Chapter 1140: The World Of Ruins

    Chapter 1140: The World Of Ruins

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    Even though Tong Ming was already on the same team as him, Mo Wuji still felt that this fella was too patient and secretive. If not because this fella saw his abilities and wanted to work with him, he definitely wouldn't have found this transfer array to the Seven World Stone.

    Tong Ming activated the transfer array. The five people were simultaneously transferred away.

    The transfer from Dark World to Seven World Stone was clearly a super-high-distance transfer. With Mo Wuji's current abilities, he wasn't able to send his spiritual will outwards.

    When Mo Wuji could finally release his spiritual will, the five of them had already arrived on the familiar Seven World Stone.

    Mo Wuji had been to Seven World Stone several times. No matter when he came, the Seven World Stone always looked the same; it was the same half-grey and half-white stone which floated in space.

    "I guess many of you have been here before. However, you probably didn't know that this huge stone is actually a supreme magic treasure, right? Hehe." Tong Ming chuckled and said.

    When Lian Ji heard that this was a magic treasure, he released his spiritual will and tried to communicate with the Seven World Stone.

    Tong Ming instantly noticed Lian Ji's actions. He laughed and said, "There's no need to talk about you. Even when Dao Friend Huan Ti was at his peak, he still wouldn't be able to take the Seven World Stone away."

    "Dao Friend Tong Ming, you mean that this Seven World Stone was left behind by a person at a higher level?" Mo Wuji hurriedly asked when he heard those words.

    Tong Ming shook his head, "I don't know about that. However, I can tell you for certain that the Seven World Stone isn't related to any of the Sages here."

    Huan Ti also nodded, "That's right. At least, I don't know who was the one that installed the Seven World Stone here."

    Tong Ming pointed to a slightly distant black hole and said, "That's the way to the World of Ruins. Everyone remember that after we enter the World of Ruins, the transfer location would be different for each of us. Thus, we would not be together when we arrive at that world. Moreover, various kinds of communication beads cannot be used. Everyone could only rely on luck. However, we're different from others; we have a specific target."

    When he finished speaking, Tong Ming brought out several crystal balls and handed them out to Mo Wuji and co., "When we arrive at the World of Ruins, do not be in a rush to find treasures or cultivate. We will first gather at this place. As we head towards this place, everyone needs to guard their primordial spirits and seas of consciousness. There are far too many old things in the World of Ruins. They are only waiting for a chance at possession. Alright, I will go in first."

    Tong Ming did not hesitate to speed towards the black hole that he pointed at.

    "Brother Mo, I will also be going." With that, Huan Ti also sped towards the black hole. While he was moving towards the black hole, he suddenly turned back and said, "Brother Mo, I guess my luck isn't that bad to be able to meet a person like you."

    Lian Ji also clasped his fists and said, "I will also be making a move."

    Following which, he also charged into the black hole. Ji Li was so beautiful and she cared so much for Mo Wuji; Lian Ji didn't wish to stay here and act as a third wheel."

    "Senior Sister Ji, enter my world. We will leave together," Mo Wuji looked at Ji Li and said.

    Ji Li suddenly stared at Mo Wuji for a long time. Being stared at by a woman of such beauty left Mo Wuji feeling slightly uneasy. Could it be that Senior Sister Ji suspected that he had errant thoughts? Just as Mo Wuji was about to cough and explain himself, Ji Li asked a strange question, "Wuji, do you have a dao companion?"

    "I have a wife. It's just that power is still too low and I'm unable to go to her." Mo Wuji subconsciously answered. He didn't quite understand why Ji Li would suddenly ask him such a question.

    Ji Li smiled sweetly, "Wuji, I hope that you would be able to find your wife and reunite with her."

    When Mo Wuji heard Ji Li's well-wish, Cen Shuyin's smile instantly appeared in front of his eyes. There was also the scene where Shuyin carried him as they fled through space.

    A flame ignited within Mo Wuji's heart. He clenched his fists forcefully. He definitely needed to raise his abilities. If he didn't raise his abilities, there was no need to talk about finding Shuyin; he wouldn't even be a match for that green-robed Sage Nun that was in God Burial Cave. You must remember, Shuyin had left through God Burial Cave.

    Sensing Mo Wuji's agitation, Ji Li said softly, "I believe that your wife is definitely a beautiful, compassionate and understanding woman. She's very lucky."

    Was Shuyin lucky? Mo Wuji's heart instantly cooled down. Had Shuyin even spent a single fortunate day with him? When they were together, they were either chased or hunted.

    At this instant, a deep sense of guilt filled Mo Wuji's heart. He owed Shuyin. He owed her far too much.

    He came from Earth, thus he knew what a woman looked for in a husband. It was a life that was safe and stable. What did he give Shuyin? None of this.

