part of his team. This was why he did not pull the Seven Buddha Spade yet. Now what he understood the Seven World Finger's Fifth Finger, All Creation, he had confidence that he would be able to extract the Seven Buddha Spade without damaging Huan Ti's dao foundations.

    "Brother Mo, do it." Huan Ti had been bedevilled by the Seven Buddha Spade for so long that he no longer felt impatient about it. Moreover, he had already seen Mo Wuji's capabilities. Since Mo Wuji said that he could do it, then he would allow Mo Wuji to do it.

    Also, his soul imprint was in Mo Wuji's control. Thus, he no longer had the same strong desire to recover his abilities as a Sage.

    Was there a difference between the Sage Stage and the Quasi-Sage Stage if that person's soul imprint was being controlled?

    Mo Wuji didn't care what Huan Ti was thinking. He grabbed onto the Seven Buddha Spade's hilt and his All Creation dao laws started to flow. All Laws started to reconstruct themselves. With the return of spring, all creation comes back to life.

    In an instant, Mo Wuji pulled the Seven Buddha Spade out. At the same time, Huan Ti's defunct circulation path started to circulate again. The god spiritual energy in the surroundings surged into Huan Ti's body. Mo Wuji brought out some pills, crushed them into powder and threw the powder on Huan Ti.

    In just ten breaths of time, the muscles on Huan Ti's body started to grow.

    Half an incense's time later, Huan Ti no longer had the same shrivelled appearance.

    "Many thanks, Brother Mo." Huan Ti clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji agitatedly. This time, he was truly grateful. Mo Wuji actually allowed his dao foundations to remain undamaged. Mo Wuji was even able to pull the Seven Buddha Spade out without affecting a single one of its Laws.

    Mo Wuji waved his hand, "We are all on the same side. This is nothing much."

    After saying this, he stored the Seven Monk Spade in his Mortal World. He did not care much about Liu Wan's counterfeit monk spade but this was the true Seven Buddha Monk Spade. It was of value to Mo Wuji, so he didn't intend to give it to Huan Ti.

    If it didn't have value, would it have been able to trade for the Tao Tie Pot? Would it have been able to pin a Sage?

    Tong Ming stared at Mo Wuji in a loss. After some time, he finally said, "Brother Mo, how did you do it? That sacred art that you just used, why did it seem to have some dao law capable of revitalising all creation? What sacred art was that? Could it be the Great Art of Rejuvenation? But it didn't seem like it..."

    "I will tell you more about it in due time. Dao Friend Tong Ming, I feel that we will need to raise our powers as quickly as possible. Can you hurry and bring us to the location of the transfer array to the Seven World Stone?" Mo Wuji casually said.

    When Tong Ming heard Mo Wuji's words, he knew that Mo Wuji didn't intend to tell him about the sacred art. He could only say, "Everyone, follow me."

    As he was speaking, Tong Ming had already walked to a corner of this Darkness Origin Hall. He threw out multiple array flags and an array gate appeared in front of everyone. Tong Ming was the first to step through the array gate. Mo Wuji and co. also followed suit. They all arrived at an inclined passage.

    Mo Wuji's spiritual will immediately swept outwards. Indeed, he found a huge black stone below. That huge stone was clearly a transfer array platform.

    Tong Ming had displayed this transfer array platform in front of all of them. This clearly demonstrated his determination in this cooperation.

    Mo Wuji was very satisfied with Tong Ming's attitude. As he walked behind Tong Ming on this passage, he asked, "Dao Friend Tong Ming, do you know about the woman nailed outside Darkness Origin Hall?"

    Tong Ming nodded, "I do. That woman has been nailed there by Darkworld for god-knows how many years. Not long after Darkness Origin Hall was built, she was nailed there."

    "You witnessed the construction of Darkness Origin Hall?" Mo Wuji asked in astonishment.

    "Hehe." Tong Ming chuckled, "Not only did I witness the construction of Darkness Origin Hall, I also know who constructed it. Back then, I had been hiding beside this transfer array, healing my injuries. I witnessed the entire process of Darkness Origin Hall's construction. That array gate that we just walked through was something that I added on after. Even the fella that constructed Darkness Origin Hall doesn't know about the array gate that I installed in Darkness Origin Hall."
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