Chapter 1142: Fortune

    Chapter 1142: Fortune

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    This was the Law of the Universe. Since there weren't any Laws here, no one would be able to activate their sacred arts unless they were experts with their own Laws. Moreover, Laws weren't the only things that weren't present; there also wasn't any elemental energy. That meant that regardless of the elemental attribute of one's spiritual roots, he wouldn't be able to use any sacred arts.

    Mo Wuji cultivated the Mortal Technique and his Mortal World had already taken shape when he was only in the Heavenly Immortal Stage. At this moment, his Mortal World's Laws were complete and they were continuously being refined.

    On the other hand, this stone statue was actually able to attack despite not cultivating the Mortal Technique. From the looks of it, this stone statue wasn't simple and had his own techniques.

    "It looks like you have some abilities; you are actually able to attack in a space without any elemental energy." Mo Wuji naturally wouldn't answer this stone statue's question.

    "I will leave this place and I will give you my God Throne. As for my world, it is empty and there's nothing of value inside it." The stone statue instantly understood his predicament and spoke in a straightforward manner.

    Mo Wuji did not seem to care as he said, "Is your God Throne very amazing? Unfortunately, I don't really care about it."

    If this stone statue was a Sage, then perhaps Mo Wuji would consider his God Throne. However, Mo Wuji was sure that this stone statue wasn't a Sage.

    There were 8 Sages and Mo Wuji already knew of three of them. If he included the Sage that was schemed against, Tong Ming, then he could truly claim that he had met many Sages. From his experience, he could tell that this stone statue wasn't a Sage.

    The stone statue said proudly, "That's because you still don't know what my God Throne is. My name is Huang Fanhong and my God Throne is one of the 4 Dao Monarchs, Dao Monarch Yellow River."

    "4 Dao Monarchs?" Mo Wuji repeated in slight astonishment. From the looks of it, he had some fate with the four Dao Monarchs. If he included this Huang Fanhong, he would have encountered three Dao Monarchs. He traded with Dao Monarch Darkness and battled with Dao Monarch Grand Desert. He didn't think that he would now meet Dao Monarch Yellow River. He wondered what's the name of the last Dao Monarch.

    "You've never heard of the 4 Dao Monarchs?" Looking at Mo Wuji's calm expression, Huang Fanhong asked in shock. Supposedly, a person of Mo Wuji's strength should definitely have heard of the 4 Dao Monarchs.

    Mo Wuji laughed, "No, I have heard of the 4 Dao Monarchs. I even know of Dao Monarch Darkness and Dao Monarch Grand Desert. However, your God Throne isn't very attractive to me."

    The pride in Huang Fanhong's eyes instantly disappeared. He sighed in his heart. In reality, he could already have predicted it. This young man was even able to suppress him in a place like this, his target should definitely be the Sage Stage, right? The upcoming Cataclysm would probably be this young man's stage.

    "If I'm not wrong, you should be condensing your fleshly body here, right? After staying here for so many years, I believe that your fleshly body should be approximately completed?" Mo Wuji suddenly asked.

    Huang Fanhong answered, "Yes. Actually, I intend to seal this place and search for some treasures to prepare for the upcoming World-Ending Cataclysm. The two Cataclysms are occurring at such a short time interval. Perhaps this is the only time such a thing has happened in this universe."

    Thereafter, he didn't need to say anything else for Mo Wuji to understand. That was before Huang Fanhong managed to leave, Mo Wuji arrived.

    In Huang Fanhong's eyes, if he didn't have anything to offer Mo Wuji, Mo Wuji definitely wouldn't spare him. If this was outside, he would have some rights to battle with Mo Wuji. But in here, he didn't even have a single strand of hope. Thus, he couldn't be bothered to beg for his life. A Dao Monarch had a Dao Monarch's pride. He wouldn't do something so meaningless.

    "Since you already intend to leave, then go. I will be cultivating here for a period of time. I hope that you do not come back and disturb me." Mo Wuji nodded and said.

    "You're not going to kill me?" Huang Fanhong stared at Mo Wuji in shock. This was the first time that he heard of such an absurd situation.

    Mo Wuji chuckled, "Why would I want to kill you? You didn't try to steal my items. Since you're done with this place, then can't I use it? Why must I kill you in order to cultivate here?"

    Immense glee instantly surged into Huang Fanhong's head; he hurriedly said, "No, no, I will leave immediately. This place is now yours. I swear that I definitely wouldn't tell a third person about this place."