    In his life, he owed two women. One was the already dead Wen Xiaoqi and the other was Cen Shuyin.

    "Junior Brother Wuji, I believe that I should go to the World of Ruins by myself. After all, I would need to depend on myself in the future. I can't always stay in your world. I need to work hard to raise my abilities. That's the only way that I can continue to survive in this world." After saying this, Ji Li's figure flashed.

    As she was moving through space, she also turned her head back slightly, "Junior Brother Wuji, we will meet again in the World of Ruins."

    After finishing this sentence, Ji Li's silhouette had already disappeared into the black hold.

    Mo Wuji stared at the seven black holes for a long time and sighed. He didn't immediately enter that black hole. Instead, his spiritual will penetrated into the Seven World Stone.

    Tong Ming definitely wasn't speaking blindly. Since Tong Ming said that the Seven World Stone was a magic treasure, then it definitely was. He did not intend to take this magic treasure away. He only wanted to check whether he could leave behind a trace of spiritual will here to monitor it.

    Half an incense's time passed and Mo Wuji was left disappointed. Whether it was with his sea of consciousness or his spirit storage channel, he was unable to leave behind a spiritual will imprint on this Seven World Stone. Even when he slashed it with his Kun Wu Sword, he was unable to move this Seven World Stone.

    Only after Mo Wuji opened his spiritual eye and carefully examined this Seven World Stone, he found a mark at a corner of the stone.

    On the surface, this mark looked exactly the same as the Seven World Stone. However, with his spiritual eye, Mo Wuji could see that the mark was formed when someone tried to mend the Seven World Stone after it was damaged.

    How impressive. Mo Wuji was inwardly shocked. The Seven World Stone was clearly left behind by a person; it wasn't an object that was naturally born in this space.

    How strong was the person who left such a powerful transfer array like the Seven World Stone here?

    After staring blankly for a long time, Mo Wuji finally used his spirit storage channel to inscribe several spiritual will imprints and he concealed them.

    When he was done with all that and after he verified that there was nothing that he had overlooked, Mo Wuji's figure flashed and he stepped into that black hole.

    Violent and turbulent spatial waves came. With Mo Wuji's cultivation, he was unable to stabilise himself in such violent waves. He could only roll and turn with the waves as he tried to release his spiritual will.

    The Laws of Space changed drastically, causing Mo Wuji to be unable to release his spiritual will like before. He could only use it to protect himself.

    It was unknown how long he spent rolling in the spatial waves. After this unknown period of time, Mo Wuji's body lightened and he landed in a dried-up riverbed. The largest crack in this riverbed was several meters wide. It looked like a black man-eating hole.

    Mo Wuji swept the area with his spiritual will. Indeed, he didn't find Ji Li and co.

    Just as he was about to take out the crystal ball that Tong Ming gave him, an icy-cold breath came from that huge crap. In an instant, it wrapped around the space that he was in.

    "Boom!" A violent spiritual will attack exploded on Mo Wuji that icy-cold breath. Mo Wuji was affected by this spiritual will attack and he retreated back by several miles.

    "Old thing, this fella is mine." An illusory primordial spirit appeared.

    This spirit's voice was sounded like teeth grinding. At almost the same instant that this primordial spirit appeared, another primordial spirit revealed itself.

    "Hehe, is it yours just because you said so? This God has been lying here in ambush for countless years. This has always been my territory. What rights do you have to snatch a person on my territory." The second primordial spirit chuckled. It sounded as though it didn't have any front tooth; air seemed to be leaking out in all directions.

    Mo Wuji's heart sank. He understood what was going on. These two primordial spirits were actually having a conflict over the possession of his fleshly body.

    He wasn't worried for himself but Ji Li. With his abilities, there was no need to talk about these two primordial spirits. Even if ten of such primordial spirits swarmed him, he would still be easily able to eliminate them. However, things were different for Ji Li. Ji Li's cultivation was only Unity God Level 4. Moreover, this wasn't the most important thing. The key thing was that Ji Li was too kind. Being too kind in a place like this was simply courting her own death.

    As he thought of this, Mo Wuji no longer had the mood to entertain these two primordial spirits. His figure flashed and he tried to leave.

    He didn't think that these two spirits were already familiar with this space here after staying here for countless years. Before Mo Wuji could leave, those two primordial spirits sealed the space around him. They simultaneously pounced onto Mo Wuji and they simultaneously said, "A little ant actually wants to escape?"

    Mo Wuji, who was in a hurry to leave, raged. The violet lake in his sea of consciousness bubbled violently. He shot out two Spiritual Will Arrows with his full power.

    Originally, he didn't intend to kill these two primordial spirits. However, since these two fellas were courting their own deaths, then they couldn't blame him for behaving impolitely.
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