    Mo Wuji didn't care whether Huang Fanhong told anyone else about this place. He shouldn't be cultivating in this place for a long time. With the Time Plate, the liquid in this gold pond shouldn't be able to last for long.

    Huang Fanhong stood up. The stone skin covering his body started to release cracking sounds. Like removing the shell of a boiled egg, all the stone skin on his body fell onto the ground.

    Without the stone skin, Mo Wuji could see the circulation of the spirit channels and the gold blood within Huang Fanhong's body.

    Mo Wuji could not help but sigh emotionally. After Huang Fanhong's body was destroyed, he was able to find a place like this to condense a new fleshly body. This was truly a great fortune.

    "I have yet to ask Dao Friend for his name. In the future, I will definitely repay this favour." After Huang Fanhong donned a set of robes, he clasped his fists towards Mo Wuji and spoke.

    "Mo Wuji." Mo Wuji did not feel that this was something that he needed to hide.

    "Many thanks. I wish Dao Friend Mo good luck in his cultivation." With that, Huang Fanhong threw out multiple array flags. His entire body seemed to merge with the black stone and he suddenly disappeared.

    After Huang Fanhong left, Mo Wuji started to install defensive arrays. Thereafter, he retrieved his Time Plate and threw it into the gold pool. He planted another 49 creation-level god spiritual veins by the side of the pool, then he entered the Time Plate.

    He had come here to raise his abilities. Thus, Mo Wuji didn't waste any time.

    The moment he entered the Time Plate, all 108 meridians instantly formed a huge circulation path. Just as the first circulation path completed, Mo Wuji discovered, in a pleasant surprise, that his primordial spirit formed from Phecda Clay was also circulating its spirit channels.

    A violent whirlpool formed in this gold pool and a faint gold mist started to shroud around Mo Wuji. The energy from the gold mist merged with the white god spiritual energy from the god spiritual veins and this energy flowed rapidly into Mo Wuji's meridians.

    Mo Wuji's cultivation rose rapidly; even he felt that his cultivation speed was terrifying. What further shocked Mo Wuji was that his Phecda primordial spirit was merging with his sea of consciousness; the aura of the Phecda Clay started to gradually fade away.

    At a single go, he went from Unity God Level 2 to Level 3. His advancement from Level 3 to Level 4 also didn't take much time.

    Time continued to pass as Mo Wuji cultivated. If Mo Wuji could open his eyes, he would discover that this gold fluid did not start to dry up as he predicted. Instead, it continuously seeped out and merged into Mo Wuji's circulation whirlpool.


    Within the vast space, Lei Hongji was already emaciated in fatigue. However, he was unable to ditch the Sage Tian Hen chasing after him.

    If he could, Lei Hongji really wanted to stop and reason with Tian Hen. He would say that he never touched the Furnace of the Heaven and Earth, so why was he being chased?

    However, Lei Hongji wasn't a fool. He knew what would be his outcome if he stopped moving Tian Hen definitely wouldn't bother about reason. Instead, Tian Hen would simply kill him and search his memories.

    In space, there was much space for one to run, but few for one to hide.

    Over the past few years, Lei Hongji had continuously been searching for the imprint on his body. Unfortunately, he wasn't able to locate it. Although his talent and cultivation speed was even faster than Mo Wuji, he couldn't be like Mo Wuji and possess the World Channel and a complete world while at the Unity God Stage.

    On this day, Lei Hongji swallowed some revitalising pills and herbs. In his mind, he was wondering whether he should dive into a spatial crack.

    The chance of surviving through a space crack was low. However, he was better than being chased by an incomparably strong expert.

    Before Lei Hongji decided on that idea, a huge planet appeared in his spiritual will.

    This was a green planet? Lei Hongji didn't even think twice as he charged straight towards the planet.

    The moment he landed on this planet, Lei Hongji started to celebrate with intense glee. He discovered that he wasn't able to release his spiritual will here.

    This was a planet with completely different Laws. There were many Laws here that he had never encountered before.

    Since spiritual will couldn't be used here, that meant that Tian Hen wouldn't be able to find him for a period of time.

    Lei Hongji pushed his escape technique to its maximum potential. After half a day, he lost that ominous threat of death.

    He stopped. He was almost shivering with excitement. There were many god spiritual veins lying in the open. Not only that, he could even see a god crystal quarry in the distance.

    High-grade god spiritual herbs grew throughout the land and he even saw some rare treasures that he wouldn't even see in auctions.

    I've struck it. I've really struck it this time.

    Lei Hongji muttered to himself. Ever since he started cultivation, this was the greatest surprise and fortune that he had encountered.
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